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Measuring the Draft Combine


I know everyone wants to hear some news about how the Celtics’ roster is going to shape up next season.  Trust me, nothing would make me happier than discussing potential free agent additions or jumping on trade rumors.  But the fact of the matter is that no one knows how the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is going to affect the salary cap, exceptions, and the of signing restricted free agents.  Any talk involving free agency would be pure speculation based on regulations that could very well end up being non-applicable.

Luckily, there is still the NBA Draft to get excited about.  Yesterday many hopeful young men were poked, prodded, measured, and asked to perform various athletic feats that may be helpful on basketball court.  Some will make the league, some will not but the best part of the draft is that no one really knows who is going to end up being a viable NBA player.  I believe the word “crapshoot” originated from the way the draft used to operate where draftees would be placed on black and red squares and GMs would roll dice to see who got to pick whom (at least, that’s what the Wikipedia page says after I edited it.  Go check it out before their editors ban me for life.).

Despite all the unknowns, the measuring and drill executions fascinate me.  I get giddy thinking about the mostly meaningless over-analysis I’ll be able to do between now and June 23rd.  Below is the list of combine results courtesy of ESPN.com along with some random musings:

  • It’s hard to believe that Trey Thompkins is fatter the Aaron Gray was coming out of college but he apparently is (15.5% body fat to 15%).  Glen Davis‘ body fat percentage from the 2007 draft combine was not available, probably at the suggestion of his agent.  Yesterday, Kyrie Irving didn’t participate in the drill portion of the combine but still had his body fat measured.  He probably should have gone the Davis route because he registered the same body fat percentage as Markieff Morris (10.2%).
  • The Celtics have the 25th overall pick which means a few things.  A) The Celtics can hope that someone they like that, and as of right now is projected to go much higher, somehow makes himself look useless enough to drop to 25th.  Think Hassan Whiteside (only Whiteside ended up being useless).  B) The value at the 25th spot is all the Celtics’ need.  This is sort of true.  For next year, it’s likely that no draft pick is going to have an impact on the Celtics’ rotation so picking at 25th becomes a “meh” situation. C) the Celtics package a player and the 25th pick to move up in the draft to get a guy that has a greater chance of  helping the Celtics.

As for A, I’m hoping that guy is Kenneth Faried.  Everything I am reading/hearing is that GMs are being scared off by the rebounding machine because he measured much shorter than his listed 6’8″ and he shows little to no offensive acumen.  It’s clear that the Celtics need to get better on the glass and as Ben Wallace and Kevin Love have proven, you either need to be freakishly athletic or a positional genius to be a superstar rebounder. Faried might be both.  Other possibilities include Chris Singleton, Darius Morris, Jordan Williams, Marshon Brooks, JuJuan Johnson, and Travis Leslie.  I see these as some of the players that have the most to gain or lose during the combine and predraft workouts.

This draft may lack in top tier talent, but it has a ton of players that could end up being seasoned role players.  If there was a draft where the Celtics had to have a late first round draft pick, this year would be it.  So while I said earlier that a player picked 25th probably won’t help the Celtics next season, there’s always a chance that I’m wrong and the draft pick steps up.

Has anyone else been keeping tabs on the combine?  Who do you want the Celtics to draft?  Also, if you don’t know the specific players, let’s talk positions?  The Celtics need a big man, a wing, and a shooter.  We want to hear from you.

  • jonathan

    as for big men, i say we go after

    Kenyon Martin(nuggests)
    Jason Thompson(kings)
    Carl Landry(hornets)
    Michael Beasley/Anthony Tolliver(t-wolves)
    Leon Powe/Darrel Arthur(Grizzlies)
    Ed Davis(raptors)
    Patrick Patterson(rockets)
    Luke Mbah A Moute(bucks)
    Josh Mcroberts(pacers)

    • Batman

      Kenyon Martin: Yes
      Jason Thompson: Unlikely
      Carl Landry: Possible
      Michael Beasley: Don't want
      Leon Powe: Possible
      Ed Davis: Very Unlikely
      Patrick Patterson: Very Unlikely
      Mbah: A DREAM but also very unlikely
      Josh: Don't want

      • lakershater13

        Agree on all your answers.

        Samuel Dalembert anyone?

        • Batman

          I think he's too expensive for us

  • Rob

    Any chance we can get one of Morris twins or Jacob pullen from k-state?

    • Celtics Freak

      Jacob Pullen is a guard we need a bigger 3 not 2 i say we try to take Kyle Singler…..just a thought

  • Hank Single

    Marshon, Marshon, Marshon!

    I would be enthused if he had a crummy showing and dropped down to where we could grab him. I think he has all the stuff to really impact in his rookie year. That's my binky of binkys.

  • oddbird

    i like option c. alot of teams wanna move out of the top ten. maybe we could steal some value. like a s+t big baby for nick young and swap picks. i dunno, i know its pointless speculation but its fun!

  • Morpheus

    The only interest i'd show in Kenyon Martin is using the veteran's min. Fool me once, fool me twice. Don't wanna go through another Sheed, JO MLE type situation again.

    The only player Danny should trade up for is Bismack. Other wise keep our pick.

    Players i like at 25:

    Justin Harper, Singleton, Honeycutt, Malcolm Lee, Keith Benson, Jajuan Johnson, Jamie Skeen, Reggie Jackson

    2nd round:

    Greg Smith
    Anyone keen on taking a flyer on Jeremy Tyler – big headcase, maturity problems, out of control, questionable work ethic a la DeAndre Jordan. He's a highly skilled big, if he could get his head right he could develop in to a legit starter at C.

  • Morpheus

    Another guy i realy like at 25, Malcolm thomas.

  • Batman

    Nolan Smith
    Good hustle, high BBIQ wing
    Doesn't have a high ceiling, but can contribute from Day 1
    I feel we can develop him into something special

    • I_Love_Green

      From Duke.

      Don't want.

    • Dan

      All I read was BBQ

      • rondeezy

        hahaha bbq wing

        • Batman

          Big Baby stop hacking accounts…..

          • http://gymratrants.blogspot.com Big Baby

            WE GOTTA GET THAT GUY!


    Since our 2012 Clippers first round pick is top ten protected next year…Lets hope that the Clips come in with the 11th worst record next season.

    • I_Love_Green

      They have a good chance to be better next year. Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon just have to stay healthy.

    • Celtics Freak

      Depends whos coming out of college next year

  • deuce45

    Its going to be hard to trade to get better players. Seriously, who would want Davis or Green after their terrible showing in the playoffs. Hopefully they can get some energy players to give the vets a lift. Ainge was doing really well untill the Perk trade, but the team wasnt the same afterwards. Id like to see JR Smith and Roy Hibbert in green. In the draft id be looking for a solid low post player.

  • Celtics Freak

    I don't think Ainge would wanna trade Green, but some teams actually really like Big Baby hes not the worst he just doesn't really fit in our system, we dont need a shooting/missing big, kinda undersized big-man

  • deuce45

    Who does need a "shooting/missing big, kinda undersized big-man "? Hopefully its someone with an undervalued scorer. Whats was wrong with the Celts in the playoff series against Miami? I think we were beaten in almost every part of the game, it was only our smarts that kept it close, and even then with a few plays happening differently we'd be in Boston playing the Bulls now. So not all is lost, but if that was the blueprint for 2011-2012 we should look at getting a new design. Cause we are not going to the Conference finals with that team.

    • Chris

      OJ Mayo = undervalued scorer…no?

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