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KG’s Final Blog Of The Season


The veteran power forward checked in with his final ANTA BLOG of the 2010-11 season this morning. Unsurprisingly a pretty solemn tone from the All-Star, but this entry should put to bed for good any kind of talk that Garnett is/was considering hanging it up after this season. The one positive out of all this is Garnett and company get a lengthy offseason for once to keep their bodies and minds at rest before a final push with the current C’s core.

As you know, we were knocked out of the playoffs by Miami. It’s unfortunate that we are out and in my mind didn’t reach our potential. Taking the last couple of days to think about things and the season was long. Their were ups and downs all season and dealing with teammates, leaving teammates, gaining teammates. Long hours, flights, practices, workouts, etc… Another season under my belt, but not satisfying. I’ll be getting back to the “lab” (workouts and court work) to work on my craft, so I can keep improving. I will be working on my skills and constantly trying to get better.

Quick shout out to my man Shaq, who is the best. He worked hard all season, but couldn’t get his achilles right.

Amazing to think that I was playing with so many potential HOF (hall of famers). I will remember these times, on and off the court. This will be a memorable season!!!

Thank you all so much for your constant support and encouragement throughout the season. Hanging in with us through the ups and downs of the season. Your support gets me through and pushes me to be better. I will be back in China sometime in July or August, so stay tuned. I met so many of you all last summer, that it will be exciting to meet more.

Keep reaching higher and thanks to all my supporters.

  • James Patrick

    Love KG!!! I hope he retires a Celtic.

  • Veronica

    <3 KG! My fav player! KG is the BEST!!

  • skeeds

    funny thing is, this old dog is serious about working out and continuing to improve, I have no doubt. That's the Big Ticket ladies and gentlemen, a real beast if there ever was one.

  • All about 18

    So kg is gonna be here next season?

  • I_Love_Green

    Man I love KG.

  • http://www.artfulnation.com/ Adam

    Hopefully Shaq retires. He looked a bit like a hershey's kiss. He always seemed like a nice enough d00d…I don't want these last few seasons to be the lasting memories of him.

  • http://gymratrants.blogspot.com Tom W

    Gotta love KG. You KNOW he's been having trouble sleeping over the past few weeks.

    Even if we don't win a title next season, I'm glad we are getting one last Big Three run. It's been an amazing few years, they deserve one last shot at it. And dammit, we deserve one last year cheering for them. Haha.

  • http://twitter.com/0669Celtic @0669Celtic

    KG is the best defensive player to ever set foot on the court and one of the best players of all time…. LOVE him!!!!! he and jersey should retire in the TD garden!!! Love Ray,Pierce and Rodo too…. I am glad they will be getting at least one more year together….. i know they have another champoinship run in them.The Hea t didn't out play the celtics or beat them….it was just plain poor officiating… it was obvious the outcome of this series was pre determined…. were the refs bribed? or had the NBA simply instructed them as to who was to advance???

    • skeeds

      sorry to break the news man, but we were outplayed. Clearly. We didn't do enough, it's as plain as that. Blame it on Rondo and J.O. playing with one arm, blame it on our underachieving bench, which led to the big 3 having to do everything, but officiating had little to do with that.
      Even with all the problems, it's hard to imagine us not taking them to 7 games at least, with playoff Rondo having his usual triple doubles against Lebron. Rondo was supposed to be the huge difference maker in this series, but that couldn't happen after that fall…

      • Hank Single

        Stop it. Games 1 and 2 were an officiating travesty. The FTA disparity was outrageous – perhaps you've blocked it out of your mind, maybe you want to drink the 'amateur analyst' Kool-Aid and suggest the C's weren't going to the hoop (untrue), but the C's got murdered by the refs in Miami. It was pathetic. Especially game 2, where the biggest rally in the game was neutered by multiple drives in which Baby or Pierce got mauled, no called and then the Heat scored down the other end. It wasn't even. Overcoming that kind of officiating would have been past heroic into legendary. Check the FTAs. Now, if you don't think 2 games matter, then yes, the series only turned on Rondo getting hurt.

        Boston fans – stop pretending refs don't matter in basketball. Officiating dictates how aggressive teams can be, how they can defend, how they can attack the rim – it's everything. The Celtics got jobbed in Miami and then Rondo went down. The first two games count, too.

        • josh

          thank you. thank thank thank you!! finally.

      • Leonard

        At worst Boston should have been up 3-2 instead of losing in 5. Poor execution down the stretch lost those games and the Celtics got absolutely nothing from Big Baby. If BBD wants to leave let him. Jeff Green will be an upgrade at that position. Get a back up 2 for Allen and some big bodies that can stay healthy. 21 feet of injured all season did not help us.

      • Leonard

        At worst Boston should have been up 3-2 instead of losing in 5. Poor execution down the stretch lost those games and the Celtics got absolutely nothing from Big Baby. If BBD wants to leave let him. Jeff Green will be an upgrade at that position. Get a back up 2 for Allen and some big bodies that can stay healthy. 21 feet of injured all season did not help us.

  • http://twitter.com/0669Celtic @0669Celtic

    Oh ya birthday wishes to KG! hope you have a great one xoxoxoxox

  • janos

    if shaq lose 35 pound please have him tell me how. thank you.

  • WTF

    I sure hope Rondo take some of KG's mentality and work on his jump shot. A Rondo with a reliable jump shot is impossible to handle.

  • Malyn

    KG forever

  • Weight Conversion

    KG is a best player. I am a big fan of him.
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  • davidsonnss

    love you KG………..
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