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Whether you believe the big four has another title run left in it or not, I wanted to present some guidelines for retooling that could prove important to the coming offseason (and up through the 2012 trading deadline).

In theory, these five ideas should apply whether Boston is angling for a 2012 championship or conceding the transition to a new era and rebuilding for it. I think one of those approaches is much more logical than the other, but we’ll get into that in the coming weeks.

1. You gotta get younger and healthier and more athletic. With Kevin Garnett about to turn 35, Ray Allen nearing 36, and Paul Pierce 34 by training camp, the big three’s collective risk of injury increases every year. All three were relatively healthy this season, but the likelihood of this happening two years in a row is increasingly remote. More importantly, their age leads to performances like those in the Miami series. One good game, one bad game, one decent game, etc. They can’t carry the same burden they could four years ago. Danny Ainge may be right when he said they have a lot of basketball left in them, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being able to lead a team to a title.

With that in mind, I think it’s fair to suggest Boston cannot simultaneously stock the big three’s supporting cast with the aged (Shaquille O’Neal, Jermaine O’Neal), the injury prone (Marquis Daniels, Delonte West) and the athletically limited (Glen Davis, Nenad Krstic).

2. Somebody’s gotta rebound. Led by KG’s superb defensive rebounding, this Celtics crew improved on the calamitous rebounding that submarined the 2009-10 team. But this remains a problem area, especially going forward. I don’t see how you can have Davis and Jeff Green (both poor rebounders) on the same team as this aging core and expect to come out on the positive side of the ledger.

If KG’s your starting power forward for next year (and beyond?), I think you have to find someone to man the 5-spot who can gobble up rebounds. That’s not, by the way, an endorsement of Krstic.

3. Somebody’s gotta score. We covered this in depth all season and it proved Boston’s undoing in the playoffs. This just isn’t a good offensive team anymore. Rondo is a great creator of shots but he’s also defensible. Allen’s impressive shooting numbers disguised his limitations in other areas (primarily that he can’t create his own shot) and Garnett is a mercurial scorer, at best. Pierce is Boston’s best offensive player but can’t guard elite SFs and still deliver on that front.

For the first time I can remember since the big three were put together, Ainge talked this week about the need to acquire talent. No real context to that point, just “talent”. I think he’s talking about the offense as much as anything else.

4. Get physical. The departures of Tony Allen and Kendrick Perkins and the injury to Shaq robbed this team of much of its physicality on the defensive end. Boston needs more guys who intimidate the opposition and while there’s no requirement for a future team that mirrors past ones, finesse is not the central quality you associate with playoff success. For good reason.

5. The road to hell is paved with 5 years, $35 Million. I’m paraphrasing ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz here, who made this point on an early season appearance on the NBA Today Podcast. On the eve of a more restrictive CBA, there’s more danger than ever in signing supporting players to big contracts. The order of operations is ideally: find elite players first, then fill in around them. But if elite players aren’t easily obtainable, it’s crucial not to sabotage your ability to afford them by signing role players to untradeable, cap-killing contracts.  How excited are you at paying Green something like 5 years, $40M? Can you move that deal in a hard-cap environment if he turns out to be a bad fit? How about 5 years, $45M?

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  • Alex

    All good points. I can't help noticing that everything could be solved by a young, tough, 5 who can both score and rebound.

    D12 is probably a pipe dream, but what about Gasol Jr.?

    Also, it makes you reconsider the Perk trade–he brought toughness and rebounding, but he couldn't score, and he was going to get a big contract.

  • Dan

    Green for 5 years, $40 mil. would submarine this franchise. He's played like a mid-tier 6th man and deserves to be paid as such. Just because we gave up Perk for him, doesn't mean we're committed to doubling down on the guy.

    Some realistic FA's we could go after:
    High Risk, High Reward Guys: Yao, Oden.
    Probably couldn't afford them anyways, but I don't think anyone really knows that the market will be for these guys. I would definitely prefer Oden, who could continue the tradition of injured Portland bigs coming to the Celtics.

    Low Risk, Low Ceiling: DeAndre Jordan, Chuck Hayes, Kenyon Martin.
    My preference here is Chuck Hayes, who isn't a scorer but is near-elite in every other aspect.

    Depending on the CBA, etc., my preference for bringing in a new big would be to try to grab Hayes and Jordan who will bring some youth and upside, and hope JO is healthier next year. I don't really see us getting a scoring big unless we tried to steal a guy like Kaman or look bigger by trying to flip Rondo.

    • I would love DeAndre Jordan. LOVE him. He's so incredibly athletic, can you imagine the defensive presence he might morph into with Doc's systems and KG barking at him all the time?

      I'm drooling.

      • talesofJP

        thats a good point assuming he can learn from KG, that would be a big boost to the celtics now and in the future

      • longlivethe80's

        DeAndre Jordan would be absolutely sick! When is he a free-agent?

        • Dan

          I believe he's unrestricted this year. I would assume Clippers will try to keep the guy, but they're the Clippers, so who knows.

    • dslack

      I'm concerned that Danny will feel like he has to throw good money after bad to "justify" the Perkins trade.

      In my opinion, the correct view is:
      It was a bold trade. It didn't work. Cut your losses and move on. I don't see Green as a starter on a championship team unless he improves a lot, which, at his age, doesn't seem likely.

    • Diego

      DeAndres Jordan is restricted. The Clippers will be crazy to let him go, but, they are the Clippers. No way we can afford him. He'll get 10 million easy. Young, athletic. Five's are not cheap.

  • torpid bunny

    Letting TA go and then losing Marquis Daniels for the season pretty much cooked the celtics, not so much the problems at center. Delonte was supposed to come off at 1-2 but his offense couldn't make up for the urgent need to slow elite 2s like Wade (or helping with super-athletic 1s like Rose), which TA can do (and did do to Kobe). I don't know if Delonte is under contract but it seems like he's much more a 1, and he can't play 3 like TA. Jeff Green showed strength on Lebron and probably should have played more for that purpose.

    • ElRoz

      TA left and wanted to leave…he wanted more minutes, to start, and to have shots to score…he wanted to "shine" more.

      • torpid bunny

        He made the right choice for TA, so good for him.

    • kricky

      The guy on Red's Army had a good point about TA. he is blossoming in Memphis because he is getting a lot of playing time he'd never get in Boston. If we kept him we'd probably play him in the same limited role we have in the past and we'd probably get the same trick or treat TA we've gotten to know and love.

      Danny probably figured that Marquise could fill that same role with only a slight drop off on D for a much lower price. Plus Marquise is a little better offensively as he can post up. Also he's less of a head case than TA. This was a smart bet and I fully supported it at the time. What we didn't see coming was that injury to Quise, which led to everything unraveling.

    • Sweeney

      I was never enamored with Marquis' game. I hope the best for him and that he fully heals, but as far his game well I thought his best was left in Indiana.

  • janos

    Hi Ryan, is Janos. Important be able play best 4 player at same time, laker not able do that. We should make move so best player is complement.

  • guest

    Caron Butler…do it

  • oddbird

    Okay, got a list of possibilities. I think its right…

    Jamal Crawford- I like him, but he's a gunner and probably way too expensive
    Jason Collins-defended dwight well…that's all i got
    Boris Diaw_Nope
    Tyson Chandler-I wish, but not likely
    Caron Butler-Veteran off an injury, possible, don't know if it would be a good move though
    Kenyon Martin_ See tyson Chandler
    J.R. Smith-See Jamal Crawford
    Deandre Jordan..MAybe…??
    Marc Gasol-Don't see that happening
    Carl_ Landry- See above
    Samuel Dalembert- Maybe best we could do??/

    I don't know, just some ideas, wasupwitda?

    • ElRoz

      I'd love to see some of them on the C's team…but $ might be an issue with a lot of these guys. I'd try working what Doc already has into the team more…developing the bench that has Delonte, Bradley, Green, and Krisitc and going to get a center to bang and rebound 15-20 minutes a game – a Kwame Brown.

      • longlivethe80's

        Jesus Christ! Kwame Browm??? HELL NO!! I do agree that we have some pieces we can work with; specifically Kristic. I think that Doc and the coaching staff need to work with him on his defense. If he can become a little more aggressive, he can be perfect. Remember his first few games as a Celtic? I was disappointed that instead of coaching him through his slump, they completely gave up on him and went with Baby. One other thing: if Rondo were to develop a jump shot; BANG! He would instantly become a true star. Imagine if Rondo would consistently hit his jumpers. He's always said that the reason he's not good a shooter is because the system doesn't require him to shoot. Well, I say screw that! He needs to develop a consistent shot and improve his free throws. He says he can do it. If that's the case, and he does actually improve, then the team will instantly become better. It's as simple as that.

        • Morpheus

          Kwame for the vets min was actually good value. He's a big body and sets good hard screens. If i were Danny i would certainly take a look at him for the vets min, come in as a backup.

  • ElRoz

    Delonte, Bradley (a lot of talent and will see more time), and Wafer is pretty ok as your 3 back-ups to Rondo and Allen. You could play Rondo and Allen 30 minutes with the 3 guys off the bench. Wafer played well and with enthusiasm (15 points against Miami early in 2011).

    Green and Krsitc will play better once they have the pre-season, time to get into the system. Green will provide much needed youth and scoring – we have not seen his regular game. He'll go a long way in lowering Pierce's minutes – not that high anyways.

    I would go a find a center who can bang and rebound – a Kwame Brown or something – to back-up JO and Kristic as the C's need 3 centers to have one healthy center. PF position looks like KG and BBD (if the price is right for BBD). Not at all bad; minutes could be split 24/24.

    The key is to get Doc to work with and trust his bench more even if it means losing a few games during the regular season. He has got to play them more and let them emerge. Green and BBD don't have to both be on the floor if you worry about rebounding. JO, KG, Green frontline can rebound just fine. Krisitc, Davis, Green, and Pierce at SG is tolerable too.

  • torpid bunny

    Did wafer and Bradley even play in the playoffs?

  • Morpheus

    Green at $40-$45 mil is ludicrous. His value is based on WHAT IF, potential and his rep/decent numbers in OKC. I don't know about you, but i don't pay a guy $40 mil for 5 years for being decent. Maybe Green playing in Boston next to KG gives him a jolt up the a$s and he plays to his potential night in night out, not 2 out of 5 games. Don't know, again WHAT IF.

    Read Danny's offering the QO to Green anyway. Good move. Give him the opportunity to prove his worth.

    Why not S&T Baby for Hayes? LOVE that guy, can play 4-5 equally as well. Houston's best rebounder, low post defender. DANNY GO GET THIS GUY.

    If Danny can get Hayes and Dalembert our rebounding problems, interior D would be solved.

    Wouldn't be opposed to bringing Shaq back mid season either, to get his 5th ring and bully Miami's frontcourt.

  • dave

    The gist of the blog is correct.

    This team in present form, doesn't get better from here. It's not as if there is some unrevealed potential that will emerge from a collection of guys in their mid 30's.

    If anything future season(s) will simply take it's toll on the core group in the form of undependable play from one game to the next. That's so far away from what it takes to win a title it's hardly worth mentioning.

    2008 is gone forever. Fans that keep holding on for it's re-emergence have to begin the process of making friends with reality sooner or later or they just keep having unreasonable expectations.

    Danny's gamble to go all in with this group for 2011 (not that he had too many other options), has failed. And the result of anything other than another title in 2011, was always going to be that the 2012 season (assuming we have one), would have to be flushed down the toilet.

    The chance to begin rebuilding was either prior to 2011(and the re-signings of Pierce or and Allen) or after 2012 when KG becomes a free agent.

    Danny made his bed. Now he'll have to sleep in it for at least another year.

  • talesofJP

    The team will still be near the top of the conference next year with minimal changes. To me, getting Chuck Hayes would help a lot. We need a real C since we don't really have one. Don't bank on Yao or Oden, we just went through a postseason with an unhealthy Center, it doesn't work.

  • Pat

    Jeff Green is a below average player. Scoring average is overrated. I don't understand DA's obsession with him. His scoring EFFICIENCY was never good through out his career. His athleticism didn't help him much in rebounding, stealing, and defense. He is like a poor man version of Rudy Gay. And Memphis replaced Rudy Gay with Tony Allen and they didn't miss a beat. If DA gave TA three years deal instead of two, the Cs are probably still playing right now, with Perkin and TA on the team.

  • Pauper

    With so little cap room, you're very limited.

    I'd say get rid of Davis since no one of that size lasts long in this league. If he lost 15 pounds, his size with better quickness might allow him to have a similar year as the first half but his attitude only gets worse with age.

    Move Pierce to the bench and develop Green. Green isn't great now but can improve, will make the starting lineup faster. You're not getting a big time scorer with this cap structure. Pierce off the bench gives you a great scorer on the 2nd unit.

    Acquire an agile number 5 who can set hard screens and clean up the boards. This makes KG much more effective by taking a load off, increases Allen's looks with a strong pick setter, and makes Rondo better with someone to clean up his drives to the basket.

    Having said all that, I think chances are slim next year with Chicago improving, Miami staying the same with better chemistry but LEbron and Wade both having peaked already, and Memphis improving. We might have a shot if any or all of these happen, the season is shortened by a lockout, Rondo improves his shot this summer, and Shaq getting healthy and signing on for a late season run. I'll get a lot of disagreement on the last one but with a guy that large down low and even an aging team like this, I don't think anyone has an answer.

  • Batman

    Hmmm guys we have to believe that we won't get any real good free agents
    we might be forced to do what the knicks did, surround amare and anthony with athletic talent
    and u can get some decent role players to develop that way

  • Morpheus

    S&T Jeff Green, JO for Kaman. Aminu.

    • Batman

      I don't think the Clippers want to give up Aminu

    • Dan

      I don't see even the Clippers trading a (albeit marginal) all-star Center and hot prospect for a 7th man and washed up vet.

      • bojo

        hey … donald sterling is cheap owner. kaman has a big contract and if they decide to keep deandre jordan i bet they will try hard to dump kaman's contract.

        but they won't part with aminu. he's the part of their future alongside griffin and gordon.

  • kricky

    It seems like the only real trade chip we have is RR. He is a top 10 player at his position and signed to a reasonable contract for a few years.

    Ideally I'd love to keep him. There is no one in the league like him. But if we have a chance to move him for CP3 or DWill we should do it, no?
    Even if we have to give up some other pieces (Green, Davis) to make it happen.

    What do you guys think?

    • Morpheus

      To get CP3 …no doubt.

    • Batman

      I think the only PGs I would trade him for are Rose, Deron, and Paul
      Rose and Deron: Not happening
      Paul: I think the Hornets are going to wait him out so we'll see
      I also think he might resign

      • bojo

        Williams is very gettable. NJ sucks arse and Williams will not want to stick around for on a bad rebuilding team. Nets management know that and they will want to get something of value in return, and Rajon Rondo is a best deal they will probably get.

        Let's say Rajon/s&t BBD/2012 pick for Williams sounds good.

        Although, if Nets will try to shed some salaries and insist on taking outlaw this will make for much less appealing deal for celtics.

    • rondeezy

      dwill is a better scorer but rondo is better at just about everything else

      • bojo

        scoring is precisely what celtics are in dire need of.

        • talesofJP

          Call me crazy but I love Rondo and wouldn't trade him for anyone. He fits this team, he's a big part of the reason Doc came back, and he is a Celtic. Not willing to dump him even if other guys might be better. I wouldnt like watching the Celtics and not seeing #9 out there

    • Leonard

      I think you have lost your mind. Teams that have title aspirations do not trade point guards like Rondo. RR just needs to be in a gym right now working on his jumper and free throws. You will not get fair value in return if you move Rondo.

  • Scott

    SIGN NENE!!! Man can finish, he's tough – and he's a decent rebounder.. plus he is 28 and a bad ass.

    Reggie Evans. Can literally do nothing BUT rebound.. honestly – his only talent. But he can m-effing rebound. Watched him in Seattle, and that's actually all he could do. He averaged 11.5 RPG this season in only 26 minutes of work! and… he'll be cheap. His 26.6 MPG, and 11.5 RPG are both career highs, and he's only 30.

    Does T mac still have another year…? Just a thought…

    Also see.. Thadeus Young from the 76ers who had a pretty good series against Miami. JR Smith? Can score in bunches, and is a definite game changer.

    Here's what i think you do… Resign Jeff Green, and Delonte West. West was phenomenal in the post season, and JG was a big reason why we won one game against Miami.

    Look at signing these guys:
    – Marcus Thornton (scorer extraordinaire) and start him at the 2-spot
    – Nene (beast, can rebound, and FINISH AT THE RIM)
    – Reggie Evans (one of the best rebounders last year)
    – maybe another combo guard like T mac if you want to take a chance… or JR smith for explosive game-changing offense. Someone else – maybe Anthony Parker, or Thadeus Young?

    Honestly… this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out – Bring Ray of the bench. Here's why: a lot of the reason both him and Paul never really had a lot of games this year where both of them were feeling it was because both require getting the ball in the beginning of the game. Why not establish Paul in the first 8 or so minutes of the game, bring in Ray Allen, and focus on him offensively until he establishes a rhythm, and then play both him and Paul to finish out the half..? I think if you can get both Paul and Ray going, they will be tough to beat, but it is definitely hard to get them both going at the same time, especially when Ray is not the best at creating his own shot – something i think he might work on this summer.

    Starting five (maybe..?): Rondo-Thornton-Pierce-Garnett-Nene
    Bench: Ray-West-Green-Evans-Young (T mac is more of a joke…)

    Maybe I'm crazy, but that team looks younger, and is more offensively gifted – plus with another year of Green figuring out his role on this team, we might see something good out of him. and if not, trade him – maybe BEFORE the trade deadline…? so that we have more than a month and a half to establish a new guy…? just a thought.

    Go C's

    • Morpheus

      I LOVE Reggie Evans. He's a rebounding MONSTAH. Sure that's all he can do, but i don't know, something about rebounding that just gives me goosebumps, especially when you have a guy who can rebound like that. I mean how many guys in the league can do that. A lot of players in this league that want to do all the pretty work, score, dunks, play the passing lanes get the steal and go coast for a flashy layup, shoot 3s. Not many wanna do the dirty work like Evans.

  • bojo

    Wow, that sounds awesome!

    Just gotta convince NBA execs to scrap salary cap first.

  • James Patrick

    I dunno how it can happen, but I would love to see Rondo, Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin all in green in 2013!

    • bojo

      hahaha … and their combined 50% FT shooting.

      • Alex

        Can you imagine, it would be hack-a-anyone-in-green.

    • Dan

      Why stop there – can we get Durant as our SF? Not sure how he'll share the touches with Dwight and Blake but Doc can make it work! Also, CP3 off the bench to give Rondo breathers would probably help our 2nd unit.

      • diehardceltic

        Wow, we are been funny now, huh! Anything to take away the pain of not getting 18 now! Celticpride!!!

  • dave

    "Look at signing these guys:
    – Marcus Thornton (scorer extraordinaire) and start him at the 2-spot
    – Nene (beast, can rebound, and FINISH AT THE RIM)
    – Reggie Evans (one of the best rebounders last year)
    – maybe another combo guard like T mac if you want to take a chance… or JR smith for explosive game-changing offense. Someone else – maybe Anthony Parker, or Thadeus Young?"

    Sounds terrific! Where does the money come from to sign any of these guys when the team is already well North of the cap?

    How exactly would you suggest pulling Nene or JR Smith out of Denver when you don't have any money or anything to trade with? Why would Philly want to part with a young asset like Thaddeus Young to anyone much less their hated rival, the Celtics?

    • rondeezy

      you dont need to "pull" nene or smith out or trade for them. theyre going to be free agents

      • Renato Afonso

        And, assuming the CBA stays roughly the same, where would the Celtics have cap room to sign those players? You do know about things like the Bird Rights and BAE are not available to the Celtics, right?

        Translation, since the Celtics are/will be over the cap they can use the MLE or the veteran's minimum to sign players. Do you think that any of those players would come for that?

    • Scott

      yeah dude… All those guys are free agents, and Denver is not going to contend next year, plus JR wants out..

      Secondly, Reggie, Marcus, and Thadeus are not going to be expensive, and they do have some room – they have about 7 free agents this summer.. And Baby wants to start (good luck…) somewhere else. Marcus and Nene will be tougher, but if you can convince them that they will get their touches, and that Boston will contend next year, thats a pretty easy sell. Danny is LOOKING for someone that wants to take over offensive responsibilities.. players might take a little less if they are asked to come to a contender and score.

      come on DAVE!

  • steveb

    Just reading these posts I’m seeing similarities between TA and Green. TA was up and down off the bench but flourished with starters minutes. Green has way more talent and may impress with 35 minutes a game in Boston. Get younger and faster or lose in this league.

    • Dan

      Except Green was a starter for 3 seasons in OKC and didn't flourish. He got demoted, where as TA was promoted. Big difference.

  • Sweeney

    What is not mentioned in the column nor in the responses I did read is that we are looking at a shortened season next year. So instead of a 82 game schedule you are probably looking at somewhere around 50 and the playoffs. So that would work in the C's favor actually as those older guys get more rest in the extended offseason and then a real short run to the playoffs. In that scenario, I think it is quite feasable to make a run at the #1 spot in the East.

    The Heat will be facing a big turnonver this year, so that leaves the Bull's and C's as the two other contenders with rosters intact from the previous year. That too could have a great effect on the seedings for a shorter season.

    I think the BBD time has run its' course and he has hit his ceiling. His level of play is what we need and their is great value to it, but it appears as if he has no desire of becoming the spark plug off the bench and seems to be doing that role begrudgingly. Other than that I am optimistic of another year of Von Wafer and Bradley growing and learning. Year 1 – 2 is when you really get to see what a player is capable of doing. Looking back at everything known about Bradley this is the first year a coach and team actually got thru to him, so perhaps another full year can bring out some more growth.

    Other than that your team is set without a major trade. I am looking forward to one more run, but then we all have to settle down for the rebuilding that has to take place. I think when Danny talks about talent it is in the same realm as 2005 – 2008. Stock it, keep it, and then trade it.

  • Izer

    Our main goal this off season is to find a big man that can bring a defensive mindset to this team, grab rebounds and finish at the rim. Stop with all the Nene, Chandler talks cuz we ain't getting them. I say go after Dalembert or Carl Landry. We can also sign Chris Johnson back.

    Another thing is finding a good wing defender that can take away Ray's heavy minutes. Vujacic seems like a great addition (even though I don't really like him) He plays matador defense so it's a little risky but KG should straighten him out. Michael Redd is also a good choice but his injury history is a thing to be cautious about.

    One of the reasons why we lost against the heat was because KG looked like the only one doing defense-grabbing rebounds, contesting shots, boxing out, it can be tough work and he needs his rest. We should have gotten Leon Powe instead of the corpse of Troy Murphy. We would get a second chance at that this free agency.

    For our draft picks, we have the 25th pick. Don't waste it on Nolan Smith or any other point guard, we don't need em. I say go after a big man, maybe a Jordan Hamilton or Jajuan Johnson perhaps?

    We don't have much cap space this offseason so we have little options, but after 2012 is where the real fun starts. I had this crazy idea of having Kevin Love and Steph Curry to pair up with Rondo. It's a pipe dream but if anyone could do it, it's Danny Ainge. Well, 2007 Danny in particular.

    • Izer

      Whoops, I meant to say Jordan Williams.

  • Gregory

    ^What he said.

  • I_Love_Green

    God life is so boring these days.

  • kricky

    It'll be really tough to build via FA because we are over the cap. And the Cap restrictions will get even tougher with the new CBA.

    Next year may be a bit of a lost year. Realistically, I don't see us making a real run unless we make some changes. But it'll be so damn hard with the way things stand with our roster and finances.

  • talesofJP

    If we got Nene that would be absolutely huge and we'd be a title favorite next season. I don't see Denver letting him leave unless he really wants to be in Boston

    • Scott

      he's a free agent.

  • I_Love_Green

    Good luck to Perk and TA in their game 7 today!

  • jonathan

    What about trying to pry jason maxiell and Rip hamilton for Glen Davis S&T & J.o? jason maxiell is a monster on the glass, and Hamilton can light it up off the bench.

  • I_Love_Green

    Taj Gibson is incredible. No wonder the Bulls wouldn't trade him.

  • bgsbnny

    it seems like the Cs are only looking to be competitive next year, good enough to win 50 games or so, get to the second round of the playoffs and give the fans something to cheer about. that will fill seats, pay the bills, keep the team relevant, and position them to go after dwight when he's available. i can't see why doc would have re-signed for five years if he hadn't been guaranteed by danny that they would be going after a really big time player after this next season. doc's presence, along with a hopefully matured rondo, pierce, bradley if he gets himself together and potentially kg and ray (if they want to sign for veteran minimum like shaq) should bring some real talent to boston.

  • Keyser Soze

    What a bench the Bulls have. Dominating the Heat completely. If only we had a bench like that…

  • Morpheus

    Go Bulls!!! Come on those fools in Miami don't deserve to win a title.

  • I_Love_Green

    Bulls just killed the heat. Good job Thibs, drawing up a genius defensive plan. That was very impressive.

  • someguyinsac

    Happy for Thibs doing so well so far, he's earned it! Thanks for the work you did when you were here and good luck getting to the Finals.

  • hillcrestwildcat

    When you have a good, great or decent power forward their effectiveness is bolstered by having a good defensive 5 to watch their back. Examples: Tim Duncan when he had David Robinson,
    Carlos Boozer (would be in the toilet without) Joakim Noah. Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, (Look how much its helped ) Dirk has Tyson Chandler. KG (when he had) Perk. Randolph and Gasol. Heck Serge Ibaka looks so much better and can roam and swat shots now that he has Perk watching his back. You could even say it works in reverse, how much better would Dwight Howard look with a true 4 that could defend some and take away some of his scoring and rebounding load?

  • hillcrestwildcat

    KG is still an elite defensive player, but he is no longer young enough to be carrying the load by himself (ask Duncan in San Antonio) he needs a young physical 5 to clog up the paint and block shots and let him clean up the perimeter guys mistakes on defense knowing that the rim is not left unguarded in the meantime. THAT IS WHAT PERK GAVE US. Scoring is a bonus. Hope for DeAndre Jordan, PRAY Dalembert doesn't go to Miami and considers Boston and we're in business (with either guy) but we can't even think about the bench and Ray's backup in particular (Green is Pierce's at least for 1 more year, and Delonte is Rondo's) until that is fixed. We get a legit 5 and we still have 1 more run with the Big 4 at the title. Without it and rebuilding's date might as well be pushed up to NOW.

  • W2.

    QO for Green. Bring back West and Bradley and Krystic. Doc has to play those guys though. No more running the starters into the ground. Win or lose.

    Sign Sammy D. As much as I love Chuck Hayes, I think you need Sam's length.

    Ultimately we are looking at a first of second round out unless we get lucky and go on a run.

    Is anyone intrigued by Rudy Gay. I bet he could be got. KG for Rudy? Would be tough to roll out a team featuring Gay and Green and Rondo. Fun, but not a winner in my mind.

    This should be interesting.

    Danny has a plan. Right?

  • stephen

    Danny already executed his plan and we lost a real shot at the title.The best plan would be for that stupid asshole to resign!!! — I started this season thinking that with the starting 5 in tact the C's win it all. Ainge is a horrible GM. People like to give him credit for landing KG but in reality that was a gift from Kevin McHale.