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The Celtics Offseason: Fewer Changes Than You Might Think

The 2010-11 Boston Celtics season came to a premature halt. There were numerous reasons for the demise but I’m in a good mood to be optimistic right now. Why? The postgame last night gave us ample cause for that.

Just one day after we rightfully wondered if this was it, perhaps forever for this crew, the news comes the gang will be back together one more time. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo are already under contract. Ray Allen acknowledged he had “no plans to go anywhere” when asked about his 10 million dollar player option. Jermaine O’Neal, perhaps surprisingly told reporters he thinks he has one more year in him. And the biggest domino of them all, Doc Rivers kept no secrets in indicating his intentions, for perhaps the short and long haul, proudly indicating he “was a Celtic.”

There have been whispers about a potential Kevin Garnett retirement, but with last night’s developments, I can safely safe we can put the squash on those. He’s due over 21 million dollars next season and is still a top-5 defensive player in the league. Plus there’s unfinished business with this Heat team to attend to, after last night.

Despite having these anchors in place, there’s a huge aura of uncertainity involving what this team will look like next year with just six players signed under contract currently for the 2011-12 season (assuming Allen picks up his option.) With so many decisions to make as well as areas of concern to address for Danny Ainge to keep this team’s championship window open even a crack, it will be the Celtics biggest challenge yet. As a primer, here’s where the team stands, and the number of ways it could go:


Kevin Garnett: 21.2 million (expiring contract)
Paul Pierce: 15.3 million (2nd year of 4-year deal)
Rajon Rondo: 10 million (2nd year of 5-year deal)
Ray Allen: 10 million (player option/expiring contract)
Jermaine O’Neal: 6.2 million (expiring contract)
Avery Bradley 1.5 million (2nd year of 4-year deal)

Total Money Committed: 65.2 million

There’s good news and bad news here. The good? That’s your starting five, signed, seal and delivered for you. The bad? 63 million dollars and change is a lot of money to have committed to those five, especially when you have literally no bench in place for the upcoming season.

A lot will obviously depending on the upcoming collective bargaining agreement in terms of how the Celtics will be able to manuever for spots 7-15 on this roster, but to give you some perspective, Boston spent 76 million dollars on their entire roster this year. If they stick to that budget, that’s only roughly 10 million dollars remaining for a lot of guys that need to fill up that spot next to Doc Rivers.


Jeff Green: 6.2 million-qualifying offer.

To be clear here, we are left with a similar situation to what Glen Davis faced two seasons ago in free agency. In restricted free agency, the Celtics will undoubtedly make a qualifying offer (6.2 million) which is 125% of Green’s 2010-11 salary.

Green will turn this down and instead look for a long-term deal from either the Celtics or someone else. The good news for Boston is they have the right to match any deal that Green agrees to with another team, if they so choose. They are given seven days to make a decision. The money another team offers Green in any potential deal is “frozen” once Green agrees to it, until the Celtics make a decision on whether to match the offer. The risk of that money freeze makes good contract offers hard to come by for a lot of restricted free agents.

Big Baby found this out the hard way in 2009 in a tough market and had to settle for a underwhelming 2-year 6 million dollar deal with Boston. Green’s market will be a lot bigger than that, but Boston still holds a lot of leverage in this situation, making him very likely to come back, given the holes Boston needs to fill and the player (Kendrick Perkins) the team gave up for him. It also helps that the hybrid forward did very little this postseason to convince other teams of forking over the big cash he probably thought he was due as the third option on an up and coming Thunder team. The market will dictate what Ainge is willing to ante up here.

UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS – (With educated guesses on whether they will be back or not)

Troy Murphy- gone (no bird rights)
Carlos Arroyo – could be brought back for minimum (no bird rights)
Sasha Pavlovic – likely gone (no bird rights)
Nenad Krstic – probably back (bird rights)
Glen Davis – 50/50 (bird rights)
Delonte West- Should be back (non-bird rights)
Von Wafer – Could be brought back on minimum deal (no bird rights)
Shaquille O’Neal (player option) – A midseason comeback?


We’ll break down each of these topics in further depth in the upcoming weeks, but there were a lot of flawed parts of this Celtics team in the final months. Here’s the bigger issues that will need to be addressed:

Offense: The team finished 18th in offensive efficiency, their worst performance of the past four years. They also managed a paltry 105 offensive rating in the postseason, despite playing the Knicks in the first round (worst defensive team in playoffs) and shooting an incredible 46.7 percent from downtown as a team. Then there were the slumps, like the one we saw last night in the final 4 minutes as Miami went on a 16-0 run to close out the game. Unfortunately in the latter stages of the season, scoring slumps like this were the rule rather than the exception and they struck Boston at almost any time.

Rebounding: The departure of Kendrick Perkins turned this squad from an elite defensive rebounding team, to merely a subpar one, with no one besides Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce as above-average players for their positions on the glass. Nenad Krstic, Jermaine O’Neal, Glen Davis and Jeff Green all had subpar rebounding rates for their respective positions. A healthy Rondo would have helped in this department against Miami, but Boston will probably have to bring in at least one more big guy who can be a banger on the boards to allow themselves to hold up around the rim against an athletic crew like Miami

The Decisions

Here’s where things get interesting. There were a lot of quotes last night, about all the changes this team will be expecting in the upcoming year.

Rajon Rondo: “Oh, I’m sure it will. I think we [have] — I don’t know the exact number — but I think only maybe four or five guys under contract, so, [there’s] definitely going to be a lot of new faces. Hopefully we get some of the guys that we have back. I mean, this is a great group of guys, and it’s going to be difficult to move on, but obviously it’s a business, and like I said before, there’s going to be a lot of different guys probably in the locker room next year.”

Paul Pierce: “Well I know it’s going to look different. I know that for a fact. Every year things are going to be done in the summer and when you have so many guys with this being the last year of their contract, you know it happens every year. So I know there’s going to be a few changes. I don’t know what, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

A lot of any potential moves will rely on any new terms to the CBA, which we probably won’t know about until the summer (hopefully no later). With that said, let’s assume that the NBA sticks for the most part with largely the same salaries rules for next year.

With Boston already well over any potential soft salary cap with 65 million committed already to just six guys, it leaves minimal room for flexibility. The team will have a mid-level exception (about 6 million) and its bi-annual exception (about 2 million), once again assuming both exist after the new deal is made between the players union and owners.

With the C’s wanting to get younger, as well as improve the offense AND remain title contenders all the while, its going to be incredibly difficult to rebuild this roster entirely. That is, unless the Celtics are willing to bring to just about everyone back that matters. That includes Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic, Delonte West and Glen Davis. All of those guys will be looking for long-term deals, and Boston may afford to get by while letting one of them get away. Anymore than that? Highly doubtful if Ainge is content on bringing back a champion. The Celtics have to build on what they have, since they simply don’t have the means to revamp their bench entirely. Nor should they want to. Those are some good players on that bench, despite their ineptness during much of the postseason run.

That’s not to say there won’t be upgrades or new faces. There will be the usual minimum salaries guys. A 1st round draft pick than can hopefully help now. You can count on a potential “younger” offensive upgrade with the mid-level exception. A few early names that come to mind there include Jamal Crawford, (probably too expensive) J.R. Smith (a risk, but a huge offensive help), Caron Butler, Jason Richardson, and Josh Howard.

A few guys coming off injuries, (Howard, Butler) but it will likely take most if not all of the full mid-level exception to sign any of these guys, with the upside of them being able to provide a major offensive boost off the bench with the likes of Green, Krstic and company.

Ainge tried to pull this kind of bench help this year, with a tremendous bench on unit to take the onus off the starters. As we all know, injuries sidetracked this plan and left the starters forced to play hard for nearly the full 82, while falling into essentially the same spot as last year, entering the second round without the aid of a home court edge.. The lack of home court advantage and the scoring burden was too much for Pierce, Allen and company to shoulder in the end, after the Perk trade failed to help enough in the short term.

For now, Ainge gets one more shot. One more chance to put the pieces together to make this puzzle work. The challenge will be greater, and the margin for error slimmer than ever, but there is enough potential left around to get it done, and it will be with more familiar faces than you think.

  • bojo

    just a question here. i am a bit confused, hoopshype.com shows rasheed wallace is still on the c's books. is that true?

    if so, assuming JO decides to retire this offseason, we might have two mid-level "expiring" contracts. that's is around 10 mil. surely c's can find a party that wishes to part with an undesired contract of a similar size in exchange for some cap relief.

    i'm no nba salary cap expert. does this make sense?

    • Cam

      You only get one mid-level per year. Plus the bi-annual every other year for like 1.9 million.

      • Cam

        Sorry that didn't answer your question. When you're over the cap when you trade you pretty much have to take in the amount of money you send out.

        • Diego

          That doesn't answer the questions either. I think Rasheed's contract, I remember at some time early in season when we were trying to get someting for that contract. I guess the same will happen with Jermaine's contract, we will have to trade it at some point prior to a dead line(asuming the new CA doesn't change the rules).

          • Diego

            It can't be for cap relief, though, players must be brought back in exchange

        • bojo

          alright. my wording is a bit dodgy here.

          what i'm saying is c's have both rasheed and jo's "expiring" contracts that amount to around 10 mil.

          it means we can get a player within a 10 mil salary range in exchange for jo and rasheed.

          now another good option would be, sign and trade jeff green + jo or rasheed's expiring+bradley+2012 pick for andre iguodala.

  • Ray

    One thing to keep in mind, if there is a lockout there will be an abbreviated season. On the one hand, that seems to benefit the Cs with less wear and tear. On the other hand, the regular season will be played at a fast pace, with potential back-to-back-to-backs. Boston would be forced to play the reduced minutes, no home court but healthy players strategy in such a scenario.

  • SteveB

    I wish I didn't like Green but if he stays I think he could be that offense off the bench like he was in a few games this year. Give him a year with the team and another year with KG and who knows. I liked someone's quote that Green should spend the summer with KG, boot camp style. There is nothing wrong with the first 9 guys for Boston for the regular season at least. Part of the problem is all the age is in the starting unit. If a couple of those guys were coming off the bench like most teams have with older players it would make a huge difference. Ray is the only one I could see becoming a 6th man.

  • stephen

    Well, sportsnation has voted and they said that the biggest reason we lost this series was the Perkins trade. Let's trade that idiot Danny Ainge. If I were Doc Rivers I would feel betrayed by Ainge. Doc agreed to come back with the belief that the core would remain. Part of that core was Perk. Get rid of Ainge and the worthless BBD and it's a start !!!!!

    • Dunnski

      Well if Sportsnation says it, it must be true!

      • Batman

        i bet u half of those sportsnation voters are just repeating what their friends tell them

      • Stephen

        Actually, it's true whether or not sportsnation votes on it!!! Anyone posting here that let's Ainge of the hook. —- Now there's a problem.

    • ElRoz

      Ah Sportsnation! It's settled then…….I got a smarter dog than the sportsnation. We are talking C's fans here, people who watch and think Celtics…not some sportsnation on the fly analysis.

  • aaron

    the core that started the season practice together a lot, had pre season playing together, the whole thing.
    Nads and green could really fit in great with some time with the team, the end of the season having very few practices doesn't give a player time to adjust.
    You have to look at last year,Nate was picked up and Doc said, sure you are playing the 1, but just go shoot,and he did, worked out pretty well, too bad he isn't playing now at OKC.
    Green especially will be barked at enough by KG, and as either a backup to PP, or at the 4 in a smaller lineup will find his way, and he actually did get better on D in this last series, but Delonte's step son just plays too well, it even took a toll on Pierce.
    It won't matter who starts or comes off the bench, they all need to just feel as a team, relying on each other and themselves.
    The idea of Ray coming off the bench as a scoring threat, think Jamal Crawford,seems great, but Ray statistically needs to get his shots, like last night with threes, did ok.
    BBd wants to start, aka TA, just don't know today what to really make of him. Almost attoned fo it last night, did ya see that one Shrek look, but I just don't know.
    JO, yea I'd like to see another year, Shaq is on the books, so WTF, I think he got his retirement papers signed before last night's game, but I am pretty sure he feels he has something to finish, but can he? that's the big question.

    Ainge does weird things, I think the weirdest of all is having what 5 draft picks in 2012? My big question for the future is this. Orlando has a big time coveted player whom thew will most likely trade to actually get something for him rather than just let him go in free agency. Does Danny have the right chips in place to make it worth it to Orlando?

    • John Evans

      I say that we could trade Davis, Krystic and/or Von Wafer, three 1st rounders and cash to acquire Dwight Howard from Orlando.

      • Batman

        Orlando would never accept that

  • Stephe

    It's clear, the Heat's ability to get into the paint made them multi-dimensional and hence, harder to defend. Perkins' presence forced them into a jump shooting team which allowed the C's to over guard the perimeter and take more chances.
    that being said, blow this up, do NOT resign Green or Davis and start again w younger, more versatile offensive and defensive players. its the only way to win a championship.

  • the blind

    Allen is the option here to be traded.

    • Mike

      Dude no way can Ray be traded, he's the best shooter to ever play the game. There's no one like him in the game right now even. The Celtics would have not offensive punch. Not to mention the clutch factor that has won so many games for us.

    • You j/king right?

    • Stephen

      Trade Ray— What are you smoking? I want some !!!!

  • John Evans

    I say keep Pavlovic, he’ll do wonders in our system on both ends of the floor.

  • John Evans

    Ainge has multiple picks for the 2012 Draft.
    Here’s a possible trade that can and should happen:

    Boston trades:
    Glen Davis
    Nenad Krystic
    3-5 Draft picks(2 or 3 first rounders)
    Von Wafer(maybe)

    Orlando trades:
    Dwight Howard
    Brandon Bass/Ryan Anderson(maybe)

    • Keyser Soze

      While we are at it, how about a bag of chips for Danilo Gallinari, Kenyon Martin and JR smith?

    • Mike

      We'd probably had to throw JO in there or some center for them to have one after the trade and they would like to have green too and probably we would have to take on arenas or turkoglu. But hey I'd make this trade if it meant Dwight Howard in a Celtics uniform. (Arenas and Delonte of the bench, meh could work).

    • Peter J

      You guys are absolute idiots. What are the Magic getting out of that trade? If the Celts got Howard, none of these picks that they have will be worth anything. Teams do not trade franchise building blocks for scraps. Don't feed me anything about NY-Den trade either; Denver received viable options, the best guy Orlando will get in this trade is Glen Davis, a 6th man at best on a contender. And to make up this ridiculous trade and think we could do it WITHOUT taking back Turk or Arenas is truly insane. The Lakers are offering up Bynum and whatever else Orlando wants. Why would they do this with us?
      God, I wouldn't even dignify your dumb opinions with a response if they weren't made on this site. This site is supposed ot be for intelligent basketball minds.

      • Mike

        Look Bynum is basically on a contract with the same duration as Howard why would they take him then since you're so smart? They'd be gettin lots of picks to rebuild including the clippers lottery pick and hypothetically big baby, green and filler. And by the way these are just ideas don't like them don't read them simple.

        • Peter J

          Don't like them don't read them? I cannot judge whether I like them UNTIL i read them. The Magic obviously wouldn't make the deal if they thought Bynum was going to leave after his current contract was up, but that's not reality. He would re-up with the Magic in any assumed deal.
          Meanwhile, the Clippers pick is not guaranteed lottery. There is a high likelihood they make the playoffs next year. Big Baby is not a rebuilding piece, he is a complementary player who wants to be more than that. Good luck. I will be placing my thoughts on what the Celts can realistically do shortly.

          • kricky

            Pete J is right. But no need to denigrate the rest of the guys here. We are all just pipe dreaming at this point.

            It'll be tough as all hell to get Dwight here via a trade. But maybe we can entice him to sign via FA.

            In the meantime how about a move to upgrade the PG position. CP3 and DWill may be on the move and those teams may want to take Rondo rather than letting them walk at the end of the year.

            As much as I love RR and appreciate what he's done, either of those guys would improve the offense.

    • Doc

      contracts don't add up

    • bojo

      sign and trade arroyo for cp3.

    • Diego

      hahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha ….I would love that trade……no

  • Mike

    Add a center (Oden, DeAndre Jordan, Gasol?), JR Smith for bench scoring purposes and try for Battier or another wing defender or two (a must in our conference); sign and trade big baby for one of these players or picks. And we are ready to go again.

    • Alex1030

      Mike you don’t want oden! Gasol would be a good fit. He’s a good passing big. I’m a heat fan but I want the celtics there every year. I what to beat worthy challenger.

      • Mike

        I would love Oden on this team, I honestly think he can´t keep getting injured like he has and he would be low risk high reward player and a former n1 pick. Then again the way our centers have been lately you never know.

    • Alex1030

      And mike you are RIGHT! Never get rid of allen. He’s could play at the level he’s at for about 2 more seasons. And I still wouldn’t trade him then.

    • This trade seems unlikely considering Dwight Howard, Brandon Bass, & Ryan Anderson are more valuable than anything Boston's offering here. Davis & Avery Bradley are our only two pieces of value besides the picks, and their value isn't high at all.

      Consider the Lakers could expend any combination of Pau, Odom or Bynum and take back Arenas or Hedo contracts if they wanted to. The picks are a nice start but not enough to pull Dwight.

      ALSO as much as I'd love to see Marc Gasol come to Boston, probably second to only Kevin Love, there's really no way we can get Oden, Jordan, or the Spanish Lumberjack.

      Appreciate y'alls time, I gotta go weep and cancel league pass until July.

  • Alex1030

    Even with perk the c’s would still have lost to the heat. Might have pushed and extra game. I respect what the c’s have done. I think that they could have a good regular season next year but that’s it. They are going to need some major changes after that.

  • Jamie

    Sounds odd to say it but I hope JO doesn't retire cause his expiring contract will be ideal trade bait at the deadline (assuming a somewhat normal regular season).

  • I hope Danny Ainge will work his azz off this off season to get us Howard, if we have him we can post him in the paint all day and make teams doubling him and with ray, pp, and kg and their mid range shot, it'll be difficult to defend, and I love that Howard rebound on the defensive end. Get us Howard!!

  • jimmy

    we should try n sign caron butler or michael redd for cheap

  • Peter J

    First off, the only way we are getting Howard is in 2012, after the contracts of KG and Ray Ray are off the books. Then MAYBE we can dream of signing him away from the Magic and looks towards a nice nucleus of Rondo, Howard, Pierce and maybe Green.
    However, it looks like the Celts are going for it next year, so they only have a couple options. One involving signing Green (hopefully for not much more than the 6.2 million qualifying offer).

    Re-sign Green and Delonte. Let the others go. Hope JO retires. If JO retires we can make a hard midlevel exception push for either Dalembert or Yao (though I think Yao will remain in Houston). Then hopefully we can get Shawne Williams or Anthony Parker to join up.

    Don't re-sign Green and hope JO retires. Make strong midlevel pushes for both Caron Butler (fits nicer as a backup 2/3 than Green as a backup 3/4) and a midlevel push for Dalembert or Yao and snag rebounding beast Reggie Evans from Toronto.

    Then, pray Miami doesn't take out our most important player and have help from the biggest blown travel call I've ever seen.

    • Mike

      I agree with Dwight most likely coming to Boston through FA and not by a trade. I read a few weeks back that Otis won't trade Howard. Do you think he sticks to that or he breaks on a trade proposal?

    • kricky

      Good call Pete J. I think Dwight is unfortunately a longshot. The Lakers will probably make a strong push and have better pieces to offer up.

      But some of those guys you mentioned could help us. And it would be great to get something out of Green via trade.

      Also, as much as I love RR (and he will go down in Celtic yore for the gutty performance in this series) I think you have deal him for either CP3 or DWill if it is at all possible to do so. I'd be ready to throw BBD and Green into the mix to make that happen. Both those guys may be one the move if they don't want to resign with their current teams.

      A move at PG may be more realistic that dealing for Dwight given the pieces we have to offer – even though there is nothing wrong with RR. But we do need some kind of change to help the offense.

  • Ross in Maine

    I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with the Lakers fan. Kevin is exactly right, those are the ones I'd keep, but let me focus some on our needs. If you're a long-term basket ball fan, not just a team fan, you understand what Doc Rivers alludes to all the time: the team with the best player on the floor usually wins. I believe it (Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Larry Bird, KAJ, Tim Duncan, etc). But to be more specific: our best players need to be dominate all the positions, not just three or four. Bottom line: what killed us this year was the lack of a true center. the Celts desperately need a true center than can score. We need a Gasol. We need a Brook Lopez, we need a Andrew Bogut, and face it, with Dwight Howard, we'd be 70-14 next year. I have no idea if there are any quality big men available, and certainly not for the mid level exception. It breaks my heart, but I don't see my Celts being able to pick up enough help to put them over the top next year. I hope DA proves me wrong. Good luck C's, stay in shape this summer!

    • CG12

      Dwight Howard is so good he would get the Celtics 2 extra games next year!

  • dtla la

    I'm so depressed.

  • richard

    Delonte as a backup 1 and 2, needs to be picked back up. We can't let teams play 4 feet off rondo in the last 5 minutes of a game. Green is someone who should be kept too, perfect backup for pierce, he can score a little when he looks to be aggressive, and he can play at least a little bit of defense, and he's young.

    We don't need more old people to back up our already old people. Shaq and JO are nice, but we can't count on them being healthy, it's been proven every place they have been.

  • kricky

    The gang back next year for one more push?

    My heart says "Hell F***ing yeah!!!"

    But my brain is wondering if this is really a good idea.

  • I_Love_Green

    First things first, re sign Delonte and Greenie. We need to seriously look at sign and trade deals for Baby. I don't want him back, he didn't seem like he really wanted to come back last night, and we can sign a better PF than he is.

    Our biggest concern is the center position, especially if JO retires. Guys like Dalembert, Kenyon Martin, Erden, (YES SEMIH!) or re signing Krstic would be able to fix that problem. We just have to spend our money smart.

    Another concern is the offense. Hello J.R. Smith. This guy would probably require most of the mid level, but would be huge for us. If there's any team in the league that can right the ship with this guy, it would be the Boston Celtics. He can go off for 20+ on any night, but can also be off and get you single digit points. With this team, his focus would need to be on defense every game, and I believe he could be a good defender. Howver, he may be too expensive for us.

  • Guest

    Trade Big Baby for Kevin Mchale, Larry Bird, Robert Parish and draft picks.

    • Stephen

      Please–we can not possibly insult the original Big 3 like that!!!!!

  • wgr

    Let's get an upgrade over Big Baby. I'd like to see Carl Landry in green. And bring back Leon!

  • I_Love_Green

    Also the people talking about Dwight in 2012 need to think about that certain team out west that we hate. The Lakers. Dwight has said before that he doesn't want to play areas where its cold, and there's been multiple reports that he's interested in LA. Plus they have Bynum and Artest to trade.

    Its horrible to think about, but sadly its the truth.

  • I_Love_Green

    A question just popped into my head…

    If we could make a package that involved Ray Allen, would you trade for Andre Iguodala?

    I'm not saying I believe we can get Iggy, or anything like that, but there are trade rumors surrounding him and I just thought about that.

    • Mike

      No because you're trading a shooter for a guy who can't shoot. And we all know how well a team without shooters does in the playoffs (i.e. the lakers). I would trade (gulp) Pierce though. Of course he's been with the team since he started so thats not happening but, in my opinion, he was the one that didn't show up for this series and was a little exposed there and lebron wasn't really handling the ball that much (just venting).

      • Batman

        But Iggy is arguably the best wing defender in the league, a godly finisher, and he has been forced to take jumpers because of the lack of offense on the Sixers
        Only downside i see is his contract

        • I_Love_Green

          And he's that type of guy we need when our offense is stalling because he can just drive to the hoop and create his own shot.

          @MIke- I dissagree with you about Pierce. He had 17 second half points in game 1 which basically kept us afloat and around 13 points down. He got hurt in game 2, and then came up with a huge game 3. He had a really good game 4, and was solid in game 5.
          I just don't think its fair to count on him to contain lebron and still get his usual 20+ points every game during a series with the heat.

  • Guest

    Hell if Celtics could grab one of those Lakers it would be a nice pick up. I wouldn't mind seeing Lamar Odom on the Celtics.

  • Dan

    My win-now plan for the team:

    Resign Delonte and Jeff Green, let Kristic walk, and only resign Davis if no other team is willing to pay him and we can get him back for ~$2 or $3 million. Also try to resign Von Wafer.

    Here's the kicker: offer Rondo to the Lakers. Two deals I see:
    Rondo for Odom straight up.
    Rondo for Bynum, Celtics would have to throw in some small salary pieces.

    As great as Rondo is, when the Big 3 leave he's not going to make us a contender. I'd rather try to win now and then blow it up, than be mediocre for the next 5 years. Now is definitely the time to go all in and a great opportunity to buy low on the Laker's guys. As PG is their biggest need, I seem them being interested in Rondo.

    So, that leaves a lineup of:
    Starters: D. West, Allen, Pierce, Garnett, Bynum/Gasol.
    Bench: Jeff Green, Jermaine O'Neil, A. Bradley, Von Wafer.

    The only hole is a backup PG, but between Bradley, veteran FA's willing to take the minimum, and our draft picks, we can make that work. What do you think?

    • Dan

      Should say Bynum/Gasol.

      • Dan

        Damn, Odom/Gasol.

    • I_Love_Green

      Its just an unwritten rule that the Celtics and Lakers don't make trades with eachother. Especially trades that involve some of their best players.

      • Dan

        Didn't we trade with the Lakers in 2004 for Payton and Rick Fox? Granted neither was a fan favorite like Rondo but we DO trade with them.

  • Green Machine

    I’m not too good with the salary cap and those things, but I ask any of you guys that know. Will it be impossible to get: Pacers Roy Hibbert, Cav’s J.J. Hickson, Nuggets J.R. Smith??? Adding those guys to a team with: P.P.,Rondo,K.G.,Ray,Green,West,J.O,Krstic would make this team ALMOST INVINCIBLE. Waiting on your opinions!!!

    • dave

      "Will it be impossible to get: Pacers Roy Hibbert, Cav's J.J. Hickson, Nuggets J.R. Smith???"

      Where would the incentive to trade a young Hibbert or a Hickson or a JR Smith come from if you're any of those three teams? Much less Indy or Cleveland trading with the Celtics. When the time comes that the Celtics have top 5 draft picks, or younger, all-star quality players with several years of upside, then teams will be interested.

      Until then, it's going to come down to aging free agents, mid level exceptions (assuming the new CBA doesn't wipe that out) and late first round draft picks as the primary means for infusing talent into Boston.

      Although I'm sure there are some here who will want to believe that a trade involving BBD will bring some sort of a front-line player in exchange. That train left the station last year. His stock is way down now.

      • Green Machine

        Thank you, that answered my question, lets see what the C’s do…

  • bojo

    best offseason move?

    Put BBD on a god damn diet.

  • dave

    "Here's the kicker: offer Rondo to the Lakers. Two deals I see:
    Rondo for Odom straight up. Rondo for Bynum, Celtics would have to throw in some small salary pieces……Now is definitely the time to go all in and a great opportunity to buy low on the Laker's guys. As PG is their biggest need, I seem them being interested in Rondo."

    Either you're insane or you've spent too much time playing 2K11. The Lakers would NEVER – EVER consider block buster trading with the Celtics. Plus the Lakers aren't interested in the classic point guard prototypes and they won't be until Kobe retires, if then. The Lakers would be more interested in a player like Marcus Thornton or Rodney Stuckey then they would be in a guy like Rondo.

    If the Lakers decide to move some or all of the parts of the three headed monster (Bynum or Odom or Gasol) it will be to a team like Minnesota in exchange for a player like Kevin Love and a top 5 pick in the draft.

    But they could just as easily decide to wait a year until Love and Howard are Free Agents ready to test the market.

  • skeeds

    ohmygod you know it's the start of the summer when someone suggests trading Rondo… No offence, Dan, but that's some radical thinking right there!!! It might work, but we're talking about complete remodelling of the team. This is about the "last run" of this unit, not a new team alltogether. KG, Doc and Pierce have been yapping and barking at Rondo for years to make him into what this team needs, we're gonna trade him and find another poor kid to torture right at the end?

    Same goes for Ray too. For me, a championship isn't worth trading Ray Allen in what could be his final year of basketball. I don't care if we lose our last chance. We're in heavy rebuilding mode in 2012 anyway, we can get "anyone" we want. why show the door to one of the most beloved players to ever wear green?
    No, Ray stays, KG stays. As a matter of fact, we should offer them coaching jobs as soon as they hang their jersey.

    I say resign as many guys as we can. Even Baby. I hate him so much sometimes. I hate how inconsistent he is. But the kid can play some serious ball, and while it's hardly ever there, he's actually a phenomenal scorer. JO can be a great center if we can find another solid, good rebounder for him to share minutes. Like …well Perk used to fit that description…