Post-game Reactions

Now that the Celtics season is over, the content at this site is going to get noticeably more loose. We’re going to keep busting out serious reportage when news arises, but because news is going to be less frequent in coming, we’re also going to write some things that are fun. Anything to get us through this Grizzlies-Hawks Finals.

We’ll be posting:

The Case for Boston as a Free Agent Destination
The Top Clips of Kevin Garnett Swearing on the Internet
A Point/Counterpoint on Danny Ainge
Overheard at Exit Interviews
An Appreciation for the Craziest Team in NBA History
Best/Worst Game of the Season
Celtics Speculative Vacation Plans
The First Annual CH Commenter Awards

And a seriously huge amount more. Do not hesitate, also, to make requests in the comments. We need each other more than ever right now.

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  • kricky

    Thanks Hub. This will help take the sting out of the way this all ended this year. You guys are the best!

    Let the unfounded speculation and pipe-dreaming about FA and trades begin!

  • johnschaffer

    keep the news coming all off season ,like during season , the regualr celtics page doesnt provide anything , the hub was great all years really kept us inform , god go celtics the true team for basketball

  • janos

    Hello Haynes, is Janos. I would like to see article about all upcome free agent and where they might go. Would like to see update on locking-out if it happen and as well like get celebrity news about kardashian haha just joke on last one.

  • Patrick

    Can you guys do an article for "Best/Worst Big Baby faces of the season?" Guy is so animated. You could always mix it up and just do the best/most comical faces of the entire team.

  • Batman

    Do i get all the awards because I'm Batman? I protect your city you know….

    • janos

      haha batman you protect Gotham not Boston. If protect Boston than we have more game this year and lebron in jail

  • I_Love_Green

    An article about all of Shaq's funny moments would be good times for sure. Shaq's done too much in his career not to give him his own article.

  • Wes

    A little speculation on L. Frank. In line for couple head pro or college jobs…probably gone. Who else could be Doc's defensive guru? Frank did a good job this season.

  • dtla la