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“I want to win here again. … I don’t think this team is done.” – Doc Rivers

They fought back again and again and again. Through foul trouble. Through a Dwayne Wade onslaught. With a point guard who could barely move his left arm. They led 81-74 in the fourth quarter and then the bottom fell out.The offense stalled and the Heat just kept coming.

Miami finished the game with a 15-0 run and LeBron James buried three’s from all over for the floor. Game. Set. Season.

It’s going to take a little while to digest this one. To reflect on the play and lineups down the stretch. There were things to second guess here, but when push comes to shove it probably wouldn’t have mattered. The Heat were the best team tonight and they had the best two players on the floor. They took over in winning time all series, while Boston faded when the lights shined the brightest.

For now though, give your Celtics a round of applause. They fought valiantly all night long. Every player on the floor tonight contributed something. It was just too much to overcome. The injuries, the turnovers, the Heat’s talent, the lack of cohesion. Too many obstacles.

The good news? That quote at the top. Barring a lockout wiping out next season, this team isn’t done. They’ll be back for one last stand.

Much more on the way tonight and tomorrow, but for now…..time to go root for Perk in Oklahoma City.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • danny strange

    Ok, we are probably the 4/5 best team in the NBA this year and we are just getting older; if we can't go to the east finlas now, how the hell can we when a champioship next year as a slightly older/worse team?

    • Skorp

      Man, fk you and your pesimism. We don't need fans like you, get out.

  • I_Love_Green

    I honestly knew the entire game when we had the lead, that the heat would make it extremely close. A couple of calls that stuck out, Pierce travel, and the 4th foul on Nads were big for the heat.

    If we keep the core together, we will NEED a really really solid backup PF for Kevin. He just cannot go 40 minutes anymore, and it kills us on D when he goes out. A backup 3 for Paul would also help, and finding a starting center.

    Oh god this is just awful.

  • Keyser Soze

    This result is a huge disappointment, but we should be proud of the fight this team put up. They were hurt, playing 2 of the best players in the league, and did not get any calls throughout the series. But they never gave up, never made excuses and played through it. Sad to see the season end but I'll be looking forward to another run at 18 next year.

  • Mike

    Well I just read that big baby said after the game that he wants to be a starter or a larger role in Boston. I say lets start there and do what mr. davis wants, by sign and trading him somewhere, golden state I don't care where.

    • kricky

      Exactly! Best way to use him and Green is as trade bait.

    • Tos

      Where did you hear this? I’m searching but can’t find it. CSN? Nesn?

      • Mike

        chris forsberg's espn boston twitter

  • Keyser Soze

    Yes please, a competent center and PF. Anyone who doesn't suck would be nice.

    • DannyAinge4President

      With center, "doesn't suck" and "competent" .. would not cut it with this aging lineup.

      Dwight Howard would cut it (obviously). Too bad there are tons of teams dreaming about this guy bailing out of Orlando.

      Imagine Dwight @ Miami…..a short distance away…. (yikes)

      • Keyser Soze

        I was being sarcastic because we collected a whole bunch of big men this year who produced nothing come playoff time. But yes we will need a good center and a solid backup who can spell KG for 15mins without being a liability on defense. The ability to box out and rebound would be a plus.

      • Mike

        miami has like 3 max players….How would they even get a 4th. We on the other hand when he becomes a FA will have tons of cap space to work with. Even this off-season with creativity there's a lot Ainge can do to improve the team and rebuild at the same time without losing that cap space. Then of course he's danny ainge so its like russian roullette.

        • DannyAinge4President

          If Dwight wanted to play for Miami just a little bit (which I doubt ), I would bet money that Arison and Riley would find a way to make it happen, still field 3-4 OK role players out of the remaining 11, and come under cap.

  • ElRoz

    Is Danny still paying Sheed and will he be paying Shaq next season as well? Looks like the Cs are paying al this dead-weight…tell me I'm wrong on Sheed please.

    If Green, Kristic, and Bradley can come in and have training camp and pre-season with Doc this late summer-fall….they could integrate into the team much better (it takes a while for Doc to integrate new players). The Rondo, Pierce, Ray's minutes could be cut donw to 30-32 a gme – this is where they should be.
    I don't know what Danny will decide on BBD – I say keep the hard working dude if the price is right. In any case: match JO with another center and along with BBD (or a replaement) keep KG playing at no more than 30 min average. I say Delonte, Bradley, Green, BBD, Kristic is not a bad bech at all – just 3 guys there need a pre-season with the team/Doc. Bradley, Green, Kristic can all play better ocne that happens.
    If they could get another center, a "Kwame Brown" or what not, they could be quite ok.

    Keep in mind that these series against the talanted Heat neither Green nor Kristic were full part of the team. Rondo was hurt, and there was no back-up to JO.

    • I_Love_Green

      No Sheed wasn't even paid this year. Shaq will retire so he isn't paid next year.

  • Morpheus

    Man, as a writer you just don't wanna write about poor officiating.

    I LOVE Doc, but i'd prefer Sloan to run this team next year and for the next Era.

    Proud of the Cs effort no doubt, if we do make another run with this team, who stays who goes?

    I'd say BBD out. Have to keep Green…right…a full off season with this team, training camp should get Green more comfortable with our offense and defense. He should be our 6th man next year, BBD has to go.

    • I_Love_Green

      Please no. God no. We DON'T want Sloan. His system just wouldn't work for Rondo.

      • Morpheus

        That's why we trade him and Ray for CP3.

        You realise Sloan is WAY ABOVE Doc on offense right, and D.

        • I_Love_Green

          Ray for CP3 wouldn't even happen in a video game my man.

          And Sloan is above Doc on offense, but not D. The reason I don't want him is because Sloan and D-Williams clashed which led to that trade. You really think Sloan could handle Rondo's personality? Doc and Rondo will get us through this.

          • kricky

            Sloan is gone fishing in a permanent basis. Great hall of fame coach, but I mean the guy is like 90 years old.

            I like Frank and think he is a good coach. Keep the system in place. It is a good one. But time to revamp the personnel.

          • Morpheus

            Rondo, Ray, Bradley 2012, 2013 1st?

          • Mike

            We can't trade Ray there's no shooter like him. Maybe use bbd or green instead there.

          • Morpheus

            Yeah i'd like to keep Bradley around to be fair, i think he'll be a solid backup to CP3.

            Rondo, Ray, s&t Green, 2012 1st.

  • Gone Fishin'

    Some issues to consider (really, only one) during our long off-season…

    Is Rajon the right point guard for this aging (read: old as hell) team.

    Rondo's only strengths offensively, are in the open court when the C's are running. Realistically this group of players (meaning the big three) can no longer maintain an up tempo pace for an entire game.

    In the half-court, Rondo is a liability. The C's really are playing 4 on 5 when he's facing a bigger, stronger defender. And please don't start with the injury. That he has the heart of a champion is without question.
    But ultimately, as I've written here many times before, basketball is about putting the ball in the basket.

    All the other so-called "advanced stats" that have become the flavor of the month are meaningless if you cannot score. And we all know that if Rondo can't fool his defender with some tricky moves, he's not big enough or explosive enough to score at the rim. Oh, and he can't shoot to save his life (Don't you guys worry about a point guard who — even when healthy — avoids contact so that he won't have to shoot foul shots?).

    So again, my question… Whither Rondo?

    • I_Love_Green

      Just not fair for Rondo to get injured like that because now people like you will doubt him, and ignore the injury. In the 09 and 10 playoffs he was our best player. He torched the Knicks,(not really saying much) and got hurt against the Heat. Rajon is a one of a kind point guard, and there's probably only 2 others that I would take over him. CP3, and D-Will.

      • Mike

        Yep if rondo is traded it can only be for CP3.

      • Morpheus

        That's why Danny is a good GM(OK i blasted him for the Perk trade, but he deserved it, just don't let shit like that happen again). He puts personal feelings aside and sympathy for the BIGGER PICTURE.

        I'd say the only player Danny WOULD keep out of the big 4 for the future is Pierce.

      • Gone Fishin'

        What? Did you read what I wrote? Let me repeat it for you…

        EVEN WHEN HEALTHY, he is a liability on offense (in the half court set).

        Are you so in love with the C's that you cannot see clearly?

        And sorry, I'm taking both of the PG's you mentioned plus D. Rose (you left him out on purpose I imagine) over Rondo any day of the week

        • I_Love_Green

          Thats why I mentioned that he was our best player in the playoffs 2 years ago, and last year. Also, I left D.Rose out because I'm a type of guy that wants a point guard who can run an offense. Rose can't. Rose can score, and scores inefficiantly at that.

      • Keyser Soze

        I agree — there is no one who can do the kind of things Rondo does. In many ways, he is the perfect PG for this team. He is at the top of the PG class in assists, rebounds, steals. This series showed his toughness. I know we have all been waiting for his mid-range jumper but once he has that he will be the best in the league (look at what Rose did with his jumper over the summer).

        • Gone Fishin'

          And let me add this tidbit about Rondo and his assist numbers (since that seems to be the primary defense against my observations).

          I've always believed that the assist might be the most overrated stat in basketball. The truth is, no matter how good a pass you make, whether or not you get an assist depends entirely on your teammate making the shot. If your teammates are offensively challenged, then you're just out of luck.

          In fact, you may or may not know that today the assist is largely a judgement call by the official scorer.

          Years ago an official assist was only awarded when the pass led directly to a basket. By today's (unofficial) rules, the player receiving the ball is allowed one or two dribbles (in point of fact, completing a basketball "move") before scoring. At that point the official scorer decides whether or not your pass led to that basket.

          But if you don't believe me, heed the words of Rondo himself.

          Earlier this season after he had racked up 19 assists against the Knicks, he was asked, post-game, how he was compiling such gaudy numbers.

          His reply: "My teammates are making shots."

          • Renato Afonso

            Totally agree with you. If you check the highlights from the game on NBA.com, do you remember late in the game when Pierce knocked down that three pointer? Assist Rondo, right? However, Rondo was significantly closer to the rim with noone around him… He started the shooting motion and then he regretted it. Only after that he hears PP calling for the ball and he passes the rock to Pierce who is actually behind him.

            Assists depend on the quality of the finisher (the same way Magic's numbers were inflated by the supreme finishing ability of Worthy or Stockton's numbers were inflated by Karl Malone). Do you really want a point guard who trades that open mid-range jumper for that "assist" for a long three? I also don't like the score-first mentality some PG's have, but this is getting ridiculous with Rondo…

    • Dan

      It hurts to say but I agree. Rondo can't be one of your two best players on a championship team. He just isn't a reliable enough scorer when the game slows down.

      We're in really bad shape going forward.

      • kricky

        Why won't he just put the damn work in and develop a descent jump shot. SO frustrating.

        But give the man props for toughness. He has guts.

        So you keep him unless you can get CP3. And I'd love to see RR throwing lobs up for Howard. Please Danny get on the phone ASAP and work something out! Otis is a dumbass – look at the trade he made for Gilbert!

        • I_Love_Green

          He puts in the work, but his hands are too big. Goes back to his college days where UK fans complained about his elbow sticking out. He can't shoot with the correct form (elbow in) because his hands are too big.

          • Batman

            he can't be the best player on a championship team?
            of course he can be, with a good supporting cast
            if we won last year he was going to get Finals MVP and he was the best player on that team and this team

          • kricky

            Yeah I've heard that. But I'm not so sure. his form looks pretty good. I really think it's mental.

          • Morpheus

            MJ had HUGE hands man…come on. It's not the size of his hands, it's a simple FACT. HE CAN"T SHOOT.

          • Renato Afonso

            Exactly. MJ had huge hands (Phil jackson said it himself once when comparing MJ to Kobe) and still had a proper form when shooting. Also, there are plenty of SF's in the league with hands as big as Rondo's and they still have a proper shooting form.

  • someguyinsac

    I get thumbed down for applauding the Celtics and the effort they made tonight?


    • I_Love_Green

      People are mad tonight sac. I got thumbed down for telling a guy we aren't paying sheed, or shaq next year.

      • someguyinsac

        Better not comment on JO then, eh?

  • Kendrick is gone

    That they're still committing to the "Geriatric Three" is good news? Sounds like early 90's Bird/McHale/Parish redux, to me. Just postponing the rebuilding time. Next year: slightly older, slightly worse. Maybe significantly worse as the tread wears and the tires start popping.

  • Big Stretch

    Dear gods there is not enough Percocet left in this bottle to take the edge off. The only solace is knowing they gave ALL they had…….it just wasn't enough. We couldn't ask for any more from these men. Except for Jeff Green. I hope his balls drop at some point.

    • kricky

      Mix it with Bourbon. That is what I'm doing.

      And FUCK Green. He needs to go.

  • Zee

    ‎"I don't believe this team is done." "I'm leaning heavily toward coming back. I haven't made that decision. But I can tell you I probably will. I've kinda come to that over the last couple of weeks. You know, I'm a Celtic." ~ Coach Doc Rivers

    • James Patrick

      happy Doc is coming back. it's ainge who i'm worried about.

  • Die hard celtics fan

    It was a good game until the last couple of minutes, but I hate to see the celtics lose. All I have to say is that we at least kept our pride, something the lakers failed to do

  • Big Stretch

    Also, thanks to the gents who run this blog. You guys must bust your ass to make this site as quality as it is. <tip of the hat> and much respect.

    • kricky

      Absolutely. The best Bball blog on the net!

  • stephen

    Hey—making a different point here— Anyone want to make a ton of money!!!!! —— Try signing on as Danny's bodyguard before the plane lands back in Boston!!!!

  • Seriously. As disappointed as I am right now, I could not be prouder to cheer for the Celtics. I couldn't be more glad to be cheering for a team that never ever ever quit. They played like champs, like a proud team that wasn't about to lie down for anyone. Despite the fact that Miami won in 5, Boston made them work the whole series.

    And goddammit. This still sucks.

  • Jeremy

    Danny will need to get bloody creative to give us a shot next year. This team badly needs a C and a consistent 6th man off the bench to take the offensive load off the Big 3,

  • I_Love_Green

    When does Kevin Love become a free agent?

    • kricky

      I'm not 100% sold on him. Yes he went off statistically. But that team still went nowhere. And he'd come with a huge price tag. (Plus those commercials with him in the shower are just creepy)

  • kricky

    Thanks for the memories guys. It was a treat to watch this team and I will always remember 2008 and last year's playoff run. I'll always wonder "what if" all those injuries did nto happen.

    But it's time to blow things up unless we get a lock-out shortened season next year. This team is just too old to face the grind of the 82 game season. Every year its the same thing. Great out of the gates and then we lose out legs down the stretch. Last year was a little different because of the injuries guys got a lot of rest down the stretch. This year we went for the #1 seed and it just killed us.

    Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That said its time for a major change.

    Sad, but true.

  • I_Love_Green

    Kenyon Martin anybody?

    • Morpheus

      Only if Danny runs with the Big 3 next season.

      • I_Love_Green

        Yeah thats what I meant. I've always wanted him in green.

  • Gaucho

    Sad to see, yet if Rondo didn't get hurt this is a completely different series right now. Steals rebounds and Rondo's just right moment, right time plays would have changed the complexion. That's a real good team Miami has.. I think the Celts would have beat them with a two armed Rondo. Tough break.

    Well, the season has ended, can't help but feel blue, 
    These Cs have shown class in all that they do.
    Through injuries and setbacks the Cs played with heart
    During these playoff games, and from the season's start.

    Marquis went down, JO's wrist and back, 
    Of course we never had the presence of Shaq.
    Delonte was hurt, let's remember the harm
    To Rondo's elbow-affected his whole arm.

    The question is KG, what happens to him, 
    If there's a lockout, he should go to a gym, 
    Because KG, Ray, too, only for Doc will play,
    Celebrate because Doc says he will stay!

    Doc says he's competitive and he loves this team, 
    He's a Celtic at heart, they all share a dream.
    To give it one more try, on success they are sold,
    Doc: "what are we if they say the Lakers are old?"

    Let's thank all the guys, some of the bench stays maybe,
    He better get it together, I'm talking about Baby.
    He wants to be in Boston, but says you never know,
    He wants to play ball, if he has to go, he'll go.

    No Cs lover is a Miami fan, 
    But gotta give it to Wade, he was The Man.
    He has many skills we cannot diminish, 
    It was his play that allowed Lebron to finish.

    Thank you Doc and the coaching staff, 
    At least Doc's press conferences provided a laugh.
    We have learned with this team as four years did pass,
    They play with all heart and have so much class.


    • Pwner

      U gay bro?

    • Sorry but ur poem sux….

  • Gone Fishin'

    And let me add this tidbit about Rondo and his assist numbers (since that seems to be the primary defense against my observations).

    I've always believed that the assist might be the most overrated stat in basketball. The truth is, no matter how good a pass you make, whether or not you get an assist depends entirely on your teammate making the shot. If your teammates are offensively challenged, then you're just out of luck.

    In fact, you may or may not know that today the assist is largely a judgement call by the official scorer.

    Years ago an official assist was only awarded when the pass led directly to a basket. By today's (unofficial) rules, the player receiving the ball is allowed one or two dribbles (in point of fact, completing a basketball "move") before scoring. At that point the official scorer decides whether or not your pass led to that basket.

    But if you don't believe me, heed the words of Rondo himself.

    Earlier this season after he had racked up 19 assists against the Knicks, he was asked, post-game, how he was compiling such gaudy numbers.

    His reply: "My teammates are making shots."

  • lakershater13

    Samuel Dalembert could be a good sign at center. Good defender/rebounder. Also can step out and knock down 12-15 foot jumper. Also Duncan could opt out. Imagine Duncan opting out and pairing with KG. Talk about twin towers to finish a game. Well a more realistic option at power forward would be Carl Landry. The guy will be great with KG. KG will love him since he is non stop hustle and energy. Green in my opinion is a good resign off the bench for SF. Back up SG would be Jamal Crawford. The guy is instant offense off the bench. Same goes for maybe JR Smith. Two good options there to back up Ray. I like West coming back and also Bradley looked good in the last game of the season plus was great in the dleague.

    Going into next season.

    PG Rondo, West, Bradley

    SG Allen, (Crawford or Smith maybe Michael Redd at a discount with his past injuries)

    SF Pierce, Green ( Prince from detroit if he will sign cheap or Battier a guy we should have traded for.)

    PF KG ( Landry or Duncan) Maybe give Murphy another go if he can get in shape this summer.

    C JO, Krstic (Dalembert)

    We may need to do a sign and trade with Big Baby if he is interested or someone is interested in him. There are a lot of free agents that can help us this summer. The key is to have not a good bench but a great bench. I can see KG coming off the bench if we can get a guy like Landry. We need guys that can play big minutes in place of the big three.
    These would likely be one year deals to keep the cap low for 2012 when Ainge sets his sights on D12.

    • I_Love_Green

      A lot of these are unrealistic; Duncan, Crawford, Prince, Landry, Smith, and JO is going to reitre.

      But I love the idea of Dalembert for center, and then doing a sign and trade with Baby for a solid backup 3/2. And signing Kenyon Martin would be awesome as well.

      *sigh* i just feel like its too early to be talking about this kind of stuff.

  • Rob

    They had the game in hand and then lebron went off. You just can’t stop those 2 threes. It was a good run for these guys and they got a championship but I really think it’s time to face facts and rebuild. Oh and if big baby returns next season I’ll flip.

  • Mike

    He'd rebound well but I think he would be a lot like bbd only with better shot making but still a little short for PF.

    • Renato Afonso

      Still, it would be a dramatic improvement…

  • longlivethe80's

    Here is something the Celtics can do to instantly become better: FORCE RONDO TO DEVELOP A JUMP SHOT!!!!!

    • Batman

      easier said than done
      really "force"?

      • someguyinsac

        Let's start a petition, isn't that how those things work?

    • Morpheus

      Get over it. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Rondo has been in the league for how long now?

      He'll never be a good shooter.

  • Batman

    We can't rebuild guys
    We have one more year left, just have to get size
    But for this season
    Really entertaining basketball guys

  • Batman


  • I bleed Green

    Hate to say this but for all you Green haters out there, they need him. He frustrates me at times too but we have no one else like him on the roster. Dude is silky smooth on post ups and can hit the 3, just needs to work on his D which will improve with a full training camp. More importantly, they gotta bring back West! I'm sold on that dude. Need his attitude of putting it in your face when going to the rim to rub off on the rest of the team. Baby? Had enough of his below the rim game….

    • Batman

      west is the best backup PG in the league
      of course we gotta bring him back
      hes gonna cost the $ though

      • kricky

        You are right Batman. West is a keeper. But it'll be tough. A lot of teams will want him. (Maybe even the fakers?)

    • kricky

      I disagree. OKC was happy to let him go. The guy does just enough to deceive you with his game, but ultimately kills your turnovers, bad D and lack of toughness and hustle. Tonight he had a couple nice drives. But he also had some horrible turnovers (which led to scores) and played porous D.

      As our friend Janos would say; "Green he is like cow who gives 20 liters milk then knocks pail over with leg."

      His biggest value is that you can use him as a trade chip with some other team that has high hopes for his potential (like OKC did to us).

    • Herb

      I thought Green submitted a fine effort last night. He looked pretty comfortable for the first time- driving the lane, knocking down 3s with no hesitation, and he finally showed a little tenacity on the defensive end. In my opinion, we need to bring him back- another year in Doc’s system and I think he’ll be an extremely valuable asset to this team (and not as fucking trade bait to get Chris Paul). Props are also due to Nads; he stepped up admirably, especially considering his lack of PT this playoffs. His defense was shaky (combined with a couple of questionable fouls) but not horrible, and his offense kept us going when we needed a boost.

    • J Green needs to go, he is inconsistent, when he plays, he turns the ball over way too much. OKC didnt lose anything letting him go, I think they knew he wasn't much help in the post season and they knew about his inconsistency.

  • James Patrick

    BBD frustrates more than he helps. Over him. Over the Jeff Green experiment. Annoyed by the fact that we traded away so much, not just Perk and Nate, and got mediocre. It's the reality of that deal. What was Ainge thinking? Or maybe he wasn't.

    • kricky

      Can we sighn BBD to an extension, with a provision that he gets his weight down to 275? The guy could really be an All-Star caliber player if he wasn't eating himself out of the league,

      • Batman

        i thought he was doing well until he hit this slump

  • Darius

    I could not be more proud of a group of guys…for all the talk you get these days about college players playing for heart while professional athletes play for money, this team completely shatters that notion. Blame it on the trade, the age, the refs, the injuries, etc., but the Big 4 are an inspiration and no matter the result in this series I truly felt like this team left EVERYTHING they had out there on the court, and that really is all you can ask of them and more than almost any other team would give. And in the worst of moments they remained both classy and resilient to the end.

    Thank you for the season, hope we get to do it again next year!

  • I_Love_Green

    For the players that we have right now, I think re signing Delonte, and Green to 1 or 2 year contracts are a must. They need to be short term, and low money.

    The good news is that we're in great shape for the future. In 2 years we'll have a ton of money to spend, and a lottery pick to go with it.

    • Batman

      I can't wait for the draft once we get some low picks when we rebuild
      Ainge is a great drafter

  • janos

    Is October yet?

    • someguyinsac

      Just a few more swigs from the bottle and it just might be for me.

  • kricky

    Perks thunder growing up before our eyes. They are pulverizing Memphis tonight. I really like their chances of coming out of the West and competing for a ring.
    Good for Perk!
    At least we have a team to root for going forward (and a team, Miami, to root against)

    • DannyAinge4President

      Sorry but …

      1) Love Perk.

      2) Can't root for the 'sonics……….ever.

  • daniel Lavi

    A few Thoughts:

    I almost cried when they gave up the last 40 seconds (even though they had no timeouts), NEVER GIVE UP!

    We need to stop blaming Ainge and hanging on Perks nutts. He was great, I loved him too, but he's GONE. We need to move on and not think what it.

    Rondo- hands are NOT an excuse! Get on it man! So much potential, he just needs a great shooting coach to train with ALL summer.

    West- I was super impressed by him all season and his intensity was key! we def can use him next year, plus I feel like he feels at home here in Boston (as if we're the only one's that gave him a chance and he appreciates that)

    Coach- if we can't get Doc, Sloan would be a GREAT second choice

    Lock-out: this would literally be the BEST thing that can happen for us!!! the longer the better! Give rondo, KG, West and everyone A) a chance to rest and B) lots of Practice time to build chemisty and C) rondo gets more time to just work on his jumper!!!!

    • Batman

      I'm sorry no one blames his hands, i feel like people think he doesn't have a work ethic
      he came into the league supposed to be a defensive role player, being compared to BREVIN KNIGHT
      people he has worked extremely hard in order to get to the elite level he is now
      also about the jump shooting: its not the major concern
      rondo has a jumper, its decent
      but the thing is hes never pressured into taking it
      he can still dominate games without taking one
      yes he has to, and will work on his jumper
      but his free throw shooting is a major concern
      should be his main goal for the offseason

  • James Patrick

    A conversation between Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge Mothers' Day Morning…

    AINGE: Doc! I need you to play Shaq at some point today!

    DOC: I dunno, Danny. I'm not sure that's such a great idea. He's banged up–

    AINGE: You don't understand! If he's not in there, the whole city of Boston will have my head!

    DOC: There's nothing he can give us though. Not this season.

    AINGE: It doesn't matter. We have to at least say we attempted to play him! Otherwise it'll be Perk this and Perk that and I can't handle being blasted all Summer about this! Please Doc, I'm beggin' ya!

    DOC: Well I tried to talk you out of it.

    AINGE: I know you did so please, help me out on this one! I've gotta mortgage!

    DOC: Okay… I'll play him for about 8 minutes today and maybe a minute on Monday.

    AINGE: Perfect! Then everyone will be happy . I'll keep my job! All will be well Thank you Doc!!!


    DOC: Okay, Okay, calm down. I'll put him in for a few minutes

    • stephen

      Perfect !!!! Had those same thoughts myself about Danny gripping over his fuck-up trade. Ainge pulled off the dumbest trade in NBA history.

      • Batman

        um not even close

      • Herb

        Oh, you mean aside the one Chris Wallace made with LA for Pau Gasol. Or do you mean the one McHale made to get us KG?

  • daniel Lavi

    LASTLY: Guys, please please please don't be like Laker fans and start blaming people.
    For better or worse this is our team and we have to stick by everyone of them until they are no longer in a Celtic uniform.

    Lets be true fans and not jump aboard the train when they do well and point fingers and make excuses when they fail.

    It is what it is, we loved BBd at certain points in the season, loved Green at others and everyone in between. Stand-up and be loyal to your team! as loyal as in 08!

    Shit happens, injuries happen, shooting dry spells happen. We can't make excuses. It is what it is. It almost cheapens us to try to make excuses.

  • Alex1030

    This miami team will get better this off season. A lot of good players will take cuts to come help out. Plus they get the mid level. And they will have udonis back full speed.

    • someguyinsac

      You're posting on the wrong board with your future hopes and dreams there, buddy.

      • DannyAinge4President

        Oh come on, there's even money that he's partially correct……

        This HEAT "team" could playing their _worst_ playoff ball now.

        Scary, hunh?

  • I_Love_Green

    Big Baby doesn't even sound like he wants to come back:

    • James Patrick

      he's an idiot. starter? he can't even be a role player. lol he'll probably sign with some dumb team like the nets. hahaha

    • stephen

      Good !!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Hate to make excuses but Celtics obviously lost this early because of the injuries. If Rondo, Shaq, Pierce were healthy this wouldve gone atleast 6.

    Danny Ainge ruined it. Trading Perkins was a big, big mistake. Celtics had NEVER lost a series with their big 5 (Rondo, Allen, Perkins, Pierce KG) and Danny Ainge somehow felt the need to trade Perkins. The way LeBron and Wade were getting to the paint was sad to watch for Boston fans. You don't think Perkins' big physical body would've made a difference? Danny Agine gambled. He prayed Jermaine Oneal, Kristic and Shaq would be healthy to fill up for Perkins but boy he was wrong. Jermaine Oneal and Shaq are now old and worthless. Kristic hasn't fit in and Jeff Green is like that kid in college who is forced to live with roommates 10 years older than him.

    Also another thing: Celtics lost the rebounding battle 3/5 times in this series. They got out-rebounded 45-28 in game 4 and 38-30 tonight. They were already one of the bad rebounding teams in the league and after Perkins, they became one of the worst.

  • I_Love_Green

    Also, looked like Greenie was crying after the game, and he seemed sad in his post game interview. For some reason, I just really want this guy back.

    • James Patrick

      Celtics don't cry unless they win titles. lol

  • Guest

    Look people, if we didn't make the trade where would that get us? A center just coming back from a torn ACL who probably needs another year to recover before he can be 100%, a back up for Paul that was put out of comission from a concussion, an undersized shooting guard who while he provided a spark now and then, he wasn't always consistant and not to mention he was gonna be out anyway for knee surgery, and of course then we got Luke and Semih. They showed great promise but did anyone really expect to see them make a big contribution in the playoffs anyway.

    Face it, the trade was needed, it just didn't work out quite as well as it should of.

  • James Patrick

    This is how a Celtic should cry…

    Example of how a Celtic should NOT cry…


  • James Patrick

    Okay this one should cheer you all up a little bit..

    KG telling Craig Sager to burn his suit!

  • bojo

    It's time for celtics to rebuild.

    I love Rondo and he has been my favorite celtic over the Kg/Allen/Pierce era, guy is a warrior and a unique player. But he will start loosing his value soon and i think he will start loosing it fast with the aforementioned trio aging.

    I know everyone is suggesting cp3, but i think a better bet would be enticing d-will from nets. cp3's knee issue is too much risk and signing him to a 5-6 year might have same repercussions as a b-roy extension for blazers. So Nets are not going anywhere and deron knows it. Thus rondo/bradley/2012 for d-will is very plausible. Nets get to build around rondo/brook lopez core, celtics recieve a true top-3 point guard.

  • david

    Somebody has yet to explain to me how we would've done any better with no backup to Pierce, an absolutely ABYSMAL Nate Robinson, Semi who was falling apart, Perk out, Delonte constantly injured, two inconsistant rookies, an undersized PF/C and our only reliable backup guard was…Von Wafer. we would've SUCKED and our starters would've burnt out earlier than they did. no wonder we had to trade perk, none of that is worth anything to get a SF. In retrospect, this season was done when tony allen signed with the grizzlies.

  • Skorp

    Do you think we can get Howard for next year?

    • Sauce

      I really do hope so

  • vivek

    great write up Brian Robb. I still have hope for this team. Rightly Doc said he is planning to come back. I think the problem is thinking Rondo is the offensive weapon. we need multiple offensive weapon. our guys are too much team oriented. sometimes it is necessary to realize that they need to finish the game although appearing selfishly. Big 3 stopped thinking they are big 3 after 2008 and Rondo's emergence. This playoffs they should have played like 2008 big 3 taking weight on their shoulders. Rondo should hv simplified his game transferring weight on big 3. doc should find a way to boost the bench. bench is very important. without leon powe, eddie house kinda bench it will be too much.

  • torpid bunny

    Disappointing loss to a team I loathe, but the celtics just had too many problems this year. Maybe if Rondo doesn't get hurt the series would have been more competitive, but I think the celtics were at least a piece and a half away from being a legit contender.

    My thoughts:
    -The Perkins trade has to be rated as a failure. Maybe they wouldn't have won with him, but isn't it obvious they would have had at least a better chance with him?
    -The loss of Tony Allen really hurt the Celtics in this series. Ray Allen got torched by Wade and the Celtics didn't have anyone else to put on him. The fact that Wade could score at will, and Lebron wasn't too easy to stop either, made the Celtics have zero confidence at the end of games. Plus Pierce didn't seem to have any ability to create on his own.
    -Pierce and Ray Allen didn't play great in this series. Guarding Lebron and Wade can take it out of a player for sure, but those two seemed the most anemic in the series. If the Celtics are going to contend, basically 2 of the big 3 need to play great in every game.
    -The implosion of Baby in the playoffs really hurt too.
    -Rondo is never going to be a good jump shooter but my main problem with him is that he is not a great finisher at the basket. I hope this is something he can work on, because looking for outlets while you have a clear path for a dunk is not good.
    -If Baby is a lost cause, the celtics need depth at 2,4 and 5. Unfortunately that seems like too many holes to fill, particularly at 5 where we currently have the ancient O'Neal twins. God love'em but not something you can count on.

    Basically, unless Ainge makes some brilliant moves or several of the veterans find the Lazarus pits, I'm not sure how the Celtics can be contenders again.

  • Mat

    Is this a Memorial for the 2010-2011 boston celtics

  • Turn over are what killing us in this series, game 4, 3 turn overs in about 2 mins in the overtime. Game 5, way too many turn over. I think for the off season, we need to get rid of Kristic, Green, and Baby and some draft and get D Howard, we need a good center and a good back up PF for KG. I still love our core guys, esp KG.

  • I would love to see Howard in green, post him up in the paint, with rondo pass ability, most team would have to double him and with p-double n ray n kg with their mid-range and outside shooting ability, it would tough for anyone to beat us. Still need a good bench though

  • sauce

    They where too young for us like jailbait.

    But what a ride, one ring but we contended, I had fun and we at our best where the best by far.

    I hated lebrons faux drama with the one knee on the floor, he didn't look like that last year where he was throwing the ball to us to end the possesions and thus the pain.

    Peace and love

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