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The folks over at ESPN.com invited the entire CelticsHub team to take part in a Q and A on this team’s and its future, before facing three straight elimination games. It’s bit soon to speculate on a lot of these things prior to tonight, but it’s worth floating the questions out there for now.  Here’s a sample of the our responses. You can check out the full piece here.

1. With one title in two Finals trips in this era, Celtics fans should feel …

A. Happy
B. Satisfied
C. Unsatisfied
D. Unhappy
E. [Your description here]

Brian Robb, Celtics Hub: E. Satisfied but left wondering. You can’t help but lament how many other titles were left on the table for this Celtics team after 2008. All four years in this era, this team has been a top contender before injuries sidetracked things. It hurts to say, but I think we’ll be looking back in 10 years and wondering “What if?” with this crew.

Brendan Jackson, Celtics Hub: E. Cheated and unsatisfied. If this season is indeed the last go-round for the Celtics’ Big Three, the “what ifs” will be inescapable. What if Garnett were healthy in 2009? What if Kendrick Perkins were healthy in 2010? And, dare I say, what if Rajon Rondo were healthy in 2011?

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: B. Satisfied. Considering what this team went through in 2006-07, winning a mere 24 games and enduring a franchise-record 18-game losing streak, the Big Three era made this team relevant again. Like the players, Celtics fans will be left to wonder what could have been had this group stayed healthy, particularly during the 2010 NBA Finals.

Ryan DeGama, Celtics Hub: B. Satisfied. It’s hard to argue with a championship when you consider the other long-suffering fans around the league. But C’s fans will never forget the Garnett injury that sabotaged an elite 2009 team and the Perkins ACL tear that probably cost them a title in 2010.

Hayes Davenport, Celtics Hub: E. Deliriously happy. Only eight teams have won NBA titles in the past 30 years, so any time your team manages to get into the mix, you’re happy. Throw in that the season preceding the Garnett era was the on-court nadir of Celtics history, and you have a fan base that can’t complain, no matter how much it really loves to.

2. The Kendrick Perkins trade has been much-maligned. The criticism is …

A. Right on point
B. Missing the point
C. Overstated
D. Understated
E. [Your description here]

Brian Robb, Celtics Hub: A. Right on point. Trading Perk was the right idea in theory but simply not executed well. Championship teams don’t trade their incumbent starting center halfway through the season unless they are getting back a sure thing. From Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic, the Celtics needed offense, but all they got was inconsistency while creating a major void in the interior.

Brendan Jackson, Celtics Hub: B and C. Overstated and missing the point. Perkins contributed most to the team’s toughness and chemistry, meaning he couldn’t have prevented the Celtics from being too tired to put the ball in the hole late in games. Moreover, this trade would not have happened if Tony Allen were still a Celtic and Marquis Daniels hadn’t had a horrific injury.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: C. Overstated. The Perkins trade is an easy scapegoat for this team’s struggles. Alas, Perkins wouldn’t have been on the floor when the Celtics’ execution crumbled on the final play of regulation in Game 4. Boston’s difficulties extend well beyond the loss of a core member, but that one move will unfairly define much of this season.

You can check out the full piece here.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • duggyfresh88

    Posted an article about the heart of the celtics.. http://celticbeat.wordpress.com/

    • Zee

      good read

  • Daniel Lavi

    Just one game like its your last. that mentality will never fail. Because when your up against the wall at the risk of losing everything that matters to you, like a soldier at war, your heart beats 10x faster than the opponents and that will to survive is the most powerful force in the world.

    Thank you Celtics Family and enjoy watching champions dying for their love of their team and making it to see another game tonight. Becuase I can't believe this is the last game a I will see of the most passionate nba player of all time (KG) and the purest shooter of all time (Allen).

    This game tonight will be my most memorable of the Celtics era. It will be magical.

  • James Patrick

    Unsatisfied for sure. There's no reason we shouldn't be playing for our 4th title in a row.

    2009 – KG goes down (remember we won 19 in a row that year)

    2010 – We lose Perk in game 6, lose game 4 by just 4 points.

    2011 – Horrible Perk trade, No Shaq.

    The ONLY reason the Lakers won those years. PAPER CHAMPIONS!

    Yes, VERY VERY VERY unsatisfied! TO SAY THE LEAST!

    • James Patrick

      Sorry game 7. I swear I proof these. lol

    • jonathan

      to be correct, we did lose perk in game 6. Didn't play in game 7 though.

  • mike

    IMO….lockout next year helps this team….they can get through a sprint at this point a hell of a lot easier than they can make it through the marathon…..

    • ElRoz

      Yes…I've been thinking that too: half a season?

      Also, IF they keep Jeff Green and Delonte and Bradley goes through the training camp and pre-season (he missed it in 2010), I'm fairly confiden that Pierce, Ray, and Rondo will play fewer minutes. I would keep JO and get another center – maybe even keep Kristic for his offense; add to that BBD or whoever replaces him, and KG's minutes will be kept to about 30 a game.

      The 2011-2012 coach – even if it's Doc – will play Green and Bradley more…and Kristic too, if he is kept by the team. Doc might not be very good at integrating new players and giving them playing time, but a full trainng camp-pre-season would change that.

      Then the team could see the young Green, Delonte, Bradley take up more minutes. I'd try to bring in another young center or PF at low price – Kwame Brown or something to shore up the front court. Otherwsie the major goal is integrating the young talent they have and reducing starter minutes to 30-32 a game. Hey, Green and Delonte CAN start in games when you need them.

  • Seanthoughtwhat

    Dang, that was probably one of the best endings to a 5-on-5 that I've read. Hayes, you had me tearing up thinking about that moment.

    That's what I love about the NBA. That moment right there, and the fans appreciating that moment. Kevin Garnett, giving Bill Russell a hug, pulling back and saying "I hope we made you proud"….
    I get chills just thinking about it.

    Where else does that happen? This reminds me of the book "when the game was ours", in how they discuss the difference between Larry's Celtics and Magic's Lakers… can you think of any other team that would have that moment happen? KG is a deeply emotional, passionate, and historically-minded guy. He appreciates that legacy.

    That moment is Celtics all the way. I love being from Boston, and being a Celtics fan, for that reason.

  • Batman


  • Zee

    "Anything is possible…" "I hope we made you proud…"

    Let's not forget that in Game 5. Anything is possible…

  • hallik

    "anything is possible!!!"

    Remember that yell! I remember..I also remember the John Bagley, Sherman Douglas days, the Dino Radja, Eric Montross you guys remember that? We didnt do that well for a while. I am a little disatisfied the injuries killed at least one championship. Still I got to witness first hand a Celtics banner being raised…

  • Zee

    This Scalabrine postgame interview is classic

  • James Patrick

    I always laugh at Cleveland fans for complaining how they've not won a title in what is it, 48 years? Most of their fans have no idea what it means to win! haha Well, here's the difference with Celtics fans. before that title in 2008, it had been 22 years! So if you're in your late 30's, you remembered that title in 1986. So to win again brought tears to my eyes. It's sad to think this group might not win another, I feel like they should have but injuries really took their toll. I hope Doc comes back for one more year. One last hurrah with this group. We just need a few tweaks, nothing crazy. We need a solid center and to trim the fat off the bench (ie BBD). But this team can make one last run.

  • Laker Man

    Class? LOL, you guys are the biggest bunch of complainers and cry babies in the NBA. Look at the championships BABE!!!!!!!!!

    • Zee

      Aww… is someone mad they got sweppy weppy? Let mama make it better… LOL!!!

  • Batman

    Now Rondo will never get thats Finals MVP…..

    • Laker Man

      HA HA. Good one. Maybe if he could actually SHOOT a basketball?!

      • Mike

        No he can't shoot. Yet playing with one arm, plays more and better than derek flopper and shows more heart than your entire team.

    • Zee

      How do you figure? I wasn't aware that we had lost an elimination game yet. Please quit speaking doom and gloom! Sheesh! LOL!

      • Batman

        I was more saying that even if we do somehow win the finals this year hes not gonna win MVP with one arm
        Although if anyone could do it, its him
        last year was his chance though….4 POINTS AWAY

  • Laker Man

    Ummmm, you must be like a hundred, eh? Like, I am 30 and I haver only seen you losers win one championship. Go figure!

    • James Patrick

      This is like trying to explain reality to a child.

      Lakers got swept – FACT
      Lakers got blown out – FACT
      Bynum is a punk as bitch who can lose with dignity – FACT
      Same with Odom – FACT
      CELTICS honoring Bill Russell with a statue – FACT
      Laker fans have no idea who George Mikan – FACT
      Laker Man was crying in his pillow and afraid to come to the hub on Sunday – FACT

    • Mike

      So you're 30 and behave like you're 10 trolling on an opposing team's blog after your ''team''' just got swept. Ah!

    • Zee

      So the relevancy of history only exists in our lifetime? Why do we still adhere to the Constitution then? No wonder Obama gave Bill Russell a medal and is having a statue built. LOL!

  • danman

    i really think any "what ifs" are misguided. i've never been prouder of a group of guys than garnett, allen, and pierce. these guys have shown tremendous heart and character over the years, especially in the playoffs. in fact, i was just as proud as them last year as when they won the championship because of the unbelievable grit and determination they showed.

    i expect them to win or go down putting up a big fight. the lakers proved to be petulant babies. i know our guys will put it all on the line and that's what i'll always love about this group.

  • Keymanlb

    Total BS game…. It was over as soon as big baby got called for traveling. Damn those refs. That would have been a 12 point lead and changed the dynamic of the game. Total BS. We got robbed.