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Reaction: Lingering Regrets About That Final Regulation Play


Twelve hours have passed and the bitterness has only seemed to worsen. The Celtics were on the verge last night, of stealing a contest after only scoring 33 points in the second half of a contest. LeBron had coughed up a crucial possession and the Celtics would have their final chances. They did it to New York in Games 1 and 2. Last night was a different story. Jessica Camerato of CSNNE.com put together a great piece with reaction from everyone on just exactly how that final fateful play broke down.

Doc Rivers: “We didn’t execute the play, I’ll just leave it at that. Ended up leaving Paul on the island. It’s a play we’ve run several times and we just didn’t execute it. [It] was supposed to be a pick-and-roll with a flare and none of it happened, which was unusual for us. But it happened.”

Paul Pierce: “It was supposed to end up with a fade for Ray [Allen], then I was coming off a pick-and-roll for Kevin [Garnett]. I guess there was a little confusion right there and we never got into it, and I had to force a bad shot.”

Ray Allen: “We wanted to get a pick-and-roll with Paul and Kevin. We kind of screwed it up because we wanted Paul to get the ball, and I’m at the free-throw line and I wanted to kind of fan off and create some misdirection and then Kevin go set the screen, and then from there see what we got. But I don’t think we got a great shot. Paul still got a shot at the basket. We’re kicking ourselves over that.”

Kevin Garnett: “The timing actually got messed up when he went and got the ball and miscommunication. Paul went with a couple seconds on the clock and felt like he had to be aggressive in that situation. But plays are all timing. If you don’t come off at a certain time, clock’s going, and Paul felt like he had to go. It’s what it was.”

Rajon Rondo: “It’s a surprise but it happens, you know? Lotta talking in the huddle, but there wasn’t enough listening, I believe.”

Brendan Jackson will have a full breakdown of that fatal play, along with Doc Rivers’ lineup decisions down the stretch shortly. For now though, the Celtics will be questioning just how they let that chance slip away….perhaps for years to come.

  • Far East Man

    it PAINS me to say this, but the celtics deserved to lose this one. they squandered so many chances and blew so many plays down the stretch in regulation and OT, i couldn't believe it. i always thought the regular season was all about perfecting X's and O's and when it really mattered, they couldn't fuckin' capitalize. twas the big 3's fault. and what the hell was up with KG?!?! he CHOKED big time! i-i still can't stand it. gettin' drunk right now… *sob*

  • kricky

    I just can't believe they fucked that up. How many times have we seen this run to perfection this year?

    So frustrating to watch those shots that should have gone in. A butterfly bats its wings in Indonesia or a guy farts in the first row and one of those layups or three pointers go in instead of rolling out and we win this one.

    The defense in this game was damn good 86 points allowed in regulation. But the offense has just been a shell of its former self in the last few months. And we just keep getting clobbered on the boards +17 Boards for Miami tonight and only 2 boards form the Bench.

    • Jason

      No matter how well you 'execute' it's hard to play offense on tired legs against a motivated LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. So that explains overtime. Combine that with KG being the million dollar man Celtics paid him to be and you've got yourselves a ballgame.

  • Mike D

    Couldn't play JO down the stretch. Miami was playing Bosh at the C, LBJ PF, James Jones SF, Wade SG and Chalmers PG…Much to small of a lineup to have JO guarding bosh and KG guarding lebron

  • Jason

    Rajon Rondo never one to lose his touch of diplomacy

  • the blind

    And the miss by Rondo when tied at 86

  • the blind

    Sorry, 84.

  • I_Bleed_Green

    the miss layup by Rondo is fatal. I don't know how he missed it.

    • dslack

      Having only 1 arm that has a full set of ligaments surely makes everything about playing basketball more difficult.

  • SteveB

    I think Rondo may have an interesting point. The Celtics looked confused in the huddle before that play. It appeared they kept going over the play like no one quite understood what their role was. I thought they were going to come out with something new and elaborate after all that. Game came down to young legs and the ball just not bouncing our way too many times. Both teams had a lot of shots rim out but so many of those could have gone down. Rondo's blown layup was a big one too. He always looks so casual putting those up, especially when he's wide open. Never a dull moment.

  • celtsemeraldtopaz

    no one was asking KG for a repeat performance but taking jump shots does not help this team when he refuses to post up and that was from the first to the last quarter claiming exhaustion only goes so far KG is not listening to Doc by refusing to post up the heat want him shooting 16 feet jumpers and KG is obliging in that regard

    • Zee

      KG is able to hit jump shots. So lets hush about that.

  • John Evans

    The C’s might be down, but they’re sure as hell not out. Tomorrow nights game 5 will be a dogfight and I see the C’s comming out of it with a W. The Celtics aren’t dead and they will not die, all we have to do is believe & execute. They have a hell of a mountain to climb, but they can do it, they can still win this series. If they win Game 5, they’ll win Game 6 also, theres no way that we’ll let the C’s lose what could possibly be their last home game of this season. Hopefully, the C’s come back for Game 6, if they do, we need to energize them and turn the jungle into the most hostile environment ever seen.

  • Ray Ray for 3

    That one hurt. We had this game.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    Did anyone else find it kind of laughable that Chrissy "Avatar" Bosh flexed and screamed and drooled non-stop for like 30 minutes after he successfully boxed out Ray Allen and got the tip-in?

    I mean, here's a guy that is the epitomy of tall and overrated meets week, soft and finesse…and he's drooling and freaking out like he's doing his best king kong impression because he got a tip-in after boxing out Ray Allen (the same Ray Allen that drove baseline and put Bosh on a his 35 year old poster a few minutes earlier – profoundly weak defense).

    Really, what is it about soft, weak guys that makes them think they are not soft and/or weak?

    • kingjames jr.

      is funny how you're making fun of bosh when your old buddy kg is always talking to himself with his mental issues. you and the c's are done.

      • ElRoz

        Don't worry…James will also leae Miami when the going gets tough that's what you got – two guys that start thinking about running away once trouble hits, like he did with Celevland after Boston bounced him twice.

        Had Wade not hurt Rondo, we would have been 2-2…but that's ok….see if any of your three dudes gets hurt. Then I'll laugh my arse off. You deserve it.

        • kingjames jr.

          lol time for the c's to rebuilt and let go of that " old stars team "

    • Morpheus

      That was definitely funny watching Bosh scream his head off like a girl.

    • Heatles!

      The Loston Felactics are doomed!

  • kingjames jr.


  • CsFanInArkansas

    I'm not saying he didn't make big plays – or that he doesn't help that team.
    I'm just saying that a celebration like that (flexing, screaming, chest pounding, drooling, screaming more) shouldn't come after a tip-in where the closest guy to contesting the shot is 9 inches shorter…and doesn't lay a fingernail on you.
    A celebration like that should come after dunking on DH12 while getting fouled by him and shattering the backboard….a celebration like that should come after splitting a double-team and posterizing Kendrik Perkins and Serge Ibaka with the same dunk….a celebration like that should come when you punch a hole in Chuck Norris' chest and pull out his beating heart…

    That's why I think Bosh is so funny. He's OBVIOUSLY one of the softest and weakest "big" guys in the league (he makes Pau look tough!), yet – based on his celebrations – he has convinced himself that he's some sort of monster in the paint…mind over matter, I guess…

    • CG12

      I don't know, a tip in to seal an absolutely critical play-off game, that was up to that point still in doubt, is a pretty big deal. That play made the game. I'm not one for the ridiculous celebrations, but when you make plays and win, you get to do what you want. It is now on the Celtics (and KG) to take back their mojo and shut the Heat up by beating them.

      On a practical level, Bosh can get away with being Mr. Softee because the Cs best lineups are so small right now and he has J. Anthony to be the hustle and grit guy in the paint. All Bosh needs to do is be 6'10" and have a nice shooting touch. As much as I love all of the guys in a Rondo-West-Allen-Pierce-Garnett lineup, that is freaking tiny. If they can make shots, as they did for much of the game until OT, they will be tough for the Heat to handle.

  • Josh

    Chris Bosh = soft = always has been

  • Morpheus

    There was something just off about KG last night. I know he's old, fatigue set in and all that, but he was making some uncanny, unlike and all the "un" words you can think of that weren't ver y "KG like" at all.

    He was missing LAYUPS, point blank layups. He was making some bad passes, throwing up 20 ft jumpers, he was hesitant, missing Ray on a flare…UGH, he possibly played his worst game since God knows when, in the most important game of the season. In the 3rd quarter he threw up nothing but long jumpers. KG was epically BAD last night, it has to be said.

    I'm just pointing out KG's big fat egg is all.

  • JB007

    The refs are giving all the calls to LBJ and Wade. The NBA wants the Heat to win. This game and other games are not being called correct by the refs.

  • Steve

    Celtic pain… Love It!

  • Joe Internet

    I've been a Miami fan for 15 years, and it's obvious to me that you have not watched Carlos Arroyo play for any stretch of time. He would put less pressure on our defense than Rondo would with one arm, and he would be almost as slow as Shaq on the defensive end. If Carlos Arroyo is playing significant minutes, the Celtics are in a lot of trouble. Why do you think we gave him up so easily?

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