Post-game Reactions

After leading their team to victory last night, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade took huge steps toward getting the “Boston” monkey off their backs.

Today, the two stars talked about how the Celtics provided much of the motivation for Chris Bosh and themselves to join forces in Miami. ESPN.com’s Kevin Arnovitz had the story.

“They set the blueprint for us when they decided to make the trade for [Kevin Garnett] and for Ray [Allen],” James said. “Seeing guys make sacrifices to come together and play as one. They set the blueprint and went out there and did it. They won a championship. They competed every year.”

Wade, who had lost his previous 11 games in Boston, also echoed those same sentiments.

“With LeBron losing to Boston in Cleveland in the playoffs, he felt like, ‘I gotta do more, I need to be around more to contend for a championship,’ ” Wade said. “Me feeling the same way going into the summer, saying that I needed more, it was because of Boston. They knocked us out.”

Maybe the Celtics set the blueprint for a “Big Three”, but the comparison stops there, in my opinion. The Heat appear destined to win this series for two simple reasons: James and Wade. Most Boston fans were hopeful that the C’s experience would prevail in this series. But last night, we were reminded that talent wins in the NBA.

When James hit that corner 3 to tie the game at 84-84, what could you really say? It was an unbelievable shot. Or what about Wade’s fall-away 3 in overtime? Lucky, perhaps. Or maybe just a big-time shot from a big-time player.

This series isn’t over. But if the Celtics are going to come back, they’re going to need incredible individual performances from just about everyone. Because James and Wade are on another level right now.

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Michael Salvucci

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  • I_Love_Green

    Its different for them because they're all young, and they signed with the heat to team up together.

    The Celtics were in their 30s, and we traded for our guys. They didn't really have an option like the heat guys did.

  • Morpheus

    Pierce should've forced Bron to drive, better giving up 2 than a 3 to tie the game.

    Soon as we went OT, i knew we were finished. Younger legs, more energy, played right into Miami's hands.

    Would've won if Rondo wasn't playing with one arm, it was because of his one arm he missed that layup.

    Eh series isn't over till it's over, but i did hear whispers of a Fat Lady singing in the background today.

    • I_Love_Green

      They just can't let us win game 5. Thats all Im going to say about it.

  • James Patrick

    Since our players are too classy, can we sign that thug Bynum for a one day playoff contract? Would love to see him pull that punk ass move on D Wade. LOL

    • Guest

      Wouldn't mind seeing KG doing that if he retires after this. Would be awesome to see him or any of the C's pull a McHale/Rambis clothesline on Lebron.

    • janos

      we will get to see him lot when he in Orlando next season James Patrick

    • kingjames jr.

      your players are not classy , you have one of the most dirtiest playes in the league . KG is known to be a dirty player i've seen it through out the years. what ??? now boston is the victim ??? lol ppl are just using excuses because c's are getting outplayed by a younger miami heat team. by the way it'll be over for ya'll tonight !!!
      GO HEAT !!!!!!i

  • Zee

    "But last night, we were reminded that talent wins in the NBA."


    They were beaten until we botched that last play in regulation. And Rondo missed a layup he would normally make if not hurt (Ray Allen said so in his postgame interview).

    And how do you explain game 3 where they were beat by 16?

    As for overtime, the guys carried over the disappointment and momentum of the last play into it. Let's quit trippin! Sheesh…

    • diehardceltic

      I agree!!!

    • MikeSalvucci

      I picked the Celtics in 6 because I thought they had the deeper and more well-rounded "team." I think a lot of people felt that way. Now I think we're just being reminded that talent is ultimately what's most important.

      In the 4th quarter and OT, both teams were playing incredible defense. But LeBron and Wade were still able to score, because they're that good. The Celtics didn't have anyone to take over. Not even Pierce, because LeBron is too good of a defender. That was the difference.

      • Seanthoughtwhat

        Meh, the deeper and more well-rounded "team" will still win. A healthy Celtics team, as originally constructed, beats a healthy Heat team 9 times out of 10 series.

        Even a healthy current roster does well against this Heat team.

        Not blaming injury, but I'm blaming injury. Mostly saying that we gambled and lost the gamble.

      • Morpheus

        Well i have two things to say about that.

        1. All this BS talk about Shaq and maybe yes, maybe no gave me a false sense of hope that he would be ready to play in this series. Therefore, i had the Cs winning in 5, because with the big fella down low, it changes our whole offense and let's face it that's where we've been struggling ever since he went down.

        2. If Wade wasn't such a dirty player, Rondo would've made that layup and we'd be 2-2 going into Miami for game 5.

  • Batman

    We need to somehow force Kevin Durant to come to Boston. Kidnap his wife and kids!

    • Matty

      We need to go after Dwight Howard. With him, Rondo, even Green and West, you have a decent nucleus that Allen and Pierce can help the next couple of years until they retire. I'd add Glen Davis, but he's been stinking up the joint lately. I think KG is done this year or next. A lot of miles on those old bones.

  • rob

    wow.. best statement i read.

  • rondeezy

    game 1 i believe we would have won if it wasnt for the ridiculous fucking calls from the refs. and game 3 we would have won if it wasnt for rondo's injury. that last lay up would have been crucial if he had made it. so a win in miami is not out of the question, it can be done. lets say we win tmrw in miami, then the celtics go back home and unless kg goes 1-10 again and sets a screen on ray allen, without a doubt we will win at home. game 7 i dont know if the celtics will have anything left in them to win in a hostile american airlines arena but with all the pressure on the heat at that point with some momentum going into the game for the celtics, who knows?

  • JJY

    GOD I hate lebron james.

    That is all.

    • MarcoCZen

      JJY, get a life….this is a just a game ….

  • kingjames jr.

    hate on lebron ??? i wonder if this hate would still be aound if lebron would of gone to your fav team.
    all this nba dumb fanatics don't know about sports , they pay more attention to the media than the game itself.
    retards !!!!
    GO HEAT !!!!

    • Matty

      I think the Heat are the inheritors of that the Celtics did in 2008. I hate to say it but it looks like the Students are becoming the Masters. That's how it goes I guess. At least if the Celts go down, they'll go down fighting and not folding like LA.

  • Jon

    I think to win tonight we need production and minutes from our bench (preferrably Green). I think our big 4 can't play 40 mins n then expect to perform at the end. I say if Green is giving you good production off the bench give him more mins it can only help at the end. That's why Perkins was let go so use what you got.

    I believe that if Pierce wouldve played maybe 5-7 mins less in Game 4 he wouldve hit that shot at the end…no matter if the play broke down or not. Miami is younger and if we are getting a lift from the bench exploit it