Post-game Reactions

In many ways, today was a sad day for the NBA.  Every Celtic fan wanted to see the Los Angeles Lakers lose, but just not how it happened today.  Celtics’ fans wanted the rubber match just as badly as Lakers’ fans did.  They wanted to see the Lakers lose in a Finals game 4, 5, 6, or 7.  Not getting swept in the second round.  Some may take delight in this left coast misery, but I, for one, cannot.  It’s just weird to see a coach like Phil Jackson spend his final days as a coach in the league getting swept out of the playoffs.  His team dealing with rumors of inner turmoil.  Two of his star players getting ejected in the fourth quarter of an utterly frustrating day for the fans of the Blue and Gold.

It would also be poor form to gloat in their defeat considering the Celtics could be suffering a very similar fate two games from now.  Instead, let’s go down memory lane together to a time just a few short months ago when CelticsHub was entertained by a few Laker fans (for all I know it could have been one person) that spent some time commenting on our posts.  You may recognize the username’s Kobe Bryant, Lakersfan, and Lakers GM.  They were really obnoxious, but it’s important to remember that not all Lakers’ fans are like this.  The guys at Forum Blue and Gold are awesome and provide great insight (as does frequent Laker fan commenter Renato Afonso).  I post the following to remind everyone of what not to do on Lakers’ blogs.

Now you can go ahead and read them with the knowledge that the Lakers will be working on their respective golf games as of today. Enjoy!

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  • DannyAinge4President

    Why oh why did you plaster this now?

    Oh yeah, to swing eyeballs here, but aren't you worried about karma……?
    Please wait until Celts win it all.

    Meanwhile, …Danny Ainge for President in 2012 ! …so what if a potential Ainge Administration trades three or four USN carrier groups for green-painted miniyachts. We'll be stronger.. ! ….promise!

  • MP!

    I would use the Block IP function a lot more liberally then you, my man.

  • Morpheus

    Agreed, don't go making yourselves look like fools Cs fans stay classy.

    Agreed also, i wanted revenge on them Lakers, for some reason it just don't feel right.

    Anywho, can't wait for game 4.

  • James Patrick

    Honestly, as much as a rematch would be great, better they have no shot at winning. And as I've been saying all day, Lakers are arrogant winners and terrible poor sport losers. No matter what happens with our C's, good riddance to them and their fans this season!

  • Sauce

    You know the sole difference between some La fans and some Boston fans is they where born in a diferent city.

    I thought Ron "I have a IQ marginally lower than my shoe size" Artest escorting Lamar out for that push out of sheer frustration on my second favorite German was ironic.

    But yeah why lower ourselves to that of the opponent, I enjoyed their loss as much as they would of ours but it's over now, we have a Game 4 to think about

  • Renato Afonso

    Thanks for the comment Brendan. This is a really good blog and you're totally right on posting this.

    Regarding a possible Finals rematch, what makes me mad is that both teams apparently had all the tools to make it happen. Unfortunately, Kupchak thought that Barnes and Blake were good fits and he was proved wong. Everybody thought they actually would fit and they gave the Lakers close to nothing. However, I think people are overthinking the Lakers… Yes, they are old and definetly not athlethic in a league that demands more and more athlethicism. Yes, Kobe cannot dominate like he used to. Yes, Gasol was totally exposed in this series.

    But what about the Mavs? Every team out West retooled their roster in order to beat the Lakers. Nobody cared about the matchup with other teams, all that mattered was beating LA. The Mavs proved how you can do it…

    First of all, they have a true superstar and the ultimate stretch four in Dirk Nowitzki. Unless your name is Shane Battier, you probably can't slow him down much. His game does not depend on athlehicism. Then they have an awesome PG even though a little old. He can still play some D, get open shots to everyone and knock down the open 3. Then you have a 2 center combo with length and ability to get putbacks and swat every shot near them. And then, a barrage of people shooting over you whenver they can.

    No one could beat the Lakers by driving or through post play. But you can penetrate, get the wings scrambling and pass to the open man. If the shots fall, the Lakers will have no chance, since Bynum or Gasol will not be close to the rim to grab the rebound (Hello Mr. stretch four). Would the Celtics beat the Lakers in the Finals? We'll never find out. What we did find out was that the Mavs were built to do it and they're a though foe.

    If the Heat come out of the East, I think it's ring #1 for Lebron. Any other team facing the Mavs will be in a sea of trouble.

    Personally, I'm now rooting for the Mavs: Dirk was robbed of a ring already by the refs and Kidd also deserves one.

    Still giddy about seeing the remaining of the playoffs, even though I'm totally depressed… The Lakers are out, my country is bankrupt and bound to be exploited by outside banks and my company announced today that they're closing at the end of the month. Oh well, there will be some good matchups left 😉

    • talesofJP

      I think your totally on point, beating the Lakers was the only thing that West teams thought of, which could mean that Memphis gets into the Finals, they already beat Dallas 3 out of 4 times this year (saw what that meant to the Spurs series). Memphis is a scary team at this point. If they make it into the Finals is there any East team that can handle Randolph and Gasol? Celtics can't, Heat definetly can't, maybe the Bulls or Hawks? I'm hoping the thunder come back in that series and get them, they present problems for any team.

    • Mike

      You're portuguese?

  • Soy Orbison

    I hear people say they wanted to get another shot against the Fakers in the Finals.

    Let's not give them the credit. I hope that wretched, douchetacular franchise never wins another game again. Not even regular season. Not even pre-season.

  • torpid bunny

    Of all the teams the celtics played this year, I was most impressed with the Mavs. I thought it was a match-up issue, because the celtics seem to struggle a bit against teams with elite PFs, but maybe there was more to it.

    • Chris O

      Seriously I didn't feel that way. I felt the C's seemed to coast in both Mavs games and really should have won but just couldn't execute down the stretch (up late each time andsuddenly couldn't score). KG can't check Dirk but he is probably one of the best defenders to have for him. Also Dirk in no way, shape or form can cover KG and without Caron Butler the Mavs would have terrible issues covering, Pierce, Rondo and Ray Allen. If our Bevy of big men could ever stay healthy for a series against Dallas I would not be worried(Shaq didn't play either game, JO could barely play). Tyson Chandler is the only player that really worries me on that squad. That and J Kidd posting up Rondo but I think Rondo would foul out J Kidd in 15 mins of play if its the Finals

  • Mark


  • Mark

    I would think, prior to 1987, many Celtics fans had an arrogance about them. Why not? Up to that point the Celtics were the dominate franchise in the NBA. But, save for the last few years of the original Big Three and the run Paul and Antoine put together, Celtics fans were humbled after 22 years of being a non factor. Everything seemed to go against the Celtics after decades of Red playing chess while the rest of the NBA played checkers. It got to a point where it was just unfair.

  • Mark

    Lakers fans have never gone through what we have. Even the "down" years of the 90's last all of 6-7 years. They've never been humbled as Celtics fans have. Good for them. I don't think any fan should deal with what we have. But the comments above by these Laker "fans" seem to be, in large part, the majority opinion. Thats fine.

  • Mark

    Reality will hit the Lakers fans like ton of bricks in next couple years. We've been prepared for the decline ever since the trade for KG. It was always a "three year window". Once father time finally catches up with Kobe it won't be pretty in LakerLand. Everyone has Dwight booked in purple and gold. I'm not so sure. While it's not likely lets not forget the Celtics have a TON of cap room come 2012.

    Sorry for the rambling.

  • Mike

    Fellow countrymen here. I was just asking 'cause I thought everybody in this country was just into football.

    • Renato Afonso

      Where are you from? And where are you living? And isn't it depressing that what gave me away as portuguese was the "bankrupt country" part?

  • Zee

    I don’t feel sorry for the Lakers or Phil. He had a good run. Best of all time. This doesn’t hurt him. The arrogance of Laker Nation deserved this.

    As for trash talking on LA sites, never been my thing.

    I said it earlier in the year that LA wouldn’t make the Finals. They didn’t look like a good team all season. And I don’t care about beating them in the Finals. Its not about them, but about us. Think they would’ve cared to play us? No. Its about rings and banners. And for us its all about 18. I heart and mettle isn’t based upon the Lakers. This must be and is a personal matter! We have to want it for ourselves!

    The Celtics can beat Miami. We just need to stay focused. Miami is a bigger challenge than the Bulls. The Bulls can barely beat Indiana and Atlanta. Its not even a guarantee they’ll get past this round.

    And to all that Karma talk… squash that! That’s fear talking and not faith!

    But yes, now those trolls look very dumb. To know if its the same person or not you only need to look to see if the IPs are the same.

    Its all about banner 18.

  • Renato Afonso

    In my bball team is the other way around. I'm about the only Lakers fan and I am from Lisbon. Do you play?

  • ElRoz

    Bynum was always a dirty player. I remember he hit Gerald Wallace when the guy was playing for Charlotte, abot two yars ago, I think, in a game in LA…the same way he hit Barea. Dirty thug.
    As defending champions, Lakers got swept in 1983 and in 1989 with Magic and Kareem; now with Kobe.

    Now the Lakers got nobody to coach them (Brian Shaw doesn't change that statement)…they don't want to see or play with each other.

    That means Jerry West is going to go hunting for a big player – like his1960s Lakers whe they couldn't beat Boston, they went and got Wilt…and still lost in 68 and 69. They got Jabbar, they got Shaq….Ifthey think they can get Dwight as easily as they got Shaq from Orlando…they're kidding.

    • Renato Afonso

      While Bynum takes dirty shots from time to time, I don't necessarily think it's really as bad as people make of it. You must certainly remember the McHale clothesline in '84 or Rondo's punch against the Bulls (Brad Miller on the receiving end) a couple of years ago. I agree that Bynum makes more of them and the league is overly concerned with image. But every sport has dirty shots and I don't mind having someone who takes dirty shots from time to time. At least I know that guy gets pissed when he loses… He will get suspended, pay his due to the league and be back playing soon enough.

      About the Lakers, I seriously doubt they are going after Dwight unless Bynum's knees keep betraying him. Bynum is younger (23), more skilled but less physical. But what people forget is that Bynum was a personal bet of Jim Buss and he won't allow Kupchak to trade him, not even for Dwight. Now Gasol, on the other hand, may be moved again, an idiotic move if you ask me, but possible).

  • janos

    Is there anymore Gasol brother to come play?

  • urbeltic

    I hated Phil. Prior to him and his classless team getting their aholes kicked, I would have locked the doors on his burning house. But, now he is done and the dude is going to kick back and go fly fishing for a million years with tons of money, book offers, and memories of kicking ass in the NBA at the highest level. Now, I think I want to go hang out with him and smoke some gang.

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