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Shootaround Update: Rondo Looks Ready for Game 4

The signs get better and better regarding Rajon Rondo’s availability for tonight’s critical Game 4 matchup. The team participated in a shootaround earlier this morning in Waltham, and Rondo took part with his teammates. Unsurprisingly, he did not speak with the media afterwards, but one of Rondo’s potential fill-ins Carlos Arroyo assured everyone, he was ready according to Greg Payne of ESPNBoston.com

“I think [Rondo’s] ready to go,” said Arroyo. “He’s a warrior and he demonstrated that last game. We were all surprised, the fact that he came back after that injury. I know he’s ready. He wants to play, he wants to win. And Delonte, he was banged up but he’s ready to go. I’m always ready. I’m always ready for the challenge and obviously playing my old team would be even more motivating for me.”

When reporters entered the team’s practice facility Rondo was seen shooting free throws, but did not appear to be sporting any sort of sleeve or brace on the injured elbow. When Rondo returned to the floor on Saturday after suffering the injury, he played almost solely with his right arm, but Arroyo said he was moving his left arm more this morning.

“Yeah, a little bit,” Arroyo said of Rondo moving his left arm. “It still bothers him. He’s sore. It was a huge injury. But I know he’s ready.”

“He’ll know how he feels more than me. But he’s ready to go.”

What can you say? The guy’s a warrior. On the Heat side of things, multiple reports are saying Spoelstra is staying mum on any potential lineup/inactive changes for tonight’s game. Will we see Big Z displaced from the starting five? We probably won’t know until lineup intros tonight, but I would expect some kind of change.

  • Dan

    Kindof weird to see Arroyo talk so glowingly about Rondo after playing Arroyo so many times on the Heat. Not to say that Arroyo was ever really seen as a "villain" by the Celtics like Quentin Richardson, but I still find it kindof strange albeit refreshing.

  • aaron


  • SteveB

    Thank God Rondo doesn't rely on his jump shot. If he can dribble, pass and play D it's all good. I don't think he can go all game with that one handed dribble and passing routine though. No way are the Heat going to allow that. They start trapping him at half court and he's going to need both hands. With the Bulls struggling and the Fakers out, if the Celtics can just get by the Heat, who knows…

    • NHBluesMan

      while this is true, i'm honestly more concerned about Dallas than i was about the Lakers. Of the 3 teams still standing in the west (assuming we make it to the finals) i think our best chances would be against OKC. Memphis is built to be a wrecking ball, and i don't know if KG and Shaq/Jermain could contain Z-Bo and Gasol (the greater of the two) enough for us to get a win. Memphis is stacked with defensive perimeter guys as well, and Dallas just flat out gave us problems in the regular season (KG seems to do better against traditional PF's than stretch PF's).

      All that being said, i know the regular season means nothing, and i have alot of faith in our team, but they need to win this series first.

      GO C'S!!!!!

      • Chris O

        I couldn't disagree with you more. Dallas is the team out West I fear the least. Memphis and OKC are younger and more athletic and will give us a much harder time I feel in a healthy 7 game series. Gasol is also not greater than Z-Bo….not even close. KG is a decent defender on Dirk. Rondo would own Kidd if close to healthy. And Shaq, JO, Krstic would be much better than the Dal C's if JO and Shaq can play. OKC is big with Perk and Ibaka, Ray can't cover Durant (neither can Pierce) Westbrook is probably better than Rondo…so where is your advantage in that series??? I actually think other than their nerves possibly getting to them, Memphis is the most dangerous team left.

  • NHBluesMan

    while i don't expect the Heat to suck as much as last time, i think the C's can come out with a win, but in order to get this series they need to do it in 6 games. If they win tonight, they NEED to win game 5 in Miami, because the Heat will be desperate at that point. If the Celtics win tonight and game 5, i can see them closing in 6, but if they win tonight and then lose game 5, i don't know if they could win a game 7 in Miami.

    That being said, i'm sticking with my original prediction of Celtics in 6. They get a win tonight, the Heat try to go into 'hero-ball' mode at home and the C's win a close one, then come back and close it out in the hub.

    Our bench still needs to win a game for us on their own though.

  • Mike

    KG and Rondo named in the nba first team all defense. Congrats!

  • Ray Ray for 3

    Grreat to hear the news about Rondo, a true warrior!!

  • Batman

    More accolades for my main man! Well deserved!

    • Batman

      as well as Kevin!

  • talesofJP

    I am hoping we win this game, then game 5 comes down to a last second shot…that LeBron promptly misses. All the doubt will be back, and we win it in 6.

    What I think will happen, is it goes 7 and we need to win in Miami. Not sure if we can, and not getting a higher seed could hurt us

  • celtsemeraldtopaz

    i just don`t see it for rondo o be defensive first team the guy gambles too much for steals and realy struggled defensively this year i know that this award is voted on by the coaches and players so maybe they see something i don`t but i do agree on this KG deserved his defensive player award he is still the best defensive bigman in the league if not counting blocks

  • greenman

    Look at the brightside, there's a chance that Rondo will actually shoot better with one hand! If not, it's not like Miami can play any further back off him.

    That being said. Rondo is a stud. I am seriously impressed with his heart for the team.

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