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The Celtics were right in their comfort zone.  After giving up a late game lead, they came roaring back to tie the game at 86.  Paul Pierce, after going toe-to-toe with LeBron James all game, forced James to mis-dribble and Ray Allen secured the loose ball.  With the ball and 20 seconds to go, you wouldn’t find a person alive that wouldn’t have bet on Boston to execute a play and get a good shot.  It was only one year ago that the Miami Heat saw this late game execution first hand when a Rajon Rondo alley-oop sent a game to overtime, an eventual Boston win.

Tonight was an anomaly, although a perfect punctuation to a contest that lacked offensive execution.  Coming off a timeout, Paul Pierce got the ball at the top of the key and began to dribble down extraneous seconds.  Then the Celtics began to make their move only instead of setting a pick on a Miami player, Allen and Kevin Garnett had done the unimaginable:  they set a pick on themselves.  Out of sorts and without a screen coming, Pierce is forced to go left and throw up a prayer that was not answered. Backboard, rim, out, overtime.

Both the Celtics and the Heat were playing unbelievable defense to that point.  Aside for Boston’s bullet-filled feet, the two team’s played each other to a standstill.  Something had to give and with the Celtics’ tired, old legs and the Heat’s all-game aggressiveness, a Boston loss was inevitable.

Now the Celtics are forced to go back to South Beach with their season, their title hopes, and their pride on the lines.  For the Cs, there are only two options: win or go home.  As tonight proved, the former will be extremely difficult.

Much more analysis to come….

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  • James Patrick

    It's not over. They're not rolling over like the Lakers. I can be proud of my Celtics, no matter what!

  • DannyAinge4President





  • I_Love_Green

    I'm just overwhelmed with a feeling of awfulness. Anger, sadness, more anger, more sadness, and SO MUCH ANGER

    • stephen

      I'll tell you why I'm so angry. It;s because we are probably going down in this series, unless we miraculosly win game 5- –And Shaq plays 4 minutes tonight? Shaq could have given us more on the offensive end which was badly needed in the 4th quarter when we started to tank. Perk would have made a difference in this series by limiting the Heat's penetration. If your going to gamble trading Perk, then you better go down with no bullets left in your gun. Who was the big man we got in the trade===Kristc ? Has played how many minutes in this series? So really–at the end of the day we traded Perk and Nate — for Jeff Green– That's what it boils down to –So yea, I'd say there is reason to be pissed .

      • AussieCeltic

        Don't be silly. We lost this game because KG went 1-10, Ray missed a couple of open 3s that are usually money in the bank and the team completely stuffed up the last possession in regulation where we still should have won!! That trade is not why we lost. We have what we have so lets look forward not back. Essentially you are saying that if PP makes that last shot, Danny made the right call, but cause it missed Danny made the wrong call. Come on.

        Let's not quit on this team. They are still in this!

  • Mr Cash

    Ugh, feel awful right now. The reality that the C's have to win 3 times in a row, two of which are on the road, makes me sick.

    At least the C's arnt rolling over like the Lakers- love that they still play together and show a lot of fight. But the chemistry isn't right with this team..


    • Zee

      Nothing wrong with the chemistry. It was just lack of execution. We had this game and let it get away. Chemistry didn't cause that problem.

  • someguyinsac

    I feel like crap about this outcome, but I'm NOT giving up on our Celtics!

  • Mark

    I counted seven in-and-outs by Boston. They needed a little bit of luck to win tonight considering how poor Rondo, Ray and KG were playing.

    Went from breaking Miami's spirit to losing all hope of winning the series.

    What was up with KG and Ray getting confused on who was setting the screen at the end of regulation?

    Unlike the Lakers, the Celtics will go down with a ton of heart and fight.


    • DannyAinge4President

      Unlike the Lakers, the Celtics will go down with one win and four losses (probably).

      Big difference?


      • Mark

        There is a difference. Heart. Granted "heart" doesn't win games and, in the end, it won't matter. But, I won't be embarrassed to be a Celtics fan if/when they lose this series. They fought to the end.

        Lakers fans can't say the same.

    • SteveB

      I was trying to keep track of that myself. Seemed like every shot Ray and KG took bounced around the rim and out. If only a couple of those go down…

  • I_Love_Green

    One thing that pissed me off is that they got all of the lucky bounces. We deflect a pass, it goes right to a wide open guy under the hoop for them. I can't count how many times something like that happened. Pisses me off even more ):

  • Dan

    At least our season ended on a blown rebound by Jeff Green and not something out of the blue.

  • I_Love_Green

    Thanks Carl Crawford…

    • janos

      big carl make summer good either way

  • Zee

    If anyone can win the next three games, its our Celtics. I'm only disappointed in the last play in regulation – nothing more. That's the same play we ran on the Knicks back in November and Pierce won the game.

    C's up.

  • Celtics Suck

    Lebron James and Dwayne wade singlehandedly crushed the Celtics! KG looks old. There's no way Boston wins! The Heat are a better team!

    • DannyAinge4President

      No way. Game 4 was an ugly tie between two hardcore prize-fighters.

      The NEXT game, otherwise known as the 5-minute overtime, was a backalley mugging. Celts really looked old and tired there.


    • someguyinsac

      You can't put 2 people and then say they did something "single handed", dolt troll!

  • lakershater13

    I say start West and bring in Arroyo. Rondo has played well with the messed up elbow but i think we have a better chance to win with West and Arroyo. I might take Bradley over Rondo with his elbow. I think someone in the media needs to call out Shaq like Gasol did calling KG old last year. I realize Shaq is a shadow of his former self but he said he came to win a title. Big Z made Shaq look like a 12 year old girl tonight. Huge fan of Shaq but he needs to get mad. They are going to call fouls on him for bumping people so at least hammer them to the floor and send a message. We already have one green monster in boston we dont need another immobile wall. I would hope to see something from Shaq in an elimination game on Wednesday. Big Baby NEEDS TO STAY ON THE BENCH. Play Krstic at PF if you have to but Big Baby has been beyond useless this whole series. Jeff Green…Dude your corner threes are nice but get out there and show that you us you can play. Take it at lebron! Dunk on someone! Do something! I dont see this team rolling over and giving up easily but game 5 will be tough and we will need an effort like we got in San Antonio at the end of the season. Celtics in 7.

    • Mr Cash

      Even tho DWest appeared to have a solid game, check the box score..

      Game 1: -8
      Game 2: -4
      Game 3: -3
      Game 4: -11
      so -26 overall… so when DWest is on the floor, the C's have been outscored by 26 points- not exactly encouraging


    • stephen

      Hey, Ainge gambled and he lost. Are we going to see Shaq for a whole 4 minutes in game 5 like we did tonight? Like I said earlier — You better not go down with any bullets left in your gun. If we do then Ainge deserves the wrath.

      • Ainge deserves the wrath because bullets are being left in the gun? That makes no sense. Doc's the one who's allowed Krstic, Green, Wafer, and Murphy to collect dust on the bench. Ainge's gamble at center obviously failed, but Doc's the one who isn't using the players Danny got. Good thing Doc will probably quit on his own, because Danny likes Doc too much to fire him.

        • Zee

          Did you read what you said? “Docs the one who isn’t using the players Danny got.” Danny’s job was to get usable players, so that’s definitely on Danny.

          • Wafer was playing well before getting injured. When he got healthy, Doc didn't use him. He instead ran Ray Allen into the ground. Green is a good player who Doc failed to integrate into the rotation. Krstic was given no chance in this series despite Miami not having much for bigs. Troy Murphy is the one guy I might agree with. But since he's seen no minutes, we'll never know. Doc apologists don't understand the game.

          • stephen

            Exactly — Usable players!! — Krstic –couldn't defend the post against my sister!!! That's why he isn't playing. Green–totally inconsistent. Murphy –forget it etc. This is about the center position —Ainge traded Perk and Nate for Green and Krstic. The thinking was that the combination of Shaq, Jermaine and Krstic would offset losing Perk. Well, Krstic sucks, Jermaine O is nothing more than a personal foul waiting to happen and Shaq is a cripple at this point. Jeff Green was suppose to be a solid backup for Pierce .Ummmmm—maybe not so much===I was referring to Shaq mostly when saying no bullets being left in the gun–he's still better as a cripple than either Jermaine or Krstic. Let Shaq play 20 minutes in game 5– He said he came to the C's to win a title. What the hell are we saving him for? He's retiring at the end of the year anyway. So he re-injures himself –what do we have to lose. Watching Shaq sit there —–injured or not– is like throwing salt in the wound to all C's fans watching this team go down.

        • Tos

          So.. You seriously believe any of those players would make a difference? You’re obviosly kidding… Right? I mean… Right? You’ve gotta be.

  • Jake

    Thanks you guys. It's been truly a great season. Many ups and downs but you guys stuck in there for the team no matter what.

    It is very hard a poem to write
    After such a difficult night.
    But we've known with these Celtics from the start
    Never underestimate a champion's heart.

    The last game provided a wonderful lift,
    Wanted this to add to my birthday gift.
    We will go to Miami with clear minds all,
    And our Celtics will have to answer the call.

    No matter what, it must be said,
    Of Reggie Ray is now 79 ahead.


    • complexity

      Incorrect playoff 3's don't count. Seriously, tonight with the horrible poems, come on!

      • Celtics' (and NBA) stats show career totals, including playoffs…
        Relax, heartbroken enough….

  • James Patrick

    Here's the thing. Why is this so impossible? We had to go into Miami and win game 5, Definitely had to win game 6. Win those two and hey look, game 7 and let the chips fall where they may!

    GOTTA BELIEVE PEOPLE! No time to play the blame game. Save that for after the season!

  • Zee

    Here is a better perspective. The goal isn’t JUST to win three in a row. The goal now is to TIE the series. That’s done in 2 games. Win on Wednesday. Come back home and win. And then its a race to the finish line with the series tied.

    This can definitely go to 7 games. There is no reason to think we cant win two in a row. If the series gets tied, that momentum to win the 3rd in game 7 is definitely doable.

    Forget any help from Shaq though. The x-factor will be Rondo and his elbow.

    • James Patrick

      Shaq's unfortunately useless. Give the big fella credit for trying. Though this was the very thing I was worried about when we lost Perk. Spilt milk now though…

    • Doc apologists are merely a mirror to his failed "let's gut it out with the Old Three" strategy. There was a poster on this board most of you conformists despised. I think his name is El Roz or something close to that. He said the Celtics were breaking down and going nowhere. He's having the last laugh, but probably would be happier eating crow pie. I too would love some crow pie in regards to not liking Doc's coaching techniques. It doesn't look like it's on this year's menu. I still hope so. You can all continue with your Doc-like motivational speeches all you like. Hey, win one at Miami. Take game 6 at home. Then anything can happen in game 7. Thanks for the obvious. Of course the Celtics can still win this series. But it's highly unlikely when the coach has no imagination and no clue with roster management. Doc's a nice guy but a lousy coach.

      • Zee

        This coming from someone who has probably never even coached AAU? (meaning you) Doc has had the Celtics in the Finals twice in the last three years (3 if KG was healthy). I will take his knowledge of the game over a CelticsHub blog poster any day.

        • I concede Doc has some good coaching traits. Too bad his few flaws pertain to the most important duties a coach has, to manage the roster and minutes. We will never know if Danny made a stupid trade, because Doc failed to work with it. Our biggest advantage over Miami is height. Doc shouldn't be trying to match Miami's strengths by playing small. But you're correct. Only comments from actual coaches should be posted.

      • stephen

        Doc is far from a perfect coach–that's true. However Doc was seriously considering walking away at the end of last season before KG, PP and Ray talked him in to coming back. They insisted they had one more run left in them. Doc came back with the understanding that it was indeed possible provided the core of the team was left intact. Ainge pulled the trigger on the Perkins deal thinking he still had his bases covered. Doc didn't pull the trigger and Ainge has managed to pull of maybe the dumbest trade in NBA history. Krstic sucks so bad we can't even play him. So really, at the end of the day we wound up trading Perk –still arguably the best low-post defender in the game —and nate robinson — for Jeff Green– Our window of opportunity was this year—period. So yea, I'd say Ainge fucked up. He said, let's wait for the playoffs before we evaluate the trade, Well, we are in the playoffs and I'm reasonably sure that at least 95% of the verdict is in. How about a big fat ""F"". Again, Doc isn't a perfect coach—However Ainge has to be the dumbest fucking GM of all time.

        • DannyAinge4President

          Perk almost blew it for OKC last night. I'm starting to think Ainge might have had a point.

    • Bob

      I agree with you, with the 2 game thing, although I do feel you are tipping on the side of optimism.
      I think, however, are a couple of other X factors: 1) KG has to bring more confidence and determination.
      2) luck. This is not just about skill it is about the bounce off the rim and sometimes the pure luck of the shot.
      3) JO, he has got to step up 4) the psychology of the team

      Good news: we have class that the Lakers can only dream about

  • Morpheus

    OK here's what i saw tonight.

    WE FOUGHT HARD. I LOVE THESE GUYS, this team played hard tonight, our bench(green and West) played hard, BUT we had one BIG WEAKNESS and that was we didn't have a BIG protecting the paint.

    Wade was UNSTOPPABLE getting into the paint at WILL and that forced KG to help which allowed Bosh and Janes to get offensive boards all night.

    Without Perk and Shaq(healthy) it was clear as day what we were missing tonight and throughout the series. We have no big protecting the paint, as good as JO has been, he just doesn't have the wind to give us 100% for 30 minutes.

  • Morpheus

    Without Perk or Shaq we have, i like to call, the "trickle down effect".

    KG is affected by having to exert more energy(of which he gives enough of as is) on the defensive end. This tires him out and as we saw his old legs just wasn't capable of giving us another 20 point explosion like he gave us in game 3.

    Ray is affected because we don't have Shaq or Perk setting good hard screens to get him open.

    Rondo is affected because, well lets face it he plays much better with a healthy Shaq.

    If we had Perk, we would have a solid rotation at center with Perk and JO, both giving us 100% for 22-24 minutes. This definitely would have had an effect on preventing Wade and Bron from getting into the paint at will.

  • AJJ

    They lost the game when they botched the last shot of regulation. That was their best shot of winning. The way they were playing they weren't going to win in OT. Poor execution down the stretch doomed them. The C's didn't deserve to win.

    • harvey

      Idiotic comment

      • DannyAinge4President

        ……except the OP is right.

  • Morpheus

    I don't blame KG for having a poor night, i don't blame any of our players, hell i don't even blame Doc for not playing Krstic at least 5-6 minutes.

    I blame Danny. He rolled the dice on thinking that Shaq would be healthy and Krstic's offense would be enough to offset any defensive weaknesses. He rolled HE LOST. If there's one thing we've learned…NEVER….NEVER trade one of your key players in the middle of the season on a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM who brings toughness, chemistry, knows our system, understands our culture(YES you have to understand the Celtic WAY of which Krstic and Green don't) and INTERIOR DEFENSE.

    It would've been enough if Shaq was healthy, but that was always going to be a big gamble with a 40 year old big on his last legs. Danny just cost us a championship.

    • stephen

      Yes –Danny did cost us a championship— We didn't need Perk tonight –Did we? C'mon we only got out rebounded by what—-17?

    • bob

      totally on the mark. Danny's look of worry really pisses me off. He should be traded, really.
      He never showed any regret about his decision which shows he as not learned

      • Stephen

        Agreed—– Danny –and somewhat arrogantly—blew our window of opportunity on the Perkins deal and if the C's allow him to remain as the GM, I'm not putting my heart and soul in to this team anymore. Hey, I can handle it if the players themselves blow it. However, when a GM makes a completly stupid move that takes a championship team down to the level of an also ran. Sorry, can't let it pass. Ainge—-Has to go !!!!!!

    • DannyAinge4President

      What's that old saying again……….?

      ………………………If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • celtics4life

    i dont see why we cant still win the series. The tough part will be game 5 on Wednesday, but once that game is won, 3-2 back to Boston. With the great home court that we have, its gonna be a game 7. NEVER LOSE HOPE!!! if the Celtics can win 3 games in a row in the regular season against the heat, then they can do it in this series too. Step it up Paul Pierce

    • Morpheus

      I have a hard time believing we can win game 5, because of a few reasons:

      1, KG needs a capable big of helping him protect the paint, so unless Shaq miraculously gets to 100% then KG will have to pull out a performance like game 3.

      2. One armed Rondo

      3. Miami and HCA, pretty much guarantees Miami getting to the line all night long.

  • Paul

    This is a great team that isn't going down without a fight so I'm not going to give up on them…I'm also not buying all this talk about Doc not being a good coach. If C's run the play correctly and win the game at the end, then no one is saying this about Doc. So I am going to "continue with Doc like motivational speeches" i guess and cling to hope that C's win game 5 and bring it back to Boston. It's not easy to win a championship, but it is easy to focus on the negative like NickFaldo…news flash every team has weaknesses, being a fan obviously means believing in your team. If you truly believe C's have a "lousy coach" and are "going nowhere", what's the point of wasting your time watching?

    • Uhm, we the people in the anti-Doc camp would still be saying these things even if the Celtics won. We call it winning despite Doc's lousy coaching. This is a pro-Doc board, so I don't expect much realistic dialogue on this topic. Last year after the team went 27-27 and before they turned on the switch, Celtics Hub writers declared that might have been the best coaching of Doc's career. As for your interpretation of what it means to be a supportive fan, it sounds not so different from when 90% of you were loving GW Bush and his illegal invasion of Iraq. Ignorant flag wavers are not much different from those who support Doc no matter how obvious it becomes he has run this team into the ground while not developing a balanced team.

    • DannyAinge4President

      Obvious stuff listed below:

      — Great teams make shots when it counts.
      — Great teams do not get steamrolled in a critical overtime period.
      — C's are NOT a "Great Team" since the Perk trade. C's were iffy on the "greatness" even with Perk.

      Take comfort in that the C's are still a competent team with a Great HISTORY and that the Heat are still figuring out how to play (!), and maybe all this will count for something on Wednesday. We can hope for a Game 7 + series win, still.. sort of.. maybe .. in some alternate universe.

  • Sauce

    We had no time outs left and KG and Ray f*ck who is setting the screen, Rondo misses the lay-up, we had the lead but couldn't keep or extend it because we weren't playing offence like 2, yes 2 24 sec shot clock violations and the Heat's D didn't look that hot. Then KG gets the ball in the post against Dwade, now Wade is an amazing player and could properly defend him alright but a fall away jumper against a guy 9 inches shorter than you, that is sheer wack.

    If we play how we can, i.e. KG in the post, The Truth scoring and playing D like he has, Rondo doing Rondo, West playing like he has and then actually exucute like be able to score some points with hustle and energy I know we can take this team to the edge,, the lack of rest between games with one full day off a peice hasn't done us any favors at all, probs why Garnett wasn't posting up like he did in game 3 but I refuse to count them out until it's over, no time for negativity, self-pity, complaining, what if's, we need to focus on how we can win, play as one unit, exucute and the wins will take care of themselves, we could of won that in regular time if it wasn't for a few missed shots, it's a close call between in the series and golf time like LA.

    • DannyAinge4President

      Forget all the "near-misses" in regulation. It was an ugly game of sorts and the Heat can whine about the same things. If only this shot had gone in.. If only that set had worked… etc.

      The first 48 minutes were played tough by both teams and the chips fell where they fell.

      The really sad part is that the 5 minute overtime period represented a complete physical and mental breakdown for the C's.

  • Sauce

    At least it doesn't look like we'll go out fighting like LA, with each other, we need to make ourselves proud win or loss, our play if good enough will let those wins take care of themselves.

  • Jon

    This how I feel about the game. Why make the trade if you not going to utilize it. I think the BIG 4 played wayyyyy to many mins in this one and they didn't have enough in the tank at the end to get over the hump. I don't understand how Green could get only 17 mins in this when he was alright on Offense (where the Celtics really struggle sometimes) and defense. I hear everybody complaining throughout the year that the bench needs to give us something but I don't think even when Green is doing good he gets more mins. I say if he is doing good ride him till he misses or gets tired. That give rest to paul so he can close.

    • I did not like Von Wafer at any point in the first half of the year. But by the end I could see his willingness to learn and play defense and conduct his own offense in the flow of team ball. He is clearly most suitable to be Ray's back up. Doc has been stubborn in not working with the trade. But in general that is how Doc has always run things. The only way to Doc-proof a team is to add enough solid back ups like Posey, House, Powe, and PJ that Doc will not be afraid to play them minutes. You also need to have the core be nowhere past their primes. The shame is the Celtics as constituted even after the Perk trade have enough to win the title. It's easy for folks to say Krstic is garbage like I used to think of Wafer. However, there's no reason to believe Krstic wouldn't be able to hold his own against an undersized Heat squad. Sure, Krstic would probably destroy our chances against the Lakers or any other team with quality bigs. But that's not the Miami Heat. Krstic, Wafer, and Green could have been the difference in this series. Now we will never know and can only hope the Old Three have enough in the tank to play three straight Hall of Fame games, then rest up, and do it all over again for two more series.

  • Jon

    Even though it came down to poor execution at the end of the regulation I think they were wore out mentally. Celtics are old so we gotta intergrate new young legs (if they are giving us something). I think Jeff has been up and down but I think he definitely is a good option to go at who ever is checking him in the post or whatever. He is a good passer.

    I will say this if Jeff wasn't playing good I wouldn't advocate more playing time. If he is playing well on both ends why get all that he's giving then bring paul or whoever back in. They would benefit from the rest. (Sorry for the long post)

  • bob

    And thank God Phil Narcissist Jackson is not our coach, abusing and demoralizing his players. No, we have Doc, and our team culture is very different than that of LA and we have much to be proud about there !!

  • LACelticFanAJ

    Hold up Celtic fans dont be a Judas to the nation!!!! lol. Look the trade had to be made first of all. Green will take over for PP but is doing well as a reserve but you would agree that he needs more minutes. This means PP has to sit more. Not playing Rondo is idiotic, if he says he can handle it he can. Stop thinking of just this season. You may laugh when I say this but it really is true….Danny has extended the Big three's career for another 2-3 seasons, but only if the bench can play a bigger role than what has been given them. Should they be more effective, of course. Did they hide and not be seen, sure did. But to say that any player sucks when obviously YOU arent playing in the league is very harsh. Look for the next two years the lineup will remain pretty much the same. PG Rondo-West, SG Allen-Bradley, SF Pierce-Green, PF KG-???, C ???-Davis. Filling the question marks and then demanding more production out of the bench is what the story will be. I say keep Murphy if we can convince him to stay. Might be a real possibility if Frank takes over as Head Coach. He then can start at C or back KG up. In various combinations these guys need 25 minutes a night to be effective. Resting the starters more could be that. Then finding a young player to mold into a Perkins-type player isnt difficult, we got Armond Hill who's job it was to do that. Armond isnt going anywhere. If our door is indeed closing on this season I think the window is still open for 2 more tries. Then when this big three is done a new one can start with Rondo, Green, and some mystery player yet to be determined.

  • Josh

    Everyone needs to quit bitching about the trade. Its over and done with. KG goes 1-10. Rondo blows a wide open layup. You win and lose with your franchise horses. They didn't EXECUTE when it mattered, so they deserved to lose. Without Green, Pierce is guarding Lebron for 45 min…….good luck with that.

  • alex

    after blowiing this team up mid season, losing quise, robinson, shaq, perkins, etc. this team went from a great executing basketball team with defined roles to relying on athletisicm, thus playing right into the hands of the miami heat, instead of battling their strength (athleticism) with our strength (defense), we surrendered what was working for us and surrendered our label as TEAM to conform to the NBA norm of basketball-mess with luck shots. Blowing this team up and the unfortunate loss of Quise destroyed this team. I'm only saying this statement as a disgruntled fan, but our team, how it was comprised at the beginning of the year, would be up 3-1 on the heat right now, but we surrendered our stength to play into the heats strength. Did we think that by become an "athletic team" that our big 3 would be able to be more athletic than Miami's?

    • Exactly. I'll add this. Both Doc and Danny deserve equal blame. Doc does because he hasn't even tried to make this a more balanced team. He has a first unit and a second unit and the two hardly ever meet. While I don't think Danny made a bad trade, I do think he should've got in Doc's ears and request he use acquired players more. Doc should be playing to our strengths like you say. If Shaq can't do it, then Doc needs to play Krstic and Murphy to go with KG, JO, and Big Baby. Von Wafer should have been used to ensure Ray stayed fresh. There's no way to really judge the moves Danny has made as a GM. But we can still ask Danny why as Doc's boss he hasn't told him to play the roster. Doc has a decent Plan A. That is true. Unfortunately that's all he's got. And Danny let him get away with it.

      • Batman

        u have very interesting analysis
        (not being sarcastic)

  • Keyser Soze

    I don't understand where everyone on this board is coming up with these suggestions of playing Wafer, Krstic, Murphy. What exactly did these players do in the regular season to deserve minutes? Doesn't anyone remember all the regular season games when the bench completely blew the leads the starters were giving us? Wafer had a few decent games and a few stinkers (remember the blown layup and making Baby travel). Krstic STARTED most of the games after the trade and regressed badly. Murphy just stunk.

    Really the only reliable (in the sense of can be trusted, not are playing well) bench players we have are Green, Baby, Shaq and DWest. The others have no experience playing in the playoffs and they haven't done anything that says they can be trusted to handle the pressure. The probability that they will give you something are very small. You don't just randomly start putting players in because you have them on your bench and a bunch of disgruntled fans think they should play. You play the odds and the odds say that this team lives and dies by the Big 4.