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"I’m not a dirty player, it’s physical." Dwyane Wade

Last night, Dwyane Wade slammed Rajon Rondo to the ground, on purpose.  However, if you missed the game and wanted to read about the more salient moments, you may get a decidedly different impression on how Rondo came to dislocate his elbow:

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN.com:  “The injury occurred in the third quarter when he became entangled with a visibly frustrated Wade.”

Brian Windhorst, ESPN.com: “Rondo and Wade had crashed to the floor together in a tough play that turned into a foul that turned into a fall that turned into a terrible injury. The ball was loose and Wade tried to hold Rondo back, knowing if the Celtics’ guard got the ball it was going to be two points. The Heat, facing a push they ended up not being ready for, couldn’t afford it.  So Wade held Rondo back, wrapping his right arm around Rondo’s waist. But the crashing of strength got Wade off balance. The first thing to buckle was Wade’s left leg, sending him to the court. Then the arm pulled Rondo down, too, a loose-ball foul in progress. The officials saw it and called it. Others might call it differently.”

Dan Shaughnessy, The Boston Globe:  “This image of Theismann flashed through the mind when we saw Rajon Rondo’s left elbow bend in a most unnatural fashion as he was pulled to the deck by Dwyane Wade with 7:02 left in the third quarter of the raucous 97-81 Celtic Game 3 victory last night over the hated Heat.”

Gary Dzen, The Boston Globe:  “Rondo went down in a heap at the 7:02 mark of the third quarter, pulled to the ground by Heat guard Dwyane Wade. It was a scary moment. The Celtics had been on a 14-6 run and the building was loud. When Rondo went down, you could hear a pin drop.  “I knew right away something was wrong when I went down,” said Rondo. “But thank God for Kevin (Garnett) because I was having trouble breathing. I was worried about my elbow but I was having trouble breathing. I just kept hearing him tell me to breathe. Everything else took care of itself.”  Wade was called for a foul on the play. Asked about it, he said, “It’s a physical game, the game of basketball is a physical game. I’m not a dirty player, it’s physical. Everyone falls to the ground, everyone gets hurt, people get up.”  Rondo would not commit to whether or not he will play in Game 4, but it’s unlikely Rondo knows how he’ll feel at this time. Adrenaline can play a big part in coming back from an injury during a game. Rondo was clearly limited by his left arm, catching and throwing passes with his right arm and barely lifting the left arm during the fourth quarter.  “If I’m on the court, you may see me hold my arm but I’m not going to use it as an excuse. If D-West is out there, it’s the same way. That’s how we play. That’s our mentality. We show up Monday night and we’re on the court and we’re playing. Don’t ask me how I feel. I’m going to play regardless. I’m not going to use it as an excuse. We’re a no excuse team.”  West had 11 points and 3 assists in 25 minutes for the Celtics. That’s exactly what the Celtics want from West. It will be difficult for West to fill Rondo’s production should Rondo be unable to go Monday.  Said LeBron James, “Let’s just hope that it’s not something that can affect him long term.”

Steve Bulpett, The Boston Herald:  “At the end of the night, Rajon Rondo’s left arm was hanging from his shoulder as if it belonged to someone else, the result of a gruesome elbow dislocation when he was taken down by Dwyane Wade and tried to brace himself.”

Dan Duggan, The Boston Herald
:  “Rondo remained on the Garden floor after tangling with Dwyane Wade with 7:02 remaining in the third quarter of the Celtics’ 97-81 Game 3 win over the Miami Heat last night.”

Ira Winderman, South Florida Sun Sentinel:  “Further fuel was provided when Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo left in the third quarter with a dislocated left elbow and then returned in the fourth, finishing with 11 assists.

Joseph Goodman, Miami Herald
:  “Rondo became tangled with Wade with 7:02 left in the third quarter and hyperextended his arm while falling to the ground.

David Dwork, Peninsula is Mightier:  “The big play of the quarter came when Dwyane Wade’s arms got locked up with Rajon Rondo’s and both fell to the floor.”

Tom Bellinger, CelticsBlog:  “Then, disaster seemed to strike. Rajon Rondo got tangled up (dragged down) with Dwyane Wade after poking the ball loose.”

“Tangled” may be the most popular description, but Windhorst’s depiction of the valiant Dwyane Wade, who’s “leg buckled” under the intense “crashing of strength” is the most hilarious.  He punctuates this description with a small caveat at the end: Others might call it differently.

What Windhorst meant to write was that “others might call it correctly” and actually say what it was: a take-down.  Anyone who has ever been met a playground bully face-to-face has been been tripped like Rondo was.  This is similar to the two person bully take down, where one bully, unbeknownst to the victim, gets on his hands and knees behind the victim while the other pushes him/her over the crouched bully.  Here’s the official diagram from the School Administrator’s Handbook, VI Edition:

But hey, don’t take my word for it, or any other writer’s word for it, watch the play for yourself:

If the play in real time wasn’t enough to convince you of what Wade intended, let’s break it down frame by frame:

Wade wraps his right arm around Rondo’s waist.

Wade grips Rondo’s waist with his right hand and swings his left leg behind Rondo.

Wade goes to the floor and begins to throw Rondo over Wade’s outstretched leg.

Rondo starts to go over.

Wade’s arm stays with Rondo the whole way down and Rondo’s career flashes before all of our eyes.

It’s unclear whether or not Wade is complaining to the officials or shouting at the Boston bench.  Whatever he’s doing, it’s evident that he’s trying to play the victim.  The most interesting part of this whole sequence is that no one cares about Wade.  They all saw what happened to Rondo and they all want to make sure he’s okay, LeBron James included.

The look of “oh @!#*” on Wade’s face.  A realization that he might have seriously injured Rondo as a result of his own petulance.

And here it is again, slowed down to 50%:

In the postgame presser, Wade was asked about the play and he responded, “It’s a physical game, the game of basketball is a physical game. I’m not a dirty player, it’s physical. Everyone falls to the ground, everyone gets hurt, people get up.” He is absolutely, 100% right.  He is not a dirty player.  He’s a petulant player.  His childish frustration with getting his pocket picked led to the unnecessary dislocation of Rondo’s elbow.

Wade used to be one of my favorite players.  He used to attack the rim with reckless abandon.  If he didn’t get a call from the ref.  He’d get up, and run back on defense.  Then he started getting calls.  He started being treated like the superstar he is.  And now, every time he doesn’t get a call, it’s a travesty of the game of basketball.  He has the same reactionary fuse as Kobe Bryant and Kendrick Perkins.  Last night, he didn’t get the call so he took matters into his own hands.  A decision that could have ended the season for Rondo.

My message to Wade:  Continue to play physical.  Continue to play hard.  Continue to play well, even.  But leave this crap in the locker room.

If you’re a fan looking for the NBA to take some kind of action, don’t get your hopes up.  A penalty of any substance would be unprecedented.  I can’t think of a situation in the past that mirrors this.  If anything is going to happen, the most-likely penalty will be upgrading the foul to a flagrant-1.  I’m not sure anything more than that and the public shaming of Wade is necessary or warranted.  The injury to Rondo was regrettable, but the extent of which was hardly Wade’s intent.  Just a near worse-case-scenario stemming from a bush league play.

It bothers me that people refuse to describe this the way it happened.  To give Wade a free pass on this is reprehensible.  Almost as much as it would be to completely condemn him.  Surely he meant to take Rondo down.  Surely he meant to trip him.  But he didn’t mean for him to get hurt as much as he did.  He didn’t mean to dislocate Rondo’s elbow.

Still, it bothers me that people would defend Wade at all on this one.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but one commenter on the Heat’s SB Nation blog, Peninsula is Mightier, actually blamed Rondo for fouling Wade:

I understand that there are ultimate homers everywhere, for all teams.  I just wish there was one situation, one clear-cut, obvious situation where every single person, no matter where their allegiance lies, will agree.  No rational Celtics’ fan tries to sugar-coat how Kevin Garnett got to know Channing Frye’s crotch.  It was bush league.  And so was Wade’s action last night.

After reading all the recapitulations, I thought I had dreamt up the take down.  Then I went to the tape.  Prosecutors get convictions off of grainy, security camera footage.  We have hi-def, and we still can’t unanimously agree on the events that transpired.

Rondo is the engine that stirs the drink and the Celtics are in no way better with him less than 100%, but maybe this play and last night’s game will catapult the Celtics into getting back into this series.  We’ll find out on Monday.

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  • Ben

    I'm a Knicks fan and that was exactly how I saw it too. I was ambivalent before about who won the series and kind of like Wade but now I'm rooting Celtics all the way. And as soon as they got back from break after all those replays were shown and no announcer acknowledged that Wade did a wrestling style take-down on Rondo I knew there'd be no repercussions. Fuck Wade. He should be suspended for the rest of the series if Rondo can't play in any more games. Or even if he can.

    • Eric

      I like this: for every game Rondo misses, Wade should that game also. Fucking punk.

    • Lou

      listen to what you said, "You're a Knicks fan." You're a hater. Its a physical game and in no way do I really think Wade was trying to hurt poor Rondo. It was a physical game. Since the start of the season, everyone has been hating on the Heat because they got 2 top rated players. Stop hating!

  • philip

    i'm glad someone wrote this article. i felt like i was on crazy pills this morning when i was reading about the game and watching highlights. *no one* called out wade for what appeared to be a very dangerous play. then i read windhorst's blurb and was borderline enraged. it seemed like windhorst was trying to describe the foul poetically, like a scene out of roman or greek mythology. clashing of strength? that's insulting to anyone who saw the play live.

    i am not a fan of retaliation by any means. i think that if you focus on chopping an opposing player down, the opposing team senses that and girds itself. it becomes a unifying force. i think the celtics will continue their renewed focus on gang rebounding and tough/physical defense. hopefully they won't get caught up trying to give a hard foul; that said, i'd be ever-so-slightly more cautious taking it to the hole if i were wade.

  • Notorious D

    DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY PLAY…I'm very surprised that everyone can't see that. Unless, of course, you are a miami heat fan or never played and don't know anything about basketball . Dwyane Wade should be ashamed of how he is playing in this series. He tried to pull down Paul Pierce earlier in the game and that bull rush through through Peirce's screen in game 1 is NOT a basketball play. Cheap, Dirty and shameful…I USED to have a lot of respect for you D-wade.

  • Phil

    I came to the conclusion last night that Wade meant to throw him down, not necessarily to injure him, but man some of those pictures are damning. 2A is particularly egregious (where he sticks his leg out while looking back to find Rondo while the ball is in front of both of them.)

    The way I see it, it was a non basketball play that led to a serious injury. You don't get judged based on intent, you get judged on results. The fact that Rondo was injured makes it an even dirtier play. JO had a flagrant on Lebron in the last regular season game, but Lebron landed on his feet and kept going. It was the same play as the one where Bynum leveled Beasley. He got 2 games because it looked worse.

    The thing is, whether it was dirty or not really doesn't matter. Wade won't be disciplined (regardless of whether he should be or not,) and Rondo's hurt. Short of pulling a Tanya Harding on Wade, you just have to play. Losing Rondo altogether or at least half his arms can't make the team better, but hopefully the rest of the team can step up.

    And also, now when the Heat dynasty ends in 2 years with Wade writhing under the basket with a blown out knee, everyone can blame karma.

    • talesofJP

      good post Phil. Maybe we can get Wafer to take Wade's head off, or something.

      This makes me very angry because players have missed time, been suspended for less. Granted if Rondo doesnt get hurt, we don't really talk about it, but your right, judge on results. It would be right for the league to look into the play.

      Is anyone (the Celtics or the media) putting pressure on the League to look at the play more closely?

    • Bill-i-am

      2 years aint a dynasty. I'd like to see Shaq deliver some karma in the next two days, though.

  • Nbsmatambo

    I for one think that Shaq should just throw Wade down when he drives in the lane… No need to get angry.. Just get even

    • bojo

      or even better, get Kristic to unleash his WWE skills. This time on Wade.

      Realistically though, Wade is due to recieve some sort of retribution, mild nudge from Shaq sounds about right. Obviously Mild Nudge by Shaq = 5*(Mild Nudge By average NBA centre).

      Lost heaps of respect for Wade recently. I think he's trying to overcompensate for the rest of the Heat's players softness.

      • rondeezy

        krstic will just throw a chair at wade

    • Ben

      I agree. The reason we want Shaq in there is so that he can be physical and prevent Wade and Lebron from getting easy layups (by slamming them down). If Wade breaks his arm I won't feel bad at all. I also feel like Wade has been trying to be too hard instead of just playing the game. He's playing like a punk and punk need to get served.

  • Definitely intentional, but it probably lies in the gray area between chippy and dirty. It was one of those "if-I'm-going-down-then-you're-coming-with-me-too" type of moves.

    On a lighter note, in last night's post-game press conference, Bosh proved to be the comic foil yet again:

  • Zee

    M so proud of this sirVery well written. I am very proud of this site. So many “homers” I’ve already bumped heads with on this issue. Pathetic!

  • Zee

    Very well written. I am very proud of this site. So many “homers” I’ve already bumped heads with on this issue. Pathetic!

  • jeffery6803

    Bulls forward Taj Gibson was the first to call Wade a dirty player now everyone sees what he was talking about

  • Brad

    Pretty funny that you spent this much time analyzing and dissecting the play. You must have been up for hours putting this "foolproof" case together. Get a life.

    • jacksobd

      I did it this morning. Took about an hour and a half. I did it so the most someone could say was "get a life" instead of being able to refute it.

      • angrycelticfan

        And thank you very much for doing so. It's been so frustrating reading all these ridiculous "let's protect a star player in this league" stories. Rondo stripped the ball at the 3-point line. Wade drags him inside the paint, pulls him down, Rondo goes down writhing in pain, and this is part of basketball? Fuck that. On one hand, I want someone from the Celtics to punch Wade in the face, damn the series, but at the same time, I'm hoping the Celtics are more mature than I am, and respond to this dirty play emotionally as a team and play their hearts out. Brendan, thanks again for the post, really appreciate it.

      • Zee

        I appreciate your efforts!!!!

    • rondeezy

      you reading a blog of a team youre not a fan of and commenting on it: get a life

    • BradsanIdiot

      pretty funny that you took time out of yours to read the blog of another team and then proceeded to comment on it. Sounds like a good use of your valuable time. Good stuff Brendan keep 'em coming!

  • bball jesus

    im really disappointed in no retaliation. you cant have one of your stars retaliate these days like mchale clotheslining rambis or some of the pistions scuffles but doc shouldve put in murphy, kristic or one of those guys to knock wade on his butt a couple of times to show them we aint putting up with this crap.

  • kricky

    Great post. You are 100% righ tnot to let Wade slide like the rest of the lapdog media. I think that Wade's rep will definitely take a hit on this and the other stuff that he has pulled and is now coming to light.

    He used to be a well liked dude but his reputation has taken a huge hit since teaming up with LeBung. The two of them will go down as one of the most odious duos in the history of the league (to many – if not most – fans). It will be fun to root against them for years to come.

  • ElRoz

    ESPN and David Stern let Wade take a crap on the OBrien trophy if he just goes on and helps make them more $$$$$$$$
    …so they are going to let that slide.

    Will see if Big Baby or Shaq will led Wade slide when he is driving to the hoop.

  • hdavenport

    I wasn't personally sure this was a deliberate takedown until I saw Brendan's evidence. It's the leg sweep. There's no reason for him to swing his leg out like that, no force from his interaction with Rondo to make it happen: he extends it out and combines it with a grab to take Rondo down. He will not be suspended, and that's disappointing.

    • dslack

      Yes. I almost entirely agree. Very nice post, Brendan, by the way.

      One thing that I haven't seen people mention is that the fall begins with Rondo pulling Wade with his left hand. In real time I thought that Rondo's pull was more significant than it appeared to have been watching the replays. It seems to me that what happened was that Rondo's pull might have made Wade lose his balance, and then Wade decided that if he was going down he was damn well going to pull Rondo down too.

      It WAS a dirty play by Wade, but I think Rondo wasn't entirely blameless, though of course the outcome punished Rondo disproportionally more than Wade.

  • Seanthoughtwhat


    look at 13 seconds.

    Here's what happened, clearly…

    Rondo and Wade are pulling at each other. Rondo trying to throw Wade away and run by him. Wade trying to keep Rondo back. So, we have Wade's right arm grabbing Rondo's waste. Rondo tries to elbow that arm away, while pulling at Wade's left hip with his left hand.

    The act of Rondo pulling on Wade's hip caused Wade's left foot to miss the ground and sweep behind Rondo. Try this. Have someone pull at your waist while you're trying to plant your foot hard. Doesn't work.

    So, he falls, and because their right arms are locked up, Wade ends up taking Rondo down with him.

    Rondo wasn't trying to throw Wade down, and Wade wasn't consciously tripping him. What ended up happening was not on purpose, but two guys who are trying hard to keep the other from their goal. Wade was trying to box and hold Rondo back. Rondo was trying to elbow Wade's arm off of him while pulling by him.

    If you don't see that, watch it again and again, specifically that clip at 13 seconds.

    Stop being biased and just watch it.


    • dslack

      Yes, that was my point above. I still think Wade's play — pulling Rondo down — was somewhat dirty. But yes, Rondo seemed to start the "timber!" moment by pulling on Wade's hip.

    • TedL

      I just don't see it that way. I don't think Wade meant to injure Rondo, but no question he meant to take him down.

      Look at it again. It's not Rondo pulling on Wade's hip that causes Wade to lose his balance. Wade is pushing back against Rondo and Rondo starts going the other way – like pulling out the chair. Wade realizes he's going down and takes Rondo down. Look at the long clip that was posted at the top of this story, and freeze the tape around 58 seconds. There's no question Rondo was out of the way, Wade was going down by himself, and Wade decided to swing the leg and grab Rondo's waist.

      It happened so fast he might have just reacted, but no question what he did. If you ever did that in a pickup game, you'd get bounced by the other guy's friends. If you do it in the NBA it should be at least a flagrant.

    • hdavenport

      I absolutely do not think Rondo tugging on Wade's upper hip would cause Wade to throw his leg out like that. I've watched it a lot, and I don't see how one leads to the other naturally.

      • Seanthoughtwhat

        If someone's pulling up and away at your hip, your body follows, naturally… Strange to draw from dancing, but in swing dancing, pushing or pulling on a person's hip is one of the best ways to lead them. Furthermore it's where your leg is attached… so pulling it up and away as it is planting (aka Wade's left leg), will cause it to swing. Now, toss that on top of the downward/forward motion of Wade's body (cause Rondo is leaning towards the ball and there is a downward motion), and you have the recipe for slip.

        Have someone pull on your hip fast as you try to plant your foot. Try it. It might be goofy, but I think it's much more natural than you think.

        Also, watch it in faster motion. Slow motion doesn't quite show the power of Rondo's left arm pulling on the hip (slower shows his muscles tensing, but it's not as dramatic as in regular speed)

        I'm just saying people are going craaaazyyy about Wade over this and a few other aggressive plays that he's made. Maybe other ones (maybe) but this one seems like I said: two guys not wanting the other to get the ball and playing physical. Clearly Wade is fouling and Rondo is retaliating (trying to strafe around him) but it's not a nasty foul as much as it is a "wrap-up" type foul.

    • Rrgrag

      I agree 100%, this is not dirty and was an accident. Come on, are we really saying that Wade table-topped Rondo? Can you guys not see that this was an awkward fall, and not some expertly planned attack on Rondo? Anyways, if he did purposely tabletop him, he should be rewarded for not only pulling off a one man tabletop, but doing so with his back turned from the tabletop victim. For that, he deserves mad props.

      • celts

        if you read the article, then you'd know it was clearly a normal foul no one is negating that. What the article says is that it was a petty foul done out of frustration and resulted in an injury that could have been avoided easily if wade hadn't let his frustration cloud his judgment. Wade is not a dirty player and the article explicitly says that, read before you speak my friend. An no table topping doesn't warrant props, this isn't MMA you moron

    • paul

      Listen, Wade CLEARLY backs up hard into Rondo – that alone is a foul that he should have been called for. By doing this and throwing his leg around Rondo, Wade gets Rondo off balance, and Rondo grabs Wade, as a natural reaction. Wade then grabs Rondo on one side, leg sweeps him on the other, and clearly maintains this all the way to the ground.

      It's an assault. When you call it something else, you choose to defend an assault.

      • Seanthoughtwhat

        All boxing out in basketball is therefore an assault…

        He was boxing out Rondo to stop him from running at the ball and getting a fastbreak point.

        To be honest, it's definitely a foul. Not a hard flagrant or intentional, but a foul nonetheless.

        But assault? negative.

    • drunkenKOALA

      I don't know if Wade intended to injure, but he meant to take Rondo down there's no question about it. His right arm followed through the whole way.

  • stephen

    This is a similar situation to pitchers throwing at hitters in baseball.You throw at one of our guys, were gonna throw at one of yours. In typical fashion that evil little prick David Stern will do nothing about this. So it's real simple, the Celtics wait until the 4th quarter of the next game and then either Shaq or BBD or Jermaine O sees Wade coming down the lane and then deposits him in the 3rd row. End of story. Dirty takedown pure and simple and now Wade needs to pay the price!!!!

    • talesofJP

      this should happen early in the game, so that Wade knows whats it like to play hurt. Do it to him once a quarter, that'd be good.

      • stephen

        Good thought—However we don't want KG,PP or Ray doing it. We already know that Stern won't have the balls to suspend Wade, but he will be telling his pansy ass zebras to start tossing our players when we retaliate.

    • paul

      Well, that's the problem with everyone pretending that Wade did nothing wrong: it's going to lead to escalation on both sides.

      • stephen


  • Berkcelt

    Good post, Brendan. You nailed it.

  • Ben

    I was at the game, and it was definitely a dirty play. It's bullshit that nobody called him on it in the media. Not sure why he's getting a break. If it had been Jermaine O'neal or Shaq who had done this to DWade/Lebron people would be all over this as dirty. It was deliberate on Wade's part, and that's why it's annoying that nobody is acknowledging it!

  • paul

    After a season in which KG has faced constant charges of being a dirty player over nonsense, why is this flagrantly dirty play NOT being called out?

    It's just clear that Wade was angry at being beaten on the play, that he aggressively backed into Rondo, and when Rondo resisted, he executed a takedown. Every fan sees this. Where are the media? Why isn't Doc defending his player?

    And if you want confirmation, look at Wade's guilty body language and facial expression. He knows he went too far, or rather, THAT HE WAS TOO OBVIOUS ABOUT TRYING TO HURT SOMEONE.
    Yet it seems that the Heat continue to have impunity.

    And how sad it is to see a player whom so many have admired so much playing this way.

  • Jake

    Great to see a breakdown of this dirty play. Seeing Wade swing his leg out like that makes it incredibly obvious. Hopefully the NBA will look at the tape objectively and suspend Wade appropriately. But something tells me that isn't going to happen.

  • paul

    Regarding what 'rational' fans would do, they WOULDN'T hype a play where KG barely touched Channing Frye's groin, if he touched it at all, in a game where one of Frye's teamates had DELIBERATELY tried to take KG's head off just minutes before. For you to compare that KG moment to what happened yesterday is nothing short of sick. Wade deliberately hurt Rondo and Rondo was badly hurt. KG barely touched Frye, if he touched him at all, and it's not clear that he did whatever he did to Frye deliberately, while Channing, by contrast with Rondo, clearly executed a huge flop. There's no reasonable comparison at all.

    And don't try to play off what Wade did as benign. A takedown like the one Wade executed that is INTENDED to injure. It's designed to drop someone hard, fast and awkwardly; ie, to injure. Now if you want to say that maybe Wade just got lost in the heat of the moment, I might agree with you, except that his attack on Rondo wasn't his first assault of this series. The league is allowing Wade to feel total impunity, and if that continues, someone may end up badly hurt.

  • JDC

    Seriously? Look at Rondo's right elbow hitting Wade causing Wade to lose balance. This article is BS.

    • Nick

      Thank you finally someone that isnt bias

  • hasone

    Gotta say, for a frame by frame breakdown, you left out quite a few frames.

  • jeffery6803

    watch laimbeer take down Bird the watch Wade take down rondo if anything wade was just more obvious and should have gotten ass kicked like Bird did to laimbeer

  • Morpheus

    TBH , i didn't actually see the play happen, TILL NOW. WTF, Wade certainly grabbed Rondo and made evry attempt to prevent Rondo from chasing the ball and going coast for a layup.

    A suspension should be in place for Wade.

    • stephen

      Absolutley, however Stern won't have the balls to do it.

  • HeatFAN

    Celts don't seem to like the taste of their own medicine. Let's go HEAT!

    • jeffery6803

      go home

      • HeatFAN

        Rondo landed awkwardly. Dwyane Wade took Rondo down with him after he grabbed his waist. Get over it.

        • stephen

          Prepare for Queen Lebron to start chocking now as the pressure builds. Guaranteed !!!!

  • gage

    Celtics fans complaining about dirty play– that is rich. I think the Detroit Bad Boys and Riley's Knicks teams would bow down before the Celtics from 08-present and say "We're not worthy!"

    How you are not choking on the taste of your own hypocrisy is beyond me….

    By the way, what your pictures conveniently obscure is that, as Windhorst points out, Rondo grabbed Wade's waste first. If Rondo hadn't gotten hurt, nobody is talking about this play, and it's filed under "not backing down" and "playoff basketball".

    Wade's play was mildly dirty in that he did intend to bring Rondo down with him, but you act like he was Andrew Bynum on Jose Barea today. There was no intent to hurt him.

    God, I can't tell which you are coming off bigger as, a victim or a wuss! In the 80s and 90s, plays like this happened every time down the court…

  • gage

    By the way, if you're appalled at the fact that anyone would dare to defend Wade on this play, it's because not everyone views them through the prism of your selective-editing and green-colored goggles. I guess all Celtics fans channel Tommy Heinsohn?

    Rondo doesn't want to get taken down, then maybe he shouldn't START grappling with somebody bigger, stronger, and better.

    And finally, for God's sake people, the ball was already out of bounds (off of Rondo's foot). Neither one of them prevented the other from making a play on it.

  • B-Ball Fan

    Omg Last year D-Wet was a Dirty Player against the Celtics and yes others have called him a dirty player. So was this a dance?? How can you not call this a take down. Was clearly a leg sweep. How many examples do you need of a player playing dirty? Paul Peirce rundown game 1 you can clearly see lowering of sholder. Let's list the ways D-Dirty has commited foul plays.

  • Chris

    I want to know how can a player intentionally hurt another player while falling after going for a loose ball?!?!? I've played basketball for several years, in those few seconds on how can you think "hold on Rondo is behind me, let me grab him while i'm falling and hopefully he'll put out his arm to break his fall and dislocate his elbow"?

    Can someone answer this question?????

    • chris=idiot

      you are an idiot. read the article again. the author does not state that wade intended injury; he states that wade intended a takedown – a cheap play – and a near-worst case scenario resulted.

      to recap, you are an idiot.

      • Chris

        no you are an idiot, i wasn't talking about the article, i was commenting on the stupidity of Boston fans.

        so get your info right before you make an ass of yourself.
        and people have still refused to answer my question.

  • Guest

    The scary thing is that some of our fellow Celts here really truly _believe_ that Wade brilliantly executed a perfect ninja takedown last night. The rest are just trolls and random instigators. We need to show some class, people. The rest of the country isn't buying this nonsense, and you won't get a suspension on Wade. Move on and let the teams play the game.

  • mingwings

    that was unexcusable wade should at least get a one game suspension, as a heat fan i must say im very disappointed in wade.

    • lebrick0rings

      go back to miami and tell wade next two are the celtics baby

    • lebrick0rings

      Go back to miami and tell wade celtics taking next two

    • lebrick0rings

      first honest heat fan but celtics going to win next two and james is going to have his customary game five breakdown lets go celtics and rondo!!!

    • Lerbon

      here is the missing frame the writer here was so slick to leave out…

  • DannyAinge4President

    Bad class from Celtic fans. We need to man up and focus on game 4. The hot-topic-baiting on this blog is almost as bad as the endless debates over Perk.

    Also, Danny Ainge for President (of the USA) in 2012 ! .. so what if DA trades three or four USN carrier groups for green-painted miniyachts.

  • DannyAinge4President

    Oh great, we're becoming massive laughing-stock material over this. Check out the hilarious comment below from …….another sports blog.

    Posted by The Great Johnny

    I saw the secret ref-cam video after the game of the Rondo injury. It was horrific! All you Miami fans should look it up on You Tube if you don’t believe me. Here is what really happened……… Bosch was rubbing his eyes and he and LeBron appeared to be crying over to the side as Rondo ran past them down court. With everyone's attention diverted toward the two big cry babies, Wade pulled an iron pipe from his shorts and whacked Rondo in the nuts. As Rondo bent over in pain, Wade hit him in the back of the head and threw himself onto Rondo's arm as he fell to the floor. Rondo’s arm snapped in half like a twig. Splintered bones were protruding through the skin and blood was spraying every where. Then while he was screaming in agony, all of Miami's bench ran on to the court and began stomping on Rondo's arm. Meanwhile, another camera caught cohorts in crime Pat Riley and David Stern laughing over near the Heat bench. Riley was handing Stern a giant bag of cash. But what the conspirators did not expect was that Rondo was rushed to the locker room where Celtics trainer Ed Lacerte performed an emergency arm transplant. They took one of Larry Bird's old spare arms and sewed it onto Rondo. They then covered the arm with a big white elastic bandage so nobody could see the freckles. Although, if you look close enough you can see the number “33” written in green magic marker on his arm. Of course Miami fans know the Celtics went on to win by a blowout and Rondo became a Celtic legend. The Great Johnny predicts: Next game, the Celtics will tie the series and then take the victory bus to Miami where Shaq will knock Wade to the floor and step on his face, making his head appear even larger than it is now. Even though Shaq re-injures his calf while stepping on Wade’s head, they go on to win the game. Then there will be a return trip to Boston for the final victory of this series. The Celtics have their mojo working right now and especially with the entertaining self-destruction of the Lakers in Dallas, the senior citizens in green will certainly go on to win a record 18th championship.

    • Lerbon

      2-1, and Heat have home court, suck on that

  • BLah

    Dude it kinda looks like rondo pull him off balance to the left… They are as bad as eachother and rondo isn’t short of bad fouls this series as well.

    Get over it.

  • Heat305

    this site it's a joke, do you not see Rondo pulling Wade with her left hand by the hip and that's why they fell backwards. It is a natural reaction to try to break the fall and that's why Wade had his right hand on Rondp's hip. Frame by frame ? what a joke !

    • Lerbon

      hahahahahahaha, exactly

  • Lerbon

    you poor poor Celtic Fans, what a bunch of hypocrites. Um yea Wade is known as a Dirty player NOT, lol. Ive seen KG make a LOT harder fouls on people than that. the difference here is Rondo fell in a weird way. Now in no way shape or form does anyone want to see Rondo hurt, even though I think hes a punk ass by the way he was looking for trouble when the Heat played them and he was trying to cause problems by listing into the Heats huddle on the floor.

  • Lerbon

    Its REAL convenient you left out the screenshot of Rondo's elbow on wades back and Rondos hand pulling wades Jersey. Rondo was in the Dominant position pushing Wade down. Heres a pic for all you blind ass Celtic fans. Shows who the REAL dirty player is. Rondo is totally ALL over wade.

  • HateEmAllGoBulls

    Holy crap. Did no one notice Rondo elbowing Wade in the head before any of this even happened? If anything D-Wade was trying to retaliate for punk Rondo's hit. Rondo got what he deserved.

  • yinzer

    i agree with the articlce but am suprised that you are against playing this way? Have you ever watched Kevin Garnett, Rhondo, and Paul Pierce play before because they all would do the exact same thing. Celtics are the dirtiest and cheapest team in the league and there cry baby coach is the one to blame. Im and un biased NBA fan from Pittsburgh

  • yourmom

    You guys are all dumb. watch the replay and observe Rondo. He tried to get past D-wade's box out and ended up tangled with him. I don't really care about the heat, but the hate on this post is just astounding. Who cares? it's basketball. Props to Rondo for still playing though.

  • James

    I appreciate how you try to show both sides with this article but that Heat fan was half-right. The other camera angle clearly, I mean clearly shows Rondo wrapping his arm around Wade, what comes next is a natural reaction, someone wraps you up while your falling you wrap back. Can you honestly tell me that you would prefer to fall on your face then to grab another player to brace yourself? This article tries hard but fails at showing all angles literally and figuratively. If Rondo had braced himself properly this would be a none-existent article. Everything you say is based purely on the fact Rondo got hurt, it happens get over, but calling a player bush league is ridiculous. Remember a couple of years ago when LeBron got wrapped up and told his mother to sit down(polite version) here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxPAKipFHx4
    Had LeBron and Peirce fallen and LeBron got hurt you would most likely call it an unfortunate accident but when it happens to your player its "Bush League". You are a possessional writer I've seen harder and more questionable fouls than this get 0 press this article is just ridiculous to say the least.

  • I agree, Dwyane Wade has changed. At the start of the season I hated LeBron the most, but I think DWade has taken over. He complains endlessly, and has that smug look on his face all the time. He took Rondo down. I know it is childish, but I wish someone would punch him in the mouth!

  • xraybravo10

    Fair. Wade took him down. He was frustrated because Rondo is good at what he does- he's a hell of a pesky defender and I hate when my team plays against him. He frustrates because he's so quick, pesky, relentless. But, Kevin Garnett is routinely bush league on just about 50% of the plays on the court. He'll always get in some type of cheap shot and never gets called. Not on his obvious moving screens, trucking screens, pushes to opponents behind plays (see Lebron trailing a Celtic fast-break last night). Wade was culpable, but not of being malicious. Garnett is bush league and it IS his game. Can't argue on that.

  • Jonathan

    As a Miami fan, I don't think there's a question that Wade intentionally took Rondo down. It was part of the Heat's stated strategy to make sure Rondo didn't beat them on the break, and that's what might have happened on that play. It's also worth mentioning that this happens all the time in basketball; slower players who are off balance reach out and grab someone to stop the break, sometimes they take them all the way down. I don't think that makes Wade dirty, but I do think it's unfortunate that more writers aren't just able to admit that it was clearly an intentional move on Wade's part. The only defense I think a writer would have is not focusing on it as much as you did in the context of the larger story: the game itself. I think the words people use are funny, however. I don't think this particular play is nearly as dirty as all the other stuff Wade has been doing during this series. Especially to Ray Allen. Ray Allen is just such a pro that he doesn't whine about it like some others might. To his credit, Rondo isn't say anything either. As his ability to recover declines as he gets older, he's going to need to do the same kind of things Wade is doing now to keep up.

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  • Sam462757459327

    Did no one see Rondo pull Wade at 1:07 on the first video?

    • Tom

      Just typed in Duane wade elbow after the elbow to the head of the pacers player in 2013 playoffs. Duane should be suspended. He is absolutely a petulant and dirty player. But the league won't suspend him for a playoff game. They will however suspend two Suns players for walking off the bench in playoff series mmm curious????? David Stern Sucks

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