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The final practice before the most meaningful game of the Celtics young season just wrapped up in Waltham and it’s safe to say the metaphors were flowing. In fact, if the Celtics play as well as a few of them spoke before Game 3, they will be all set. For now, here’s a sample of the gems, courtesy of Chris Forsberg as things begin to get kicked up another notch before tomorrow night’s showdown.

We’ll start with the choice of best KG metaphor:

“Figure it out,” said Garnett. “I told you, this is all in. This is it. I’ve got two pocket kings and I’m all in. Let’s do it.” (Unfortunately the Heat have the aces in this spot.)

“We’ve used all of our lifelines. This is it.”

“We’re not on the white sands of the beach anymore. We’re back in the jungle, so hopefully that will do some good for us.”

I think the lifelines wins by a long shot, just for the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire reference.

Updates on Pierce and Shaq after the jump.

On Pierce’s “left foot sprain”

“It’s feeling pretty good,” said Pierce. “Last couple days of treatment, it’s feeling pretty good. Just a lot of ice, massaging it. [Stimulation] treatment, electronic shock, little stuff. It was just a minor strain, but it’s doing good.”

Pierce appeared in an upbeat mood and, pressed on whether he can make a difference in the fourth quarter, this after being ejected from Game 1 and playing through injury in Game 2, Pierce smiled and played along by dropping a third-person reference.

“Paul Pierce being in the game in the fourth quarter is always going to help the Celtics,” said Pierce. “Healthy.”

On Shaq’s Activity in Practice:

“We’re going to have a normal practice, not that long, but we’re going to go live and go pretty hard,” said Rivers. “And not very long. It’s more just for our team, I think we need it. And secondly, I think Shaq needs it, so it will be great for him.” “I can’t guarantee anything because of [Friday’s] practice and the [potential soreness the] next day, but I am very confident he’ll play [Saturday],” said Rivers.

Hayes and Ryan are back with more analysis to get you ready for Game 3 later today.

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  • Rachel

    I vote for the "white sands of the beach" metaphor – very evocative.

  • dslack

    Why going at it hard in practice? Why not save that for the game?

  • rebecca black

    its friday, friday

    got to get down on friday