Post-game Reactions

No.  Not really anyway.  Sort of?  From a fan’s prospective? Yes.  Okay, here’s the backstory:

In case you didn’t know, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing each other in the second round of the NBA playoffs.  While this imaginary matchup between an animal and an act of nature is problematic for many reasons, it also pits two former teammates/brothers against one another.

Former Celtic Kendrick Perkins, OKC’s starting center, versus Tony Allen, Memphis’ starting shooting guard*.  It’s weird enough to see them on different teams, but the other night I saw Perkins put TA through a meat grinder.  After giving the hard foul to his former brother, Perkins and the rest of us looked on as TA tried to work his shoulder muscles back to where nature intended…

At any rate, this matchup allows the media to work the former Boston Celtic angle for all it’s worth.  In a recent Q&A TA did with the Oklahoman, the following exchange occurred:

Here in Oklahoma City, we know how tough it was for Kendrick Perkins to leave Boston, and how tough it was for Boston to say goodbye to Perkins. Was it tough for you to leave Boston as a free agent?

“It wasn’t as tough. I left trying to start something new. I don’t think Perk wanted to leave. I was looking for a better situation for Tony Allen, and I did that. I came here not knowing if we were going to win. A lot of people questioned why I came. A lot of people said that I was immature. But what I’ve done for this team has just showed what I can do. I don’t even want to talk about Boston. That’s a chapter in my book.”

Okay, so not the worst thing TA could say.  After all, he’s got his own team to focus on now.  He can’t worry about what’s happening in Boston.  Especially when his team has a better chance of playing for a Championship at this point.  But as a fan, and after watching the Cs lose two games in which TA’s services would have been greatly appreciated, the “I don’t even want to talk about Boston. That’s a chapter in my book” kind of hurts.

The blame for Tony Allen’s departure from the Celtics rests solely on the shoulders of Mr. Zach Lowe.  In case you’re new to the program, last year Zach wrote the now infamous “The Tony Allen Dos and Donts List“.  After that story caught fire, a hilarious interaction occurred between Brian Robb and TA in the Celtics lockerroom.  A story which, if you have a minute, BRobb will tell you all about.

What do you think of TA’s words?  Disrespectful? Benign?

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  • BDW

    Benign .. there are other more relevant things to worry about … like for example The Heat

  • Sweeney

    Who? Seriously, he is a more productive player in Memphis than he ever was in Boston (or at least it appears). CONGRATS.

    He couldn't put it all together in Boston for whatever reason. We always think more of a player when he is gone. His offensive game was offensive and if moving on is good for him, well it is better for us. Good luck TA, but don't miss you that much.

    • kricky

      His offensive game is still pretty offensive. But he does a better job cutting to the basket and finishing around the hoop.

  • josh

    not disrespectful at all. he doesn’t play for the celtics anymore, plain as that. he has plenty of more important things to focus on right now, such as his own playoff series.

  • Zee

    Shoot, I say congrats to TA and do your thing!

  • Alex

    What the hell, how is that even the slightest bit disrespectful?

    Seriously, what could he have said about leaving Boston that would have made you feel better? "It was horrible, I wanted to stay, but they decided to keep KryptoNate instead." Yeah, that's real feel-good stuff these days (sarcasm).

  • newyorkceltics

    Uhm so what's the story? Between BRobb and Allen that is? The hilarious interaction? Cmon guys, don't cliffhanger us!

  • I_Bleed_Green

    How is this disrespectful? I don’t understand.

  • Federico

    well, I don't know if it's disrepectful, but he certainly could have at least thanked the fans, or something similar.

  • kricky

    Just goes to show that we had very little chance of keeping him as he wanted to be the top dog.

    Too bad as he is a great role player. But I don't really see him developing into an all star starter anytime soon.

  • Nmc

    And reading the nonsense by kricky, etc. –uhhh, you might ACTUALLY watch Tony Allen. When he got to play, he excels….and always did. He wasn't the MVP of the Big 12 AND star OFFENSIVE and defensive player on a Final Four team by being a benchwarmer…..

    what a joke (your comment)…and why he is better off in a place that respects him and with fans who MIGHT just understand the game.

    • janos

      Is better fight real enemy (heat) than each other?

    • Chris O

      NMC you're ripping Krick and shouldn't B, TA although I loved him was a glorified defensive beast and offensive bum while he was with the Celtics. His only good offensive time was when he was the Star with Al Jefferson when Pierce got injured and we shut him down to get a better pick (before the comings KG and Ray Ray). TA was PATHETIC on offense and defensively was awesome.

    • kricky

      Damn is your last name Allen or something? Maybe this is TA and I'm in trouble like Zach Lowe. TA don't hurt me!! LOL

      I actually had some good things to say about TA and wish that we could have him. But he left because the starting 3 spot in Boston belongs to PAUL PIERCE, one of the best players in the history of that position. TA is an impactfull player but he had a snowball's chance in hell of replacing Pierce, and thus (sensibly) decided to leave to get more PT.

      And if you actually did watch him play for the Grizz you'd see that he still is an offensive liability. The Grizz are trying to platoon him and OJ May at the 3 spot, doing lot of offense-defense substitutions with the 2 guys in crunch time (they did this in the closeout game against the Spurs).

  • janos

    Trick and treat Tony is passionate man like Janos. One for basketball and other for basketball and fine dine. Maybe Tony is passionate for fine dine too.

    I wish him best in western game match for playoff.

  • Jamie

    Always will be trick or treat Tony. Even in the playoffs every time he gets the ball and starts dribbling I'm waiting for disaster to happen. It's just that it has happened less in Memphis and he also gets more touches because they have less options then we did when he was here.

    I'm sure he's been coached on it a million times but allowing your dribble to come up to about your arm pit is not good ball handling skills.

  • JET

    It must be a slow day

  • Morpheus

    Ah i see, just another story to gauge where the fans opinion lies.

    I was expecting a "WTH for story" anyway.

    TA is in Memphis, forget about him already. We have much more pressing concerns going on here in Boston.

  • Tos

    NMC could actually be TA… Afterall their funny story regarding him does factor on that he reads this blog.

  • chris s

    want to comment here…if DA had crystal ball and could see what c's have gone thru in 2010-11, i think he'd have made bigger effort to keep tony (and not signed nate-orade to a ridiculous contract, 2 yrs for 9M total, i believe)…yes zach lowe and others cringe at his high dribble and low bb iq (debatable), but for his intensity and effort (on both ends) you live with some mistakes…sure he wouldn't have gotten the opp. to start here (and that probably helped him get his game flowing – he put up some great stat lines as memphis closed the yr. on 27-11 tear) but he might have been sold on being a 6th man if the $$$ had been offered as well (i suppose there were injury concerns as well)…i fust thought it was a shame to lose him at the time, remembering how he turned around last yr's cavs series and knowing we'd be bumping up against lbj (and wade) again…so good luck memphis and no he didn't disrespect boston.