Post-game Reactions

If there was ever a need for a seemingly unnecessary three-day respite, now would be the time after the Celtics were battered both physically and mentally all over American Airlines Arena on Saturday and Monday night. While the rest may not be enough to heal the injuries, it does give the team a perpetual chance to regroup before the team’s potential last stand Saturday night in Boston.

For now, here’s a roundup of the lengthy injury ward, from Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston.com:

Pierce has a strained Achilles’: “I’m day-to-day right now,” Pierce said. “We’re just going to see how it feels the next couple of days. When you strain your Achilles, every step is like a slight, little pain in there. But it actually loosened up when I got back in there, got up and down a few times, and it really didn’t affect me the rest of the game.”

Rondo’s sore back: Rondo wore a wrap around his lower back before the game and during intermission to keep his back from tightening up. He said after Tuesday’s loss that he was fine, and even though Rivers told the media that Rondo asked to come out because of the back early in the fourth quarter, Rondo said it was due to fatigue. He did get some assistance while being stretched out on the baseline during the break.

“No, I was tired at the time,” Rondo said. Asked about the wrap he noted, “I was just trying to stay warm.”

Ray Allen on the injuries: “I don’t think anybody’s ever 100 percent at this time of year. It’s just part of the game,” Said Allen, who had 7 points on 2 of 7 shooting over 34 minutes. “It’s been a long year, you just deal with it. Whatever ails you I’m sure [the Heat] have the same issues, everybody has them. You use the off days to get your body better.”

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • aaron

    yowzers, the worst part of this time of year is the butterflies as a fan waiting for the next game. But I guess I can deal with it given the current physical needs of the guys I get excited to watch.
    Of course I watched the bulls game hoping to see Scal, and there he was, in a really nice suit. Bill russell was a playing coach, but he played, I'm not sure how tibs, the well deserved coach of the year, expects to win with one of the best players he has wearing a suit.
    Man, the playoffs are exciting. go green.

  • Jim Lockwood

    Lets asked the refs are they going to call fouls on James ? He ran right in to Rondo and no foul why or he walks a lot and they never Call a foul . The refs need to let them play and be fair make calls on both teams

  • Far East Man

    i don't care!!!! no matter what happens, i still LOVE the celtics! Go Boston! – from your no. 1 Filipino fan! Mabuhay!

    • cleYv

      n0. 1 fan din ak0 ng celtics! G0 boston! =)

      • xOpao.


  • James Patrick

    OUR. haha

    • diehardceltic


      To save myself from unnecessary health complications, I am slowly making peace with whatever the series outcome will be. I would really hope for a win tho!

  • r2d2

    haha man, a lot of talk about that "charge" on james. he ran over rondo like a mack truck, but it wasn't conclusive one way or the other, so it's a fair non-call. rondo tried to get into position to take the charge, but he was a bit late, and credit james for the beautiful spin move. chalk it up to home court advantage and quit whinin'.

  • mike

    miami was supposed to win there….it was unsettling to see them do what they did….we hold our home court and we're back in it….shaq will help….

    boston has to win once in miami no matter what, if it wasn't game 1 or 2 it'll just have to be game 5 or 7

    • Heat 101

      Shaq will help you lose by more.

  • Dan

    What about Shaq? Any news about him?

  • James Patrick

    exactly, what about Shaq. We need him to clog up the paint!

  • scott

    mehhh… we'll see. The only thing i have hope in is that Paul Pierce plays like the captain he is, and that we all get to see it. He has got to understand the reason we lost yesterday is most likely on him (and even if it wasnt, he should take the blame) – i am worried about his foot/achilles because you never know how that will turn out. Hopefully its nothing serious, and he can play on Saturday. THESE next two games are MUST WINS.. no team has ever come back down 3-0.. so we cannot really afford to lose either, because if we lose game 3, we are down 3-0 (doomed) and if we lose game 4, they go back to miami to close… im gunna give them that game.

    Go C's.

  • SteveB

    Like KG said, "not much to talk about, it's do or die". Of course not really die but win or go home anyway. Please Celtics fans, don't prove Mike Bibby right and be fair weather fans. I have been a Celtic fan for close to 40 years now. Obviously through the good and the bad. I will cheer for them no matter what right now. The worst part of losing to Miami right now is I think I despise Miami more than the Lakers. If those two teams made the finals I couldn't watch, I'd be hoping for no one to win. We are lucky to root for a winning team that plays and wins the right way.

  • Mike

    The fact is defense isn't showing up. We're allowing like 100 points per game and that can't happen. The offense would've been just fine if we had held them to under 90. If the 76ers did why can't we seem to do it. Also they are hitting just about every mid to long range shot that they take, hopefully thats gonna stop. They should focus on stopping either wade or lebron as they can't keep trying to shut everybody and came up empty.

  • Morpheus

    I have a glimmer of hope from the archives of history.

    07-08 season the Spurs(probably their real last chance of winning one more championship) vs Hornets, 2nd round of the playoffs. Spurs go down 0-2 to the Hornets on the road. They come back to win the next 2 at home, they lose game 5 in NO, but then finish them off in 7.

    Of course they eventually fell to the Lakers in 5 and of course we beat the Lakers in 6.

    Point is we're down, but we're certainly not out. Don't underestimate the heart of a champion.

    Rondo pull your head out your ass and listen to the vets a la Pierce.

  • jeffery6803

    jeffery6803 (5/4/2011 at 4:24 PM)

    i actually still thinks Bos has a chance, but regardless after this season i think it`s time to part ways with rondo and BBD both for different reason…
    for rondo it`s his attitude and his inability to shoot i said before the regular season had ended that the rondo code had been cracked he had been exposed as a one dimensional player look at rondo and then look at avery johnson when he played tell me what separates rondo from johnson what is it 5 inches and a bit more athletic that`s all both couldn`t shoot worth a damned and neither is elite rondo has elite physical tools elite passing ability but look at the best players in the league and what do you find is players always wanting to be better when you say your the best hands down the best like rondo does where is the motivation to improve your shot improve on the defensive end of the court there is none if you are the best then what is there to improve time doesn`t move in a circle all he is doing is slowly becoming a veteran once the athletic ability is gone who can`t shoot and who will not listen to his teammates and will be a bench player by the time he is 31 or a bit player on a bad team look at rondo seriously now imagine him at KG`s age or pierce`s what do you really have he ha been in the league 5 years he still cannot shoot his game is exactly the same as when he came into the league except now he is allowed to dominate the ball for this C`s team push hard for the paul trade i say try to keep avery who has improved a lot since arroyo came as i think paul would actually help avery`s development trade the number 1 and rondo for paul or williams resign green as he keeps showing improvement and draft a Athletic big or wing defender

    for BBD it`s twofold 1 he is at the pinnacle of his ability right now it`s not going to get any better trade him now troy murphy is a better fit at that position 2 he will be expecting a large contract this offseason he cannot defend his position and cannot score against PF with average height in the post

  • Mike

    Any chances the Celtics can get Jamal Crawford in the offseason as their new 6th man? (regardless of the result in the playoffs)

    • Morpheus

      Talking about A LOT of money we don't have.

      • Mike

        Yeah you're probably right. I just checked he's making 10mil. so he is gonna want more than that I would presume. I was thinking with baby, Green and krstic off the books would be enough but nah don't think so either.

  • The message is simple. There is no way the Celtics will let Lebron take this from them. I feel so passionately about Lebron not winning that I have created my own T-shirt line. My web site is http://www.KingsCountyBoston.com. I was wondering if you guys can help me blow this thing wide open by having Celtics Nation wear the T-shirts when Miami comes to town. Remember “Not all kings are fit to rule”

  • Crizik

    At least the Lakers LOST AGAIN and are in a 0-2 hole VS the Mavs going to Dallas.

  • rob

    http://youtu.be/Ry8-ieR8Lvw come on people see boston golden child fake his act.. one more time… i bet pony pierce will pull one of his best performance ever in game 3. fake another injury and have to be carried of the court hold up the game and the suddenly come out of the locker room running out as if he was miraculously healed ,,,,,wait didn't this happen.. see it one more time.. http://youtu.be/Ry8-ieR8Lvw

    • Mike

      Oh you're sad. ahah

  • mike

    can't wait for saturday…as l.bird once said against the hawks…..'it's gonna be big win for the celtics'

  • Heat 101

    Repeat this as many times as you want you have all summer to do it. It's over.

  • kman

    Shaq is a go.

    • 305

      For 5 minutes and then he will re-injure himself. The only reason Shaq is playing because the Celtics are down in this series and desperate. If the series was tied a1-1 he wouldn't be playing. Furthermore Udonis Haslem is suppose to play in Game 3. Should be interesting.

  • 305

    You are delusional.