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Boldly Going Nowhere: Heat 102 Celtics 91

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Let’s divest ourselves of any peripheral excuses. This isn’t about the referees. This isn’t about the absence of Kendrick Perkins. This isn’t about Jeff Green.

This is about Miami’s best players outplaying Boston’s best players.

Dwayne Wade and Lebron James and Chris Bosh combined for 80 points while Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce scored 36. That’s pretty unsophisticated as analysis goes, but as a proxy for what’s happened so far in this series, it’s right on target.

Things could change in Boston — and very well might with the return of Shaquille O’Neal and the friendly home court — but the 2010-11 Boston Celtics look more and more like they have a critically flawed roster that won’t make it out of the second round.

We’ll be back later with a detailed look at What Went Wrong: The Game Two Edition where we’ll talk about some curious substitution patterns, the woeful Boston offense, a (sort of) renaissance night from Green and maybe a few other signs of hope.


Until then, check in below with your reactions to the 0-2 deficit and perhaps an answer to this question:

Is this series salvageable or are we down to the last ten days of the Celtics’ season?

  • rtifishul

    It's a rough loss, but I'm not going anywhere. I have no doubt that we'll win Games 3 and 4 at home, my big concern is Game 5. If we can steal that one, than we'll have taken the momentum and we'll win it at home in 6. For now, here's to hoping that the curse from Cleveland begins to take effect.

    Also, it'd be cool to know what the stats are like when Rondo and Green are on the floor.

  • Super dave

    I wanna say its over, unless we can flip the switch like we did in the knicks series.

    • Batman

      I don't think the switch is the problem, its flipped

      • Batman

        Oh no i tried thumbing myself up and missed

        • someguyinsac

          Hate when the happens, damn that dyslexic mouse pointer! =)

  • Batman

    I don't understand Rondo.
    Why is not aggressive?
    He frickin runs into the damn paint, and instead of doing the smart thing and trying to score or draw a foul, he fucking does a blind pass
    It's fun to watch, but completely ridiculous

    • Janos

      I know batman. Save antic for game against team in December right.

  • James Patrick

    This hurts on so many levels. It all started with losing Perk for me. And Nate. Hard to say if Rondo would've been in a funk had that trade not happened. Aside from that, it hurts we don't have Shaq. No doubt we'd be up 2-0 if we had the Shaq who started the season. J.O. just isn't the right fit. Hopefully we shop for a new big man in the off season.

    Getting to this series. Our starters just aren't showing up. We all got excited over sweeping NY and ignored the chants that it was just NY. The Heat have elevated their game. They just want it more than our guys do. We're getting beat, no way around that. No more pep talks here. Reality is setting in and it tastes like shit.

    • Batman

      Why do people keep blaming Rondo's funk on Perkins and Nate leaving? He had Plantar fasciitis (which sidelined Tyreke Evans for months) and he was rushed back in a few weeks. He was also experiencing fatigue and he had a huge variety of different ailments.

      • James Patrick

        I'm saying there are a variety of things that went on. Bottom line is we didn't get it done. Now we have to win 4 out of 5. And that's that.

    • NHBluesMan

      JO doesn't fit? He had close to a double double (or had one, i forget the exact stat) and did a pretty decent job. Yes Perk or Shaq would've been better, but J'O hasn't exactly been the worst out there.

      • jeffery6803

        Doc has made bad choices with substitutions he fails to ride the hot hand and keeps throwing the big wet rag on his team BBD if we win this series it will mean Doc has moved away from BBD if not that means Doc has put all the hope of the C`s faithful on BBD shoulders and we are dead men walking

  • someguyinsac

    Outcome of this game sucked, but I'm in it to the end no matter how it turns out. Of course, I see it as a series win, but I'm sure I'm not alone thinking that way.

    • Ross

      Right there with you man. I hate seeing them lose to The Sweet. Is it just me or does it seem like Big baby is getting way too many minutes in this series?

  • chef23reb

    It just doesn't look promising. Jones scores 25 when they need it in Game 1, then zero but no problem. Chalmers and Miller each get one big 3. Bibby somehow plays tough. C's slow to the ball and shoot poorly. Tie the game at 80 and then give up 14 straight points! It never seemed like the Celtics had a chance. I didn't like some of the calls but that is never the difference. I thought Baby did a good job beginning the 4th quarter and kept getting to the cup but no fouls called despite good bit of contact. Game was already over but it seemed that Lebron's block on KG was because he smashed him with the left forearm while blocking the shot. They need huge changes but I don't really see it happening.

    • Rachel

      yeah, I know bad officiating is a very small piece of all this, but that Lebron "block" where he pushed KG in the face really irritated me. They just don't call stuff on Lebron and Wade.

  • I_Love_Green

    This picture describes it all…

    • Batman

      How come its red?

    • James Patrick

      Yeah sorry, that doesn't look like a guy confident in his decision making. Thanks for helping us get a title in 2008 Danny, but I must ask and rather loudly… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?!

      • kricky

        There will be time enough to rip Ainge a new one at the end of the year. We are still fighting.

  • Batman


  • I_Love_Green

    We just need to hold home court, and steal game 5 or 7. We ain't done yet, although it does not look good. The crowd should be rowdy for games 3 and 4, which will help our guys out a lot.

  • Morpheus

    3rd loss in a row to this (can't even say their name i hate them so much) and nothing's changed.

    Sorry but KG looks completely gassed out there and we're still in the 2nd round. He's just not capable of scoring down low anymore, all he does is stand out at the elbow and shoot jumpers. I mean, BBD at least, was trying to score in the post.

    I'm still confident we can take care of homecourt, but winning a game in M—i looks like an un-moveable fork in the road for us right now.

  • Morpheus

    Well by that logic Miami have won the series.

  • Dawson

    All Miami has done is win at home. I am still not sure how mentally tough the Heat are once they face a little adversity (although they seem a lot tougher than I initially gave them credit for).

    After a Game 3 home win, with Shaq, things will look better. And after another home win in Game 4 with Shaq, things will look real good. Trust me. It does not look good now, but we still have Games 5 and 7 to grind out a road victory.

    • I_Love_Green

      I love you. Thank you for filling my head with thoughts that will lets me sleep a little easier tonight.

  • lakershater13

    Anybody seen Glen Davis? Did we leave him in NY or something? He is not rebounding at all and he is not scoring efficiently at all either.
    Another thing is if Jeff Green is 4-6 why not get him some more shots?

    Only way we win this series is if we win all of our games in Boston. We need to play well. Two straight games of a poor effort.

    RAJON RONDO??? The guy says before the series that he would attack the rim and if he gets blocked so what no big deal. Instead he drives in and leaves his feet just to throw it away. Overall a lot of cross court passing against a highly athletic team. Lets pray we play well Saturday.

  • James Patrick



    • I_Love_Green

      I'm sorry, but watching videos like that just make me sad.

  • Paul

    Wow reading these posts I didn't know the Celtics we're so bad…why is everyone so upset since it sounds like you all knew it all along?? The reason I felt so good about the Celtics earlier is they could dominate inside cuz they were so BIG…Shaq, Perk, JO, Baby, KG. Thats theyre biggest advantage over the Heat who doesnt have interior game. The problem is we lost Perk AND Shaq so far…we could lose one but not both. Now the Heat is dominating the interior and Rondo is tired of getting his shot blocked when they all collapse on him so he tries to pass it out and turns it over. We need our size back and we can win this series…its not over if Shaq can come back and Celtics dont have to rely on jump shots all the time…
    Go C's!

    • James Patrick

      preaching to the choir paul. lol

  • Janos

    Is time for big game plan change. Attack post game or if that not work do not attack post game. Maybe watch Rocky before game. Always cheer up Janos.

    • someguyinsac

      You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!

      • janos

        thank you.

        • someguyinsac

          Nothing like a quote from a good movie to motivate someone, right?

          • janos

            or talk from any given sunday is good one too sac.

            KG you give Janos that inch !

          • someguyinsac

            We're in hell right now gentlemen. Believe me. And we can stay here, get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb outta hell… one inch at a time.

  • stephen

    Here is the problem. Hunger!!!! — And I am not talking about KG, Ray or Paul. I'm talking about Rondo. The biggest mistake the C's ever made was to begin calling themselves —The Big Four–Why?–Because now Rondo believes it—Now– He has put himself on an equal plane with 3 guaranteed future Hall of Famers. Rondo is a good point guard—when he is focused, but not a great one. Not with that kind of outside shot, and not with that free-throw shooting. See, when your point guard ( Your Quarterback) has lost his edge —Your in trouble. It doesn't matter how hungry the other 3 still are once your ( Quarterback) loses his edge. Rondo appears satisfied with what the team has done—Translation—-Unless it changes, andsoon—season over.

    • longlivethe80's

      Couldn't have said it better myself!

      • stephen

        Thank You. Oh, and one more thing. If we lose this series, and I'm not conceding anything until the Heat win in Boston, it better be with Shaq on the court. Is Shaq going to be any healthier at age 40 than he is at39? No.This is our last opportunity to win. After that, the window is closed for a while. Doc and Danny Ainge need to approach Shaq and not give him any choice.Give him a cortisone shot or do what ever the hell you have to do—but your playing–no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If Danny Ainge traded away Perk, gambling that he hadenough bigs to survive then our most effective big better not be sitting on the bench in a suit with the ship going down. If they don't get Shaq out there==and now– then Danny Ainge deserves all of wrath that will be directed towards him !!!!!

        • RonRashaun

          Doc Rivers Must Gamble To Play Shaq On Game 3 and so forth, like the Gamble they've done for trading Perkins



  • scott

    if we keep glen davis for another year, i will not cheer for this team.

    yes i will.. but serisouly, we will not win with him as our six man. he is too small, and gets RAILED in the low post. Really glad we ran iso after iso for him down on the base line during a tight game! great play calls guys!


    • jeffery6803

      yeah that really pissed me off kept waiting for kg to go back to the post but it never happened will not complain about it anymore guess he is just a face up big now so now will Doc play bradley when this team pressured the ball they went on a run with west as soon as rondo came back ball pressure stopped and the poke the ball defense reared it`s ugly head you don`t have to play bradley play west but lets not act like rondo`s offense is the only thing sucking he is the most overrated defensive player maybe in the league and BBD should be traded Green should be resigned i`ve seen enough to be convinced if Doc actually played him it could help but Doc doesn`t play guys we get to see what they can do once they leave young talent out troy murphy in we all probably have a feeling in a couple of years avery will be starring for someone else while we wonder why he never got to play i would have loved the trade if they would hve traded perk and nate for big Al jefferson but we got Green and while i think highly of him he is not a big if you could have traded davis i would have been ecstatic but BBD is the Teflon Don of this team untradeable and keeps getting bigger contracts go figure

  • integrity gone?

    Miami shot 17 ft's after Boston tied it up at 80 with 7 minutes to go in the game. Boston shot 3.

    It was BUllshit. What was getting called on one end was not being called on the other. I am loosing more respect for the NBA every year that goes by.

    • I_Love_Green

      Said the same thing after game 1. The "superstar calls" are a shitty way to ref part of the game, and I don't care if the superstar is on my team. They shouldn't get calls just because of who they are.

      • integrity gone?

        THe fact that "superstar" calls exist pisses me off. However, I think the fact that the calls are generally accepted by the NBA community irritates me more. People should Demand change.

        I foresee the calls going our way in game 3 and 4 or at the very least not going Miami's. THe refs favor the home team in the playoffs and yes it is done with intent. To think a vetern official could be swayed by the home crowd is an absolute crock.

    • longlivethe80's

      yeah…something has to happen to those good-for-nothing referees. I am especially sick of that old, bald son-of-a-bitch who always screws us over!

  • talesofJP

    LBJ and Wade are outplaying the entire Celtics team. Bosh had a good game 2, was no where in game 1. Miami can score so quickly, the C's need to focus at all times. We were tied at 80 a piece, then in a flash of an eye we're down 8. Turnovers, bad Rondo, our old guys getting banged up, this doesn't seem like it will end well for us. We need the homecourt and Shaq.

    • janos

      In shaq we trust?

  • janos

    Is too long to Saturday. Lets play game 2 again, on Friday. is good commish?

    18,000 people the anthem were singin'
    Players and fans the words they were wingin'–
    KG a notable performance to start Q1,
    Rebounds and scoring, getting it done.

    Q1 the Cs' turnovers numbered three,
    That fueled Lebron, eight straight points had he.
    With a left foot strain, an early exit for Pierce, 
    He has to come back, we know he is fierce.

    By early Q2 Bibby and Miller for three,
    All uncontested–not what we should see.
    Rondo's first foul not until Q2
    Then Delonte, for three, showed what he could do.

    Baby, Delonte, Wafer, Krstic, Green,
    Scoring by the latter like we've never seen!
    The Cs' bench outscoring the bench for the Heat,
    Seeing them come together is better than sweet.

    JO on the boards, in the first half he had eight,
    He is finding his rhythm, his contribution is great.
    How we end each quarter is important indeed, 
    Clock violation and sloppiness, we don't need.

    KG's third foul at the end of Q2,
    It was like the Cs forgot what to do.
    Pierce talking to Rondo, information he's gettin'
    Probably about the shots that Wade was settin'.

    The Cs need to play better to stay alive,
    No stellar play, Cs at the half down five.
    Need Ray, KG, to score, Rondo to the rim,
    The Captain knows what's required of him.

    Rondo's back is sore, Pierce's foot is a worry,
    This might explain why up the floor they didn't hurry.
    Cs looked inspired at the start of Q3,
    Rondo flying around, good scoring by KG.

    Rondo's passing's been grand, he has great vision,
    He's finding open guys, each time a good decision.
    Lebron was quiet, Q2 into Q3
    But then he went off, which we hate to see.

    How the quarter ends, a factor indeed,
    All we saw was Lebron with incredible speed.
    Baby and Delonte Q4 started well,
    Ray's got a bruised chest, against Lebron he fell.

    One thing we learned watching the Heat tonight,
    Gotta make Wade and Lebron go right.
    Cs went on a run, tied the game, eighty each,
    Sure not a vacation in Miami Beach.

    Then Lebron took over, the Heat handled the Cs' run,
    The Cs starters can't seem to get it done.
    Miami did what they should, took care of their home,
    Now the Celtics must…(almost the end of this poem).

    Can't give this up, so it must be said,
    Of Reggie Ray is now 75 ahead.


  • Alex

    I'm considering burning my BBD jersey right now. I used to love his hustle and heart, but watching him force shot after shot in the 4th was brutal.


      BURN IT!!! BURN IT!!!

      • stephen

        You mean the shots that he continuely forces at the rim that he gets stuffed down his throat !!!!! You mean those shots. Yea, maybe if BBD's pre-game meals stop consisting of pancakes and spaghetti he'd be able to get his fat ass off the floor!!!!!

        • Morpheus

          DO IT IN MEMORY of ME.

        • Josh

          Hahaha!!! Somebodys been watching The Association.

    • Rachel

      I'm tired of the Baby hating. We all wanted him to lay off the jumper, but when he takes shots at the rim that don't go, everyone freaks out. Yes, it was frustrating to watch him get denied at the rim, but those shots have gone in on other nights. KG's shots at the rim got blocked and I don't hear anyone calling for his head. Miami played good defense (and got away with a lot of contact without getting called). The end.

      Big Baby isn't perfect but he has a lot of heart. If you haven't watched the final installment of the Association, check it out before you keep hating on him.

      • Morpheus

        Oops i accidentally gave you a thumbs up.

  • Cstar617

    If it isn't over (I don't think it is), this loss/the hangover from it tomorrow is easily the worst it will feel in the playoffs.

    The starters played flat, the bench did what we need them to do and nothing else. It's encouraging to see KG hit jumpers, Rondo get that trip-dub type stat line going and to see Ray hit a 3 but there is just no continuity in the way they played. There was literally 1 run where we had 2 KG jumpers and a Rondo and 1 to take the lead then it all went to shit.

    But this isn't the team that we watched win games in the post-Perk era, this is their under prepared and over-zealous shadow. I work for the Heat and I have seen every one of their home games (75% of which we looked like shit in) and I can tell you that as awful as their fans are, they play very well infront of them.

    We're coming home with something to prove, I'm picturing a couple vintage Celtic Ws coming up giving LeBron's smug ass something to prove and hopefully he will drive them into the ground with his cocky shooting at home in game 5. It's not even CLOSE to over guys.

    In 2008 we lost ALL 3 of our 1st round road games in Atlanta (by 9, 5, and 3)
    In 2008 we lost ALL 3 of our 2nd round road games in Cleveland (24, 11, 5)
    In 2008 it took us 17 games (7 on the road) before we got 1 W in Detroit

    This is standard operating procedure for Doc & the big 4, so stay tuned the best is yet to come.

    • Morpheus

      Dude, that was 2008 when we had a beastly Perk, KG.

      • Batman

        Perk was not beastly


    Face the facts MIAMI is to fast to good to athletic just better then the c's. You have no 1 that goes to the rack ,and no 1 who can stop WADE or LEBRON , depending on Shaq will only make you guys feel worse then you do now. And even if he does play i predict alot more free throws for the HEAT . Besides at this point he can't help you on offense. And can't get back on defense accept the inevitable and i promise you sleep alot better starting tonight.

    • dtla la

      Are all Heat fans illiterates?

    • Herb

      WHY are you WRITING like THIS?! We can DO without the EMPHASIS.

  • jefferson rosales

    miami are responsible to protect their home court….let see if they can win..when miami plays in the homecourt of boston celtics…go boston i know boston will win…shaq shaq shaq shaq

  • stephen

    Your going to feel terrible when Miami blows this series. You and your girlfriend —Queen James

  • Sauce

    Well that wasnt the end result I would of liked , we beat them three time sin the season, how much has changed since then?

    It ain't over till the fat lady sings, so I don't know which one of the Miami Heat have a chubby mom but expect dulcet tones from her if it does, rumors of BBD's mom being both tubby and a good singer are true.

    Our defence at times looked good with wade and james not getting open paths to the basket, but then they are going to score and they did whther becasue we didnt collecet every defensive rebound or because we could slow or stop them for a time but could hit open lay-ups ourselves.

    We didn't hit our shots last night, that james block on KG and BBD's misssed banker from 2 feet wheren't worth the price of admission.

    I really would like to see Tony Allen And Perk at the moment though, nate aswell, he could do nice things.

    I say we look to the next game, bring nothing but our best and above it, exucute and then what happens happens.

  • skeeds

    there's clearly something wrong with our starters. Mentaly they're not focused. KG late to rotate on d? Ray making bad decisions, like fouling Lebron on a drive (3 times?) yelling among themselves? What the hell is all this?
    This is supposed to be "ubuntu" basketball, not having a feud with miami. They're angry and frustrate, and it shows. Too much trying to prove they're better, too little actual basketball. Nearly every bad play and defensive mistake came from our "stars".

    Right now, as we've seen this team in game 2, the only ones to blame are the "fantastic four". Davis attacked the rim and defended pretty well. J.O. has been sensational compared to what we expected. Jeff Green was scoring and rebounding at a better rate than Pierce, and Delonte hit his shots and was a pest on defence.
    Two weeks ago we were praying for the bench we had last night. And last night it kept us from what could easily be a blowout. What, are we still waiting for Shaq to heal? He might, but probably, we have to deal with the fact that this is a series between 2 equal teams, and we're losing because their best players are doing what they have to, and our best players are not.

  • Greg

    I completely disagree with the author of this articles assertion that this all about Miami's big 3 outplaying Boston's big 3. Did he think Boston's 3 were better than Miami's 3? Boston is all about their depth and team approach. And until the Perkins trade and Shaq injury, it was about their size advantage. I for one never expected Boston's 3 to outplay Miami's 3. But, I did expect Boston to win. Yes, I would like to see Bostons 3 play better, but that alone won't do it. Boston needs big games from Green and the bench and they need Shaq, especially since Perkins was traded.
    And by the way. NBA officiating is the worst of any professional sport, except maybe soccer and we have seen officiating in the first two games that Stern and the NBA should be ashamed of. Instead of coming down on everyone who says anything about the officiating, Stern should make it a priority to clean up his act, so that playoff games are not destroyed by officials, like we have seen in the first two games of this series.

  • ronskeet

    i think everyone really is missing a few key points….boston's team is built for the regular season and miami's is built for the postseason…boston's bench is great, but when you have three all-stars in their prime and they get at least two nights off between games it's trouble for the other team especially if the two are lbj and wade who've done well in the playoffs by themselves before…everyone talks about how talent rises to the top in the playoffs and usually the team with the most talent will win…secondly shaq is NOT the answer…the best he's going to be able to do is pick up a few extra fouls…maybe he knocks down lbj a couple of times because if shaq is in wade may not drive as much because he's kind of fragile, but shaq will not contribute on the offensive end…third the heat have the best road record in the league and there's nothing the fans in boston will throw at them that they haven't been hearing all season…when the evil empire of the nba goes on the road and hears the crap they heard all season long to the point where just about every road game felt like a playoff game, i really don't think they're going to get rattled that much (and right now boston has more of a deer in a headlights look while miami is driving the car with brights on) and fourth and finally i know some fans out there want to say the celtics are down because they haven't played as well…that's true, but they're not playing because of the heat…everyone wants to blame the loss yesterday on the injuries well who do you think injured them? ray allen did not put lbj's elbow in his chest…lbj put it there…paul pierce didn't just strain an achilles randomly…he couldn't keep up with james or lbj…personally i think rondo faked his back injury because he's a punk because you really tell if a back is stiff you just have to take the person's word for it

  • Heat 101

    More like down to 4 days left in the season.

  • Josh

    In Ray Allen's sexy jump shot we trust.

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