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Doc: Shaq Feeling Better, Shooting To Practice Friday

The Celtics just wrapped the media rounds in Waltham, before starting their first practice after two well-earned off. Here’s the latest on Shaq from Chris Forsberg over at ESPNBoston.com

“Shaq is not going to practice today, and he will not practice [Thursday],” said Rivers. “We hope he’ll practice the next day, whatever day that would be. Is that Friday? OK, we hope he’s back on Friday. But we don’t know, we’ll see.”

Rivers later admitted that O’Neal, limited to 5½ minutes of action since Feb. 1 due to right Achilles and calf injuries, is doing “a lot better,” but wouldn’t start speculating about his availability for Game 1 of the next round.

“It really depends, not just on Friday, but Friday and Saturday, so I don’t know,” said Rivers. “I don’t know if I’m confident or not. I’m hopeful.”

The Celtics took Monday and Tuesday off and Rivers zipped home to Orlando for the break. Asked if the team had examined O’Neal during the lull in activity, Rivers quipped: “I didn’t take a look at anybody. Unless he was in Orlando, Florida, I didn’t see Shaq — and Shaq could have been in Orlando, now that I think about it.”

  • Ben

    I don't want to count him out, but I'm starting to doubt he'll be back at all.

  • uncle funkie

    too fat


    Same 2008 KG drama all over again…

    • MikeD

      Actually, when the playoffs started in 2008, I specifically remember Doc saying he didn't see any way KG was going to be able to play in the playoffs. Throughout the regular season we kept hearing different stories. But Doc was clear that KG wouldn't be back in the playoffs

      • MikeD

        and actually we mean 2009 anyway, 2008 was the title year

  • Chris O

    No there is a difference between 2008 KG and Shaq this year. Shaq is coming back if and when he is needed. There is no way he is just not going to play in the playoffs…he wants that one more ring to screw Riley, Kobe, Dwight, LeBron, et al. He is not going to not play if he is needed in the playoffs. The C's just made a calculated risk that they could get by the Knicks without Shaq (especially after the injuries to Chauncey and S.T.A.T).

    • I_Love_Green


      • Chris O

        Sorry 2008-2009 lol, was just responding to the other guy

    • Jmt

      That all sounds well and good and all, but it's not like he's ready to go whenever. Shaq is clearly injured. Now, he can push his return time up and play through pain/injury, but he's unlikely to be very effective. Instead of having a Shaq on the court that's a liability, it's better to rest him up until he can actually contribute something.

  • Paul

    Jermaine's season numbers are inflated

  • SteveB

    I'm sure Shaq wants to be out there more than anyone right now. I'm also sure he realizes, much like the staff does, that re-aggravating the injury will be the end of the season for him. He has one chance to come back and if he comes back to soon he is done. I'm sure the team doesn't want to wait and see what happens in game one and then feel forced to use him but that might be what happens. The other issue will be how does Jermaine do off the bench. This is one long week of waiting, that's all I know.

  • someguyinsac

    I'm going with his "I'm old school" train of thought and I'm sure he'll play when he's truly needed.

  • kricky

    I really hope he comes back but we have to be careful not to make our success in the next series dependent on him coming back.

    This team can beat Miami without him if the starters continue to play well and we get a good contribution from Delonte, Baby, and Green (at least one of them).

    • MikeD

      I agree. I'm sure behind closed doors Doc is telling the team to prepare as if they won't have Shaq. They are too smart to depend on him.

  • I_Love_Green

    He'll be back game 3. Note that son.

    • Jmt

      That's looking like the best case scenario. I very much doubt he'll be ready for games 1 & 2 (likely Sunday & Tuesday), but a Thursday or Saturday homecoming 4 weeks after the injury sounds promising.

  • MikeD

    Against Miami, the bigger concern should be the matchup against Chris Bosh. KG will slow him down quite a bit, but Bosh is sure to play more minutes than KG. When KG goes to the bench, that means either Big Baby or Jeff Green will be defending Bosh. Both of whom he will be able to shoot right over.

    • Matty

      I actually like Green better in the match up against Bosh. He's coming along better defensively, even tho he's still a bit lost on O. Baby would just have to pound Bosh as intimidation; he just can't compete in reach. I think the If the C's get the two first ones it's over. It means they're back in Miami's heads like they were for the first three regular season games.

      If Rondo can do the same pit-bull defense he did on James in the third meeting of the season, he'll limit (but not stop) James. The other guys can handle Wade by committee. I think the Celtics take this in five.

  • david

    Man I wished Danny signed Tony Allen, then we would have a a great back up with energy for the wing, kept Perk and Shaq would have been a "nice to have".

    • MikeD

      Couldn't agree with this more, Tony is the best wing defender in the league. If we kept him, Danny never would have traded for Jeff Green. That means we would have our original starting 5 with Perk, JO, tony allen, big baby and delonte off the bench plus Shaq if he ever gets healthy. That would have been something

    • Alex

      Yeah, keeping Nate over TA was the initial mistake that led to this mess.

    • Chris O

      Can't agree more David, although TA didn't want to stay. Lets be honesy he was OUTTY and it wasn't Danny's fault. The Quis injury hurt because he was playing great D and being a great backup wing.

      • kricky

        Yup, TA wanted to be the top dog at SF . Look how he took that Memphis team over and punked OK Mayo. Strangely enough it seems to have worked towards the good of the team and now they are headed for a 1st round upset.

  • Steve

    TA wasnt sticking around he made a point of he was leaving because he wanted to start and had more to show than be PP's backup

    • Batman

      Tony Allen was never coming back unless we somehow ridiculously overpaid him

      • Robert

        …and brought Pierce or Ray off the bench.

  • James Patrick

    Gotta love Doc. He knows how to keep it light!

    Yeah, Shaq's not coming back people anymore than Larry Bird, Kevin McHale or Robert Parrish are! I hope he doesn't retire, then these two Shaq jersey's I got were a waste! lol

    Let's just be happy that J.O. is starting to show some improvement.

    I miss Perk. lol

  • jonathan

    TA left for the 3rd year on the contract. Danny only offered him 2! and Memphis offered more money too!

    • Morpheus

      So why did he talk trash about Danny wanting more shooters than "defenders". He should've just shut his pie hole, but that's to big a task for him isn't it.

  • Morpheus

    Ugh…yes he will, yes he won't, maybe, maybe not, maybe not at all. Forget about it.

  • MikeD

    Yeah I can see how you would look at it that way. But to me he is the biggest problem. Ever since the Big 3 era started in Boston, their team defense has done a fantastic job shutting down star wing players (Kobe, Wade, LeBron, etc) I understand it will be different dealing with 2 of them on the same team, but I still trust our team defense to do a good job on them. I just don't like that matchup of Big Baby or Jeff Green defending Bosh which we will probably see for 10 minutes a game.

  • MikeD

    I don't know how accurate this is, but Tony Allen was interviewed recently, and he claims he wanted to come back to Boston. He says Danny refused to match his contract with the Grizzlies (3 years $9 mil). If that is the case, it was a mistake by Danny.

    • cml

      If that's true, it's absolutely a mistake by Danny.

      TA frustrated me offensively … a lot … but his defense was unquestionable.

    • Chris O

      Not true, it was actually rumored (who knows) that he took less to go with Memphis just to be a starter. The C's wanted TA to stay, were hurt by him leaving, and were caught by surprise

  • talesofJP

    just read a post on Denver, apparently Nene is a free agent next year? Any chance we can get him in green?

    • james patrick

      hate that guy, but probably cuz i love Perk! haha

      i almost feel like Ainge is planing to make a move on Howard in 2012.

      • Chris O

        He is planning on Howard but NeNe is awesome

  • kricky

    HOWARD in 2012!

    Danny, all will be forgiven.

    • John

      They'll trade for him, don't worry

    • Matty

      That's a genius move if the old guys would give up enough $ to sign him. With Howard, Rondo, Davis (who'd start on half the teams in the NBA) and a steadily improving Green, you've got a good young team nucleus for the next 5+ years. Keep the Big Ol' 3 for another season or two (hopefully) and I can't see any reason there won't be 2012 and 13 banners, plus a lot of potential after the hall of famers retire.

      Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Rondo, Howard, Green, Davis, Delonte. That lineup will make a lot of teams nervous.