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Greatest Facial Hair on a Celtic Fan Ever (prove me wrong).

The Celtics are 100% against the New York Knickerbackers this season.  It didn’t matter when the Knicks had Amar’e Stoudemire +.  It didn’t matter when they traded that “+” for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.  The Celtics took the Knicks on in all forms and ultimately dispatched them each time.

There will be much more analysis on this game, and this series (hey, we have to stretch out a week somehow) later.  For now, there are only a few things you need to know:

  • Before I say anything about any Celtics, I must stop and give immense credit to the Knicks.  They were down by more than 20 in the second half, and they refused to roll over.  They could have.  They did in the regular season.  But even with Stoudemire tentative (at the very least) with his back, the Knicks did not give up.  Props.

Okay, now I have to brush my teeth.

And we’re back!

  • The Celtics won this game largely on their ball movement and defensive intensity.  A welcome sign considering the Cs will most-likely face the Miami Heat next series and will most-assuredly need everything working well.
  • The bench is still struggling, and the most depressing thing about it is the fact that the only guy on the Celtics that had a negative in the +/- column was super-sub Jeff Green.  I’ll make the small caveat that his primary role this series was to slow down Carmelo Anthony.  The only problem:  he didn’t do that particular well either (3 fouls in 17 minutes).
  • Glen Davis had an amazing first half!  I checked the box score at halftime and said to my friend Bernie, “Glen Davis is on pace for 24 and 10!”  He finished the game with 14 and 5.  Eeeesh.
  • Hello JO!  Jermaine O’Neal had six boards and one nice jumper today.  He also had the highest +/- in the game.  Before the playoffs started, Avery Bradley was more likely to have a playoff impact. This is such a welcome sign; especially if Shaquille O’Neal can come back and play 15 minutes a game (sorry Krstic!).
  • The Celtics outrebounded the Knicks by 11 today.  A lot of those boards had to do with New York missing a lot of shots.  Still, the Celtics were not gang rebounding today so to see the Cs still win the battle of the boards is reassuring to say the least.
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  • someguyinsac

    4 down, 12 to go!

  • kricky

    In a way I'm kind of glad that the Knicks came back (though it made me sigk to my stomach at the time). It gives Doc something to motivate the guys with and keeps them form becomign complacent.

    Also it was sweet how they responded after NY cut it to 4. This will help build up their confidence and toughness for the next series — which will be a real dogfight.

    • Moxie

      I just hope that this doesn't happen too often and that we don't once again end up with a reputation for blowing big leads. Other teams have used that as motivation when playing the C's (ehem Phil Jackson), and it worked.

  • James Patrick

    Very happy they were able to close it out today. Hopefully the Sixers can push it to game six or seven.

    BBD drives me crazy yet again. Why does he continue to take such long outside shots???

    • Zee

      Did you watch the same game we saw??? He hit those shots tonight. Sigh… Lets just enjoy the win please. Geesh! LOL!

      • Batman

        10 thumbs! Damn I'll make it 11

      • james patrick

        yeah, all you people praising BBD today will be slamming him tomorrow. or next week for round two. lol

    • james patrick

      okay i was wrong. maybe it seems like he just doesn't know what he's doing when things get tough. when that lead dropped to 4, Doc pulled him and then they got back on course.

      i'll enjoy this win. but you people who flip flop are funny. lol

      • CG12

        Are you still convinced that the Perkins trade was a clear mistake and that Danny Ainge ruined the Cs shot at a title this year?

        • james patrick

          absolutely 100% certain the perk trade was bad. most people who aren't drinking the danny ainge kool-aid know this was a bad trade. he ruined our shot at a title because instead of going for it as clear favorites, we are now hoping to get there. if you think we're once again the clear favorites. you're not being realistic about your team. we abused a banged up knicks squad. i'll take it for what it is. But before i had no doubt we were going to get there. btw, jeff green was 2-7 yesterday and krstic was a non factor. would I take perk back? ABSOLUTELY! wouldn't you? J.O. goes down, all we've got is krstic. I have no doubt both those guys are gone after this year.

          • CG12

            We are just not going to agree. There were plenty of good reasons to do the Perk trade and this is still a damn good team. The post-trade slump was mostly about Shaq's absence and Rondo's indifferent play. If this team still had Perk, and no Green and Krstic, I am not at all certain it would be any better, and it would clearly be more poorly positioned for the future. Do you really think Perk would give the team that much more than what JO has been giving them? It'd be nice to be the clear favorite, but it is impossible to enter every post-season as the clear favorite. This team is well-positioned to make a run at the title, as well as to compete in the future. That's what I want from my GM.

            I thought Krstic and Green both played well yesterday. Green played good D on Carmelo and Krstic showed his first flashes of activity in quite a while. He had one of those offensive boards over 4 guys that he was getting regularly when he first arrived.

            Of course I'd love to have Perk back, but the NBA is not played and managed in a vacuum.


    D'Antoni is already fishing in Minnesota, Land of 10 000 lakes.

  • zebulon

    Lets Go C's! Absolutely smothering defense in the first half, even against the floor-spacing knicks. So glad to see Rondo and KG dominating, and especially Rondo's willingness to force his way to the freethrow line. Even if he misses from the stripe, I would SO much rather see this attacking mentality than passive Rondo.

  • I_Love_Green

    I am feeling GREAT about our team right now.

    A certain Big Baby showed up for the first time today, which I've said multiple times that we will need him against the Heat and further rounds. Jeff Green looked good when he was agressive looking for his shot, and I like the 7 rebounds by him. Of course the big 4 was fantastic, but the other guy in that lineup, JO, looked good yet again. I'm loving him right now, and hope he can continue that into the heat series.

    Now lets just hope Shaq can come back for 10-15 minutes against the Heat, and do work against their tiny front line.

  • stephen

    I'm calling it now — We take out the Heat in 6 !!!!!!!!!!

    • Zee

      We take them in four and make everyone drop their jaws to the floor!!!!!!!!!!

      • I_Love_Green

        I'm taking it a step further and saying we win in 3!!!

  • kricky

    Big 4 and JO just huge in this series. A different starter led the team in scoring every night. RR consistently brilliant throughout.

    How good was the D? They shut down Melo and Amare, letting them only go of in one game a piece.

    6+ days off to get the bench synched and get Shaq ready.

    Life is good right now!

  • Dan

    Listening to Breen, Van Gundy and Jackson's homer-ism during the Knicks run in the third was pretty embarrassing.

    I know Tommy is the biggest homer out there, but come on guys, it's a nationally televised game. Have some class, be a professional.

  • I honestly thought Krstic played well today…he rotated nicely on defense, positioned himself well on offense, and worked for offensive rebounds. Having the possibility of Shaq, JO AND Krstic to go against Miami's front line…consider me drooling.

  • stephen

    @ Zee —–Celtics in 4 ? Wow, that;s confidence. I don't think I could be that balsy. However, if it goes down like that I'll be laughing my ass off at the Heat.

  • Moxie

    Ray, Rondo, Pierce, and KG each having one game as the team's leading scorer.

    How can you not love this team?

    • Robert

      Core Four leading the way!

  • Morpheus

    Gives us a good break to get the bench functioning and our old legs a rest.

  • I_Love_Green

    This is why we are such a good playoff team. 4 games, 4 different leading scorers, and all of them shot the ball well in those games. We can beat you with so many different players, and in so many different ways, and its only a matter of time before the bench wins one for us.

    • Robert

      Yep, Leon Powe's 21 points against LA in 08. Baby's game winner against Orlando in 09. The "Shrek and Donkey" game against LA in 10 There have definitely been games in the current Big 3 era when the bench has won the Celtics games. I look forward to this year's entry.


    Stoudemire woke up with less pain in his back, 
    So his playing mentality was back on track.
    JO took a charge first play from Stoudemire,
    At the other end he scored, hope it's JO on fire.

    Melo's flagrant on Rondo set an early tone,
    Walker's kind of feisty, scores only if alone.
    Two early fouls on KG, in came Baby,
    Will we see his playoff skills? Maybe, just maybe.

    Q1 Knicks have five blocks, Krstic two,
    Turns out it's a jump ball he can't do.
    Melo has 15, somehow two fouls on Green,
    It was Melo initiating contact the refs hadn't seen.

    Baby, Baby, Baby, that's all I'm gonna say,
    You, Green, Krstic (Delonte?) finally finding your way?
    Good block by Delonte, Amar'e gave him a shove, 
    A tech on Delonte? A call I don't love.

    12 first half points off the bench, the Baby we know,
    Then he took a charge from Stoudemire, his offense to slow.
    The crowd went silent, where's their team? No clue,
    And even the refs the crowd started to boo.

    Cs' first half defense looked like '07-'08,
    Amar'e, Douglas 2-18, only Melo close to great.
    D'Antoni said his guys just weren't right in the mind,
    Their body language was off, no offense could they find.

    Q3 the Knicks showing of life a sign,
    The Celtics' true heart this push will define.
    KG is playing as always with heart,
    But the Knicks are looking their offense to start.

    ESPN magazine, an unnamed source about KG,
    Questioned, anonymously, what kind of heart has he.
    Neither passion nor emotion qualities he does lack, 
    They say, as a teammate, he has your back.

    Back to Q3, the Knicks early 6-0 run,
    Terrible back to back plays, Doc's not having fun.
    All of a sudden Rondo is being challenged by Carter,
    You can see why D'Antoni thought he might be a starter.

    From 23 to 10 went the Celtics' lead, 
    Doc yelling not to relax, it is focus we need.
    Four Cs' turnovers in a row to start Q4,
    The Madison Square Garden crowd starting to roar.

    Stoudemire heated up, Carter brought 'em to within four,
    Six minutes no field goals the Cs could score.
    Finally a bucket by The Truth, the Captain, our Pierce,
    Is this the time to say he is fierce?

    Ray Allen's second three halfway through Q4,
    Answered by Carter who was able to score.
    Of course, as always, there's Pierce looming large,
    As he boldly stepped up to take a charge.

    That energized Rondo, and then KG,
    Back to defense, then the offense we like to see.
    The Cs regained their composure, seemed to settle down,
    Swept the Knicks in NY, no trip back to Beantown!

    At some point this will stop, but now it must be said, 
    Of Reggie Ray is now 69 ahead.


  • CarlosR

    The best part of all is that Allen PP and KG will get a full week of rest, at the least. Hope to see Shack back to face Miami.

  • FunBen123

    If we can stop Melo and Stoudemire we have a very good chance of stopping D-Wade and Lebron

    • talesofJP

      especially if Bron hurts his back

      • Batman

        I'm sorry but we didn't stop Stoudemire and Wade and Lebron r both much better than Melo

        • MikeD

          We didn't stop Stoudemire? He was absolutely terrible after game 1

          • Batman

            More like his back stopped him

          • NHBluesMan

            he didn't injure his back till game 2, and yes that did effect him the rest of the series. The C's shut him down in game 1 though, no arguing that

  • Morpheus

    That run the Knicks had in the 3rd, we started to play "Rondo Pound Ball", having Ray and Pierce running off doubles to get them open. They weren't getting open, so what happens, Rondo starts running the p&r, that's no good because his man is sagging off him in the paint despite Rajon hitting some uncontested WIDE OPEN jumpers earlier.

    Pay attention to this stretch of poor bball, this poor stretch gave me eerie memories 2nd half, game 7 against the Lakers. Lakers – Kobe played Rondo how you're supposed to, Ray and Pierce couldn't get good open looks, we hit a dry spell, Lakers won.

    Rondo's shooting still worries me, someone give me something positive to think about.

    • skeeds

      ok here's one thing. With Shaq or J.O. at the 5, attacking in the paint becomes a very dependable option, while last year giving Perk the ball, even when struggling from outside, was out of the question.

      Doc has 6 days to draw up some plays for JO, that will make the C's the complete all around threat. He can easily average 12 points against whoever the Miami plays at the 5 these days…

      • Morpheus

        That was good. I totally counted Shaq out for the entire playoffs, however he's able to play against Miami and from there on out, it totally changes our offense. Rondo attacks more with Shaq on the court too.

  • Celtics Freak

    Hopefull the Sixers can keep pushing it and give us more time for Shaq to fully recover and so our AGED players can get some R&R

  • greenman

    You gave props to the knicks for not rolling over? Got to be kidding me. You can give props to Anthony Carter for not rolling over, but the team? COme, they sucked, they played uninspired for all of game three and all but 5 min of game 4. No props from this Celtics fan. They were pathetic.

    On another note, GO GREEN! Glad to see the bench coming in and extending the lead in the first half! That was awesome. Even though Green's plus or minus didn't show it, I thought he put out a pretty good game. Glad to see him hitting the boards.

    JO is playing Great!

    KG still a STUD!

    We are soo lucky to have a guy like Ray on our team. Did you see his 3 point attempts for the series? HOly SHIT, unbelievable. 17-26 for 65%!!! STAY HOT RAY!

    Glad to have ROndo back!

    • Robert

      Ray hitting shots is definitely key against Miami. Wade is going to score on Ray by virtue of being a superior athlete – not much Ray can do about that. But Ray can make Wade work equally as hard on the defensive end by running him off screen after screen. The hotter Ray is from deep, the more plays we run for him. The more plays we run for Ray, the more energy Wade has to burn chasing him around. The more energy Wade expends on the defensive end, the less he'll have to hurt the Celtics on the offensive end.

      • NHBluesMan

        and therefore, the more LeBron tries to do it himself, and the more Miami's offense becomes stagnant and shuts down, especially if KG gives Bosh the pounding i expect him to. Even though he's much older, i'd take KG over Bosh any day of the week and twice on Sundays

  • stephen

    Well it also looks like another big man out of the way. When Orlando goes down without having to worry about Howard —things are looking even better. Who's left—-Noah? —–Give me a break

    • Dan

      There's also this team from SoCal that has quite a few skilled tall guys. One of them even has his own TV show!

      • stephen

        @Dan==Sorry. let me clarify. I was referring to what would be left in the Eastern Conference.

      • someguyinsac

        They weren't skilled enough tonight in Louisiana though.

        • james patrick

          i feel like we're better off with the magic winning. i think the bulls will handle the hawks pretty easily, almost guaranteeing a meeting with the bulls

    • Dan

      Ya, its true that the Celtics are kind of lucky in not having to face any imposing front lines until the Finals. The Heat are actually a good match-up for us – as good as you could hope for a team with two of the best players on the planet.

      The Bulls don't really scare me – Rondo will do as good a job on Rose as anyone in the league and Garnett will eat up Boozer, who would probably disappear on his own anyways.

      The best – realistic – matchup from the west for us is probably OKC. Don't really have to worry about their starting center scoring, and as much as I like Ibaka, Garnett still gets the nod over him. The only awful matchups would be LA or Memphis.

      The more I think about it, I hope we do get a Celtics-Thunder finals.

  • DRJ1

    Congrats to the Cs and everyone here. We kept the faith, and so did they.

    (Looks like Magic are headed for an ignominious 1st-round elimination. How would ATL fare vs. CHI? Where will Howard end up? This is a fun, fun playoff season!)

  • Byrdman

    Can someone explain the scenarios for when the C's next game will be?

    • Dan

      Haven't seen the schedule yet. They won't release it until the Heat-Sixers is over. My guess is that its a bit more complicated than just setting the dates because the league doesn't "know" who has home court in Round 2.

    • I_Love_Green

      Most likely next weekend.

  • stephen

    Looks like the Easter bunny left us all something extra this year. A Faker loss. This turned out to be one heck of a day !!!!!!


    NOOOOOOOO!!!! I can't watch C's until next week!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just posted some thoughts on the series…I know these self-promotional blog comments are really damn annoying, but feel free to check it out if you want.

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