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As tempted as I was to just put up Friday night’s box score for this section, that was just a little too easy. Instead, I decided to do some research after watching that masterpiece the Truth put together in Madison Square Garden. Was that the best performance of his postseason career, (numbers wise) I wondered as number 34 buried jumper after jumper?

Not quite, but it’s closer than you think. While the Game 7 2008 shootout with LeBron may linger the freshest in people’s mind, let’s turn the clock back a bit further. Back to the good old days, when five-game series reigned supreme in the first round. The year was 2002. The Celtics hadn’t won a playoff series in more than a decade, but were led by the two-headed monster of Pierce and Antoine Walker against the defending Eastern Conference champions Philadelphia 76ers.

A back and forth shootout turned into a flat out rout by the midway point of the 4th quarter as the Sixers just had no chance against the former Kansas star. 46 points. 8-of-10 shooting from downtown! 16-of-25 overall. Just flat out filthy stuff by Pierce as the C’s cruised 120-87 and started their run to the Eastern Conference Finals.

And now we get to the dirty little secret of the Celtics Championship chances this year. With Friday night’s effort, Pierce put together what was easily the second best performance of his postseason career…..in a mere 33 minutes of action. The guy is healthy, motivated, and arguably playing better in all aspects of the game than any other time in his NBA career.

Last year, the Celtics made a historic run, but Pierce still wasn’t completely healthy in the playoffs. He had been battling a variety of disclosed and undisclosed (stress fracture in foot) injuries all year. This year? All those dunks? That’s a sign of a healthy cat, who is shooting and rebounding just about as well as ever. And that’s why I refuse to count this team out as one of the top contenders out there for another NBA Title. Let everyone else sleep on this team right now. The Celtics have more than their fair share of problems right now, but they also have Pierce.

For now though, enjoy this montage of highlights from Game 5 as a nice warmup to this afternoon’s showdown. Also ten CelticsHub points if you can name the color analyst that’s not John Thompson in the video for TNT that night.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • DJ Reggie Beas

    Is the commentator Danny Ainge?

    • Chris O

      Yes saying he had Pierce in his top 3 in the draft and still can't believe Pierce dropped to 10th

    • I'm surprised he's able to spell Pierce's name right here out there right now this year hyperbole burp diction yawn. If he was a freshman writing on a high school paper, he'd be sort of impressive.

      • Chris O

        Haha! Nick not only are you an idiot, but on top of that no one likes you!!!

  • Robert

    Looking at that box score really puts Pierce's longevity in perspective.

    From the Sixers roster, only Raja Bell and Tony Battie are still in the league.

    Nobody, other then Pierce, is still in the league from the Celtics roster.

    Pierce is, amazingly, still doing what he did back 2002.

    • Chris O

      Tony Battie was a Celtic homie. Back in the Eric Williams, Walter McCarty days

      • Batman

        My boy Tony Delk! Traded Joe Johnson for this man

    • Kedrick Brown!

      /Can't believe Chris Wallace is still doing what he does circa 2002, only now his shit is working

  • rtifishul

    Oh man, the Truth was on fire! 16/25?!!! Can you imagine if he'd taken 40 shots? He would've been in the 60s!!

  • Chris O

    No for part of it Danny Ainge is commentating, he is saying he is shocked Pierce fell to 10

  • DJ Reggie Beas

    The play-by-play guy is Kevin Harlen, but Danny Ainge did color with John Thompson

    • Chris O

      Right, why are we still debating this CELTS are winning it all this year woohoo