Post-game Reactions

The chances of the Boston Celtics completing their first playoff sweep saw a bit of a boost Saturday afternoon with the news that A’mare Stoudemire is now considered doubtful to suit up for Game 4 Sunday afternoon due to a painful back injury: (Howard Beck of New York Times)

“You can always further injure an injury,” Stoudemire said after receiving treatment while his teammates practiced. “It’s a strained back muscle. So there’s a chance of straining it more; there’s a chance of overcompensating and having another injury. So there’s definitely some risks of playing with a strained back. And I’m not sure we want to take that risk right now when we have such a great future ahead of us.”

Stoudemire hurt himself in warm-ups Tuesday night, when he slapped the backboard with his left hand while dunking with his right. It is a move Stoudemire has made many times, but this time he felt a pull.

Doctors said this type of injury usually takes three to four weeks to heal.

“It has to be better,” to play on Sunday, Stoudemire said. “I knew last night I wasn’t 100 percent. It wasn’t 50 percent last night. And I was pretty much in pain the whole game, from start to finish.”

If Stoudemire cannot play, Shawne Williams will probably start in his place, leaving the Knicks with two bench players in the lineup. Toney Douglas has started the last two games in place of Chauncey Billups (knee), who also will not be back Sunday.

Douglas, who has struggled as the point guard, is also dealing with a sore right shoulder. Ronny Turiaf, the Knicks’ starting center, is playing with sore knees.

Give credit to A’mare for gutting it out in Game 3 but the quotes above sounds like those of a defeated man. And with a bunch of other nagging excuses injuries popping up, the Celtics will be well served to go in tomorrow with a killer instinct and give themselves a full week of preparation needed for them to dispatch the Miami Heat.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Batman

    Mu Hahahahahahahahaha

  • diehardceltic

    I honestly feel bad for Amare…..I watched him grimace during the post game and you could tell he was in a lot of pain….that been said, the C's should come ready for business and close this thing out!!!!

    And go Indiana!!! They are really giving the bulls a run for their money!

    • MikeD

      He actually was moving around pretty good on the floor. This reminds me of LeBron last year with his elbow. Playing up an injury as an excuse when you are really just getting your butt kicked. It's sad, really.

      • Batman

        Wow…..people still are irrationally hating on Lebron for the elbow thing

        • MikeD

          Irrationally? He made the injury up. You don't think it's crazy for him to shoot a free throw left handed yet he was still able to play the next game? He did it so the media would give him an excuse for losing and it worked.

          • Batman

            How do u possibly know he made the injury up? Your just assuming he did and everyone agrees cause you all hate him for no reason. And did he ever go "Oh gee my elbow is making us lose to the Celtics"

          • SeanMatthews

            Eh i was thinking about this the other day… it seems to me like he was being immature and foolish, if he was actually injured. Who plays with an injury that is going to effect them so badly they have to shoot with the opposite hand? If that was the case, it was bravado that hurt your team. But that's assuming Lebron wanted to win real bad. Lebron's actions during that series were really confusing.

            You could say he was playing through the elbow injury in order to win, and that a Lebron with a busted elbow was still better than most of that roster. But those last few games, Lebron all but disappeared. He wasn't hustling like he's capable of, he wasn't closing out on shooters, and he wasn't willing his team to win. So, how does THAT make sense with all of it? It seems like he was just being a foolish young guy.

            It's not hate. It's looking at that situation and wondering: If he was hurting that bad, why did he play? It clearly hurt his team. And if he was playing through it because he wanted to win so poorly, why did he half-heartedly show up for the rest of the series? Either the elbow thing was played up bigger than it was, or he has some maturing to do. Or both. And he's supposed to be a player like MJ, Bird, and Larry, and the rest of the greats.

          • MP!

            Probably because they had no chance if he didn't play.

            I never thought he looked hurt in the series, though. Just not aggressive.

          • MikeD

            you know nothing

      • Jmt

        He was moving, but he wasn't jumping, that's for sure. He was clearly very limited.

        • Yeah, whatever happened to LeBron last year, I think Amar'e's injury is much more severe, and certainly much more limiting. Hopefully he can come back…next year. 🙂

    • Dan

      I feel bad for Amare in general. He had "his" team, that was exciting and winning some games they shouldn't have. Now he's a distant second option – barely even touching the ball in crunch time.

      • MikeD

        I agree. Melo is a ballhog. As Mike Gorman has said several times, "I would never want him on my team"

  • I think he's exaggerating it. He looked pretty much fine in Game 3, KG is just giving him a hard time. I don't doubt he's got an injury, but who says "Oh I wont play the deciding game in case I injure myself further", so poor. When has a back injury lasted 6 months anyway, he'll be fine whatever he does it's just spasms/a pull. Man up Amar'e.
    And the Knicks are a lesser threat with an injured Amar'e on the floor. He's slow on D, keeps us on our toes when he's on offense, and stops Carmelo going off like he did in Game 2.

  • Guest

    As long as they don't come into the game like they've already won, they'll sweep this no problem.

    I think the biggest threat in the east now for the C's is the Heat, taking into account how the Bulls have been playing against the Pacers. They struggled through all of the 3 games they won and lost the one today. They might close the series tomorrow, but I think the Bulls are looking pretty weak right now. Hopefully the Hawks or Magic can take care of them in the next round.

    • kricky

      The Bulls are still a huge threat. But we should take note of the way Indy has been D-ing them up, trapping Rose and clogging the lane when he drives.

      I'm sure Doc and the staff are on top of it.

  • steveb

    Maybe the Pacers have shown the blueprint for how to slow them down

  • Larry Bird's back that spent the night in traction in the hospital the night before the playoff game against Indiana in 1991 says HELLO

    • Haha. That's just unfair. Nobody compares favorably to Larry Legend.

      • SeanMatthews

        Well that, and look at where it landed Larry even the year after that. Amar'e is thinking ahead on this one.

    • MikeD


  • WTF

    The more games played, the bigger chance a major player will get hurt. If Rose injures his ankle again, the Bulls are out. The same goes for the Cs. Sweep and rest.

    • rondeezy

      true, the celtics are 1 injury away from going home early

      • rondeezy

        and also look at last year, the celtics didnt take care of the magic in 4, 5 games and in the sixth game a lot of celtics got injured even if it was kind of minor

      • MikeD

        i cannot stand how this criticism is always leveled agaisnt the celtics because they are older. The same goes for any contender. so get real

      • Dan

        What contending team isn't? Every top team has 2 or 3 guys, who if they go down, would drop them from contention.

        None of the big three has been all that injury prone – just one bad for Garnett. I'd be much more concerned about Bynum/Boozer/Wade before anyone on the Celtics, all of whom are frequently hurt.

  • Janos

    4 games in the row. Then is time for big party at Janos house. Make turkey and have a sweep.

    • Is CelticsHub invited?

  • Chris

    Regardless of if he's able to go or not, announcing ahead of time that he isn't going to play with the pain is all but a concession speech.

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