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This was the kind of game Celtics fans were expecting all along.  The Knicks took a few punches early on and then didn’t feel the need to play defense with the same fervor they did in Games 1 and 2.  Perhaps the Knicks enjoyed feeding off the Boston crowd.  Maybe they figured the first playoff game in Madison Square Garden in 10 years would have been enough to get them going.

Not the case.

The Knicks didn’t break double digits until 2:47 left in the first quarter.  Considering the Knicks only chance to beat the Celtics rests on the the prospect of out-scoring them, you can call the first quarter a bad omen for the Knickerbockers.

The Knicks defense was so bad tonight, Paul Pierce looked like he was playing against New Jersey circa 2002.  Just look at Pierce’s shot chart:

It makes you wonder how many points Pierce could have averaged with Rajon Rondo feeding him the ball in his prime (his prime prime).  Speaking of Rondo, he had 20 assists tonight, a Celtics playoff record (assuming I heard the telecast correctly.  I’ll look it up tomorrow). The Celtics just dominated the perimeter tonight.  They Celtics’ backcourt played so well, their big men and bench didn’t even need to show up.  Just look at the box score for the starters:

All astronomical +/- numbers.  And now look at the bench:

Still really struggling.  Alas.

Enjoy this one Celtics fans.  Games like this don’t come around too often.  For the playoffs, they are pretty much the equivalent of seeing a Unicorn or Bigfoot in the wild (as opposed to domesticated unicorns and bigfoots, which are very prevalent).

Mike will be around later with more analysis, for now: CELEBRATION.

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    Q1 was the Captain, The Truth,  Paul Pierce, 
    Not too early to say this guy is fierce.
    At one point Cs' turnovers and field goals matched, 
    Clearly not any plays the coaches hatched.

    Ray Allen for three, for three, for three, 
    Gotta say what a beautiful sight to see!
    He had 16 points first half, 17 for Paul,
    Finally Ray got to touch the ball.

    Stoudemire was out there, his back seemed okay, 
    Though he struggled with his shots, never made a play.
    Wish the Cs bench was even close or the same, 
    As the Knicks'–they kept 'em in the game.

    Ray Allen for three, for three start Q3
    Not to be outdone, Pierce same line has he.
    Taking charges, some good blocks, points for J O'Neal
    He is settling in, starting to get the Celtics' feel.

    Remember the "old days," I mean '07-'08,
    When our defense was stellar, our third Qs great?
    Had that feeling tonight, the starters worked hard,
    All the Cs' offense the Knicks couldn't guard.

    Knicks' 9-2 run started Q4,
    It just seems the Cs' bench cannot score.
    Pierce didn't like what he did see, 
    So he hit a two and then a three.

    15, 11,  20 and 2
    Wow, look at what our Rondo did do!
    Points, rebounds, assists, more than one steal, 
    He is proving, at last, that he's the real deal.

    Record assists for Rondo, tying record for Ray,
    He had eight threes, but Pierce led the way.
    4 of 16 shooting, Melo had a rough night,
    The Knicks just couldn't get anything right.

    Baby finally scored, under two minutes to go, 
    Murphy got his first minutes, Wafer joined the show.
    With 1:29 left, the camera found Spike,
    He looked miserable, gave up and took a hike!

    Right from Q1 the Cs looked alive,
    The Knicks never got close, never closer than five.
    Combined for 70 points, Pierce and Ray,
    Plus Rondo's triple-double, what a glorious day!

    Can't give this up today, it must be said, 
    With 8 threes, Ray of Reggie is 67 ahead.

    • Janos

      Is too long.

      • I know, but there was so much good stuff to cover!!

    • greenman

      deleted my comment? really?

      • greenman

        nevermind… wierd.

  • Man. Ray was a +30?? That's insane. And yeah, the telecast said it was a franchise record. I'm seriously feeling so much better about life at the moment.

    Let's hope the Celtics aren't, and they are ready to close this thing out in Game 4!

  • Batman
    • Janos

      Sabres win batman!

  • Dan

    I'm glad we traded our starting center for 25 minutes of horrific bench play. Thanks Danny!

    • Man, can we be cheerful for a night? Fun game, let's save the Danny curses for a night when the bench costs us the game.

    • MP!

      It's not Green's fault that Baby and Delonte didn't do a single thing.

    • Batman

      stop your bitching
      honestly beating a dead horse isn't gonna do anything
      also if u think Danny is a bad GM for one bad move (that hasn't even been proven as a bad move yet)
      then you needa get out

    • cml

      If you're going to gripe about the trade after that kind of performance, you should find another team to root for.

      Just a great, great game. Tore the heart out of the Knicks. Awesome.

    • Mariya

      Wow, we just demolished the Knicks, and you're sitting here talking about Perk. Give. It. Up.

  • I_Love_Green

    My goodness what a joy that was to watch. Playoff Rondo is my favorite player, I love when Ray is getting his shots, and its obvious the Knicks cannot handle the Truth.

    Bench obviously still bad. Greenie looked better, but Delonte and Baby looked worse. What has happened to Big Baby?? He was sooo good early in the year. Then his play slowly got worse in the second half of the season, and its still going down in the playoffs. Someone's gotta talk to that Baby and get his confidence up, and get his play up. We need him playing well to make a run at the title.

    • diehardceltic

      Baby seriously needs to lose some weight, half the time he is sleep walking when everyone is running and he looks just winded……can Ray like hold a clinic on how to take care of your body…like seriously!

      • Chris O

        Honestly I agree, it looked like baby has gained weight recently

    • jeffery6803

      baby is reliant on playing with all stars when he has to come of the bench and be the guy this is what you get

  • Ryan DeGama

    Whether it's mental or physical, Delonte still doesn't look right.

    • I bleed Green

      Was thinkin the same thing tonight, just a few weeks ago felt lucky to have him back, now he looks terrified to get the ball…

      • Chris O

        Yea there is something wrong, when he gets the ball he is scared of it and almost refuses to shoot

    • Steve B

      It's tough when we compare Rondo's production to Delonte. Rondo almost never has a defender within 10 feet of him. Delonte had guys right up on him making him work. He still should be doing more but there is definitely a different game plan in place against him.

  • I bleed Green

    Don't recall ever seeing 2 guys so on fire, incredible! On the flip side, way too many turnovers, and the bench, ugh! Green's got some some offensive skills, he just has no confidence in his game! His defense? Offensive. Krstic gives us literally nothing, it's a good thing Jermaine is playing more, Doc has no choice. Have no idea how this team can advance past next round with nothing from the bench.

  • talesofJP

    On a positive note, if Shaq ever does come back and he or JO comes off the bench, then at least the bench can give us something. PP and Ray won't be able to go completely off like that against Wade and LBJ but we should have the inside advantage against the Heat. Hoping the Indiana and Philly can make the Bulls and Heat work a little more to win those series

  • someguyinsac

    Great win and Murphy got to pop his playoff cherry.

    • Batman

      He lay there and took it like a man

      • Janos

        Is like same for prison

  • Janos

    Is good post brayden. Sweep time and big party at janos house. Drink a beer and make fun for round two miami.

  • I_Love_Green

    I'm just praying Baby/Delonte/Green start giving us something off the bench. We'll need them for the Heat. and there's no way we beat them without some sort of a bench.

    • greenman

      Agreed, but the one good thing about the Heat is that they are seriously lacking a bench as well. Our bench has a more potential to play better and have seen it in the past. Green West and Baby are all slumping from thier normal play (taking into account Green's OKC years).

  • Batman

    Rondo has passed John H. in the rankings for ALL TIME POSTSEASON TRIP DUBS AT THE AGE OF 25
    incredible only took him 4 years http://www.sportscity.com/nba/nba-all-time-triple

  • Janos

    My son have picture of sister on nighttable. I will replace with rondo if make sweep. Where get rondo poster? Rondo in suit not jersey. No topless. Thank you.

    • Enter text right here!

    • Batman

      haha dude you're hilarious

      • Janos

        Thank you crusader caped

    • kricky

      Ön az igazi?

  • So my dad knows nothing about basketball, but he sits down in front of the tv in the 3rd and 2minutes later:

    "The knicks are terrible. Just awful."

    • Janos

      Is post from isiah son. ^

      • someguyinsac

        You're on a roll tonight Janos! =)

  • kricky

    NO need to talk about the trade tonight. Let's give our boys their due for a great performance. It's Party time!

    And hats off to the Cap for setting the tone early in this one. You could tell he wanted to respond to Melo's 42 and he came out on fire.

    • cml

      I think he also wanted to just kill the crowd early and not let them get back into the game at all. Was good to see.

  • Boston should absolutely give Shaq another game off. NO reason to waste him on a game that we could win by playing without him, especially when there's a good chance it'll be up and down the whole game.

    • cml

      Agreed. I suspect that this win pretty much takes any chance of Shaq appearing in this series out of play.

      Even if the Knicks were to somehow win Game 4 – which I don't expect them to do – the Cs would close it out in 5, and can give Shaq another week or so to try and heal.

      I dunno if we'll see him or not in the playoffs, but no reason to push it against this team.

    • greenman

      That was the plan from day one. Bet he would have played tonight if we dropped one or two in boston.

  • I_Love_Green

    If we sweep them, think of all those days off until round 2.

    Get some rest for the oldies (mainly Shaq), and find a way to get the bench going.

    • Janos

      Then rondo can go play outfield. Can not do worse than big carl right?

    • Zain

      Green, do you know how much time off? If Miami and Boston end it in 4, is it a week off for both?

      • Last year they started pretty quick if both teams were ready. If that happens here, it will be pretty disappointing.

      • I_Love_Green

        If we both sweep, we'll most likely play next weekend.

  • Zee

    This is the stat: Rondo became the 7th player in NBA history to have 6 playoff triple doubles. And he is the 1st with 20 asssists in a playoffs since Magic Johnson back in1991 during the Finals.

    Great game tonight. But I'm concerned about our bench. They are our only weakness, and need to step up their game. Doc promptly took them out and had to put our starters back in. Not good. The need rest.

  • Morpheus

    Don't wanna say i told you so, but i told ya Melo won't be THAT HOT all series.

    • Morpheus

      If we were the Warriors he would be…

  • johnschaffer

    they played awsome tonight , i think the starters playing the game like they did tonight. awsome really , but the bench wow , besides green they suck !!!!!!!!!!! i still think big baby ate his way out of being a 6 th man ,,hes a big blob now

    • greenman

      Baby is obviously suffering from an injury. Not sure what, but they gave him and West the day off on THursday, so there's something going on there.

  • greenman

    A lot less guys jumping off the bandwagon after tonight. Still think we don't have championship potential? It's the green machine baby! Watch OUT!

    Great game, looked amazing! Bench looked better the second half but still work to do. They'll get better. It's great the the team finally has the time to practice, it obviously pays off. How bad was the knicks defense?? Seriously, they should be ashamed. The team played with zero heart. So glad our guys aren't like that.

    Looks like we won't be seeing shaq on sunday. Fine with me. Rest the big fella! Love the way pierce steps it up in NY.

  • DRJ1

    No need to sweep. In fact, I suggest they START THE BENCH in game 4. They sure need the practice — and who cares if they have to win it in Boston? Our 2nd unit has got to get together soon…. Round 2 is going to be a LOT tougher than this one. So let the bench work out their kinks with 30-35 minutes of PT. Might help.

    Think of it this way: we recognize that our bench needs more practice, so we'll give them most of game 4 for that purpose. Heat aren't going anywhere.

    And if it's close in the end, you can always put the starters in to seal the deal.

    • greenman

      THey need to practice on coming off the bench and being effective in limited minutes. No point to give them extended minutes. Doesn't make sense.

  • greenman

    Melo is a joke. D'Antonio new it and sat his ass for quite awhile.

  • MikeD

    Definitely going to say I told you so to all of the haters and negative commenters on here the past few weeks/couple of months. People were saying we were done, we should trade Rondo, etc etc. I remember specifically responding to someone who was calling for Rondos head "Just wait until he is dropping monster triple doubles in peoples faces and see If you still want to trade him then." Well, here we are.

    • james patrick

      For me personally it's just more about being realistic. I love my C's and we're hardest on the ones we love. I'd never trade Rondo. BBD? Now that's another story.

      Today was a thing of beauty. If we play like that 13 more games, Title #18 is as good as ours!

  • qqq

    Let's hope nobody expects Pierce and Allen to go 14 of 18 from deep every night. Definitely got the bounces there tonight. On the other hand, if the refs hadn't gone into "let's keep this close" mode by the second quarter, I wonder how big the final difference would have been.

    • Robert

      Pierce and Allen won't shoot that well every night, but it's not like they hit 14 crazy fade-away 30-footers with two hands in their face. I don't think I saw any "hero" shots, as Doc likes to call them. Pierce got his preferred step-in, barely-any-jump threes. Allen got his preferred run-off-a-screen, corner threes.

      Point is, the Celtics got the shots they wanted, and if the Heat/Bulls/any team give our wings those kinds of shots, they WILL hit a lot of them.