Post-game Reactions

Here’s today’s must read piece.

Actually, it was yesterday’s must read piece but I only got to it this morning.

Alan Siegel’s Deadspin story tells the tale of the two suburban white guys who befriended Kendrick Perkins and…. actually, just read this excerpt. It should hook you, but good:

That summer Justin phoned Perk — obsessively. At one point, Brian asked Justin how many times he’d called. “Ten,” Justin responded. “This week.” Garnett’s arrival had them a little worried about future access to the team, and to Perk. Would it evaporate? Their fears subsided a bit when they got word that they were allowed at media day, again. They came prepared this time, churning out more on-camera interviews. Brian even made sure to bring along a limited edition Perk is a Beast onesie for Perk’s newborn son, Kendrick Perkins II. (Perk later returned the favor by giving Brian, whose own son was born around the same time as Little Ken, an entire box of outgrown baby clothes.) Perk told Brian and Justin to come over later. That night they ate Funyuns and talked basketball for four hours.

Perk began to treat Justin as a sort of little brother. Every so often, he’d take Justin out to dinner after games. They’d go to Strega in Boston’s North End. The first time, Justin was afraid to order too much — or too little. “Just get what I get,” Perk told him. That turned out to be a two-pound lobster, fettuccine alfredo, and a whole chicken. Justin ate leftovers for days.

He looked up to Perk. They got their hair cut together. (“Give him the Pat Riley,” Perk told the barber when his protégé sat down in the chair. The first thing Justin’s mother said when she saw him afterward was, “Oh my god.”) They talked about women. Once Perk invited Justin to sleep over. Justin had been away at college, and Perk just wanted to catch up. Still, Justin was shocked.

“Why not?” Perk said. “You’re family.”

Check the link up top for the whole story.

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  • Sweeney

    My admiration for the big guy increases still. This article on top of reading about a hard foul in last nights game that set the tone for a victory has me a lil' nostalgic. PERK IS A BEAST

    • Robert

      Every article I see about the Thunder is usually has something about how Perkins has added toughness to the team or helped them control the boards. There was a great article I read that detailed how Perk's ability to body up centers has freed up Ibaka to absolutely dominate as a help defender.

  • Dan

    Even if they win it all this year – which they won't – Ainge has to go.

    • cml

      Oh, absolutely. Let's bring back the days of Tony Delk, Mark Blount, Vin Baker, Kenny Anderson, and Vitaly Potapenko. I miss those teams.

      Seriously, people's ability to overreact to one move is impressive.

      • james patrick

        the day perk was traded, there was a major outcry from cetlics fans across the country. ainge deserves credit where credit is do. he helped bring together the big three. great. but that was 3 years and 4 seasons ago. now he gets credit for destroying our chances at a title this year. i really hope i'm wrong, but i'm not.

    • Batman

      People have to realize
      Whatever happens

      • Tom W

        Agreed. I hate HATE the fact we traded Perk, but Ainge is a good GM. Perk was a mistake, but Ainge has made so many decent moves, I think it would be extremely foolish to panic and fire him.

  • james patrick

    Why do you post stuff like this? Then we all get into an argument about it all. Breaks my heart Perk is not wearing green. That trade cost us a title. Maybe you all don't want to believe that but it's the truth. I'm tired of this talk about trading for the future? Well the future doesn't include jeff green or NO NADS krstnic. This blog has to be the only place were people just don't want to face reality.

    As far as Ainge goes. yes, he brought us a title. But the future is now. We should be playing for now, not tomorrow. Our team is aging. Sure Ray is having the best year of his life, but next year is still next year. I say if Larry Legend is available we snatch him up.

    • CG12

      It is funny you mention Larry Legend, because the fate of the original Big 3 is illustrative of what can happen if you ride your horses too long and don't plan enough for the future, which will indeed come some day. Larry and McHale broke down and the Cs were left with jack, sending them into a prolonged tailspin, which was significantly exacerbated by the deaths of Lenny Bias and Reggie Lewis.

      Saying people won't face reality because they won't agree with your belief that the "trade cost us a title" is wayyy over the top. Sticking with Perk was surely the less risky move, in the short term. But I'm not convinced that having Perk right now, instead of Green and Krstic, would meaningfully improve the team's chances of winning the title. I am convinced that the team is better positioned for the future than it was previously. Reasonable minds can differ.

      You did NOT just call him "No Nads" Krstic. Oh, snap.

  • mugi

    perk will be my reason for watching thunder games. perk is a beast!

  • As fate would have it, I'm likely moving to OKC next month. So would it be wrong of me to buy a Perkins Thunder jersey while still supporting the C's?

    • Batman

      Buy a Harden jersey! Guy is a stud

      • james patrick

        Not at all. Perk will always be a Celtic in my eyes. Nothing wrong with supporting a player as long as you're not rooting against the C's.

    • Definitely not. I own a Timberwolves jersey I wear to all the Minnesota games I attend that aren't against the Celtics. As long as you cheer for Boston when they play OKC, you are fine. 🙂

  • kricky

    What a class act. I wish all the Best to the Beast. He is on a great young team with a shining future. I'll definitely be pulling for those guys in the West.

  • Ray Ray for 3

    Larry Bird said when he takes a 100 shots, he makes 95 of them. I say we go after Larry Legend in the offseason too.

  • I_Love_Green

    Perk is too likeable. Especially when he's on your squad.

  • WTF

    The Cs should have kept Chris Johnson instead of signing Murphy. Johnson is playing a key role in Q4 of game 3 between Portland and Dallas and he's playing so well.

    • kricky

      My thoughts exactly. We could use a little youth and athleticism.

  • I_Love_Green

    Yeah I've been impressed by Johnson this game. Much better than Murph.

  • Herb

    This story made me like Perk even more, and it also made me immensely sad that he's no longer a Celtic. Regardless of where he goes, though, I'll always be a Perk fan- great player and a great guy.