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The face of Kevin Garnett calling that timeout will live in Celtics’ playoff lore forever.  It was just another moment in a string of potential mind-etchers that will soon be forgotten.  Jared Jeffries (of all people) making the go-ahead bucket with  20 seconds to play?  Already forgotten.  Carmelo Anthony actually making the right plays down the stretch and hitting the open man after absorbing the double team?  Can’t remember. The Knicks getting offensive rebound after offensive rebound to give themselves extra chances? Meaningless.  Garnett’s backdown of Jeffries to hit the game winner? Ancillary.  Defense wins championships and Garnett’s deflection and subsequent gobble-up of that loose ball brought the Celtics one rung closer.

Hayes will be here shortly for more analysis but there are just a few bullets points I need to get off my chest:

  • Say what you want about Carmelo Anthony but his performance tonight was stuff of legend.  With New York down two of its best players, Anthony almost single-handedly won the game.
  • Rajon Rondo can’t shoot, but that doesn’t mean he can’t score or be elite.
  • Jeff Green: 12 minutes, 5 fouls, and one big three point shot.  Might be enough.
  • The Knicks shot 35.6% from the field and lost by three.  That cannot happen again.
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  • someguyinsac

    2 down, 14 to go.

    At this rate though, I'll have an ulcer long before then.

    • Mike

      ahah I feel you on that one. But hey think about the great feeling once we get the 14 remaining.

      • someguyinsac

        As long as it's not from a hospital bed, it'd be an awesome feeling.

    • diehardceltic

      How about a heart attack!!!! Keeping in mind I have no health insurance…smh! #allfortheloveofceltics!

    • Tom W

      True story: I'm going to be hospitalized tomorrow for ulcers in my colon. Believe me, these last two games have not felt good on my stomach. Haha.

      • someguyinsac

        Ouch! Hope the physical pains and the team pains are gone for you by game 3.

  • Janos

    With no chauncey and amare celtic will be favourite to win this series. Also up two games now.

    • someguyinsac

      If we had beaten them handily tonight I'd agree, but we didn't and gave their other players hope for the next game.

      • Zee

        Agreed. But being down two can also have a psychological affect on them. Hopefully it does.

    • CsFanInVT

      those two guys could have been on the court tonite, and the c's probably still would have won. only one guy can shoot, and melo put up just about every shot. hell, maybe amare or billups miss some of the shots melo made…

      • Batman

        yeah basketball isn't played in a vacuum
        u can't just put Billups and Amare in the game and say that they would have won
        melo went lebron on us and it was close

    • Moxie

      That's kind of scary. We don't seem to do so well when we're the favorites.

  • Batman

    I feel very good
    VERY entertaining basketball

    • I_Love_Green

      You enjoy Playoff Rondo's perfomance?

      • Batman

        I enjoy all Rondo
        but yes I love Playoff Rondo

        • kricky

          Happy for you Batman! I think the NY Knicks are just what the doctor ordered to get him out of his late season funk.

  • kricky

    Love that we are up 2-0.

    Hate how we rebounded the ball tonight.

    We clean up the boards and Gino (and maybe even Murphy) make an appearance tonight.

  • I_Love_Green

    God damn Carmelo. He was the main reason this game was close. The other main reason was because we couldn't grab a fucking rebound. With 2 days off, Doc should run a 2 hour practice that consists of only rebounding drills.

    But I love Rondo, and I love Ray, and I love Pierce, and I love KG. NOBODY else had a big impact on the game besides these 4.

    • Zee

      Baby played some good D. As well as JO. Green needs to do a better job defensively, especially on Melo. Which I don't recommend anymore. But I still appreciated his energy and effort.

      • I_Love_Green

        I agree in the 4th quarter Baby's defense was solid. He was good at getting that double team, and then getting back to his own guy quick enough so the double wouldn't hurt us.

  • doug smallons

    Dont see why anyone is happy. We barely beat a team missing two starters while at home. We almost lost playing 5 on 1. Bench gave us almost nothing, Green is a joke, West didn't do much of anything, and someone PLEASE explain why we are playing Big Baby at the five in crunch time. The guy is under sized for a 4 and we are playing him at the 5? He cant defend athletic fours or big fives. At 6'6/6'7 and thrown in he can barely jump over a shoebox, he can't rebound or block shots either.

    • Zee


    • I_Love_Green

      We're happy we're up 2-0.

      Would you rather have it be 1-1, and LOSE to the team missing 2 starters while at home?

      • Mike

        Exactly, what's important is the W. nobody cares that it was ugly, by one or 30 as long as we, the Celtics, win. 14 to go this year. Lets get them Celtics!

        • Zee

          Both of you clearly missed the point. Of course we're happy with the win, but not with performance. Doc said the same thing after the game. Guess you want to give him a thumbs down too, hunh? Smh… whatever.

          • I_Love_Green

            I said happy we're up 2-0. Never sad happy about the performance.

          • Mike

            Yep me neither. Rebounding was crap.

    • Chris O

      I'm Happy becuz we are up 2-0. And could be down 0-2. Game one the Knicks played close to the best B-Ball they can, were up 12 at half and lost. Game 2 Melo scored at will and they lost. Both games the C's executed down the stretch and got the stops they needed. Championship teams win these kinds of games….this is why I am happy.

      • Stan

        Actually in Game 1 the Knicks were off their game significantly. Melo contributed nothing. If both Amare and Melo play well, the Celtics are going to have a tough time.

    • Far East Man

      I agree here… I dunno why JO wasn't in during crunch time. Jeez!

  • Zee

    Glad we won, but we're gonna have to play a lot better if we want to win the next two games IN NEW YORK.

    • Chris O

      maybe, maybe not, Knicks can't play much better. Melo isn't going to score like this every night and even with Amar'e and Big Shot all that does is take shots away from Melo

  • rondeezy

    safe to say melo wont go for 42 and 17 again in this series. i wish amar'e stayed in the game, he played like shit in the first half and he definitely would have taken some touches from melo who scored at will. anyways we fuckin escaped! now its time to get a double digit victory in game 3 in new york

    • Bob S.

      He played like shit b/c he hurt his back in warmups

  • Paul

    Great win…any playoff win is a great win thats why I'm happy. Still got some improving to do but its not going to be easy. The Bulls are struggling with the Pacers and the lakers lost game 1 so its not just the Celtics. Two days off will help and C's are buying more time for Shaq to get back with these wins…
    Go C's!

  • jimmy

    im getting really sick of big baby….it seems like whenever he gets in the game the team just starts playin like crap…..i dont get y we signed troy murphy when theres no chance of him even seeing a min of action

    • Celtics Freak

      Agreed, but not all the time, the team starts playing like crap because BBD always starts to shoo the ball, BBD cannot shoot the greatest, so we play like crap. BTW we signed Troy Murphy because we thought he would go back to the "good troy", but the way he played in those, what like 5 minutes total during the season, he didn't play as great as we thought he could

    • Yookemia

      Also, we signed Troy Murphy so that Miami couldn't get him (he was choosing b/w C's and Heat). I am inclined to agree with you, though – Murphy's taller, more experienced, and a better shooter. Baby has size, though, so he can push other people around more than Murphy can… perhaps Doc likes the physicality he brings to a team that is now Perk-less.

  • rtifishul

    It's really funny that people are still being negative after a win. Glen was hustling tonight, and it's not for nothing that Rivers has him out there in crunch time; the guy can ball. Rondo was great, I'm glad he penetrated as much as he did, and I especially liked that little post up move he did. These games are very important, because it gets our guys in a rhythm and I like that they've been close, because it makes us ready in close games down the line.

    • rondeezy

      as much as people are hating on baby for his defensive mistakes he made a HUGE putback after rondo missed the layup the people are overlooking. if it wasnt for that we would have been in a very tricky position down 3 points and the end results might not have been the same

    • Yookemia

      Rondo's post-up move was SICK. It was not only pretty to watch, but it put the C's up during a critical possession. What he lacks in range, he makes up for up-close.

  • strips

    not that i'm taking the knikcs for granted, but it's sort of hard to see the team winning against the heat with this kind of play (i'm assuming a lot here, of course). it's great that KG, RR and the rest of the starters bring it on both ends of the floor when they need it, but they sort of put themselves in that situation anyway. they lead by ten…twice, and then lost it. can't help but feel we just got lucky these past two games…then again, it has a lot to do with how the bench plays right?

    enough negativity…i'm just happy the guys are up 2-0…

    • greenman

      The heat aren't much better than the knicks. IF you remember, they finished the season off pretty strong, once the team started getting used to eachother. As for Miami, they are beating up on a crappy team, same story all year. Of course, they don't play as good against teams of equal and better quality. We're up 2-0 on a pretty damn good team.

    • James

      I agree. I just have the feeling that we were fortunate to have an experienced team. You can't leave James Jones or Eddie open to double team Wade and LBJ

      • Chris O

        You mean like you can't leave Douglas or Chauncey open to double Melo or S.T.A.T? I mean c'mon…Heat are a very good team but especially if Shaq is back by them we are a deeper team for a 7 game series.


    Rondo made his mark, hard push in Q1,
    14 points, career high, he must have had fun.
    Then in came our bench, thought they'd help–maybe,
    That reminds me–what is wrong with Big Baby?

    First half Ray for three, but total shots just four,
    That's no way to handle our guy who can score?
    Rondo was 7 of 12, Pierce mostly missed,
    If Rondo has tons of shots, then he's low in assists.

    The ball has to move, to Pierce, KG and Ray,
    No Stoudemire, no Billups, Cs must lead the way,
    In defense first, then scoring, let's go, 
    Let us not stand for the "'Melo Show."

    Pierce heated up Q3 to start,
    'Melo has to defend The Truth who's all heart.
    Ray Allen for three, Ray Allen for three,
    Aaaaah, always a beautiful sight to see.

    At last Jeff Green scores, a lovely three,
    Maybe now we know why he came from OKC.
    It's the Cs vs. 'Melo, he's alone on the court,
    He's got rebounds, and baskets and shots just short.

    Fifth foul on Jeff Green, Doc takes it up with the ref,
    At least no tech, as the ref played deaf.
    Q4 'Melo alone brings the Knicks within two,
    Two successive fouls for the hooking he likes to do.

    Halfway through Q4 the game is tied,
    As 'Melo made his run, I am sure the fans cried.
    Turiaf, then Rondo, then KG, then 'Melo,
    With so little help, he is quite a fellow.

    Rondo is doing it all, highest score in playoffs ever,
    He can run, he can shoot, our PG is very clever.
    KG is hustling, falling on the ground,
    For both teams in these playoffs a new gear is found.

    "Let me cover 'Melo…" was KG's cry
    "I've got him…" said Pierce, Doc says he's my guy.
    KG head's up play, "… time out, time out,"
    "Celtics ball, Celtics ball" the refs did shout.

    When will this end?? Still it must be said, 
    Of Reggie Ray is now 59 ahead.

    • Chris O

      You don't get credit for playoff 3's though

  • johnschaffer

    i am glad we won but i just wish doc play our bench a little more , i am glad maybe doc,,, or players talked to baby ,,,, and told him to quite shooting ????????????i hope so,,doc has a 7 footer on the bench in kristic who he play at center in 4th,, big baby who i like one guy said he cant jump over a shoe box or out rebound a 6 footer

    • Mike

      I didn't have a problem with his shooting because he stopped taking stupid jumpers. However he can't be playing out of position with loads of minutes at center. Even at PF I don't really like him there a lot since he is undersized. He was moving really slow so they were blowing past him, and he just can't rebound. He is having bad games due to doc. Last year off the bench he was great in the playoffs, same the first half this year. Doc changed that and now he is playing like crap. The role he is playing on offense is the reason they got Green, yet they play Davis over Green. And I agree Krstic should be playing a lot more.

  • greenman

    Another exciting win! We were able to hold of a phenominal performance by an amazing player. Way to go Celtics.

    It seems like we could use some rebounding. Holy shit! J.O. needs to stop trying to block so many shots and just box his dude out. Doc and Ainge should stop saving Shaq and get his ass out there already.

    Anyone look at the plus/minus yet? Our bench is terrible. I really thought this matchup favored the C's in this series, but man are they completely underperforming or what? Maybe its time to give Sasha a shot and sit Green's ass down.

    I miss BBD from the first three months of the season. Fool did not miss a shot. Hit the gym with Ray and work on that 15 footer Baby.

    • SteveB

      Regarding Sasha. I was thinking the same thing last night. Throw him out there on Melo and see what he can do. He's not afraid of anyone and other guys have his back. Let him man up on Melo and see what happens. Not like he's gonna get hotter and start hitting everything.

  • James Cutler

    Sorry to rain on your parades but this is a game which came down to the wire with Amare OUT AND Billups OUT. KG would have had a tougher time hitting that ugly hook against Amare. RONDO (Rondo!) carried the offense in this one. These kind of lucky breaks don't hold up over the long term. This team is no longer tough enough defensively to rely on New York's poor execution in crunch time to win them the game.

    That said it was excting and thrilling to get the close win. I just don't think a mad double team in the last seconds going to work against a team with shooters or with multiple threats.

    • Chris O

      I think your assessment is faulty bcuz Chauncey and Amar'e probably take shots from Melo. Since Melo was hitting everything it may have oddly benefited the C's for them to be in lol. The playoffs, btw is not about the short term. No longer is this really a marathon, its the first to 16 wins. Every win is exponentially more important, so you don't need long haul bullshit. you just gotta scratch, claw, crawl to victory. Its about heart, being clutch and owning "The Moment"

      • Chris O

        Woops that says not about the LONG TERM

        • James Cutler

          also I meant to give you a thumbs up but I clicked the wrong button and can't undo it

      • James Cutler

        I think having a run of being able to turn the switch in the final moments of games after letting a sizeable lead drift away can breed a false sense of confidence. Remember the last significant time that happened?

        Game 7.

        • Chris O

          Game 7 was more about fatigue, foul shots, and the inability to rebound

  • kricky

    Hopefully we can shore up the rebounding. It was just awful tonight. I would have punched a hole through the TV is we had lost this game.

    But there are some real good signs too. RR is wheeling and dealing and looks like his old self. We are able to execute at the end of games for the 1st time in weeks.The D has bee very solid against a very explosive NY team. And JO looks great (why didn't Doc play him in the 4th Q??)

    • Chris O

      Didn't play JP because of foul trouble I suspect and he seemed banged up a little…I would have punched a hole too

      • Chris O

        woops JO

        • kricky

          Frequent hub poster TalesofJP probably could have done a better job on the boards tonight than Baby did LOL

          • Chris O

            lol, clearly that's who I meant to reference haha

  • andy

    they won tonight. they were not playing Miami, they were playing the Knicks, and they were trying to win, and they won . That is how you get through the playoffs. The trophy doesnt go to the team with the most dominating victories in round 1. If you notice, it's been ugly W's for more than 2 years now. I will take'm. Here's to hoping they will do just enough to win every game along the way. Why not?

    • Chris O

      Actually it was ugly the year they won it too (remember game 7's to the Hawks and Cavs). Like you said no one cares who dominates round one the most. By that logic the Magic would have been Champs last year lol

  • Dan

    Dantoni? He went to Jared.

  • bert

    The Celttics always drag out series, and especially in round 1. Remember the Hawks in 08 and the Bulls the following year? Not to say we couldn't have rebounded the ball better, but cmon enough bitching

  • Ray

    Don't forget Ray Ray. 4/4 from the 3.

  • Man, it’s times like this that I WISH we had better broadband in South Africa. I would be lapping up NBA League Pass like it aint a thing but a chicken wing on a string.

    Until such time, Celticshub RULES! 🙂

  • SteveB

    The best part about the wins, other than the wins, is the Celtics have yet to play well as a team. They may have played a depleted Knicks team last night but Melo was more than enough for them. The Celtics got killed on the boards and the bench was a non factor for the most part. These things are hopefully fixable. The defense has been pretty strong and the turnovers are down. I don't see them beating the Heat or Bulls with this kind of production but this team can play a lot better. I know these things are obvious but I'd rather win and need to improve than lose and have no where to get better, kind of like the Pacers.

  • jim

    I am glad we won but I am concerned about our chances to advance. I think we need to try somebody besides BBD when Oneal goes out. We are getting killed on the boards. Davis can not rebound and he can not hit shots. Lets try something different. Kristic or Murphy need to be given a chance. Davis is not working out. I used to watch Murphy play for Golden state. He can play if we let him. Send Baby to the pine!

  • johnschaffer

    doc wont play murphy or kristic ,its like big baby has something on doc ,that make him play big baby,
    he needs to use a sub for him hes too fat to jump ,he cant guard a 6 footer , and he cant hit a jump shot further than 5 feet from the basket ,,celtics need to be serious about signng him nex year with out a weight clause

  • Yookemia

    I've noticed a lot of comments about Glen Davis, and I agree with many of them. What bothers me about Davis, though, is not his lack of size (while only 6'8'', he can use his wide frame and sheer bulk to shoulder opponents out of the paint, box out, etc.) or his "inability to shoot" (we've seen him take and make many 15-18 footers, and his FT% is solid for a PF), but rather, his poor defense. I never pegged BBD as a great, or even good, defender, but in watching his play last night, I could not believe some of the choices he made on the defensive end, particularly his failure to stay in front of Jeffries at the end of the 4th, who drove in for that go-ahead lay-up (we all know where the story goes from here). For most of the night, it seemed like he was lost, or wasn't trying.

    Maybe he's banged up, maybe the confidence just isn't there yet, or maybe something else is going on. Whatever the case may be, I for one would like to see more of Krstic, Murphy, and especially Jermaine (what a fantastic Game 1).