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The Return of Ray Allen! Celtics 87 Knicks 85

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After a first half where the Celtics played like it was the second half of a back-to-back against Washington in February, everything changed in the second half. The Celtics toughened up, whittled a 12-point halftime deficit to a single possession, tied the game, and with the benefit of a couple of friendly calls (that’s a shout out to the despondent Knicks fan sitting beside me), set up Ray Allen (he’s back!) to splash down the game winning three. Carmelo Anthony couldn’t match the shot on the other end against a soft double and Boston walks away with a 1-0 series lead.

We’ll have a long detailed breakdown later on tonight but I’ll sign off now so you can get your reactions into the comments section.

  • I_Love_Green

    This reminds me so much of last year's game 1 against the heat. I'm pretty sure we were down 15 in the third quarter, came back and won a close one. Lets see if we can keep playing like we did in that second half, but for now….


  • Batman

    Bad call with the offensive foul but I'm not complaining
    Big shots, Crunch time, JESUS DAGGERWORTH!

  • What More Can I Say?

    WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!! That was a great flop by Pierce to draw that Melo foul!!!

    LOL! I'll take it. We're gonna need more offense from KG in this series!

  • Dawson

    It should not be this tough. But I will take it! Please, Rondo, Please — stop throwing length of the court passes with the game tied and 3 minutes on the clock.

    • Batman

      Yes those were bad passes mhmm i am disappointed

      • I_Love_Green

        But 10 points, 9 assists, 9 boards, and only 1 turnover (really should've been 2) is a solid game.

        And he was really agressive tonight.

        • I_BLEED_GREEN

          Consider no one is within 5 feet of him in every possession, he still sucks


    RAY ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    To Rondo: Please stop trying to throw the game away, literally, with stupid passes
    To KG: Please be more engaged offensively
    To Big Baby: Please stop taking shots (even when they're open)
    To JO: Good game, keep it up
    To Ray: I LOVE YOU RAY!!!!

  • chef23reb

    Long way from home but a win is a win. That lob was just so special!!! The C's haven't found it yet but it may not all be lost.

    • Moxie

      Agree! Everyone's raving about Ray's three (and rightfully so!), but I'm surprised I'm not hearing much about that lob. Those last two offensive plays were magic!

      And you're right. "The C's haven't found it yet but it may not all be lost." Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Mike

    Love the win.

    p.s. : I just davis out of the rotation or with limited minutes (8-10min). more JO and Krstic.


      Ironically he has team high in plus/minus with +13


    I am officially sick of Rondo and BBD. Ainge should trade them this offseason when there is still a handful of dump GMs out there who think they're worth something



      • Mike

        For CP3! (a boy can dream)

    • MikeD

      hahaha that is a joke. They have Rondo on a very favorable contract ($11 mil/year). He is a great point guard. Other than the questionable full court passes, he played very well. Knocked down some jump shots, attacked the basket in the second half. He is still young and still learning. What are you going to be saying when he drops one of his gems? He could go off for 15 pts 15 assists 10 rebounds at any time. Will you want to trade him then?

      • Mike

        As long as we get a player as good or better i'm really ok with it. Unless rondo really goes off from now on.

      • I_Bleed_Green

        We need more GMs to think like MikeD.

      • Celtics Freak

        I think that they are just trying to say that there sick of Rondo being inconsistent, but who can disagree with that

  • greenman

    RAY RAY!!!! Get's his legs back, FINALLY! Playoff game format at its best!

    Jermaine, looked good offensively but man, does he not hit the defensive boards at all?

    KG is a Stud. Still.

    Pierce Not Bad. Way to draw a foul on Anthony (kind of). Pierce had a couple of those called on him early in the game, so fair is fair.

    WOnder how this team would do with West as the starting point guard.

    GOOD come back win! Curious to what happens with Billups. Could be a much easierseries with him out.

    I got caught up in the excitement of the moment, who was the crunch time 5th man? Green?

    • Tom

      i think it was davis

      • I_Love_Green

        It was actually Jermaine from like 5 minutes-under 1 minute left.

  • someguyinsac

    It was kind of ugly, but I'll take the win anyways. It's not a beauty contest, there's a some work to do before the next game.

  • johnschaffer

    god why does davis even think he will make a jump shop he shot 8 of them made one for a hugh 2 points i much rather see krisic along side jemaine and keep davis on his fat ass on the bench ,, who ever told him he can shoot????if he lost 40 pounds he might be able to jump

    • DRJ1

      2 of them were shot-clock mandatory hail-mary's. And guys miss shots sometimes. Baby played hard and tough. He hustled. He rebounded. He did what he needed to do….except make some jumpers

  • Morpheus


  • Guest

    Meanwhile watching the OKC and Denver game, Perk doesn't seem like the savior people have been acting like he was. Hell it looks like Serge Ibaka is doing a better job inside than him.

    • someguyinsac

      Maybe this is upset Sunday for the Western Conference, not that I mind the Lakers losing.

    • Morpheus

      I know what you're saying, but don't forget Perk offered other intangibles too. Like setting good hard, impenetrable screens for Ray, the ability to defend Dwight one on one, toughness, he knew our system and he's the ultimate chemistry guy.

      • DRJ1

        AT least 50% of Perk's picks were illegal. Truth.

  • rondeezy

    pierce thought he was going to get called for goaltending when melo shot the game winner lol he looks around like he mightve done something wrong after the game instead of celebrating. im pretty sure it wasnt but it kind of looked like it.. either way im hella glad that wasnt called

  • johnschaffer

    dont get me wrong perk is a good guy , but besides good to foul our ot tech fouls hes not good for much really rather have kistic and if he goes through a training camp he wil learn what celtics want from him in defense , kristic much better offense player and wont give away points with tech

  • johnschaffer

    foul out ,correction

  • jamaica

    JERMAINE O'NEAL..who wouldve thought that this would be the o'neal to save a playoff game and who would've thought he would do it with defense?


    p.s. please tell me people aren't serious about wanting to bench rondo

  • I_Love_Green

    I feel like Rondo's stats are a little unfair to his perfomance tonight. He really set the tempo of the second half by running the ball up the floor on every stop, and got the offense moving in the 3rd quarter. I also loved seeing him crash the boards, grabbing 9 of them.

  • Paul

    Great win tonight…these are the kind of wins championship teams pull out when everything isnt clicking. Time to get back after it Tuesday and improve from here…
    Go C's!

  • Japes

    Yeah, they definitely shouldn't bench Rondo–that would be ridiculous, but he does need to get his shit together.

    Those two overthrown balls were inexcusable.

    That being said, I love the guy to death

  • someguyinsac

    1 down, 15 to go.

    • I_Love_Green


  • Dan

    Just wanted to point out that Big Baby led the Celtics with a +13. Obviously he's taking some bad shots, but this also suggests that he's doing a lot of other things right that maybe aren't so apparent.

  • kricky

    JO helped ignite the comeback with his great D. Ho awesome was he tonight with those blocks?!

    The team played much better on D in the 2nd half and this opened up opportunities to run on offense.

  • Celtics Freak

    JO this is what I expected you to do when we signed you

    • someguyinsac

      But the wait was BRUTAL.

  • rob

    Ray is a beast and has that swag.

    • someguyinsac

      Thank goodness he's a Celt!

    What more can I say.

    Speaking of whom, it must be said,
    Of Reggie Ray is now 55 ahead!

    Posted by CELTICSLOVE at 10:26 PM

  • DRJ1

    Baby hustled his ass off…. worked HARD all night. He just missed shots… .2 of which were shot-clock hail marys. If we threw out everybody who ever missed shots, we'd have a roster of 0.

    Rondo was great. The key point is that he played HARD… worked his tail off, with non-stop activity on both ends. This is what was missing, and it's back. Same for the whole team.

    And the fact that JO showed everyone that he CAN fill the 5 spot as well as ANYBODY… Shaq and Perk included…. bodes very well for the team. I'd note too that JO has a jumper unlike those other two guys…. and he takes charges, and he is not a TO machine (ahem…. Perk).

  • Celticai

    Unfortunately, this was a fluke…
    I'd be gladder if we would have won this one without any help from the refs.
    Hopefully the 2nd half will set the standards for the intensity along the way.

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