Post-game Reactions

A few news and notes, after the C’s went through a walkthrough yesterday in Waltham before watching video and implenting their gameplan. Meanwhile, the Knicks going off the heels of a back-to-back to close out the season took the day off, and made the media rounds with Carmelo appearing on David Letterman and Amar’e stopping by Regis and Kelly. Why not take advantage of the media attention while you can right?

Dan Duggan of The Boston Herald gets us caught up with the latest on Shaq and Delonte, before the team goes full throttle in practice today at noon.

Coach Doc Rivers and general manager Danny Ainge have insisted that O’Neal will be ready for the playoffs. With that time here, the expectation is a little less certain.

“I do, but I can’t guarantee that,” Rivers said of O’Neal’s availability for Game 1. “He’s going to do a little bit today. We’re not going to do enough — we’re going to walk through stuff, so I could do today. But tomorrow and the following day are the two big days for Shaq. He’s going to try to get through practices and see what he can do.”

O’Neal appeared in only 37 games this season, missing all but five minutes of the final 34 games. O’Neal went down with a right Achilles injury on Feb. 1, missed the next two months and returned on April 3. He looked good for five minutes — before straining his right calf, which kept him out of the lineup for the remainder of the regular season.

As big of a boost it would be to see Shaq in Game 1, would anyone be shocked at this point if they hold him out Game 3 in New York? With New York likely to go small for most of the series anyway, Shaq’s impact will be very limited off the bat, so I feel like its a fair question to ask on whether give him the extra week if he truly needs it.

Doc on Delonte’s Sprained Right Ankle

“I think he’ll be fine,” Rivers said. “I don’t know that, but he’s walking with no (limp) today. He said he could play today if there was a game, so that’s a good sign for us.”

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Brian Robb

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  • cos

    Lets give him another week. How about another 2. If two weeks is good, a month is doubly good. Ah, screw it, lets just give him the whole summer off. Have him spend some time in Florida and we'll see him next season. Whats the worst that can happen?

    • Lakersfan

      then who will shoot your technical free throws?

  • someguyinsac

    That's a good omen!

  • talesofJP

    The Delonte news is great. We need shaq in the later rounds more. Give him a few minutes in this series to get his large feet wet, thats it. We can beat the Knicks without him

  • Jamie

    NY is the best possible matchup in the east not to need Shaq. I'd sit him for the first round cause whoever is playing center for them is giong to try to get him out on the wing away from the basket. Play BBD, Green, JO and Kristic in place of Shaq, save him for Miami in round 2.

  • Dan

    Wouldn't Shaq have a bigger impact if they go small? They can't cover him with anybody on their team.

    • dslack

      No, Dan. It is essential to always go small when the other team goes small. When the other team goes big, then you're allowed (required!) to go big. It is crucial to always put out a team that is designed to play the style that the OTHER team wants to play.

      • dslack

        By the way:
        Although I think Shaq could be plenty effective against a small team, I think the Celtics can get past the Knicks without him, and if not using him or using him sparingly in the Knicks series allows him to be healthier in subsequent rounds, I'm all for it.

      • Chris O

        So you go big when they go big, and you go small when they go small? Why are you (we) always reacting? How about when we go big NY has to go big or we go small NY has to go small. It really depends on which team has more of a mismatch going big/small and I'm sorry but NO ONE on NY can guard Shaq…I'm not saying go big the ENTIRE GAME but Shaq's presence makes the C's unguardable by the Knicks (o wait the Knicks can't guard anyone regardless???)

        • steveb

          I’m with you on that. Use match ups to your advantage and force them in your favor.

        • dslack

          I guess my sarcasm was not obvious. I was criticizing that view.

  • Zee

    In my opinion you don't "rest" people during the playoffs. Too much on the line. If you lose, then what? Make excuses and say how you should've had Shaq in the game? Don't want to hear that.

    • someguyinsac

      I think when you're playing 1 game at a time, you make the future "rest" decisions based on the outcomes of that game. It could be a 7 game series for all we know, don't believe it will go that far, but it could happen. Anyway you slice it, I'll still trust Doc to do the right thing.

  • Ray Ray for 3

    That's sweet. that's what we need around here! positivity.

  • Urbeltic

    If You had to bet your life savings on Shaq’s hralth or Bynum’s knee lasting through to the end…what do you take?

    • Batman

      Dwight's knees

  • Batman

    So watching the Associations last episode…..pretty good
    Interesting watching KG and Ray fight

    • someguyinsac

      Not getting to watch this live is the downside to ditching my cable subscription, but the wallet has never been happier since I did that. Don't give away too much of it here till tomorrow when I can see it too, okay Batman?

      • Batman

        no problem

  • LJ C

    If giving a week more for Shaq to rest would make him feel better, certainly l will.
    But, isn't it a good chance for Shaq to play a few minutes in the early stage of playoffs? Maybe Shaq don't need any warm up, l just don't want Shaq return when the game got more intense.
    If possible, please give him a few minutes versus the knicks sub or even the rubbish time to help him get back some playoffs feeling.

  • Janos

    Shaq is not play. Bulls suck. Is one good and one bad news.