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Rajon Rondo Opens Up About Perkins Trade & Deleted Scenes From Association


Good news and bad news for you Association fans out there. We’ll start with the good, as the next full episode (hopefully accompanied by a terrific Hayes Davenport running diary) will be out this Friday night at 7pm on ESPN and it will last a whole hour!

Now, the bad news. That episode will be the last one of the season following the Celtics, as once playoff time rolls around, the lights go out behind the scenes. And while that may be a bit disappointing to the diehards, I’m actually a bit happy about it.

This team has arguably been through more turmoil than any squad in the past four years of the Big Three era during the past two months alone. As cool as it is to see the behind the scenes stuff, I don’t think the added camera/attention will be helpful to anyone in the locker room on their quest to Banner 18.

In the meantime however, we get a sneak peek of the trailer for the final episode, as Rajon Rondo opens up how he misses having The Beast around as a partner in crime on the road.

A fun collection of deleted scenes, after the jump

  • Chris

    That clip of Rondo has to be a joke. What does AB think about the trade? He thinks that he needs to work on his jump shot in order to make it into the rotation next year.

    Rajon, grow up.

    • MikeD

      Someone is cranky lol.

      • Chris

        To whom it may concern,

        I believe that there are too many states. Please eliminate at least two.

        Thank you,

        p.s.- I am not a crank.

        • someguyinsac

          Which states? Conscious or unconscious?

  • KOD33

    Gotta love Shaq – that was hilarious! Wish he was around more this season (both on and off the court)…

  • Dan

    Also: "What's your name please?" "Ray". Awesome.

  • Batman

    NBA: The Hills
    love these youtube comments

  • johnschaffer

    rondo needs to gro up did you notice how after new contract his play went down ,,he got the star feeling he needs to learn how to shoot for 11 mil a year?? hes to dependant on perk he needs to quit crying and be a man

    • MikeD

      You will be eating your words when he is dropping triple doubles right in everyones face in the playoffs. I can't stand sports fans who act like they know what is going on inside a players head. Yeah he has been inconsistent this season, but we have NO IDEA why. We can speculate all we want, but don't act like you know. Don't forget that he has been dealing with a whole slew of injuries this season (plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, hamstring, pinky, etc.)

      • Chris O

        Yea Rondo is a playoff BEAST

  • someguyinsac

    Why is there so much bagging on Rondo from a short clip? I look at it like a political sound byte, totally different unless you see it in the whole context it came from.

  • johnschaffer

    maybe hid damn hip pocket full of money is to hard to shoot with he had injuries sure they all did , tell him to grow up and be a man

    • MikeD

      Learn how to spell before you come here and try to argue dumb points. Rondos play has nothing to do with money, in fact $11 is a bargain for a player of his caliber.

      • celticfan

        we all know rondo can play better then he has been, he admits being upset about perk. they did everything together but he needs to stop and grow up. i agree with johnschaffer he got that big contract and it went to his head. he needs to take shooting lessons from green for next season . cause he sure can't shoot.noobody said they knew everything, you need to listen to the video rondo says he misses perk and now he is gone and he has noone to hang out with like he did with perk. rondo is not as good as you seem to think. he got his ass kicked by rose. and he will get it kicked again if we play them again in the playoffs. rondo can't shoot free throws and he can't shoot that good.

        • MikeD

          I listened to the video. Yeah Rondo said he missed Perk. How would you feel if your best friend moved across the country? Would you miss them? That has nothing to do with basketball games. So now you want our players to not have emotions? He isn't allowed to be happy or sad? Some people are so clueless.

  • Batman

    Why is Avery Bradley wearing a Models T-Shirt to a fancy dining place?

    • someguyinsac

      Because he's a Celtic and they're not enforcing the dress code? If Shaq is there too, then I'd say he hid under Shaqs shirt tail to get in unnoticed.

      • Batman

        Meanwhile Rondo is rocking the wardrobe lmao

        • someguyinsac

          And Ray adds to his tie collection.

  • Morpheus

    Shaq, "We just want more here in Boston"

  • Zee

    Best team in the NBA! PERIOD!

  • JenG

    For those who say Rondo needs to "man up" about the Perkin's trade, you must have never had a job that involved a lot of traveling. I don't care how used to it you get, it's never easy. It has absolutely nothing to do with being immature or whatever you think. It's a hard life, no matter how much money you're getting. And if it makes it better to have a partner in crime with you, to make traveling and being away from your family that much easier, then it's understandable why it would bother him.

    Having said that, I don't think that's why his game has gone down as of late. People forget that he's had more injuries this year than in all his pervious years combined. It's probably all adding up right now, which is normal at the end of the season. But make no mistake, he WILL bring it in the playoffs. He's never let us down when it counts.

    • MikeD

      Thank you JenG, someone gets it!… Rondo plays HUGE in the playoffs. I'm not worried.

  • talesofJP

    Rajon has to bring it in the playoffs, thats the only way we make it anywhere

  • Lakersfan

    If it wasn't certain before, it should be now. Obviously they were more than "just pillow buddies."

  • Rachel

    "I got a doctorate, I want another doctorate. In psychology. I got a bowl of clam chowder, I want another bowl." Priceless.

    • Batman

      Shaq always wants another bowl….

  • Zee

    Best episode. Love this team.

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