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Shame about this season. I think if we were all capable of viewing it as a whole, with the beginning of the season given equal weight to the end, we’d be feeling better than we do. What if the C’s had started the season the way they ended it, and finished how they started? We’d all be pretty chipper right now if the Celtics had started off at .500, hovering around the 6th or 7th seed, then somehow untraded Kendrick Perkins and finished winning three-quarters of their games, locking down the third seed in the final game of the season! Pretty chipper indeed. So that was a fun thought experiment.

The Celtics scrubs, led by belated basketball player Avery Bradley, beat the Knick semi-scrubs in a game that should tell us virtually nothing about the first round of the playoffs, but came with some fun dunkery regardless. The otherwise bench players rebounded (figuratively, not so much literally) from their grotesque low-percentage outing against the Wiz to put together some pretty decent offense from some pretty surprising places. It was more fun than it should have been. Congratulations to the fans who went out to this game and cheered hard for no reason, because you guys are the real heroes.

Many Avery Bradley dunks to come. Seeya soon.

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  • Darius

    It's been one long, emotional year, but it's finally that time again, Let The Playoffs Begin! The ultimate cure all for a team searching for both identity and redemption.

  • WTF

    This site became much more fun once Ryan and Hayes came aboard.
    One cannot keep from wondering why Doc did not play his bench more in the process of burning out his starters, especially when the opponents were the Wizards, the Wolves, the Nets and so on.

  • I_Love_Green

    Yes! Its finally over!!

    • Morpheus

      Amen brother. Time to seperate the pretenders from the contenders baby.

  • someguyinsac

    Now Doc has to figure out how to put Part A, (starters), with Part B, (bench), and come up with Slot C, a championship. I got the faith in you to do that Doc and the team you put together.

  • Batman

    Let's go and do it
    I'm actually shedding a tear, considering how I was waiting for the season to start just yesterday
    God I love the NBA
    Now the playoffs begin
    I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it

  • rondeezy

    lezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzgo celtics all day every day baby

  • carlosr

    Thank God the regular season is over. Now it's time to play REAL basketball. Go C's!!

  • vivek

    I have same feelings as the second poster questions why doc did not put more bench minutes against lowly teams.

    • Zee

      Because we wanted 1st seed.

      • Chris O

        Then to give up a game to Washington costing possible HCA against the Lakers and Mavs in the Finals?

  • dal

    Celtics will go on a 16 game winning streak. BRING IT.