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For the second time in four days, the Celtics received a beat-down from one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

Today, it came at the hands of the Miami Heat, who now control their own destiny in terms of locking up the #2 seed in the East. If you want to look at the glass half-full, the Heat played exceptionally well on both ends of the floor, as well as I’ve seen them play this entire season. And if you want to go even one step further, you could make the argument that homecourt advantage isn’t essential to winning a potential second-round matchup against Miami.

But that’s pretty much the only bright spot you can take away from today’s game. Here are some initial reactions:

*Miami out-rebounded the Celtics 42-26, resulting in an extra 11 shots for the Heat. Joel Anthony basically just did what he wanted on the boards, collecting 10 overall and four on the offensive glass.

*Not surprisingly, the Celtics struggled on offense on a day when Rajon Rondo simply didn’t have it. Rondo had only 7 points and 5 assists, and at no point looked comfortable trying to penetrate Miami’s defense.

*And of course, there’s Glen Davis, who shot 3-11 from the field (count this as another game in which BBD attempted more shots than Ray Allen). It eventually reached the point where the Heat defenders were leaving Davis open and daring him to make it.

*Hopefully Doc Rivers was paying attention when the Celtics made a mini-run at the end of the 4th quarter. If you noticed, it was Jeff Green playing with that starters when the C’s were able to spread the floor and run the court. Yes, it was a blow-out at the time, but it was some of the only good offensive basketball we saw from the Celtics all game.

More analysis to come after we all digest this game a little more.

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Michael Salvucci

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  • srb

    Thankfully playoff series last more than one game

    and Big Davis is as bad as he's ever been right now.

    • jim

      I have been saying that about Davis for sometime now. The guy is starting to turn my stomach with the amount of shots he takes. I hope he goes somewhere else next year.

  • james patrick

    The more ill-advised shots BBD takes, the less likely I see us making a deep run this season. Thanks Danny. You really did a number on this team. There was no chance of anyone catching us before you effed it all up. What were you thinking?!?!?!?!?!

    • Dan

      Who, pray tell, would have been the backup SF on this team had the trade not been made?

      • james patrick

        as someone else mentioned on a previous tread, trade nate and our 1st to pick up anthony parker.

      • Morpheus

        Nate , 1st for Battier.

        Corey Brewer was available.

        Nate, 1st for Pietrus.

        Nate, 1st for Thornton

        There were options

        • james patrick

          That's right! Battier! How great would that have been. Everyone had a bonder for Troy Murphy. Bet Miami is glad they dodged that bullet…. or Jersey Net I mean. lol

        • Celtics Freak

          they probably woudn't have accepted the Nate , 1st for Battier or Nate, 1st for Pietrus. b/c Rockets have good PG's and so do Magic, Thornton would be a good trade though and we had a chance with Brewer anyways

      • Zee

        No-one said not to make a trade for a backup SF. You don't trade the fiber and chemistry of the team away to do so. Trading Perk b/c he didn't sign an extension has nothing to do with finding someone a backup.

        • bringonthenight

          Particularly trading Perk without a healthy starting center you can count on.

        • James Patrick

          Well there you go Dan! You can take any one of those responses. All were sufficient.

          • Dropstep

            I agree about not trading Perk but I doubt anybody (and I really mean anybody) was taking only Nate for a SF. And the Celtics did try for Corey Brewer, if I remember correctly. I watched a Dallas game the other night and was so jealous *sigh*. When I heard about the Perk trade, I was floored not only because it was trading Perk away but because it would get the Celtics Jeff Green. I like Jeff Green, he's a "full of upside" kind of guy, but as a person who watched as many OKC games as Celtics games, I had done my share of screaming at Jeff Green.

            The trade still baffles me, but I think it's easier to look back and say who was available. Many players were available; it doesn't mean they were all available to the Celtics given their limited trading pieces.

      • Mike

        Gerald freakn Wallace

        • Chris O

          Eggfucknzactly, we could have got Gerald Wallace or Jamario Moon for a bag of Cornchips and we trade Perk for Jeff Green

          • James Patrick

            And I think at the end of the season, we lose Green. I wouldn't be surprised if he went back to the Thunder for less cash. And then what are we left with. a failed proposition that trading our starting center and team chemistry for a back up PF who has yet to figure out how to be a back up PF.

  • I_Love_Green

    My confidence in this team has been dropping significantly since the Perk trade. It rose when we beat the Spurs, but has been in free fall ever since.

    We may be at the end of our run.

    • james patrick

      when we didn't have to be! that's what hurts!

      • I_Love_Green

        Exactly. Knowing that we were once the clear cut team to beat in the East hurts.

  • bringonthenight

    Hard not to say we're done. I expect the Big Four to give their all come the playoffs — just like Pierce/Allen/Rondo/Perk gave their all in '09 when KG was hurt. Wasn't enough then to prevent that horrible game 7 fade against the Magic, hard to see it being enough now. Hope I'm wrong.

  • Celtics Freak

    game's like these make me hope we DON'T sign BBD next year….sometimes he is one of the dumbest players in te NBA and sometimes he's the greatest 6th man in the NBA

    • james patrick

      We need a bench overhaul. BBD is worthless. he doesn't make logical decisions when needed most. i've never been more for not bringing him back than i am now.

      • Celtics Freak

        couldn't agree with you more……his logic is all jacked up he needs to work on his basketball IQ this summer or something….i hate his shot selection sometimes, like when he shoots game-winning/tying 3 pointers

        • bringonthenight

          More like game-losing three's….

        • DRJ1

          All the IQ in the world would not help Davis get any taller or thinner. He is not built to be, and must never be asked to play, starter minutes, or anything longer than 12-15 minutes. (Some, myself included, would argue he shouldn't be in the NBA at all… but that's another story.) This is why Shaq is so key. If this team must depend on Big Baby, it's going nowhere. If Rondo doesn't fix whatever's wrong with him, they're also going nowhere.

          So… if Shaq's back and Rondo pulls off his usual playoff restart, we've got a good shot. Otherwise it's not gonna be pretty.

  • Morpheus

    I don't think this team can beat the Bulls without HCA. This is an old team folks, they'll have to go through faster, younger legged teams like the Knicks, Miami, then the Bulls. By the time they face the Bulls they'll be gassed and i haven't even mentioned the Finals.

    That's why they stepped it up/turned the switch on last year, because they knew they had to beat these teams quickly to have the energy/legs for the Finals.

    I'm losing faith banner 18 is all but a dream.

    • james patrick

      At this point I'm rooting for a team to derail the lakers so at least they don't win!

      • Zee

        I wouldn't worry about that at all. A team out of the East will win the Finals, even if its us.

    • jeffery6803

      we can beat anybody anywhere this team has as much talent as anyone but if rondo is going to get beat down by mike F`ing bibby the no we don`t stand a chance if the shot is there he has to take it he`s not pushing the ball not taking open shots and is turning the rock over and playing bad bad defense what`s left rondo is not a rookie anymore the guy been in the league about 5 years and his game is still the same except he not as aggressive if he is not going to push the ball and not going to play defense and put his head down and sulk then no we will go nowhere not even past the first round i know perk was his friend but damned did perk take his heart as well he has to play like he wants to be the best player in the game and that means bringing it every night

  • Zee
  • JenG

    Obviously, this was an ugly game. But other than spurts from KG and Pierce, the WHOLE team looked bad. I can't really point a finger at one individual for this. Most people are choosing to blame Rondo, but it's much bigger and goes a lot deeper than just him. The bench is giving us absolutely nothing. Particularly Baby.

    I'm almost hoping the Celtics crash and burn in the playoffs (no, not really) just so Doc and DA can feel like the biggest idiots/asses in the NBA. I want them to really feel how badly they screwed up. Not even with just Perk, but with the whole team chemistry. Maybe Luke and Semih weren't big players for us, or even Nate, but the TEAM loved them and they all gelled together. You can't just make chemistry like that.

    • Dropstep

      The production from our bench looks like the production the Heat used to get out of theirs. What a shame. I find our bench is not good at holding onto leads. Look at the +/- numbers for tonight (yes, I know it's an imperfect stat). If the bench doesn't score (like tonight), their inability to defend well becomes even more visible. I know J.O. is back and he is walking, but his legs can't be alright. Second straight game with no rebounds. Allowing all those offensive boards was one of the problems tonight.

      The Celtics need to get it together. I don't know if they don't feel confident or what, but they seem to be forcing to play. The ease they played with earlier is gone. I'm behind them as far as they go in the playoffs. Go Celtics!!

    • BobbyPelota

      Yes, JenG you got it. "Chemistry". I actually agree with you about DA. You trash something, your face should be on it. TV talking heads- and I respect Tommy-seem like company bureaucrats, talking the line. There are NO superstars on this team; there was a superstar chemistry, however. Unfortunately, DA can't see the picture. I frankly think Doc could have been a victim of this. Not sure he collaborating in orchestrating this debacle

  • Janos

    Too many bad game this week, is playoff start yet?


    Don't blame Ainge. Don't blame Doc. Don't blame Big Baby. And it's not about defense or rebounding. We've been losing because our offense SUCKS and it starts with the point guard. Rondo's only asset is his speed and ability to break down the defense (he absolutely sucks when it comes to getting he's own shots and teams know it by now), but all he does is dribbles at the top of the key and look for a guy to hand off the ball. What happen to the Rondo who constantly pushes the tempo and gets into the paint early in the season? Right now Rondo is a complete liability.

    • Dropstep

      Rondo has been inconsistent but he is NOT the only player that has been inconsistent. How can you not think rebounding is a problem when we get outrebounded 42-26? When our starting center does not even luck into ONE rebound? Big baby takes 11 shots and makes only three, has no assists and he gets a free pass? Why? The bench cannot hold a lead (look at the Wizards game), and yet defense isn't a problem? There are several things wrong with the Celtics and they need to address them.

      I agree that Rondo has had crappy games, that he has not pushed the ball up the court consistently like he needs to to get the offense moving but he is not the only reason for the loss.

    • I_Love_Green

      Rebounding is our biggest weakness. Even bigger than the offense.

    • bobbypelota

      Wow, to you totally not get what is wrong with this team. Ronda needs a gelled talented group in order to shine; and without a functioning center, big man-stopper this is no win. Derek Rose couldn't even help this team

    • CG12

      This isn't the only problem, but it sure is a big one. When Rondo isn't pushing the pace constantly, he brings very little to the table. I was hugely disappointed with the way he played against Miami. I would have loved to have seen Doc pull him and put in Arroyo for a while. There is no way they could have played worse on offense from the end of the 1st quarter through most of the rest of the game.

  • someguyinsac

    Maybe Doc and Rondo should have "family" meetings even after wins, not just the ugly losses.

  • rondeezy

    if only da traded baby for green.. or traded perk and nate for gerald wallace……………..

    • Batman

      There was no way we were getting Gerald Wallace

      • I_Love_Green

        Well Portland didn't trade much for him…

        • I_Love_Green

          Not trying to depress anyone, but if we traded Nate and Perk for Gerald Wallace the contracts match up.

          • rondeezy

            fuck our lives and danny ainge's mom

          • rondeezy

            na im kidding but on the bright side lakers lost today. we SERIOUSLY cant drop any more games if were going to meet la in the finals. i still believe we will make the finals and home court will make the difference. at least were not the only top team to be struggling right now haha

  • rondeezy

    and our 2 "centers" got 1 rebound in a combined 26 minutes of action… yup.. pp was shooting well and rebounded hard but pp needs more touches. i feel like sometimes pp should just try to take over the game, ball hog a bit and shoot a lot more. its better than baby doing that either way. doc seriously needs to change the crunch time line ups to rr ra pp jg and kg. i want to shoot myself in the face every time big baby tries to play hero

    • Mike

      We def could use a guy that we could just dump the ball and he would get points. SA has parker ginobili; fakers kobe; heat have 2; knicks have melo, etc etc….

      • rondeezy

        yeah even if it means ball hogging a bit. pp kg and ray are too unselfish at times

  • Scott

    Ray is obviously pissed off.. if you watch the last part of his post game interview when they ask him about if anyone on the bench in the huddle is saying, "Hey ray avgs. 22 pts a game vs the heat, we should get him the ball." and he replies – "no.. that wasnt said." I really dont understand how this team has just decided to go away from getting him the ball after the season he has had. It makes no sense to me at all. Why shy away from someone who has had a career year shooting the ball…

    Not one person out there looked interested in playing that game after first quarter. Miami gave us a big FU and took the game by the throat.

    JO's biggest contribution? Hitting Lebron. Another 0 rebound game in 19 minutes for our big offseason acquisition. I stand corrected – what a waste Danny. I still wonder why we signed him after his performance against us in the playoffs…. he sucked.

    Paul continues to do his thing, and Dare i say KG looks like he is getting bullied – but i think he is. FOUR rebounds tonight for Ticket. i just dont understand the mentality of this team.

    I am so sick of Rondo, it makes me sick. And Glen Davis. Danny would be doing us a favor by trading him after the end of the season or not signing him if hes a free agent – or maybe a sign and trade. i have said it once and i'll say it again. Glen Davis is a neutral player – when he is HITTING (not to be confused with TAKING) open jumpers, and getting chargers he benefits us in a certain way. When he is MISSING open jumpers, not taking charges, not rebounding, and getting scored on – he IS A DISASTER! he cannot defend guys that are taller than him because they shoot over him. He cannot jump because he is so effing fat, and he can barely run the floor.

    We went to Green on the block twice in a row against mike miller. both times he was fouled, and both times he went to the line – then lebron came in and we stopped doing that, which is fine because Lebron is a good defender, but at least TRY it again and see what happens – dont fix it unless its broken.

    If i hear one more thing about the perkins trade from an announcer, i am going to blow up. The ONLY thing that trade did to this team was eff up chemistry. PERK IS GONE. these guys are gown men, get over it and play like you GIVE a Shi* – this team is like a bipolar high school girl. Effing annoying.

    • bobby pelota

      effiing sexist, myopic and simply wrong. The team is on it's way out. This was the last chance and , yes, DA gave it away.

  • Mike

    lets not forget that last year during the ''slump'' rondo was our best player during that stretch. Right now not even close….

  • Zee

    When Shaq returns (if he does), he should feel somewhat of a huge obligation to give us his ALL since everything concerning this team, and mainly the trade, rested upon him being healthy and making a difference on this team. He owes it to us big time.

    I believe that if Shaq returns that we have a fighting chance in the playoffs.

    Go hard or go home.

  • misel

    i'll save my worries for the playoffs…

    • Batman

      Good job

  • Rondo-aint-Hondo

    This years Celtics were built on chemistry. We had an exceptionally unique team. The trade killed us. Took us out of the championship hunt, and dropped us down to a second tier NBA team… Good, but not good enough to win the championship.

    I see the C's getting through a tougher than expected first round, and then getting bumped after 5 games in the second round.

    Danny should have known… Never mess with chemistry!

    • bobbypelota

      yes, you got it. Others are struggling with this point.

  • Mike

    Well now the starters can rest until the playoffs.


    What am I saying, tomorrow they all go for 44 min of course…

    • Batman

      Hope not

  • stephen

    Face it —– We are finished!!!!! I hate Danny Ainge with a passion.

    • Batman

      We aren't finished
      Calm Down

  • Batman

    I'm crushed
    And I wasn't even able to watch the game so I have no analysis to add

    Let's all just cry tonight and wake up tomorrow, wipe the tears, and look ahead.

  • stephen

    If this continues I won't have anymore functional furniture left in the damn house! We need to send a lynch mob after Danny Ainge.

    • Batman

      We could rewrite the Crucible and have Danny Ainge star as Abigail Williams

  • I find it hard to believe that we are going to turn it on for the playoffs.. Losing on the boards and playing poor defense will not bring us 18. Jermaine looks like he is allergic to the basketball. Rondo either is hurt or in a funk. I watch every game and I am sensing that chemistry and lack of new players having a defensive swagger is what’s creating these losses. I also think Doc doe not have a grip on this team any more.

  • Joe

    Can't score. Can't rebound. Lebron isn't going to "quit" two years in a row. It may be over.

    • ElRoz

      LeBron didn't quit…check game 6 stats!

  • stephen

    Thanks Danny—-And fuck you!!!!!


    Cs started out strong, the way led by Pierce,
    Say it early in this poem, this man is fierce.
    Early Q1–Ray Allen for three,
    A few minutes later, season's first for KG.

    A 6-0 run for the Heat ends Q1,
    Partly because Baby is not having fun.
    Sloppy defense, turnovers, bad shots, air balls,
    He has to start listening to the plays Doc calls.

    Pierce has two fouls, Bosh on his bench early,
    The latter wants back in, the former should be surly.
    "Keep the game simple," the constant plea from Doc,
    Stop walkin' the ball up, losing time off the clock.

    Q2 starts with Bosh getting his shot with some speed, 
    Giving the Miami Heat, in this game, their very first lead.
    Baby took a charge, for the season forty-five,
    Huge guys coming at him, that's hard to survive.

    Flagrant foul on JO, gave Lebron a shove,
    Pierce and Wade got into it, gotta give 'em some love.
    Tech on Lebron, threw the ball–refs could see,
    Turns out the voice of reason was none other than KG.

    One assist, two turnovers, from Rondo that's all,
    Second half the Cs must get Rondo the ball.
    Lowest rebounds first half, the Cs just ten,
    They need help down low, but from whom and when?

    The Heat came out pumped to start Q3
    Two shots in the first half all Ray did see.
    Doc's not happy with our inconsistent play,
    He's grimacing on the bench, just furious today.

    Ray ran the floor, incredible block by Wade,
    Bosh's three point play, the price the Cs paid.
    Whether the pace is fast, whether the pace is slow,
    Where, oh where, did the Cs' offense go?

    Q4 down hill, 20 point lead for the Heat,
    Ray forgot the shot clock, all the Cs off a beat.
    Baby can't find the hoop, four fouls on Pierce,
    (Still gotta say that man is fierce).

    Under 6 minutes left, the Cs showed some life,
    A 12-0 run despite their game-long strife.
    Til Bibby for three, though he was off all night, 
    When it counted he finally got one right.

    One bright moment, a loud standing O,
    When off the bench came one-time Heat's Arroy-o.
    In a game that was chippy and very intense, 
    The Heat won today with rebounds and defense.

    Wade, Lebron and company having a fabulous time,
    But the Cs' off play sets the tone for this rhyme.
    This is a statement game perhaps say you,
    For the Cs it's just one of eighty-two.

    Despite his struggles it still must be said, 
    Of Reggie Ray is now 51 ahead.


  • Zee

    Lakers lose 5 in a row. First time in four years they've lost 5 in a row. Guess what made the difference for them? Perkins… and OKC is young and FAST! 120 to 106.

    Seems speed and athleticism is the factor this season…

  • kricky

    Bittersweet to watch OKC beat LA. That used to be us. Now we are a shell of are former selves.

  • Zee

    Lakers are actually heading into the playoffs worse than the Celtics are. I feel pretty good now! 🙂

  • Eric

    Yeeesh, some people need to relax with the rhetoric.

    I wish someone could show me how Perkins makes our offense better right now. Because he wouldn't. Perk seems to have morphed into Moses Malone since he left. The problem right now is your offense, and Perk does not make our offense better.

  • ElRoz

    Lakers have lost 5 in a row?! What the heck? After winning 9 ina row.
    If we speculate and say that Lakers and Boston know something about the playoffs and the finals, we can say that both teams are just taking it easy, while the hungry ones are giving it their all every game – Chicago, Miami, OKC. I still think it might end up Celtics-Lakers in 2011 finals.
    Don't forget that Boston played back-to-back and then had less than the usual one day of rest: they played Miami at 3.30. They played on Thursday-Friday evenings; then Sunday at 3.30. Usually you get a 7.30 or 8 pm time the second day after back-to-backs. Plus its that time of the season when C'sf taper off. So this loss should not be unexpected. I would rather have Boston motivated by this blowout then too cocky about sweeping the Heat.
    The only weird thing now is that the C's play NY on the last game of the season, then face them in the first round of the playoffs! Time for the deep deep bench to play: don't even dress the big four; play Bradley, Murphy, Arroroy, Green, and Pavlovic big minutes.
    Maybe Boston's offense can wake up against NY in the first round – the Knicks give up a lot of points.

    • KJ5

      You are right. It's a grind. By the time March rolls around, the Celtics are toasted. Play the bench! Not only does it refresh the main men, it stops the media's incessant predictions of doom.

  • Eric

    I realized today that one thing Green gives that BBD can't is the three-point threat. Green is an average three-point shooter, but unlike Baby he's at least good enough to be worried about, so he provides much better spacing. With three perimeter shooters to worry about, it's much more difficult for defenses to provide help defense, and the combinations for Celtics offensive sets are definitely improved. Baby's preferred spot of above the foul line clogs the middle of the court. With corner shooters, there is more room for KG to operate, and for Rondo to, if he'd ever take advantage of it.

  • james patrick

    At least the Lakers lost again. God willing we get a rematch with them we’ve got the tie-breaker for home court.

  • DRJ1

    There's still a light at the end of the tunnel. If…
    – Shaq comes back
    – Rondo pick up his game (as he always has before)
    – The team picks up its game (as it has in prior playoffs)
    …then this team has a clear shot to go all the way. All 3 are possible, even likely. So there's hope, and it's real.

    But… if any of those 3 does NOT happen, then it's lights out, coming soon.

  • CELTIC 33

    Hard to envy Shaq now…at 39 (or40?)he is now forced to carry hopes for banner 18 on his shoulders ever since the Perk trade…at a veteran's minimum salary cap to boot. To say D.A. should not have messed up the team's CHEMISTRY while with Perk is an understatement then hoping to rely on the "healthy" O Neals for the playoffs?!2nd or 3rd seed…homecourt or no homecourt advantage…still believin' for banner 18 (although not holding my breath anymore

    • Zee

      Same thing I said…

      • CELTIC 33

      • CELTIC 33


  • Zee

    Love this article! Oh how I miss Perk!!!!

    "Oklahoma City's Kendrick Perkins defends his remarks about Lakers" http://www.latimes.com/sports/basketball/nba/lake

  • Zee

    Love this article! Oh how I miss Perk!!!!

    "Oklahoma City's Kendrick Perkins defends his remarks about Lakers" http://www.latimes.com/sports/basketball/nba/lake

  • Zee

    "Perkins is among the few guys you absolutely cannot judge by the numbers. He’s a great team defender. I’ve always said he was the best low-post defender in the league." ~Kobe Bryant

  • CG12

    People just need to chill out. There are a lot of reasons not to be excited about this team, but it is like everyone totally forgot about last year. Sure, Docs says "this isn't last year," and it isn't, but what do you expect him to say – "yep, we are rope-a-doping until the playoffs." Just accept that what you are seeing now doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what you will see in the playoffs. It might, but taking that as a certainty is foolish.

    The two biggest issues are getting Shaq back and contributing and Rondo getting back on track. With Shaq as starting center, the other bigs are pushed back into their more natural roles, which makes an enormous difference. JO and Krstic will be terrific 2d team centers. They are pretty much defense/offense, depending on what the team needs. Davis won't need to play first team minutes, which aren't good for him. When he can play against 2d team guys who are small, slower, whatever, he can get back to being aggressive with the ball. With the first team, he isn't expected to do anything, and then the ball ends up in his hands when Rondo dribbles down to 3 on the shot clock and gives it to BBD. Of course he misses. When Baby plays he needs to be fed and to handle the ball.

    Rondo was just terrible against Miami. I have always thought people overlook his poor team defense because of his flashy one-on-one defense, which can be outstanding. He is constantly out of position, not working hard to follow his guy, and forcing his teammates into awkward positions and mismatches when they have to help. Delonte is a better defender for the Cs right now. On offense, if Rondo isn't pushing the pace whenever possible, I am at a loss to discern what he brings to the table. He doesn't need to go helter-skelter to the rim every time, but to get up on the D quickly and not allow them to get set. When it takes 15 seconds to get into your offense, the D can sink closer and closer to the rim and get in perfect position. When you don't let them do that, you create little windows of opportunity, where Rondo can use his brilliant passing to set up his teammates. I am genuinely confused by his play much of the time. It is like he just doesn't feel like using his one defining skill, the only thing he has that makes him a star-level player. It is no wonder Doc has no hair – Rondo has caused him to pull it all out.

  • SteveB

    Is it me or do the Celtics pass up a lot of open looks early in the shot clock? I realize Doc's offense is based on ball movement and getting a good shot but that's not what's happening. A lot of trips down the floor Ray would have the ball a few seconds in and look to have an open look. But they end up passing and dribbling until there's about 3 seconds on the shot clock and force a tough shot or turn it over. It's not like you are getting guaranteed baskets by working the shot clock. A good shot is better than a turn over or forced shot any day. I'd love to see them play a game on offense like Mike D'Antoni is coaching and playing defense like Thibs is coaching.
    I see a lot of BBD comments and he definitely seems to be going the wrong way. Almost as painful as when he was getting every other shot blocked. I don't blame the struggles on the trade though. Perkins was not going to help out with the scoring or spreading the floor, only rebounding. Even in 2008 the Celtics struggled against athletic teams that could rebound (Hawks, Bulls). Moving forward, if Rondo is the PG, they need to surround him with those types of players. This may be the last serious chance at a title for a few years so let's enjoy the ride, whatever it brings.

  • torpid bunny

    Here's the thing. The celtics looked like crap against the Bulls and the Heat. But Doc didn't seem to care about losing to the Bulls. And the Heat REALLY wanted to beat the Celtics. The celtics stagnant offense and terrible rebounding are big worries. But it's still not the playoffs. I think not even the celtics know what kind of team will show up in the playoffs. Which isn't good, but not the end of the world.

  • Jon

    I think they brought Green here so they need to utilize him. I think if he gets the same open looks that BBD has been geting he will definitely knock them down. I dont know why but its no looking for ray on fast breaks any more for pull up 3s that was happening earlier in the year. I agree with whoever said that they used Green to post up twice and he got to the line both time but then they went away from it. I say if someone off your bench is giving you good inside play keep going to him. That could open it up for the shooters Ray and Paul and KG to get open shots when they double Green.

  • trueballs

    this time last year many Cavs fans had that same optimism with Shaq headiing into the playoffs….if he's healthy…he'll be shaq, right!?!? we'll see.