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A week after seeing a very brief return from the team’s prized starting center in Shaquille O’Neal, the team has decided to be very cautious with the 39-year-old and his strained calf. Jeff Twiss, the Celtics’ PR director confirmed this morning that O’Neal did not make the trip with the team to Miami for Sunday’s showdown with the Heat for the number two seed. He will also not play Monday night in Washington against the Wizards.

The decision to hold Shaq out is the move that head coach Doc Rivers was leaning towards last night in his postgame press conference:

“I’m not sure. I’m going to lean towards not [playing]. But I’m not sure yet.” said Rivers. “We’ll talk in the morning. If we don’t think there’s any chance, he won’t go on the trip. If he goes on the trip, then there’s a chance he’ll play.”

And the latest on Jermaine O’Neal who sat out last night for precautionary reasons from Doc last night as well:

“I’m holding him out — he wanted to play, but I didn’t think he should play,” said Rivers. “I just want to keep him healthy. He’s played a bunch of games. We have games (tomorrow), Monday and Wednesday, and he would like to play that entire week, so I thought this would be a good game for him to sit. The only thing I would do different with JO is we’re sitting him too long — only playing him five or six minutes in a row,” he said. “I would sit him five and play him again. I didn’t know what to expect. But defensively he’s been very good for us.”

Both Jermaine and Von Wafer made the trip according to Twiss. Full analysis on the move to hold out Shaq on the way….

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • I_Love_Green

    Better to be safe than sorry. JO and Krstic can handle the job against the heat's centers. And tomorrow I really really want to see Von get some playing time. I'm not sure why he fell out of the rotation, he was playing so well before that injury. He could be a spark off the bench in the playoffs for us.

    • Rojan Rando

      I think Von is still ailing

  • Chris O

    Noooo we need Shaqqy Poo

    • someguyinsac

      I'd love to see him play the last few regular season games especially Miami, but having him as "healthy" as possible for the playoffs is much more important.

  • kricky

    This Shaq-opera is turning into a total fucking joke.

  • johnschaffer

    i totally agree with kricky , shaq can appear in ads but cant get his fat ass to play basketball , i know the ads are old news but he makes more money from them than he does for celtics ,, he neds to go where rasheed is sitting

    • kricky

      The sad thing is we have put ourselves in a position where we are completely dependent on him if we are going to have a real shot at the title.

  • celticfan

    i agree with Kricky and johnschaffer, shaq is starting to be a big ass joke. waht happen with Danny saying he would be back in a couple games. Danny is full of poo he doesn't even know. he really screwed up when he got shaq. what the hell was he thinking. shaq is done he needs to come to grips with it. and just come out and say i'm done. blame Danny for taking banner 18 away when he made that trade he took the celtics spirit. sure they won last night but it was sloppy. i got a bad feeling about the playoff's if they make it out of the first round it's going to be a miracle.i love the celtics but i sit and watch them play they are lost you can see it.

    • ljp305

      It's easy to see what genius Danny thought when he signed Shaq. Genius Danny followed the hunch of Celtic Owner Wyc Grousbeck who said he decided to sign Shaq after hearing Kobe’s remarks last June (i.e., “I just got one more than Shaq. You can take that to the bank. You know how I am, I don’t forget anything.”) Apparently Grousbeck's hunch was the Kobe Shaq feud was the equivalent of manna from heaven sufficient to make signing Shaq an instant priority rather than extend Perk's contract (i.e., “The minute I heard Kobe [Bryant] say he had one more ring than Shaq, I said to Danny, ‘Let’s go get Shaq,’ and it happened,” said Grousbeck.) Genius Danny saluted big time!

      • Dropstep

        I don't think the biggest issue was signing Shaq. I was fine with him being a backup. Now, he's the starting center. I wouldn't have as big a problem with that if he had played for the last month, but he hasn't played since Feb. And no, six minutes does not count.

        • ljp305

          Celtic Owner Wyc Grousbeck's hunch, which is documented on the Internet starting around 9-10-10, supports the notion that signing Shaq was motivated by gimmicky than a well thought out plan by him and genius Danny wherein Shaq would play crucial minutes during certain regular season games or the playoffs. At less than 7% of what he was paid the previous year and no other team willing to take a risk on him, Shaq was quite obliged to sign on given other opportunities/incentives to fun/statue pose in parks, ride subways as Shaquita and conduct the Boston Pops in good weather. Boston’s cold winters might explain why Shaq took off additional time than usual during the season and chose to rehab in Orlando the past few weeks.

  • talesofJP

    Not really surprised, but still a bit discouraging. I would like to see Shaq before the playoffs, but Round 1 should sort of be a warmup anyway, so if he can get back in for that we should be all set. Good idea not playing JO last night, didnt need him. We won't need him on the next back-to-back against the Wiz either. This game tomorrow determines #2 in the East.

  • ljp305

    Recently on ESPN’s PTI, Mike Wilbon related an apt comment a younger Shaq made to him when Michael Jordan attempted a comeback at age 39. Although Shaq said he was excited to see Jordan comeback, in a deep voice Wilbon repeated Shaq’s prophetic words: “Bro, I love to see him but 39 ain’t 29.”

  • kricky

    I loved the move to get Shaq. It was low cost and low risk when we only were counting on him to come off the Bench for a few minutes and get some baskets inside.

    What I do hate is putting all our eggs in the Shaqbasket.

  • ljp305

    Signing and trade decisions by genius Danny Ainge this year made the Celtics dependent on Shaq’s health or bust. Calf muscle and Achilles injuries (Shaq’s latest in addition to knee, hip, thigh & foot injuries during the year) aren’t minor ailments from which athletes easily snap back (ask Steeler Troy Polamalu) let along aging heavy athletes like Shaq. In the past when Shaq took time off, he gained weight and got out of conditioning. In the last game he played in, Shaq looked heavier than his profile 325lb weight. An article by Dr. Neil Minkoff analyzes Shaq’s weight, the impact it has on his body & performance, and recommends Shaq should lose weight: http://www.csnne.com/03/06/11/Dr-M-With-Shaqs-inj

    • Dropstep

      I'm pretty sure Shaq has always been over his profile weight of 325. lol, he's been *chubby* all year. They said he was supposed to have lost 15 lbs. I doubt that would show up on Shaq's body plus I don't know how much meaningful conditioning he could have done with his achilles injury. I'm not holding my breath. When he's on the court, he's there (so something Doc would say). Let's see how long he can stay this time.

      • ljp305

        Dr. Neil Minkoff's article referred to above says, among other things: "The Big Diesel has become a Double-wide"…" When a basketball player jumps, his knees and ankles are designed to act as shock absorbers to take the impact. This is a combination of the joints bending and cartilage flexing. There are even little sacs of fluid called bursas that absorb the force."…"His weight becomes magnified when you look at force of impact, though. That’s because you multiply the player’s weight by the effect of gravity pulling him to the floor to measure force of impact. The effect of gravity has been found to be 32.2. That’s right, each pound counts 32 times when measuring the force."… "So say Shaq weighs 350 pounds. Every time he jumps, his legs absorb an amazing 11,270 pounds of force. This season, Shaq is averaging 5.5 FGA per game. Those are all dunks and lay-ups, so that’s 61,985 pounds of force. He’s averaging 4.9 boards per game, so there’s another 55,223 pounds of force. His 2.3 blocks per game add another 25,921 pounds of force. And we should assume another 5 jumps or so on block attempts and missed boards for another 56,350 pounds of force. That’s over 200,000 pounds of force every game."

  • ljp305

    Dr. Neil Minkoff's article concludes with: "I never even got to the important reasons Shaq should lose weight – heart disease, diabetes and stroke risk are the big ones. I just write about it from an injury point of view.

    C’mon, Shaq. Lose the weight. Do it for your career. Do it for Celtics fans. Most importantly, do it for your kids.'

  • kricky

    A bit shameful when you consider how hard someone like Perk worked to get back to the phenomenal shape he was in when he finally stepped on the court.

    I dislike Kobe, but I can see why he got fed up with Shaq.