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Game 79/82: Wizards (21-57) @ Celtics (54-24) Open Thread


Washington at Boston
TD Garden
7:30 PM EST

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 104.3 points/100 possessions (t-15th)
Washington 99.6 points/100 possessions (28th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 97.8 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)
Washington: 107.8 points allowed/100 possessions (t-26th)

Probable Wizards starters: John Wall (PG), Jordan Crawford (SG), Maurice Evans (SF), Andray Blatche (PF), JaVale McGee (C)

View from the opposing bench: Truth About It

Thumbnail: After being humbled by the Bulls last night on national TV, the Celtics have to deal with a second game less than 24 hours later. The prognosis for this kind of thing is not good, as we all know, but at least this is the second last back-to-back of the season. But Boston has to have this game if they want the second seed.

On the dead legs front, Boston’s big four played fewer minutes than you might think against Chicago. Ray Allen went for 38, in what I assume was an attempt to get him back in rhythm (fail) but Rajon Rondo (31), Paul Pierce (32) and Kevin Garnett (30) should have enough to pull this game out.

Or if they don’t, perhaps the Wizards will lose it on their own. Washington is 3-36 on the road.

Of course… you may remember this non-classic from earlier in the season.


Scoop up some opportunistic wins against bad teams playing out the stretch. Washington has won three of its last four games, taking down Charlotte, Cleveland and Detroit. Although the Pacers pulverized them 136-112 on Wednesday.


Most other things. The Wiz are 26th in the league in defensive efficiency. If the Celtics move the ball the way they did last night, they’ll score easily against this team. They Wiz are also 28th in the league in offensive efficiency. Boston’s effort against Chicago was woefully insufficient but Washington’s predilection to take bad shots might bail them out.

It’s kind of depressing. A decent effort should easily shut down this Wizards team. No idea if that’s coming tonight or not.


Blatche has put up some big numbers recently. He’s averaging 24.8 points and 12.8 rebounds over his last five games. But it’s Andray Blatche, you say. Of course, he’s going off in meaningless games. That won’t happen against the Celtics. Will it?

Boston’s shorthanded and softened frontline is actually a perfect target for him. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he kept up his box-score stuffing ways. Sadly enough, it’s now reasonable to ask if Boston’s bigs will be able to match his aggression inside.

Wall. Rondo failed against Derrick Rose last night and now he’s gotta dial it up for another difficult cover in Wall. Let’s see if Doc Rivers splits the coverage between Rondo and Delonte West, who has been quietly ramping up his game for the playoffs.


Pierce. It was a subpar game for the captain last night after a number of excellent ones in a row. I expect a bounce back. Particularly on the defensive end and in taking care of the ball.


Try hard. Win easy.


Boston 101 Washington 93

  • talesofJP

    Just want a win, but this game isn't in the bag even against the Wiz

  • I_Bleed_Green

    I am going to go off at rondo again if he gets outplayed by wall tonight.

    • Scott

      You wont be the only one.

    • Batman

      Please do so I can hear your reasons about why Rondo sucks

  • Chris O

    This is a huge game, lets bring it boys. Very much need this so we can beat Miami and then get that 2 spot wrapped up.

  • Scott

    Interesting not from last nights game… Ray played the most minutes, and had the best +/- with 0.

    Also.. JO had 0 rebounds.

    I know JO is not playing tonight, but lets see if Ray can add some offense to his defense tonight and get back on track. How many times are we going to say "hopefully he gets back on track tongiht" about Ray……

  • Batman

    Good start

  • James Patrick

    This just in from Bill Simmons latest piece and he is 100% correct. You guys don't have to like it, but he ain't sugarcoating what we all know or fail to see, depending on what type of fan you are…

    5. Boston
    This could be 450 words or 45,000. I will spare you — we'll go for 450. Just know that I can't remember another deadline deal knocking a team from "favorites" to "also-rans." There's no historical precedent. The trade undermined everything the Celtics were about: size, toughness, togetherness, chemistry, friendship, relationships … it erased their identity Jason Bourne-style. Whether it was true or not, this particular Celtics team really did believe in the whole "nobody has ever beaten us in a series when we had our starting five" mantra, just like they believed in "ubuntu" and their ability to protect that aforementioned six feet at all times. Well, how do you preach "ubuntu" after you just blindsided one of your core guys in a trade that didn't totally need to happen? So it's conditional ubuntu?

    The more I watch this Celtics team, the more I realized that they were overachieving those first 3½ months because of chemistry and swagger. Watching Chicago rough them up Thursday was pretty depressing. Keith Bogans pushed Ray Allen around like a rag doll. Kurt Thomas and Glen Davis fell into a heap, then Thomas jumped up and stood over Davis like he had just tripped him in a prison cafeteria and wanted to send him a message before they both got sent to the hole. Joakim Noah pranced around and did Noah things knowing that everyone had his back. With 20 seconds left in a blowout, Carlos Boozer got tangled with Nenad Krstic and decided to shove him six feet, got called for a foul, then stared him down before sauntering back to his bench and being greeted by smiling teammates. Honestly, it was like watching a deleted Cobra Kai scene. The trade was bad enough — watching my team get punked out on national TV was something else. That game made me ill. So does the trade. I don't know what the Celtics are anymore, and neither do they.

    One more thing: Every Celtics fan is in "last year, we wrote them off and we made the Finals" mode. Which is fine. That's what you do when you're grieving. You make excuses. Just know that …

    A. The 2011 Bulls are better than any 2010 Eastern team. There's no comparison, actually. All season long I've been watching them with the same frightened look that Mickey had during Clubber Lang's fights in the beginning if "Rocky 3."

    B. The odds of the 2011 Celtics getting a gift on the level of WTHHTLBJBG3G6 (Whatever The Hell Happened To LeBron James Between Game 3 and Game 6) are about 100-to-1. Miracles don't happen twice.

    • Batman

      um no offense but who denies this?

      • james patrick

        there are alot of people on this blog who fail to be realistic about the situation. i had someone question my loyalty over it. lol

    • ElRoz

      boring…some dude working oo hard to prove what he cannot really predict very well at all. And Bill Simmons is NO basketball authority I can assure you.

      • Chris O

        Actually bill Simmons is a basketball authority, you would know that if you read his book (seriously). Also its true, this team lost its swag and toughness. It needs a healthy Shaq Daddy to get it back

  • Batman

    uh oh

  • someguyinsac

    A little help here since i missed it please. How did Delonte pickup a 2nd tech and get tossed?

    • Batman

      the 2nd tech was bull
      he was trying to explain himself

      • someguyinsac

        Thanks and that's what I figured it would be.

      • Chris O

        Agree Batman, I actually thought both techs were kinda bogus, the rule is sooo inconsistent its not even funny

  • I_Bleed_Green

    Can I see a KG post up play in the 2nd half? Just once…

  • BostonFTW

    Why do Wiz have green headsweats?

    • someguyinsac

      I believe it's "Green" week for the NBA or something like that.

      • BostonFTW

        So it's our week…

    • Chris O

      NBA goes green

      • Batman

        Jeff Green?
        Cha Ching!

        • Chris O

          Hahaha ba doomp boomp shhh oohhhhh!!!

  • Chris O

    Rondo hits the jumpaahhh "Happy Learned how to putt"

  • Batman

    Rondo back to his happy turnover days

  • Batman

    look at the mood when the celtics are winning
    very nice
    gosh i love being a NBA fan

  • Chris O

    WTFFFFFF!!!!! Instead of going a 2 for 1 u end your last offensive possession of the 3rd with a BBD jumper as the shot clock runs down really guys EFFFINNN REALLY!?!?!?

  • someguyinsac

    It's gut check quarter time.

  • Chris O

    Rondo 4/4 from FTs Happy Gilmore hole in one on a par 4 woohoo

  • Chris O

    F*CK BBD

  • Rojan Rando


  • Chris O

    Gary Tanguay just asked if this game matters???? Is he ok???? He does realize we want to win everygame because we want the 2 seed ( I know the important game is the one AGAINST MIA but still) we have the tiebreaker so we want this win so we can afford another loss if we beat the heat

  • Mike

    Finally no BBD in the final minutes of the game and somebody taller that can actually rebound and doesn't every ball that's passed to him.

    • Mike

      doesn't shoot that is

      • someguyinsac

        No need to correct yourself, you're preaching to the choir on BBD and his negatives. =)

  • james patrick

    Well the good news is it was, based off tonight, more of a bad shooting night than great defense by the Bulls. the bad news, the shooting slump continues, even in victory. lol

    • Chris O

      We just shot over 50% how did the shooting slump continue?? (50.7%)

      • james patrick

        Pierce 5-14
        Allen 5-10
        Rondo 7-12
        Green 1-4
        Davis 3-7
        Murphy 2-5

        Sorry folks. 50.7 against a wizards team. what did we shoot last night? Those numbers aren't getting us back to the finals. You don't have to like this comment. But it's the truth!

        • Chris O

          You do realize over 50% is very good, and that you left off the players that shot even better. Against the Bulls we were much worse but if you shoot 50% everygame you will probably get back to the Finals, jus an FYI getcha facts straight

          • James Patrick

            one more time… AGAINST THE WIZARD. yes, if we shot 50% against the wizard for 82 games I'm sure we'd not only be back in the finals but winning #18. So it's not I who needs to get the facts staight, but you'll realize this in June if we play like that against the Bulls again.

  • someguyinsac

    Rondo cashed in on all the freebies!

  • http://lovemyceltics.blogspot.com mycelts

    Krstic came out and he wasn't kidding, 
    The Cs only real Big with JO sitting.
    In the first half he was high scorer, hardly missed,
    And for the half the Cs had 17 assists.

    The Cs had 14 against the Bulls, whole game, 
    Without them the offense just isn't the same.
    Early Q3, KG, great play, thumped chest,
    For Passion and Heart, he is the best.

    Delonte was tossed, 2 techs, the ref's new,
    If you're unhappy with a call, really nothing you can do!
    Proof: no Dwight Howard next game, 18 techs the reason,
    An aside: his 1000 rebounds, 100 blocks, sixth season.

    Toward the end of Q3, Cs started walkin' up the ball
    No time for any play that Doc might call, 
    The Wizards have a run, single digits the lead,
    An aggressive Q4 is what the Cs need!

    Arroyo spells Rondo, after minutes thirty-four,
    Here is where we wish we had Delonte on the floor.
    The Cs have slowed down, it is energy they lack, 
    Oh, no, the second night of a back to back.

    Arroyo, Murphy, Davis, Pierce and Green,
    Here's a line-up we have never seen.
    Then Green sat down, instead we got Ray,
    Who, in the last ten games, hasn't really found his way.

    Seven minutes left, the Cs only up four, 
    Garnett and Rondo back out on the floor.
    Many travels, weird dribble calls-the refs in a funk?
    Followed by Owens-his monster…wait…missed dunk.

    Fumbles on both sides, a contest Rondo and Wall,
    Mostly they matched in the frequent turnover of the ball.
    The Cs pulled it out, at the end, because of Pierce,
    You know what I say, that man is fierce!

    Rondo broke loose, played "Rondo" ball,
    And KG, in his way, motivated them all.
    Hope this game doesn't make the Wizards coach "Flip,"
    'Cause Monday we play 'em again, to Washington a trip.

    With all of his struggles still it must be said, 
    Of Reggie–this is big!!–Ray is FIFTY ahead!


    PS: the highlight of the pre-game show,
    The Red Auerbach award to Doc Rivers it did go!

  • http://www.bing.com/ Kayli

    Q4j8ju Very true! Makes a cnhage to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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