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Family Meeting: Rondo, Rivers Have Private Talk After Loss


The fine folks over at Reds Army picked up on an interesting development tucked away in The Boston Globe’s Celtics Blog by Gary Washburn late last night.

Rondo requested a rare post-game meeting with Rivers likely to discuss matters. Rondo asked for the meeting and talked for a few minutes with Rivers in his office, perhaps to clear the air about play calling and Rondo’s up-and-down performances.

After compiling 46 assists in the past four games, Rondo collected just six last night on 3-for-10 shooting. His counterpart, Derrick Rose, scorched the Celtics for 30 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals.

Rondo was visibly disappointed after the game.

“Think we need to play with a better sense of urgency,” he said before his meeting with Rivers. “It better be a wakeup call, if not, we won’t make it far. We’re a completely different team (than last year). It’s not the same team. We’re not going to be able to turn it on like we did year. I don’t know what we’re waiting on but these types of games we have to find a way to win. It’s a roller-caster and right now we went back down today.”

An interesting and encouraging development to say the least. More so than ever, this team’s future against the Bulls specifically will rise and fall on the shoulders of Rajon Rondo containing the Bulls’ MVP. A lot of us around here tend to be hard on Rondo for his inconsistent play, but given the amount Doc has faced in the past two months, it’s safe to ask if his coaching in other areas has seen slippage as well. In any case, the most important thing clearly is getting everyone on the same page here, and this is hopefully a step in the right direction.


    Talk is cheap.

  • http://twitter.com/M_DeVelaine @M_DeVelaine

    If the C's fail to get past the Bulls this season, I can see how this is going to play out. We're all going to blame DA for trading away a title when he traded Perk. And then there'll probably be a lot of media hype about how the C's wouldn't have won in 2008 without Thibs on the bench, and that the title is more his doing than Doc's.

    I have to admit that I actually like Doc. He speaks his mind, isn't afraid to call guys out, but also lets them play. He actually strikes me as a good guy, and it'll suck to see him get dumped on like that. But really… Every one of these losses just further makes the Perkins trade look like a disaster.

    • I_Love_Green

      I agree. I questioned the Perkins trade when it first happened, but figured we'd be fine when JO, and Shaq came back. After last night I'm really questioning the trade.

  • Janos

    Wonder if meeting was book in calendar or just happen without. Sometime I try to book meeting at work but other person calender says full. But then I see them in hallway walk?

    Rondo will have rebound game match next.

  • Chris

    Wait wait wait… BEFORE his conversation (that he requested) with Doc, Rondo is saying that THE TEAM lacks a sense of urgency? ZERO personal responsibility. NONE.

    Then he talks with Doc for "a few minutes." What about? I know Washburn speculates that it was a discussion about Rondo's performance, but those are not the comments of someone who is looking in the mirror.

    Rondo was terrible last night. Doc left him on the bench for Delonte for an extended period in the second half because Delonte was at least TRYING to play defense. And again, RR doesn't say, "I sucked. I've sucked for 6 weeks. And I better get my game together before the playoffs, or the TEAM (which otherwise does NOT lack a sense of urgency) will be going home early."

    Rondo is responsible for making the offense go. Whenever the O has stagnated this year and questions have been asked about what is wrong, the answer is always: Rondo. Every single time.

    I love Rajon. I do. And as long as he's wearing green (and probably even after), I'll root for him. But this streak of immaturity has got to go.

    • MikeD

      I hate blind speculation like this. You have no idea what Rondo meant or what he said with Doc. Neither do I. The only ones who know are Rondo and Doc. Just because he doesn't say "I've sucked the past 6 weeks" to the media doesn't mean he isn't being accountable. A lot goes on behind the scenes that we don't see.

      • Chris

        Fair enough. It is speculation on my part. But when things that happen behind the scenes have become public in the past with Rondo, it's been issues of immaturity and failing to take responsibility for his own play. Given that history, and the plain reading of his comments, I also think it's fair to speculate.

    • Ryan DeGama

      Rondo WAS trying to cover Rose last night. He just couldn't do it.

      • Chris

        Again, I just don't think that accurately reflects Rajon's performance last night. Time and again, he was swiping at Rose as he blew by him and then giving up on the play. Even if Rose goes by you (and he WILL, he's a great player), it's no excuse to just stand and watch. Rondo repeatedly failed to rotate to open shooters once help came on Rose.

        Yes, Rondo's D on Rose sucked. Excuse it if you want by saying Rose would blow by anyone. Fine. Maybe he would. But Rondo played terrible positional defense, played terrible help defense, was routinely out of position, failed to close out hard on shooters (a mortal sin on this team!), never attempted to deny Rose the ball or position in the pinch post. Top to bottom, it was a terrible performance.

        Delonte at least got into Rose and rotated well. That's all anyone is asking of Rondo on D. In a big game, he wasn't able to respond. Fine. But then STFU after the game or take responsibility. Doc knows you sucked. Don't apologize (if that was the point of the talk — after all, Washburn was also speculating), just play right.

        • Ryan DeGama

          I think you're overstating Rondo's failures last night. Although having been beat, the "Rondo swipe" was in full effect. But rotations and closeout failures, and they were legion… those are on the whole team.

        • CG12

          I have to agree. All Rondo's defensive failings were on full display last night. And I'm sure he will, nonetheless, be named to some level of all-defensive team this year. Swipe, miss, stand up, guard no one. Delonte was far better. He virtually always is.

          It is very hard to say what this is all about, but I do get the feeling that Rondo isn't much inclined to look in the mirror when assessing why Rose was able to get to the rim so easily and repeatedly.

  • Batman

    Ok guys. I'm sure you all look at me and go "Oh the Rondo D sucker"
    Rondo is a great PG
    He has a lot of flaws, but lets not always try to get down on him ok?
    Although last's nights performance was subpar.
    I like this meeting. Rondo and Doc need to be on the same page if we are to advance. Rondo is our second most important player, remember that guys

    • kricky

      It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. We love you for it Batman :)

      RR had been playing better but took a huge step back last night vs. Rose. I really hope he can get back on track.

      • Batman

        Very Dirty job
        It is actually surprising how many people hate Rondo

        • Chris O

          Haha Kricky and Batman I love y'all, and I'm a Rondo D'sucker 2. Not as bad as u Batman but still. Rondo is a freak. It was a bad game on national stage. Its not like he gets outplayed THIS MUCH by Rose most of the time. In the playoffs Rondo will b fine

  • kricky

    Go stick a Kielbassa in your mouth and have a heart attack already.

    Hat these fucking trolls.

  • Hanoi IG

    OK. Rondo was bad for most of the night and his missed FT that led somehow to a breakawy for the Bulls started the ball really rolling downhill. No, nobody can stop Rose when he's scooping them in between 3 defenders(was it 4?) or banking one off the top of the glass. That said, the C's missing so many easy shots helped the Bulls make those snappy rotations. Success breed more success. Even bleeding Kyle Korver who couldn't stop ME, let alone an NBA player, was making good switches and looking crisp. If you make a reasonable percentage the defenders will tire mentally which will open things up.

    • Chris O

      Agreed a lot of it looked mental and defeatest, especially in the 4th. It came unravelled on back to back Pierce outlet passes for TOs that lead to fast breaks. That's when the wind came out of the sails.

  • Chris

    Respectfull, I totally disagree, Mark. When he says, "We're not going to be able to turn it on…" and "I don't know what we're waiting on…" he's calling out the whole team, not just himself. And that's B.S. He's the only one that hasn't been playing with a sense of urgency.

  • E.J

    the end is near for boston. derrick rose was always a better point guard than rondo. when the big 3 retires, rondo with his present skill set is a back -up at best… he better start working on his shooting in the summer.

    • MikeD

      a backup at best? You clearly don't know much about basketball.

    • Batman


  • Chris

    Really, I don't want to be the guy who is overly-critical and getting "thumbed down" for being a hater. I'm probably over-reacting to a tough loss. But that felt like a statement game to me. None of our bigs even considered knocking Rose down after he strolled the lane time and again. Once Chicago sensed that the Invincible Celtics were experiencing some self-doubt, they took it to us (see, Kurt Thomas standing over BBD and the whole team, minus Ray, looking to the ref to break things up… very unCeltic-like) and we folded.

    If you guys aren't concerned about this team after that performance, well… godblessya. I'm worried.

    • MikeD

      The problem with not standing up to Kurt Thomas there is if any Celtic even walked anywhere near him when they happened, under todays rules you would get tossed. It is sad that the rules are like that these days, but you simply aren't allowed to retaliate in any way if you want to stay in the game.

      • CG12

        alright, then stand up for your teammate and get tossed, for christ's sake. The Cs let the Bulls smack them around last night, and you don't want to enter the playoffs with that being your most recent memory of that match-up. Don't let Kurt Thomas punk you.

        • Chris O

          Agreed, but it will look way better with Shaq Daddy in there

        • MikeD

          but who was on the floor that you would be ok with them getting tossed for the rest of the game? If this was the NHL i would say hell yea fight back, but in the NBA there is really no point. All you do is hurt your team by getting involved in that stuff.

    • Chris O

      We would be more intimidating when Shaq gets back, let him foul Rose hard once, than baby boi won't drive with such abandon. Also I just want it officially noted that Chris and Chris O are not the same person, even though we both get overly-critical at this and get 'thumbed down' (which for the record I have gotten 'thumbed down' for agree with ppl, disagree, being overly critical, being overy ecstatic and everything under the SUN – go head do it THUMB ME DOWN).

      • ozcelts

        Thumbed u down as requested

  • DRJ1

    I could take it as a negative that Rondo seems unaware that the team barely put in any effort last night. But the other hand of the story is that Rondo's words to the media are meaningless, because maybe he knows very well that the Cs didn't give a damn, but is simply toeing the party line for the media.

    There's no end to the speculation over what is positive vs. negative information. The great thing is: we will soon find out… when the rubber meets the road, the chips come down, and finally, finally, the playoffs will arrive.

  • torpid bunny

    They need Shaq. Talk radio has been reaming Ainge for days. They have a point: Shaq is 300+ and 38 and has been injured all season.

    But maybe this fall will not be the last time Shaq looks frisky. Maybe he comes back and gives a defensive anchor for KG. Converts on easy buckets because of all the space he takes up. That team can win the title. I still believe it. But Diesel MUST be ready to go. So we'll just have to wait and see.

    • Chris O

      Yes Shaq changes everything, if he can give you a healthy 15-20 mins with JO and Krstic coming to his aid, that 3-headed hydra will change everything. Shaq is the only one that can overly replace what we lost by losing Perk. Toughness and opponents fear

    • TedL

      I never expected it at the start of the year, but yes, the Cs are a lot better with Shaq.

      The Cs offense and confidence are better with Shaq on the floor, and they miss the intimidation he brings on the other side of the ball. We would've found out how tough D Rose is the first time he ran into Shaq on one of those drives.

  • talesofJP

    Rondo needs to play better defense to win against the Bulls. Yes not having Perk in the middle makes it tougher, but Rondo is a very good defender, he can do a bit more on Rose and he can also limit is turnovers. I think Rondo was trying too hard last night, Delonte had a much better game than him in my opinion.

    • Dropstep

      I know that in general, Rondo needs to work on limiting his turnovers. But he did not have any last night.

  • ElRoz

    will see if the ulls can make it past Orlando – seriously it could very well be 7 games.

  • TedL

    Who knew? Bulls fans are more obnoxious than Laker fans.

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