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I need to check with Truth About It to see if this bit was retired after last season's locker room "incident"

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A night after getting completely outplayed by Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo takes his frustration out on DRose 2.0*.  Make no mistake though, Rondo was more of a beneficiary of getting to play a terrible Wizards team than actually taking the game over.

A win is a win, which is great, but there are plenty of things not to like about tonight’s play.  The defense absolutely awful, which was probably why the Garden was the quietest I have witnessed in recent memory..  The Wizards shot 53% in the first half and finished the game shooting 45%.  It’s nice to see the defense tighten up in the second half but it’s disheartening to realize that the superior play in the second half was a direct result of the starters playing more and the bench playing less.  The Celtics starters played close to playoff minutes.  Paul Pierce and Rondo each played at least 40 minutes and Ray Allen played 37.  While it was refreshing to see the starters out on the court, you still want the bench to play up to their ability and you still want the starters’ minutes conserved for the playoffs.  It’s just not happening.

Like anytime you play a bad team, you cannot read too much into the outcome or the team’s overall play…but we’ll try tomorrow.  For now, just go out and enjoy the thought that the Celtics are halfway to a winning streak.

*Okay so maybe John Wall will become a similar player to Rose but he’s hardly in the same stratosphere right not.

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    Krstic came out and he wasn't kidding, 
    The Cs only real Big with JO sitting.
    In the first half he was high scorer, hardly missed,
    And for the half the Cs had 17 assists.

    The Cs had 14 against the Bulls, whole game, 
    Without them the offense just isn't the same.
    Early Q3, KG, great play, thumped chest,
    For Passion and Heart, he is the best.

    Delonte was tossed, 2 techs, the ref's new,
    If you're unhappy with a call, really nothing you can do!
    Proof: no Dwight Howard next game, 18 techs the reason,
    An aside: his 1000 rebounds, 100 blocks, sixth season.

    Toward the end of Q3, Cs started walkin' up the ball
    No time for any play that Doc might call, 
    The Wizards have a run, single digits the lead,
    An aggressive Q4 is what the Cs need!

    Arroyo spells Rondo, after minutes thirty-four,
    Here is where we wish we had Delonte on the floor.
    The Cs have slowed down, it is energy they lack, 
    Oh, no, the second night of a back to back.

    Arroyo, Murphy, Davis, Pierce and Green,
    Here's a line-up we have never seen.
    Then Green sat down, instead we got Ray,
    Who, in the last ten games, hasn't really found his way.

    Seven minutes left, the Cs only up four, 
    Garnett and Rondo back out on the floor.
    Many travels, weird dribble calls-the refs in a funk?
    Followed by Owens-his monster…wait…missed dunk.

    Fumbles on both sides, a contest Rondo and Wall,
    Mostly they matched in the frequent turnover of the ball.
    The Cs pulled it out, at the end, because of Pierce,
    You know what I say, that man is fierce!

    Rondo broke loose, played "Rondo" ball,
    And KG, in his way, motivated them all.
    Hope this game doesn't make the Wizards coach "Flip,"
    'Cause Monday we play 'em again, to Washington a trip.

    With all of his struggles still it must be said, 
    Of Reggie–this is big!!–Ray is FIFTY ahead!


    PS: the highlight of the pre-game show,
    The Red Auerbach award to Doc Rivers it did go!

  • kricky

    Jesus, we're even managing to make a win depressing at this point.

    Playoffs can't start soon enough!

    • Chris O

      Agreed krick, I think Rondo did take over the game and that is not the quietest I have heard that Garden, its been quiet a lot the last few years as more blue blood residents who are actually not real fans get tickets/seats.

  • Rojan Rando

    Wall is an absolute monster
    He's Rondo with a higher ceiling, not as small, and more room for growth

  • Zee

    Meanwhile, Lakers down by 22 to the Blazers with 6 min left in the 3rd. 19-3 Blazer run. Kinda makes our misfortunes feel a little better. Even the Lakers are struggling.

    • Zee

      Make that down by 24.

      • diehardceltic

        WHere is the Lakers GM 😀 He has been MIA

        • Chris O

          Haha, he has been MIA meaning where is he? In Miami

  • ozcelts

    Given yesterdays performance agains Bulls I may be getting ahead of myself but…..
    What's the tie breaker between us and Lakers if we finish even? ie it's 1 win ea so as we have better conf/ divsision record do C's get the HCA if we meet in finals?

    • kricky

      I think it goes to the team with the best record in its own conference. We are up on them in that category by one game.

      • Chris O

        That's exactly what it is since we are tied in head to head games.

  • kricky

    Fakers losing always makes me feel better.

    Watched a bit of this game last night. Gerlad Walllace was a great pickup for the Blazers. Great defender. Great rebounder. And one tough hombre. He'd make a great Celtic. I wish we had somehow gotten him instead of Green.

    • Zee


    • Chris O

      Yeap Kricky I wrote that the other day, get G. Wallace or Jamario Moon instead of Green that way we keep Perk. With Perk and Nate and G Wallace we would still have tought, gangsterish swag

      • talesofJP

        I have thought that about Wallace for a few years now, he'd be a great addition to the C's

        • kricky

          There were a bunch of guys to be had that could have fit in much better and that we could have gotten without trading Perk: Parker, Moon, Corey Brewer ………

  • Zee

    That'll do it. Lakers lose 4 in a row.

  • Zee

    Lakers losing 4 in a row bring healing to my wounds from yesterday's loss to the Bulls! LOL!

    • Mike

      sigh… why didn't the Celtics trade for Gerald Wallace?

      • Zee

        I have no idea. :-/

      • Rojan Rando

        Because his contract is huge and he's 28

        • Chris O

          So what, add him to a team with Ray, PP, KG, Rondo, Shaq, Perk, etc and now you just got a better version (at this point) of Ron Artest that is even tougher, rebounds better, and is less volatile. He would have been a Trophy lock-up pick.

  • Zee

    On a bright side.. .if the Bulls end up facing Orlando Magic, Howard and company may knock them out. They don't have an answer for Howard, and Rose can't attack the basket like that with DH standing there. There's a great chance they'll meet them first, before meeting us. So that's a huge plus.

    • Chris O

      Zee that could happen but I think a Magic upset of the Bulls is less likely than a Hawks upset of the Magic….mark it on your calendar (I believe the Hawks took the season series against the Magic 3-1).

  • Scott

    I dont know how often this happens, if ever… But if you check out the box score, you'll notice something interesting. All five of boston's starters had a positive +/- with Krstic leading the way (odd..) at +26, whereas the five washington starters were all in the negative. The entire boston bench was all in the negative as well.
    The kicker… the entire Washington bench was in the positive led by Kevin Seraphin (who..?) at +13…

    Does anyone care? Probably not.. But pretty effing weird if you ask me. This game meant absolutely nothing unless we win vs. Miami and then take care of Washington again on another m-effing back to back BABY.

    No one believes in green but us Celtics Nation – Go C's

    • ozcelts

      Good point. I often notice this is more prevalent on the C's boxscore than that of other teams- presumably because doc likes to put all the bench guys on the floor together and this combination gets punished.

      Do the Wizards use a similar strategy? Assume today they did and they obviously got the better of our bench

    • Chris O

      Scott that happens all the time. More often than you think. Especially since usually in a big win one teams starters destroy the other, than the other team puts in a slightly better team than the winning teams mop-up team and the score gets a little more *respectable*. You will see things like this a good amount of times

  • Steve B

    What happened to Jeff Green last night? I really thought he'd get more minutes to give Pierce some rest. Doc threw that lineup out there with Pierce at shooting guard and I think Murphy was center just as an experiment I guess. Green was playing the SF at that point but never got involved. I know the guys are talking to Green and I hope he finds that balance of being aggessive and not selfish. It's not that the team needs his minutes but some scoring off the bench would be nice on a regular basis. I'd love to see them get the rotations set in those last two games and give starters rest and bench some minutes.

    • kricky

      Are we really surprised by Green? He is going form being inconsistent to just plain bad. Even TAllen gave us an occasional treat.

  • With the Lakers losing last night, if Boston can manage to win it's final 3 games (one can hope) they would have home court against Miami and the Lakers, even if the Lakers win their last 3 as well. Because the Lake-show has a crappier record against their own conference than the Celtics do.

    I highly doubt San Antonio beats LA, so if the Celtics were to make it back to the finals they wouldn't have homecourt for one round, which would be in the ECF if the Bulls make it there.

    Not too shabby, all things considered.

    • kricky

      That would be great. But I just don't believe we have that sense of urgency right now to pull it out.