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Remember that commercial? Where a bunch of workaday men and ladies talk about Philly and how there’s a lot, a lot of culture there? One of my favorites ever. It makes Philly seem almost appealing as that game just did.

If that’s how the first round is going to look, I’m having a hard time getting upset about a number-three seed. Especially if Jermaine O’Neal continues to find his legs. And the new Celtics continue to improve. And Shaq returns to contribute 15-20 strong minutes against an undersized team. And Rajon Rondo starts looking like the zippy hummingbird we knew from fall and winter.

Those are four very boring things to talk about at this point, but they’re actually all starting to look like they could come together. The Perkins tradees looked a lot less out of place tonight than they did three weeks ago: Jeff Green played like an actual power forward and pulled down a team-leading seven boards and three blocks, and Nenad Krstic defied Celtics tradition by appearing to seriously hurt his knee but then returning after only two games. And with the production the Celtics got out of the center position tonight (combined 17 points on 8-11 shooting with 9 boards in 31 minutes), it’s fun to imagine what they could do with their starter.

We got a glimpse of Doc’s trimmed rotation tonight, and all the guys who got minutes made a positive contribution. There are fixes to be made here and there (ball protection, Jermaine’s rebounding, Ray getting more than seven shots in 35 minutes) but the news is good. Come back in a while for more!

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  • someguyinsac

    Things that have cracks in common lately, the Liberty bell and some of the Southwest planes.

    • hdavenport


  • Scott

    Great win.. It almost seemed like this was going to be a track meet in the first quarter, which obviously does not favor our C's, but once we established the pace of the game, we looked a lot better. Keep giving KG the ball. I think we were patient tonight, didnt play selfishly at all, and really ran our offense. Very well executed.. SOME STATS to throw your way…

    The Celtics are:
    – 5-0 when Paul pierce grabs double digit boards (100%)
    – 9-1 When Ray is the game high scorer (90%)
    – 39-12 when Rondo is the game high assist maker (76.4%)

    SO.. Paul needs to keep rebounding (team high seven tonight, tied with Green – hawes had eight), Ray needs more shots, and RONDO… is back from vacation. Another terrific game from our PG tonight. He seems to be back in his groove, and it honestly could not have come at a better time.

    Never thought i'd say this, but i wouldnt mind a first rounder with Philly… Do we really want that two spot? With philly losing tonight, and NY winning tonight, NY moves within 1/2 a game of the 6th spot, and we are now tied for 2nd. maybe we move to two, and philly moves to seven. Then we get HC for two rounds! That'd be ideal.

    Go C's

    • Dan

      I missed the second half, how in the world did Green end up with 7 boards? Must have been one of those tip-ins where you tap it a few times and each count as a separate rebound.

      • Scott

        nope.. no tip ins. maybe two of them, but most were fought-for rebounds. he looked good.

  • jpbl1976

    I'm pretty confident that neither Chicago nor Miami want a piece of the Celtics come playoff time. Regardless of what's happened in the past month, the Road to Finals goes through Boston.

  • johnschaffer

    i am so glad kristic is back played great tonight , green picked it up and jermaine played good also come playoffs this team wiil be the celtics the green machine

  • Far East Man

    From what I've seen tonight, I really think J.O. is starting to find his groove. Maybe the celts should make him the starting center even when Shaq comes back. It might give J.O. more confidence and make him tougher mentally. I liked how he bothered some of Philly's shots tonight with his length. Then Shaq can be with trigger-happy BBD in the 2nd unit. Go C's! Pls get the no.2 seed!

  • I_Love_Green

    The bench looked great tonight. Seems like the new guys are getting that chemistry with the other guys. Jermaine is looking better and better each game, and by playoff time he'll be great for us. Jeff Green looked good, and I'm hoping he keeps on improving.

  • kricky

    JO looked really good tonight. Maybe if Shaq doesn't make it back 100%to where he was we can rely on those two to pick up the slack.

    A 3 headed hydra at Center? Could work.

  • Tom W

    Rewatching the game on League Pass, since I just got off work, I am loving watching the unit of West, Pierce, Green, Davis, and Krstic. That's a lot of size and talent from a (mostly) second unit! Hopefully we get to see it more often as we wind down the season and approach the playoffs.

  • kricky

    And the Fakers lose tonight too. Life is SWEET!

  • Kobe Bryant

    lakers suck

    • Pau Gasol

      You suck

    • Andrew Bynum


  • Phil Jackson

    fuck u kobe

  • Far East Man

    I wonder where mitch is… haven't seen his lovely posts in a while. lol.

  • No need to be concerned about everyone else's judgment. In fact, win or lose if the league thinks less of the Celtics, that's working in our favor.

  • johnschaffer

    i been foloowing celtics sine the 60s , besides the die hard fans of celtics nobody likes us ,,,but……………we keep on winning and breaking other teams hearts , go green