Post-game Reactions

An update here live at the TD Garden, where Shaq re-injured his right calf after dazzling the crowd for his first six minutes of action after missing the past three months due to injury. O’Neal delivered a variety of impressive moves around the basket, making his first three shot attempts after missing the past 27 games, but came up hobbling early in the second quarter while running up the floor.

Shaq struggled to leave the floor under his own power and walked very gingerly to the Celtics locker room. O’Neal missed four games after injuring the same right calf back in December, but for now it appears the injury is not related to the Achilles’ problem that kept Shaq out of action since early January.

Team officials said O’Neal would be re-evaluated at halftime, but given the apparent severity of the strain (KG had similar injury in Detroit earlier this year) it’s probably safe to say we’ve seen the last of O’Neal for the regular season.

Plenty more on the way as it develops….

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • someguyinsac

    Nenad, we need you!

  • I_Love_Green

    We dodge another bullet! Surely that gun must be getting low on amunition now.

  • SteveB

    If it weren't for bad luck we'd have no luck at all.

  • james patrick

    Anyone who thinks that Shaq would be the answer once he came back was a fool. It's the end of the season. He's playing on one good wheel. Now you'll all see why trading Perk was such a horrible move for 2011. We've got no second option. Shaq was the second option. You can hold on to your pipe dreams but I choose to be realistic and reality bites.

    • al coholic

      ur an idiot and i'm telling everyone put ur money on boston shaq's injury today is a short-term strain, he has more than enough time to heal and come playoff time ur gonna b on shaq's nuts. u like perk so much go hop on his d!ck. that's a true fake celtic fan right there-when things r going well he supports the team and organization but when things r going bad instead of supporting the team and organization when they need it he starts attacking em. ur a flip floppin loser go root 4 oklahoma and stfu tomato face red neck

      • dslack

        That's a ridiculous post. Calling out people's fanhood should be banned here.

        james patrick is entitled to his belief that the Perk trade was a mistake, since it involved relying on the health of an injury-prone, overweight 39 year-old player. I hope he's wrong. You clearly hope he's wrong and perhaps think he's wrong too. But nothing he said indicated he's not a true fan.

      • jack

        why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel. joking, But seriously you bring up a good point. Stick by your celtics!!!!! Thanks for saying it

      • James Patrick

        Well, I can see I'm dealing with someone incredibly intelligent here so I'll keep this short.

        I've been a Celtics fan as long as I've known what Basketball is. Probably longer than your Harvard bound ass has been alive (Obviously I kid). But I'm not delusional about what the C's are faced with. There's no telling when Shaq will come back, Krisnic is day to day I think and J.O. is just barely learning how to play with the team. And oh yeah, we've got about 11 days til the Playoffs begin.

        Re: Perk. Hell yeah I'll root for Perk because he gave us his all. We didn't cheer for him for over 5 mintutes with a standing O because he was just a player til he was traded did we? If you can't respect that, then you don't even get it.

        I'm Boston Green forever! I don't want to be right, but we're in a bad spot right now and we're faced with a possible first round match with either Philly or NY. Both teams we should get by, but could they pull off an upset? The way the C's have been playing? Then if we make it, we have Miami in round two. Sure we beat them 3 times but we had an inside presence. God willing we get by the Heat, then we've got the Bulls coached by a guy that knows our every move. And I hate to break it to you al coholic, but in case you didn't notice, we're not exactly going in the same direction as the Bulls are at the moment. We're banged up. And I wont' question how much of a fan you are, but since you call yourself al coholic, chances are you're not all that bright so you get a pass.

    • andrew

      im with ya james, season was over febuary 24th

    • wayne griffin

      be a real celtic fan with or without kendrick shaq we will be in finals again

  • strips

    I think james is just being realistic here, and there's nothing wrong with that. Truth is a lot of people are still weighing whether the trade was a good idea or not and with the current situation it looks like it was a bad trade. What we don't need right now is for someone to say that someone's opinions about the team is idiotic. Do that to Mitch and all those laker fans who show up here every now and then.

    Let's just focus on the team. We're all worried about the team anyway so let's keep it there. Let's just all be glad we won today.

  • James Patrick

    Thanks for the support. We all have our opinion. I love Shaq. I've got 2 of his jersey's. I want him healthy. if Shaq is 100%, we're gonna kill it. But we've got to be realistic. He's 39. God knows what's going on and if we'll get Shaq at 100% come playoffs. I'm guessing no. And it blows seeing how explosive he was for those 5 minutes. If we can rest him until the second round (Again God willing) Hopefully he'll stay healthy.

    • Forget about Troy Murphy. They might as well give Sheed a phone call if he or Baby is the third center. I think you are underestimating what a healthy Jermaine O'Neal brings to the table. So far so good, perhaps a miracle. He's only 32. He's got arthritic knees, but maybe he can hole up for the 25 or so games left. Say he can deliver 25 minutes. Krstic can give you 15. The KG-Baby combo can cover the rest. Shaq should be saved for the third round if it's Orlando or for the finals or it looks like it's time to roll the dice. Only play him three to four minute shifts three or four times a game. Have him figure out some kind of stretching routine if possible. Perhaps keep him away from the Celtics medical staff. We need to bypass the stupidity of playing KG or Baby at center too much. Shaq is awesome. Thankfully he didn't rupture his achilles. But you're correct. He can't be counted on.

  • kricky

    Nice take down on al coholic James!

    How does Shaq get injured just running down the court?

    • strips

      It looked like he stepped on a wet spot on the court if you watch the clip on nba.com

  • Celtics Freak

    Doc and Danny should just let Shaq sit out the rest of the games…..If we end up with the 3rd spot(wich we are in as of right now) It'll be ok. The Celtics are always ready come playoff time and we will make a small or big run no matter what, but resting Shaq will mean a big run. We can't depend on him, but when he's healthy(hopefully longer then 5 minutes) we will be ABLE to go the distance.

    • Pierce, KG, and Delonte are in a groove. Ray and Baby had humble but solid games. You can still get #2 seed. but it doesn't seem vital. Miami has proven nothing, and we have their number. With Shaq hurting, not getting the top seed could somehow work out for the best. Shaq will have extra time to get ready for a potential third round matchup with Superman. I'm not so sure Chicago gets past them in the second round. Otherwise, the next time you'd like to have Shaq if for a potential matchup with the Lakers. The Celtics seem to have dodged major bullets with Krstik and Jermaine. If one of them goes down, it will feel like we're doomed like last year and the one before. It's times like this that I appreciate even more what PJ Brown brought to the table for #17. It was a drag to see Shaq go down, but there's still solid hope and not just pipe dreaming.

  • It's good to see this guys winning as always. I wish they win championship this year. And I hope Shaq will be alright.