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After an emotional win last night against the team with the best record in the Western Conference, the Celtics drop a 12 point second half lead and lose to the Atlanta Hawks.  What did you really expect though?  Tonight’s game was a SEGABABA and it showed.  The Celtics came out extremely flat in the second half and never regained their offensive swagger they enjoyed in the first.  I was dying to see a matchup of the awkward international big men who can’t get more than two feet off the floor but with Nenad Krstic still awaiting an MRI on his injured knee fans had to settle for Zaza Pachulia (not to be confused with “Pah-Chew-Lah”, someone Hubie Brown imagined).  Luckily, Pachulia did not disappoint. Zaza came off the bench and put up an energetic 15 points and 10 rebounds.  Anytime Zaza Pachulia gets a double-double, the opposing team is not winning that game.  NBA bylaw.

I’ll dive into this head first tomorrow.  We’ll talk about Jeff Green and Glen “Big Baby” Davis.  We’ll talk about free throws and we’ll finish up with a little chat on chippy-ness.  But for now, go do whatever you do (that’s legal) to get the taste of this loss out of your mouth.

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  • PREY

    By the way, it still must be said,
    Of Reggie Ray is now 47 ahead.


  • rondeezy

    man fuck big baby

  • Scott

    When Glen Davis is hitting jumpers, and making lay ups, he is great.

    When is tired, not hitting jumpers, and missing lay ups (and free throws) he is a liability on the floor. Jeff Green is younger, more athletic, and in way better shape. Doc needs to use him more. This is a trade that redefined this team, and i feel as if Doc doesn't want to use green.. I dunno.

    If Glen is doing what makes Glen 'good' in this league, then he needs to be taken out of the game, he was just disastrous in the fourth quarter tonight. i didn't see him go up for one rebound, and you could see how tired he was.

    I understand that this game was a second game of a back to back, but we had an opportunity to win this game. Ray got 9 shots….. rondo got 14…. and had 5 assists. I like his aggressiveness, but his job is to get everyone involved, and take shots when they are open.

    And now we are tied for third, so thats cool too.

    • Morpheus

      Totally LOST as to why Doc wasn't using more Green in the latter stages of the 4th quarter tonight.

      If Baby's going to shoot long jumpers all night, the better plan would be to play Green more.

      The closing lineup should've been Rondo, Ray, Pierce, Green, KG.

  • Scott

    If Glen isnt doing what makes him 'good' in this leage, then he needs to be taken out of the game…** Typo.

  • ElRoz

    Green 23 minutes and 0 rebounds, He hasgiot to be the worst 6"9 ebounder in NBA history – or at least playing today. What a soft waste of space. JO got 1 board in 16 minuts? Ray Allen got 0 in 37 minutes.

    Boston is now #3 in th East, as I warned weeks and weeks ago. #3 is really no different from #4: you don't get homecourt in rounds 2 or 3 or the finals…so pretty much the same seeding as last year.

    Green CANNOT be on the same floor with other bench players – he needs several baby sitters, and Doc clearly has not figured out where to play him? Green must never play PF – he cannot rebound. At most, he can play SF and just be a poor rebounding SF, the way Ray Allen stinks as a rebounder but nobody pay attention since he is a SG. Tomorrow they should get the news that Kristic is done for the season and Boston will just have Jeff "the Softie" Green.

  • Bill

    Say it again in this thread …

    Hawks had 14 offensive rebounds (bad). Rondo had 5 assists (even worse).

    Part of why Rondo had 5 assists is that the Celtics aren't running their offense in the last 8 minutes of the game … part of that is because Doc plays BBD for too many minutes at a shot at the end of the game. When BBD is tired he doesn't move in the offense, makes bad decisions (doesn't pass), and has poor mechanics (rebounding, passing, shooting, free throws). Other teams know this, and they play him accordingly (daring him to shoot). Additionally, when BBD doesn't rotate or set screens it makes it very difficult for other players in the offense to rotate.

    Play BBD less. Play Green more. End of story.


    When your two worst shooters (rondo and Davis) take the most shots, you lose. Simple as that.

    • Mike

      Somebody should ut that up in the board in the locker room because they don't seem to get it.

  • someguyinsac

    Good thing I'm drinking tonight or this would really suck.

  • Dropstep

    The Celtics rebounding is a big issue. I really don't care how many offensive boards they get after their own misses but if they do not get defensive boards after forcing a miss, they'll be wearing themselves out on defense for no reason and then come up with tired legs and miss their shots. How does Jeff Green play 23 minutes and get no rebounds? Doesn't he even luck into a 'right place, right time' rebound? I know he's not a good rebounder but come on. That's just terrible. For now I'm going to say J.O's 1 reb. in 15 minutes is a "I just returned thing" but he needs to pick that up too. The Celtics have to be better at denying offensive rebounds or games where they shoot 48%, 50% from the field and limit opponents to 37% shooting will be closer than they should be or they'll lose – like tonight.

  • Jason

    There is no other team in the league that would let a scrub player like Davis take and miss so many important shots in the fourth quarter of an important game. What's the point of having Ray and Paul out there if Davis is going to be the first option? Play him 48 minutes if he's that freaking good and important.

    If people think describing Davis as a scrub is harsh, it's not. His shooting and efficiency numbers are atrocious, absolutely atrocious and his rebounding is Mark Blountesque. I thought I was through watching someone like Blount play for the Celtics. I was wrong.

    The usage pattern for Davis should be short stints that acknowledge his limitations and his lack of conditioning. He needs to be taken care of minutes-wise more than Garnett on the second of a back to back. I'm still so angry about how Doc used Garnett and Davis tonight.

    And Green. The only thing he does well is run the floor. Unfortunately, that's not a reliable thing to count on. He's underwhelming offensively in the half court and he's major liability on defense. Losing Perkins hurt because Perkins brought important things to the table but the hurt is compounded because it brought a below-average player who is guaranteed minutes in return. Screw Doc, screw Ainge, screw Davis and screw Green.

    • kricky

      You are 100% right on Green and realistic about BBDs abilities. But Doc need to protect KG because without him the ship is going down faster than the titanic.

  • guest

    So with all the second games of a back to back ending with a loss I think its safe to say they're gonna drop both Wizards games this month. Hopefully they can win the rest. With the exception of the Heat and the Bulls the schedule seems fairly easy.

    • kricky

      What's the point of winning the rest of the games? We're stuck at the 3 seed. Time now just to to get healthy and pray for the best.

  • yordgreat

    when you're being beaten by ZHAZHA PACHEWLIAH……that pretty much sums up the way you played…. really really gay.

    • i don't appreciate the homophobic remark. if you don't have the decency to filter yourself, then you shouldn't be posting on here

    • kricky

      Not gay (that has nothing to do with this) but Fucking embarrassing because we're getting out-hustled by this loathsome punk.

  • kricky

    As I wrote Weeks ago when the trade went down, Gren is a mediocre player, a dime a dozen in this league.

    We traded Perk so that we could have someone to play big minutes and be productive on nights like this when the starters couldn't go big minutes. Green is not up to the task.

    It was bad enough that we traded Perk, but at least we could have gotten someone good for him.

  • Jason

    Pachulia joined Hibbert and Milicic as otherwise average or below-average centers who have looked like all-stars against the Celtics recently. Thanks Davis and thanks Ainge. At least Green has allowed Pierce to rest more, oh wait. Just looking at the roster, it's sad that four roster spots are wasted on Pavlovic, Bradley, Arroyo and Wafer, all non-contributers and three on bigs who are either injured or so fragile that they can't play more than 5 minutes at a time. Meanwhile, amidst this handicap, Doc determines that Garnett is physically incapable of playing more than 27 minutes after only playing 28 minutes the night before. If he's so sensitive about Garnett's health, then maybe he should notice than Ray's legs have been shot for a good while now and that he, more than anybody on the team, needs to get rest. Instead, he leaves the team in minutes most nights. It's hard to figure.

  • kricky

    I wouldn't be too hard on BBD. Yes his shot selection is idiotic. But the guys is being over and misused out there. Forced to guard 5s and play way too many minutes. He should just be coming of the Bench for 20-25 to create mismatches. The injuries and the stupid ass trade is forcing him to do all this.

    • Jason

      I agree, I'm not just blaming Davis. There is no reason that a pudgy guy like Davis with conditioning issues, who only somewhat recently came back from a knee injury, should be playing 35 minutes on the end of a back to back. He's not physically capable of doing it. It's almost as if Doc is blinded by Davis's youth compared to the other bigs and thinks he's a horse. Still, I can't excuse him for taking and missing three straight shots as the Celtics went from up 2 to down 4 during his no.1 option phase. If only Doc had had another option, like say not sitting Garnett for 21 minutes. If only. I don't think it's even good theory to sit someone for so long like Doc did with Garnett tonight. When Garnett came back at the 6 minute mark of the fourth quarter, he was shaking his legs like he was stiff. That can't be good for one's legs. If Doc is trying to protect KG's legs, don't thrust him back into action after sitting him for like 35 minutes of real time. That's not a way to manage anybody.

      I have come to truly despise Doc's coaching, from putting both Davis and Rondo out on the floor when they need a three instead of Green and West. Playing Ray 38 minutes a game during the past two weeks when he has looked slow. People rightfully complain about Ray not getting enough shots but a big reason why he's not getting shots is because he's been slow and can't get open. Pairing Green and Davis together in the frontcourt. And tonight, playing Garnett so few minutes as they got killed on the boards.

  • Anyone else noticed Rivers going 10 deep in games lately? I wonder what his strategy is. Last two games, I've seen him use a 5 man unit of all bench players (West, Wafer, Pavlovic, Green, J.O.). We lost the game, but I thought that was a silver lining.

    …maybe? I hope so.

    • kricky

      More Wafer! He alwasy seems to do womthign good when he comes in the game.

      Pavlovic is horrendous and doesn't deserve the minutes he is getting.

    • Jason

      It's been more than the past two games. He's done it for a good while now. It hasn't quite been the silver lining that it might be in theory because the Celtics have lost a lot, slipping from the no.1 spot to the no.3 shot, with little or not chance of overtaking Chicago and because Paul, Ray and Rondo have continued to play heavy minutes. I don't know what the opposite of a silver lining is but it's been that. Essentially, Doc has gone to an expanded rotation without reducing the minutes of his core players and without winning games. I don't know how that's been possible but I don't know how they've lost to the Clippers, Pacers, Nets and been embarrassed by the Rockets either. As relatively enjoyable as the first half of the season was, relatively only because while they were winning, they weren't dominating and blowing many teams out, this second half has erased all of that.

  • Morpheus

    Green's underperforming, because Doc isn't implementing him into the system right. Just like he's forgotten about Wafer. I mean WTF Wafer should've AT LEAST gotten more PT than Pavlovic, who was completely useless and has been since forever. Seriously Doc's lost his damn mind. All these losses are starting to take their toll and it's frying his brain.

    • Hang in there Morpheus, we're on the outside looking in. Doc is one of the greatest coaches in the game. Let's keep the faith.

  • urbeltic

    Green, from day one as a C, has been deer in the headlights lame. The look on his face is the same look that JO'Neal had last year when the C's pounded the Heat in R1 and the same look that Antawn Jamison had when the C's pounded the Cavs (R2?). He constantly has his handsup and is looking at the refs with that…what I fouled him look. Soft players get soft fouls, tough players get hard fouls. Its not about the system, its about something else (he really needs a little team beat down to crack that shell)

    And while things sucked last night…I LOVED the Dwest/Rondo combo. That might not work in the playoffs, but those two dudes on the court together are fun to watch.

  • celticfan

    loose again, the celtics cannot win 2 games in a row lately. if they are back to back games they will loose one of them. this rate they are not going to make it out of the first round in the playoffs. west was great last night but big baby needs to stop trying to make 3 pointers. he got lucky last night and made one.and i just wish they would forget about shaq.i am sick of hearing about him he sure can do commercials but can't help his team so let him go and let him do his little ass commercials that's all he is good for. Doc has got to the point he is tired of seeing them screw up and doesn't get up and yell at them any more i think he is burned out with it.. with his thinking if they win ok if they don't oh well he has said the guys nned to find there own way back. Danny really took this team spirit when he traded like he did. way to Danny you ass hole. been watching cleveland lately and luke is playing good but semih is just sitting on the bench poor guy i thought he was good and helping us.

  • I_Love_Green

    We just haven't been rebounding at all lately.