Post-game Reactions

Boston at Atlanta

8 P.M. ET

Philips Arena


Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 104.3 points/100 possessions (t-16th)

Atlanta: 103.6 points/100 possessions (20th)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 97.6 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)

Atlanta: 103.9 points allowed/100 possessions (t-14th)

View From The Opposing Bench: Hoopinion

Probable Atlanta starters: Kirk Hinrich (PG), Joe Johnson (SG), Josh Smith (SF), Al Horford (PF), Jason Collins (C)

Thumbnail: The Hawks provide a nice test for the Celtics after their breakout against the Spurs last night. The renewed positive vibes surrounding this team might not last more than 24 hours unless the C’s can get a win on this back-to-back, on the road. And we all know how that’s gone this season. What’s more, the Celtics’ key guys went long minutes to secure the win last night: Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen both played 41, Paul Pierce 37 and Glen Davis 32. Only foul-troubled Kevin Garnett came in sub-30.

So, while this is a key game for playoff seeding, a loss probably has little predictive value for the future. Just something to keep in mind if the guys look suddenly worn down again tonight.

On the upside, the Hawks are 0-2 against the Celtics this season.


Recede into the distance. Once a team on the upswing, the Hawks have committed themselves to the NBA’s version of purgatory: they have a few strong players, a plus .500 record and are doomed to a series of early round playoff exits by virtue of their unexciting competence. The Hawks, then, scare no one.

That noted, they’re a very scary team for Boston tonight.  They’ve strung together three straight wins, and if they’re smart, they’ll run Boston up and down the court (off turnovers, perhaps) until the Celtics drop from exhaustion.

The C’s need to control tempo tonight and hit their mid-range jumpers (calling Ray!), which is what I would guess the offense is going to amount to. If the shots fall, it could be enough to slink out of Atlanta with a win. Which would be odd in that you rarely slink anywhere in triumph.


Work the interior. The Hawks are bottom-5 in offensive rebounding rate, attempts at the rim and free throw rate. This would normally be encouraging but for opposing teams, the Celtics offer an enticing squishiness in the middle right now shorn Shaquille O’Neal and Nenad Krstic.

If the Hawks don’t go at Boston inside, they’ll be left to shoot mid-range jumpers which they do often (3rd in the league in attempts) and well (2nd in makes). I realize this is a strength of the Hawks and belongs in that section of the preview but I will not be put in a box.

Not by CelticsHub.

Not by anyone.


Anyone with fresh legs. The Hawks have only played once since Sunday. Could be trouble.

Anyone with tired legs. I believe we’ve covered this.


I’ve just noted the entire Atlanta team makes me worry. So, who’s left to NOT worry about?

Let’s say Carlos Arroyo, who was on the business end of a DNP-CD last night. And Von Wafer, who could probably be extended beyond the 2 minutes he got. And Sasha Pavlovic, who played only 4 minutes.

There you go. I am not worried about the Arroyo-Wafer-Pavlovic big three. They will dominate.


Here’s a question for you. Would you rather see the Celtics play a brilliant game like they did last night in San Antonio and lose because the Hawks played out of their minds OR would you rather the Celtics reverted to their sluggish recent vintage and won, because the Hawks were even worse?

I’ll take the win.


Boston 85 Atlanta 81

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  • someguyinsac

    It would be nice to see Ray light up the nets a bit tonight.

    • Chris O

      I know he was sooo close to a 50, 40, 90 season earlier in the year and has dipped soo much he almost CAN'T make it now

  • Zee

    I'll take the W always.

  • Batman

    Al Horford doesn't scare you? Best player on their team and amazing player?
    Oh well Go Celtics!

    • Chris O

      Batman he said they all scare him…since they has rested legs

  • Chris O

    "There you go. I am not worried about the Arroyo-Wafer-Pavlovic big three." Haha best line ever

  • talesofJP

    If Celtics set the tone early Atlanta should shrivel up and we can get the win.

  • I_Love_Green

    Lets just win. Don't care how we do it, or how bad it looks, just win baby.

  • dslack

    Jermaine wanted a rest?

  • Batman

    Jermaine is an angry man

  • Batman


    • someguyinsac

      Uh Oh! Ray's got competition tonight.

  • kricky

    Love the effort tonight! Just need to get Ray going.

  • LStrike

    Shots are falling.

  • someguyinsac

    Legs don't fail us now.

    • Mike

      This has nothing to do with legs. This is what Doc said they're soft. another blown lead…

      • kricky

        Like Hubie Brown said. They went away form the passing and movement to the basket that got them the lead.

        We had ATL on the ropes and let them go. We used to step on a team's neck when we were in this position. Something is missing with this team.

        • Dropstep

          Defensive rebounds are missing. I don't even know if we got any in that closing phase of the third quarter.

  • LStrike

    Shots aren't falling.

    Valuable input I know.

  • Far East Man

    Fuck you Big BABY!! I hate u!

    • kricky

      Can't blame BBD. Yes he is making bonehead plays. But they are asking way too much of him. Go in guard the other guy's best big, giving up 4-5 inches every night. It catches up to him at the end of games.

  • WTF

    WTF, what does BBD have anything to do with ball in his hand at such a crunch time?

  • WTF

    and he's shooting every time?

  • kricky

    Can we get our money back for Green? Seriously. When will this guy contribute on a consistent basis. Tonight was a night where he could have made a real contribution (look at West) but he just had no impact at all.

    We couldn't get someone better for Perk?

  • someguyinsac

    Well that sucked, missed free throws killed us among other things.

  • rondeezy

    fucking fat piece of shit there he goes again trying to play hero. throw in green during crunch time with kg at the 5 we need greens 3 point shooting ability and at least he wont be a dumbass like baby with his crunch time shot selections. and its not like having baby and kg in there is helping with the rebounds or anything, where the fuck was baby in that last play when he was supposed to be boxing out horford

  • Jason

    Good riddance to Doc. It's like he doesn't know that these games are important. There is no reason that Garnett should have sat for 11 straight minutes in the second half, none whatsoever. Garnett only played 27 minutes tonight, after playing just 28 last night. Why did he continue to sit as the Hawks bullied the Celtics in the fourth? Call a freaking timeout and get him in the game!

    Worse of all is his decision to play Green and Davis together. Those two are amongst the worst rebounding so-called bigs in the league. They have no business playing together. How does Green play 21 minutes and not get a single rebound? Did Doc not learn the lesson of game 7, that rebounds are kind of important. Playing those two together, with Garnett more than capable of playing more than 27 minutes, is saying that rebounds are not important. They cannot continue to get pounded on the boards. The consequence of the Perkins trade was that it made Davis too important and brought an inconsistent and below-average player in Green into the fold. I hate the trade more everyday.

    And screw you Davis. He has to have some self-awareness not to shoot the ball three straight times in the fourth. Maybe if he's hot but you can't be the fifth or sixth option on this team and have the green light. Such bad decision making again. He's my least favorite player.

    • Dropstep

      I'm mad at the lack of rebounding too but bagging on Doc like that is kind of ridiculous. One minute Celtics fans are cursing about minutes the starters are playing and the next we are cursing when they get rest? Seriously, there is no win there. If you would rather see KG play high minutes in back to back games and get injured, more power to you. I'm pissed at this lost but not THAT pissed. Doc definitely should have brought him back before the six minute mark though.

      • Jason

        I'm not asking for high minutes. I'm just asking for a reasonable amount after a game he didn't play many minutes. I"m asking for a reasonable amount in a game they got killed on the boards. Could he not have played 32? He sat for 11 straight freaking minutes? Who does tha?. You can get a guy rest and not sit him for 11 freaking straight minutes. Five extra minutes from Garnett might have made a big difference in a tight game.

        If he's going to rest Garnett, then it makes no sense to play Ray and Paul so many minutes game after game then. The Celtics aren't going to do anything if Garnett is the only rested one. If he's going to burn up Ray's legs, he should at least try to manage the game like it's important and that means not treating Garnett like a geriatric.

        • Dropstep

          OK I got you. Five more minutes could definitely have made a difference. The Hawks made their push while KG was on the bench. I was just pointing out that it's a possibility that the way Doc rests KG is different to how he rests Pierce/Allen. But I can agree that sitting him that long was a spot of bad coaching.

          • Jason

            Yeah I just can't get over the decision to sit Garnett that long. It would have been one thing if the Celtics were getting killed by threes. That wouldn't have necessitated bringing in Garnett exactly. But when you're getting killed on the boards and screens, two of Garnett's specialties, there is no excuse to not bring in Garnett when he's had plenty of rest. I mean, 5 minutes more of Garnett and a possible win might be the difference between getting the no.1 or 2 seed and getting the no.3 seed and having to play the Sixers and then go on the road against Miami. Five freaking minutes more. WTF. Doc calls out his players for their lack of urgency and he coaches like a win isn't vital. Screw him.

    • ElRoz

      Yes…Green and Davis are shity, real shity rebounders. Green at 6'9 has to be among the worst in NBA history – the guy is a soft turd when it comes to rebounding. Big Baby is an oveweight dude withou Barkley's superb jumping ability. So they have 2 6'9 guys who are crap on the boards. Instea dof working on his 3-pointer, Baby ought to improve his reboundung.

  • Ray

    I officially hate Glen Davis. Not just this game. Over the last 10 games, he's been horrible. Turnovers at crunch times. Today, he missed 4 jumpers in a row then a pair of free throws. Very frustrating.


    Glen Davis 11 shots
    Rondo 15 shots
    Garnett and Allen 9 freaking shots apiece
    I don't think this is the game plan coming in…


      And why the hell does Glen Davis think he has to shoot the ball everything Rondo passes to him?

      • rondeezy

        the bigger question is why the flying fuck does doc not address that to baby. shits been going on for awhile where baby teams the team in shots attempted

        • Jason

          I don't understand it either. The guy publicly complains to the press about Paul and Ray not getting enough shots and Glen being too shot happy. Is it really that hard to rein Davis in? Maybe he doesn't want Davis to hesitate but that's exactly what I want from Davis. An open shot from him is still not a good shot because he's a below-average shooter who has a lucky hot game every now and then. He should keep the ball moving. If he's missing and jacking away, pull him. He doesn't deserve to play so many minutes anyway. I can't believe that Davis is the youngest big on this team and so Doc treats him like he's indispensable. This is a horrible situation.

  • Mike

    In other news we're officially the 3rd seed….

  • james patrick

    This is getting old. And sadly, I'm not surprised when the C's lose anymore. Bottom line is, can't get excited about games like last night because you should know by now that games like tonight are just 24 hrs away. What an epic tank. Wouldn't be surprised if we had the 4th seed at season's end.

  • Dropstep

    When did Ray Ray become a "I'm going to run up the floor and stand here in the corner and someone will pass to me" player? I don't know if it's because of the whole reduced shot attempts thing but that was weird to see. On several possessions, he just ran up the floor, stood in the corner and watched. Celtics need to start getting in better position to grab rebounds after playing good defense. They play tight defense and give up offensive board, putbacks, kickouts. It's pointless. The Celtics should have won this game…I was really hopeful about the SEGABABA

  • ElRoz

    That turd thinks he can get more $ elsewhere? Maybe there's a need for a 6'9 guy who rebounds like a shooting guard? BVoston has two of them now – Green and Davis.
    I guess KG ws very very tired after less than 30 min last night…

    But as I predicted, Boston is now #3 seed….I said it about 3 weeks ago right as that moron DeGam wrote how the Bulls are unlikely to catch Boston for #1….how about Miami at #2 now? I don't know what the criteria is for hiring these blogrsfor Cletic's Hub, for all I know DeGama did fantasy basketball and TMZ crap.

  • Bill

    First, let me say that the real reason we lost this game was rebounding. I honestly don't mind that Boston doesn't get a lot of offensive boards, but allowing the Hawks to get 14 offensive boards? That'll kill ya. Also, Rondo had less than 10 assists. If RR doesn't get 10+ assists, the Celtics lose (95% confidence).

    But uh, I've gotta add some commentary to the BBD situation, because it's something that often impacts Rondo's assist total. What it seems like to me is that he's playing too many minutes at a shot down the stretch. He's tired, and so he doesn't rotate in the offense very much, he just sits on the perimeter. When he's tired, his decision making is terrible. Other teams know these things, so they sag off of him when he sits outside, hoping that he'll shoot the j. Rondo passes him the ball, expecting him to just touch pass it to someone else, but instead he just shoots that garbage low percentage jump shot. He's tired, so he doesn't even jump when he shoots it. End of story.

    Most of this situation would be corrected by just giving him a little bit more rest down the stretch … when he's not so winded, he rolls inside a bit more. Doc needs to recognize when BBD is bending over huffing and puffing at every stoppage in the game and pull him out for a little while.

    Doesn't help that Pierce jacked up that 3 ball with 22 seconds on the shot clock, either. Celts stopped running their offense in the last 8 minutes of the game.

  • Jason

    I don't care if the Celtics' bigs are either hurt or are on a minutes restriction, Davis should never play 35 minutes. It's not only because he's not good enough to get so many minutes, he also doesn't have the conditioning to play that many, particularly on the second of a back to back. He had no legs in his shot tonight. Maybe he had played fewer minutes until the point he started clanking everything in the fourth he might have made a few. Great Doc, you treat Garnett like he's going to break down he plays more than 30 minutes on a back to back but you play the fat but young guy heavy minutes. Nice. Makes a lot of sense to me.