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Where Have You Been: C’s 107, Spurs 97


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This one feels good. Because it was the offense, people! The offense finished off the game tonight, and the Celtics won the fourth quarter!

And because we can welcome back Rajon Rondo, league’s best passer, and introduce Rajon Rondo, jump shooter. The shots that weren’t falling for the Celtics over the last four couldn’t miss tonight. Rondo, Davis, and especially Garnett were hammering jumpers to close out the game. Who knew Rondo would be a better shooter than the greatest shooter of all time tonight? He finished at 22, 14, and 5 with, perhaps most impressively, zero turnovers. Who knew Paul Pierce would lead the team in rebounds with 11? This kind of Celtics offense, with the ball movement and the fighting for extra possessions and the quality shots, is what we’ve been missing.

The defense, meanwhile, had a few holes that were hard to notice with the Celtics scoring on every possession. Tony Parker got to the rim as it occurred to him in the early going, until Rondo started staying front of him slightly better in the second half. Big Baby, meanwhile, caused some non-problems for Tim Duncan on defense, so the Spurs went straight at Baby in the fourth, earning Duncan 10 consecutive and virtually uncontested points.

Baby struggling on defense was even more difficult to watch in light of the other bad news of the game: the loss, potentially for the season, of Nenad Krstic. His knee popped out of its socket and it was disgusting. Lucky, then, we had the presence of Jermaine O’Neal to console us. He was a deterrent underneath and made both of his shots. We feel for the Serbian’s injury, but it’s nice to have the littler O’Neal back in its wake.

Ryan will have more for you later, but until then, thank Krstic in your head for his contributions this season and wish him a speedy recovery. Make ‘em say ugh, Nenad Nenad.

  • I_Love_Green

    Celtics are here to stay!

  • Scott


    Finally… A complete game from Rondo, garnett was awesome.. and PP.. Can someone look up our record when he gets double digit rebounds. I dont think we've ever lost when he does.

    Ray struggled tonight, but when he made that three i think all of boston SH*T themselves they were so happy. Pumped for tonights win.

    GO C's

  • Zee

    That video was a HOT MESS, but I can't front that the energy they exhumed in it is about how I feel right now after tonight's game! NENAD NENAD! LOL! Post of the season! :)

  • Zee

    By the way, did y'all see who appeared to be Shaq around 2:45 in the music video? LOL!

  • Robert

    Quality win here. The Spurs had all hands on deck with Duncan back. I like how aggressive Rondo's been the past 2 games. Attacking the rim relentlessly AND finishing.

  • Andrew

    Wait wait wait, can you clarify – at the end of the post you talk about Baby struggling, then it sounds like you said that BABY hurt his knee, you're talking about Nenad right? I think you left his name out?? I didn't watch the game but I heard about Krstic hurting his knee but now I'm stressed about Baby.

    • hdavenport

      I got excited, sorry. It's just Krstic.

      • jack

        Hayes, you bastard. That feed website gave my computers TONs of viruses

      • john schaffer

        you moron , just Krstic , your a sorry ass , to be excited about any injured player

  • Robert

    Also, that double clutch layup by Rondo was sick!

  • James Patrick

    Now THAT is Celtic's basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More of that… less of that other crap! lol

    I can sleep easy tonight. The C's won. All is right in the universe!

  • Dropstep

    YEAH! After the past few weeks, it is so good to get a win especially a fourth quarter win (first in how long now?) And Rondo with zero turnovers: love it. Great night for the Celtics…except for Krstic of course. The Celtics must have some kind of tag team thing going with these injuries.

  • john schaffer

    we played a complete game , just hated Kristic was hurt hope just a light sprain we do need him, i think rondo has finally been reading his facebook comments and all the negative clippings hes had on comments

    • Morpheus

      LMAO, I've been sending him tons of negative feedback via Twitter. I don't even DO Twitter. The fans voice must've registered.

  • jpbl1976

    The road out east goes through Boston. That said, i hope we still feel the same way after the Atlanta game tomorrow

  • I_Love_Green

    Lets just hope Nads is back before we face the Lakers. He could help us out there.

    Also the #2 seed could be a blessing in disguise, not having to go against Dwight in the 2nd round.

    • talesofJP

      that is true in a way, Miami isn't as scary to this Boston team as Orlando is. Especially if we beat the Heat near the end of the year and crush any hope of them having confidence against us in the playoffs

  • Morpheus

    Rondo is officially back. If there was any doubt in my mind, after seeing what he did tonight and i mean his typical Rondo'esque(well ok except for the jumpshots) game was back in full force, im confident whatever it was that was buggin him, he has gotten over it. In other words, or, more importantly, he's MATURING.

    How orgasmic would it be though if Rondo could shoot like this consistently.

  • Chris O

    OMG with Rondo hitting jumpers all I felt was 'HAPPY LEARNED HOW TO PUTT' ….OMG boi is unstoppable if he can bang them jumpers

    • I_Love_Green

      Hahahahah I love it!

      • Chris O

        Haha thanks, seriously I loved watching it, I felt like Rondo was more superhuman than normal

  • ElRoz

    Are you serious? They won a game in SA and now everybody is super pumped?
    They likely lost Kristic and so even in a win this team loses – that is clear; they won a game and lost a key player: too much to pay for one win.

    • I_Love_Green

      Krstic has been trash lately. Lets see if Murph can contribute with some minutes now.

    • Paul

      Glad to see youre back…what happened to all your talk about the Celtics winding up with the 4th seed? What a joke…

      • talesofJP

        Kristic injury opens the door for Murph, unfortunately even with a slumping Kristic he was still better than Murphy

  • Chris O

    I just rewatched the Krstic injury, the 'pop out' didn't LOOK that bad. Although Doc says it is bad so who knows. When is Troy coming back? Between Shaq, JO, BBD, Troy we will be ok but I hope Nenad is OK and we could use his offense

  • guest

    We were gonna dump Kristic on the bench anyway once Shaq came back which should be Sunday or Monday even if I don't believe what they say anymore. Troy Murphy will also come in handy in Krstic's absence.

    • Zee

      I don't believe that for a minute. You don't plop good offense on the bench.

  • http://lovemyceltics.blogspot.com mycelts

    On vacation so for some time there hasn't been a word on
    Any of our recent losses but tonight I am Spurred on.
    For the first time in a long while we saw Celtics ball,
    Rondo, Pierce, Garnett, Baby answered the call.

    Jeff Green looks athletic, we got a look at an O'Neal,
    Jermaine was good but it'll take time to get the feel.
    Every week it's "next week" we'll get a glimpse of Shaq,
    The playoffs are close, we must get that O'Neal back.

    Ainge says it doesn't look good,talking about Krstic's knee
    It seems this season never a full roster we'll see.
    But some things don't change: it must be said
    Of Reggie Ray is now 45 ahead.


  • stephen

    Krstic has been a total liability lately anyway. His defense sucks and the reason we got him has also given us nothing lately. Nice win for the C;s tonight however all we managed to do is move the Lakers
    a step closer towards the # 1 seed in thye West.

  • Far East Man

    Bad News – Kristic maybe done for?

    Good News – now there's room for SHEEEEED!!! :o)

    • kricky

      Even with the horrendous shape he must be in he'd probably be better than Murphy LOL

  • Ray

    I have been down on Rondo recently, but this game was one of the best I have ever seen him play. A consistent jumpshot would make guarding him impossible and create much needed spacing in the offense. That being said, he is not the best passer in the league.

  • Chris O

    You are right Ray, he's not the best passer in the league, that would be an understatement, he's the best passer in the WHOLE DAMN UNIVERSE

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