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Ugly Loss: Celtics 100, Pacers 107

ESPN Box Score8 Points 9 SecondsIndy Cornrows

Ugly.  That pretty much sums up Boston’s fourth quarter.  The Pacers gave the Celtics every bit of an opportunity to win tonight’s game and the Celtics just gave it away.  The plays that will be etched in my mind for the next few nights are the cross court pass attempts with about 3 minutes to go.  If you’re Kevin Garnett, why do you attempt a three quarter court outlet pass?  And if you’re the rest of the Celtics players, how do you not come to the ball?

The last thing I want to hear from any Celtic supporter is any talk of officiating.  Even though the Celtics bigs were in foul trouble all night, only a few calls were actually of the ticky-tack variety.  The real reason why the Celtics lost was just a lack of discipline down the stretch.  The offense was not great but it was a lot of better than it has been.  At least the Celtics were making open jump shots (save for Delonte West and Jeff Green who could not hit anything from deep going a combined 0-3.  I really would not bother pointing this out except these shots were wide open).

Before I end this quickly (not to worry, Ryan is on tap to really dig in later), let’s talk some silver linings:

  • Rajon Rondo has an amazing offensive game tonight, scoring 22 points and dishing out 8 assists.  He also was the only one rebounding in the final minute which eerily reminded me of Game 7 of the NBA Finals when he seemed like the only guy who wanted to play until the final buzzer.  The one complaint I had about Rondo was his inability to fight over picks.  He consistently got stuck on the Pacers’ bigs which left his man open to either score or make an easy pass.
  • Glen Davis also had a great game off the bench and will need to continue to have these types of games if the Celtics hope to have any success in the playoffs.
  • I cannot believe I am saying this but Jermaine O’Neal’s six fouls could have been extremely helpful tonight.

Even though the Celtics only had 19 assists as a team, they were moving the ball around much better than they had been.  With two days of rest, I expect the Celtics will be able to put it together against an injured San Antonio team on Thursday.  They have another SEGABABA on Friday so all bets are off.

Alright now if any of those positives made you feel even the least bit better, sorry, but I have to ruin that feeling for you.  Right now, the Bulls are getting beat by 10 in the third quarter.

  • I_Love_Green

    Right now I wouldn't be surprised if we drop our games against the Spurs and Hawks, and then 3 next week against the 76ers, Bulls, and Wizards.

    No effort in the 4th quarter, at all. It was sad to watch. We've locked up the 3 seed right now, I would be absolutely shocked if we got the 2.

    Oh yeah, Bulls down 5 now.

  • kricky

    With all do respect; Fuck the Silver lining BS. Just flip to NBA TV and watch the bulls claw back tonight. Where is our effort? When did we dive to the ground to get loose balls? Where are the hard fouls to prevent easy layups/ Where is the D closing out on shooters.

    This team has no fucking heart! Disgrace/ They don't deserve to wear Green.

    • I_Love_Green

      Exactly. Bulls have been down double digits ALL game, and it got into the 20s at one point. Now they're down 4 in the fourth quarter. I could never see this current Celtics team pulling off something like that, especialy against a team like the Sixers.

      • kricky

        For some reason the team has just done a 180. Tired starters? Trade? Coasting? I just don't know.

        It looks like they are just mailing it in right now and think they can turn it up come playoff time. I'm not so sure. The way they are playing they could get bounced in the first round by a young hungry team like Philly.

        • I_Love_Green

          Comparing the end of last year, to the end of this year, it looks like they're just coasting. They've basically packed it up for the year, but will probably bring the effort in the Spurs/Bulls/Heat games.

  • Zee

    Amazingly I'm still not worried about our chances come playoff time. We'll be back in the finals. Trust me.

    • kricky

      I wish I had your faith. But this is much worse then last year. Then we were really coasting to get guys back to health.

      • I_Love_Green

        Well we are waiting to get Shaq and Jermaine back, if it makes you feel any better.

    • I_Love_Green

      And I'm not either. I'm a big believer in "the switch", but I'm just disappointed that they wouldn't try to make their road easier than last year.

    • Tom W

      I'm with you man. I hate watching this, but I can absolutely see us making a playoff run.

  • Jason

    This team is so fundamentally flawed without Shaq and Jermaine and yeah, Perkins. They're tiny and they play like it: Glen and Krstic aren't good post defenders or rim protectors and neither can rebound. One of the tradeoffs of playing small should be better offense but Glen is truly a terrible offensive player, barring the good game or so. Even tonight, he scored twenty but got killed on defense and only grabbed 5 rebounds in 35 minutes. If he wasn't a big, that would acceptable but he gave up more than he produced. He has the statistical profile of a black hole shooting guard with no range. On a good team, he shouldn't be getting big minutes but on this team, he's the second best "big."

    Marquis Daniel's injury hasn't gotten enough play during this long downturn in play. I always got on him for not shooting but he was a good post player, defender and actually passed the ball, which is something the reserves don't do at all. He's a better player than Green, on both ends.

    I thought Green was going to allow Pierce more rest? That hasn't been the case at all. This team falls apart after the first quarter.

    • kricky

      You are right on many points here. Marquise was a better fit than Green. Before he went down we were set. The bench was still struggling but we had Delonte coming back. And it would have been really interesting to see how Nate would have done without the ballhandling responsibilities that he wasn't suited for.

      Happy times. It's just so fucking depressing to think what might have been.

  • Lakers GM

    Celtics have locked up the "3rd seed" in the East xD
    that's a good accomplishment considering that you're playing like the worst team in the league hahaha!
    oh man here comes Banner 18!!! hahahahaha
    Man 40 Year OLD shaq will make us undefeated! hahahaha
    Just wait, he'll come bak and we'll get the number 1 seed ! ohh nvm , too late hahahah!
    we'll Beat everyone in our way Like we did last year…. oh wait, we didnt win Last YEAR hahahahhaha

  • Lakers GM

    Boston doesnt have Perkins so Indiana didn't beat the Celtics' Starting Five!! hahahaha

    • Deb

      Is that the best you can do? What you don't realize is that Perk did NOT accept the Celts offer and he would be going anyway–were we supposed to wait and lose out in getting a few healthy bodies? About 1 1/2 months ago I looked over at the bench (before trade) and there were 3–count them-3 people sitting on the bench–one on the D league–we won most of our games BEFORE the Perk trade and BEFORE he even came to play. Do you expect the newbies to learn the defense in 3-5 games? Maybe they could take a look at Bynum who is suspended due to his technical fouls–now that's smart. After injury and more injuries Doc has had to readjust the rotation-most teams do not have 6+ injuries. I'll take Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, KG and Rondo anyday and take our chances in the Finals–it took the Lakers 7 games last year and only won by 4 points in the game–now is that really a victory?

  • Celtic Fan

    Our play lately has been HORRENDOUS in the fourth quarter. We have only been getting outplayed because we have severly lacked offensive intensity… not just because we miss Perk (I'm sick of hearing that by the way). In the final minutes of the fourth quarter tonight Ray Allen missed a free throw, KG missed TWO free throws and Big Baby missed a free throw. On top of that they made careless turnovers as well as other poor decisions. Is this a veteran team?! This is getting ridiculous because these pitiful losses are going to make our playoff run that much more difficult. I am very disappointed in this team.

  • Lakers GM

    waaaaaa it was the refs faultt wahhhh
    wahhh who fouled gasol wahhhh
    waaaaaaa it was the refs fault wahhhhhhhh
    waaaaaa waaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Batman

      Mitch Kupchak?!?! Can i have ur autograph!?!? Omigod!!!!

      • I_Love_Green

        I didn't know mitch was so immature!

      • Tom W

        don't kid yourself, this guy is a lakers fan. they don't know enough to know who their gm is.

        • Renato Afonso

          This dude is an idiot and in no way represents us, the real Lakers' fans who actually care about basketball.

          All fan bases have some morons, and unfortunately, the larger the fan base the more morons they get. Both our teams have their fair share…

          Anyway, to the Celtics fans, sorry about this.

          Lakers GM, don't you have some other site to troll? I actually enjoy reading the TrueHoop blogs since they're about basketball. Try SB Nation or some other place where they like those comments.

  • Batman

    Come on guys just buckle up and ride the wave
    2 months ago everyone wrote off the Lakers and made us the toast of the town
    Now the Lakers r on top and we r written off
    Regular season slumps happen
    And yes i totally stole that from Chris Foresberg

  • Lakers GM

    It looks like the Lakrs are going to have to settle for beating up on some other east coast shmucks this year. The Celtic organization gave up on the idea of getting to the finals when they realized they were giong to have to face a healthy Lakers squad for once. What chance would they have against a healthy Bynum when they couldnt beat them when they were injured. I mean the league could only do so much to help them. I guess they decided it was better to not make it to the finals where they would be embarassed and so they can keep their 9-3 edge head to head. At least they can always look bak on 2008 and pretend they deserved it.

    • BOS 17, LA 11

      "Pretend" we deserved the 2008 title? We waxed you clowns in six games, including the biggest clinching blowout in Finals history AND the biggest come from behind victory in playoff history- on your floor no less. Yeah, you guys should have won that year. lol.

  • Lakers GM

    Curse THOSE cheating Bastard ReFS! HOW DARE THEY GIVE BOSTON 14 MORE Free THrows than Indiana! Oh wait, Those were all legit fouls right? you hypocritical fools.

  • Lakers GM

    Celtics got outrebounded again! oh well, they didnt need Perkins Earlier in the Year, why would they NOW?

  • Lakers GM

    BULLS just LOST and the Lakers Have the 2nd Best record and gaining on the Spurs.
    Celtics? oh they shud just call it a season! their Frail Bodies are done by now! And ur talking about the playoffs?

  • Lakers GM

    Real Champs Go on a 15-1 Run Post All Star Break to get ready for playoffs. Pretenders go on a 5-7 Run WHIle trying to Fight for the 1 SEED???

    • kricky

      What a fucking loser you must be to get your jollies lurking about another team's blog. But classless behavior is endemic to your team and it's culture.

    • Rob

      i didnt realize mitch kupchack was a complete fag.

    • Kobe Bryant

      hey, i think ur a f****n’ retard.

  • Batman

    Mitch ur killing me

  • Paul

    I LOVE hearing Lakers fans come on here and run their mouths…so much anger built up by the Celtics domination of the Lakers. I would say something about the Lakers but I really don't think about them that much…thanks for stopping by Lakers fans! LOL

  • diehardceltic

    This Lakers IDIOT needs to find the Blog……are u that idle?????

    In other news, I am done watching the regular season, so effing irritating when you see no heart!!!! I'ma be back for the Playoffs where we will kick some butt!!!

  • Lakers GM

    GRANDPA "ALL BARK" Garnett cant even Bark tonight…. hahahaha…
    Wheres ur Bark now Garny? dont have ur Bodyguard Porkins to save ur ass??? hahhaha

  • Lakers GM

    what happened Mr. ALL star Rondo? where's ur record 15 assists a game? best point guard in the league? yea right.. when ur big 3 feed ur ass all day to mask all ur terrible shooting abilities, u look good.
    How do u look now? not even the assist leader anymore.. just a piece of garbage!! hahahaha

  • Jason

    In hindsight, it wasn't a great decision to sign both O'Neals when they were both very likely to break down. I still don't mind the Shaq signing and hopefully he can come back and perform like he did earlier. I just hate how small the Celtics play. I hate watching Glen most of all. If you're a big, you're not worth your salt if you can't rebound or defend. What does Davis do well besides take charges? Those have come way down from the first part of the year too. He's one of the worst rebounders in the league, one of the least efficient and too small to defend the post. And he's getting major minutes and long stints. What option do the Celtics have though? I cannot believe that a supposedly defensive-first team like the Celtics play one of the worst rebounders and post defenders in the league major minutes or have to.

    • kricky

      Good points. We should have signed some more reliable bigs. Both O'Neals have been injury plagued their whole careers. Kurt Thomas was out there and really helped the Bulls this year. I wonder if we ever gave him a look.

  • Lakers GM


  • Lakers GM


  • guest

    Laker nation is made up of 8 year olds.

    • Lakersfan

      WOW, way to lay an egg there Boston…

  • Lakers GM


  • Paul

    It's a compliment that they come on here…theyre not going on the Rockets or Hawks blogs. It comes from spending their lives looking up at the Celtics banners and knowing they don't have as many…

  • Phil

    Am I the only one who finds these Celtics struggles more perplexing than infuriating? It was one thing last year when it was obvious that they just didn't care about the regular season. That was as irritating as it gets, but everyone knew what was happening. Now? Nothing is constant from game to game. One game its Rondo disappearing, the next its missing wide open shots, the next its the effort not being there. Tonight for example, you felt like some of the players were trying hard, while others were playing stupidly or tentatively. Rondo looked the best that he's looked in a while, and they lose the game late on missed free throws and silly decisions with the ball.

    I'm sticking to my guns of just waiting for the playoffs to get here, confident that they'll turn it around when it matters, but I would really like to come up with one unifying theory for all of these struggles.

  • Lakers GM


    • Batman

      SWEET Am i invited to the party?

    • jonathan

      go suck a dick hater

  • Paul

    I don't think there is one reason for the Celtics struggles…several factors are affecting this teams play. Injuries and building chemistry with the new guys are obviously impacting this team's play…by playoff time if the Celtics are healthy and delonte, green, and krstic are more comfortable people will be attributing Celtics success to "flipping the switch"…

  • celticfan

    it'a funny how the lakers fan comes over to the celtics pages to say something, i guess they want ot keep an eye out for us.the lakers are nothing but dirty ass players. and a bunch of cry babies.they are just as old as the celtics. but dirtier on the floor.look at byum he tried to really hurt beasley he knew what he was doing that's why he got suspended for 2 games.hey thanks for comming by

  • Sixer/Celtic fan

    The "lakers GM" sounds like a kid from LA who knows so little about basketball and jumped the bandwagon because the lakers were successful. Thanks for reminding us how ridiculous laker fans are. Good job 7 year old.

  • I_Love_Green

    Haha mitch is just blowing up this blog. Jesus give it a rest kid.

  • john schaffer

    i guess lakers fan if hes old enough , is so tired of hearing how bad we used to beat them back in the days. the reason they have a few titles are that they won before moving to Los angeles. but he just sounds like about 15 depending waht his loser daddy tells him, about the hated celtics

  • Carlos R

    Say good bye to banner 18th. The C's are 2 games behind Chicago and soon will be behind Miami in the east. Also, they are 1 game behind the Lakers in the league standings, who are rolling and will be in the finals again. Again, The C's will not have home court advantage beyond the first round. Without Perkins, plus both O'neals nursing injuries, this team will not beat Chicago and the Lakers in may and june, unless they come back 100% healthy, but that seems unlikely.

  • Morpheus

    *facepalm* yourself.

  • Morpheus

    Celtics fans, it hit me last night.

    A moment of clarity. We'll be alright, the starters are just tired especially off SEGABABAs. Couple that with injuries to key players, the Perk trade – chemistry, new players adjusting to our sytem. Just have faith and patience fellow Cs fans, the Big 3 know what they're doing.

    There are no other leaders in the league who i would put my trust and faith in right now and still remain positive that we can bring home banner 18.

    I know it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, but if you were to ask me who i would want to lead us out of the valley of death/darkness, "THE Big 3 SIR" i would say.

    Walk with me…

    • Mike

      Healthy bigs, shorter rotation, no back to backs. I agree.

  • Aaron

    As a Laker fan… whoever that Lakers GM is should have his comments cleaned off by whoever runs this site. Anywho… You guys are playing without a Center. Us Laker fans know how hard that is. You guys need to get Shaq back and you will be fine. Although I don't think anything can prevent you from losing to the Heat. They are just too talented. I don't think the Lakers will beat them either… Even with HCA.

  • James Patrick

    Crack Pipes people. Anyone who thinks the C's are gonna pull out of this before the end of the season is smoking a crack pipe. I'm a realistic Celtic's fan. I'm not gonna come on here and say hey, that's okay, we'll get the Spurs on Thursday! At this point, I don't care if we lose the last 10 games. We need some chemistry here. And we need some healthy bodies come playoffs. Before, it was Phil Jackson calling us out for not playing in the 4th quarter. Right now we're lucky to get two great quarters, tonight, just one. And it's pretty sad to me when I can't even name one Pacer in the starting 5.

  • Garvin

    This is last year all over again, it came just later in the season. I don't care if doc is saying it's different. It's not like last season they made press conference after the christmas game, saying "we will cruise from this point on, we will not play with effort and lose half the games because of injuries." We didn't know until the playoffs started, and half of the media was predicting a first round loss. Also Cleveland was supposed to dominate the east, just like the Bulls (and the heat to some degree) are now. The playoffs will be a different, no need to panic!

  • Sam

    Man, the O'Neals return can't happen soon enough. Krstic just doesn't suffice for us at Center defensively or offensively. I think even the loss of screen setting by Shaq & Perkins has hurt us a lot.

    I think this team will continue to struggle and lose as long as the O'Neals are injured. If they're not healthy even the most optimistic fan has gotta admit we don't have a chance in the playoffs.

  • Renato Afonso

    This LakersGM dude is an idiot and in no way represents us, the real Lakers' fans who actually care about basketball. Same for the Kobe Bryant dude.

    All fan bases have some morons, and unfortunately, the larger the fan base the more morons they get. Both our teams have their fair share (hate it when some trolls go to FB&G)

    Anyway, to the Celtics fans, sorry about this.

    Lakers GM, don't you have some other site to troll? I actually enjoy reading the TrueHoop blogs since they're about basketball. Try SB Nation or some other place where they like those comments.

    • BrendanJackson

      Thanks RA. I actually traded emails with Darius from Forum Blue and Gold to see if Celtics' fans were doing the same thing and he said it happens very few and far between. I was thankful because we link to FB&G and they're an awesome blog. I would hate to think CelticsHub was sending over this kind of behavior. Anyway, you are welcome any time and just like any good fan/blog reader let's continue to spread to good word of anti-trolling and intelligent discourse (or at least witty digs).

      • Renato Afonso

        FB&G used to have more trolls back in the Kurt Helin days, and he was very swift at banning them from the site. Most trolls don't come from CelticsHub nor FB&G but rather from other networks where hate and childish behaviour is a commonplace.

  • We hit 100 points!

  • Celtics_fans

    as the celtics lost more games, fans are so hyped to leave more comments. funny.

  • tractor traylor

    I'm sure Fat Shaq will save the day.


    • J_C


  • Mike

    Well aside from the 4th (and maybe the 2nd) quarter, I thought the offense was just fine, I mean 30+ points its good. The defense on the other hand wans't that crisp. At this point as long as they bring it to the playoffs we'll be fine. And keep in mind we played most of the game with a frontline of BBD and Green because of foul trouble.

    I was worried about reading that Ray stormed of the arena because of his diminished role on offense (9 shots I think) and I honestly think he's fundamental to our offense, he has to shot more and more 3s.

    More and more I think the season should be shortened in about a month (12 games).

    (as for the trolls the fair weathered fans of the fakers will have to put up with almost all of the western conf teams in their next games so talk all you want now…)

  • Chris O

    Sooo I figured it out, we are going for the number 4 seed so we can make it back to the finals just like last year, we want to play the Hawsk first round, yeap that's what it is!

  • Renato Afonso

    I think that the largest problem the Celtics' have right now is the timetable for the O'Neal's return. The playoffs are right around the corner and there's a lot of rust to shake off. I don't believe they can get past Miami in the second round if Shaq or JO don't start playing right away, as the first round series will have only 4 or 5 games and that's not nearly enough to get back in game shape. The rest is what it is. Yes, the big 3 are getting old and their effectiveness is diminishing but you can still rely on them. However, without inside help it will be difficult to get back to the Finals…

  • Iamsuck

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…eff you, Danny, eff you…

  • Old Man River

    Turn ouuuuuuut the lights… the party is ooooooover.

    Actually, it's been over since 2008. Trade youth for age, mortgage the future, and there you have it.

    Hey, at least you stopped the 20-year championship drought. Maybe Red's great-great grandson will get your next one in 2050.