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About That Offense…

A disturbing tidbit I uncovered this morning about the recent ineptness of the C’s offense, which has plummeted to the 19th in the league in offensive efficiency (106.4 points/100 possessions), easily the lowest ranking of The Big Three era.

After last night’s outing, the Celtics have not scored 100 points in 10 straight games. That’s the first time that has happened since Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were brought to town in the summer of 2007, as you have to go all the way back to January 2006, when the Celtics went 3-8 over a 11-game stretch in which they did not crack the century mark. that squad finished 37-45.

Obviously the parallels between the two teams stop there, but the lack of offensive consistency, or even progress is beyond alarming at this point. We will dig into specifics later today on these woes, but numbers like these make you wonder about the viability of this team as a contende, once things tighten up even more defensively in the playoffs.

  • Rich

    it's a slump… people need to get over it… seriously…

    • Lakersfan

      You realize there’s only 10 games remaining right? Slumping mid season like the lakers and heats did is one thing. At the end of march?

      If there is any chance for a celts-lakes Finals, boston BETTER get it together.

      • james patrick

        like the Lakers will be there. They better hope they don't come across the Thunder. And laker fans seem to forget that Duncan is out right now.

  • Julien the French

    agree with Rich. They are not even playing half speed right now. It is a strategy. The bigs are playing all the games because they don't wanna end up at the 3rd or 4th seed and ruin the work that has been done so far, that's all. They're just saving energy. Last night's first quarter is a hint of how they can play if they want to.

    Stop you guys journalists and such, STOP BEING DRAMA QUEENS!!!

    • Lakersfan

      Yea right, it’s the media’s fault the celts are struggling at the worst possible time of the reg season.

      Heats are 1/2 game back. If the celts limp into the playoffs as a 3rd seed, I can see the heats beating them in 7 games.

      • MP!

        That's cause you're an idiot.

      • Julien the French

        you didn't get my point cuz you're blinded by your stupid golden team, which is not even a team. I didn't say it is the media's fault that the C's are playing not too well, I said the media is making it a drama when there is no need.
        Plus, I think your comment is the proof that you're actually skidmarking your pants by thinking about a possible celtics-lakers rematch this year, since you got last year's with the unconditional help of the officials….ooooh….is "unconditional" a too complicated word for you? Sorry.

  • Chris O

    You can't control offense and shooting. Only effort and defense can truly be consistent.

  • Scott

    Here’s what I like about last night. In the 4th we ran our offense. KG on the low block doing his thing. And PP getting to his spots on the elbow and in the paint. THAT is celtics offense, and too often we get comfortable running iso for baby. How many games this season has he taken the most shots in a game. With rondo penetrating, and we going to KG and GREEN in the post more, I like the look of this offense. They got comfortable again last night, and the most important thing is that they won.

    Go C’s.

  • http://twitter.com/donjumpsuit @donjumpsuit

    I remember last year when every pundit, including Celtics reporters didn't think that they would be able to beat the Heat in the first round.

    I remember that every time Krstic gets a pass down low, that when Shaq is back, that turns into something very VERY different.

    • talesofJP

      Poor free throw shooting when he gets hacked? Just kidding, Getting Shaq back will be a help, but having Kristic actually catch rondo's passes (instead of Perk fumbling them out of bounds) has been a nice change.

  • james patrick

    whatever you guys are smoking, pass it my way. because if you're not concerned by the C's blowing a 25 point lead against a horrible team without it's star player, then I dunno what to tell ya. That doesn't say good D to me by any means.

    • Mike James

      allowing 90 or less points in the last 5 or more games isn't elite D? wow tough crowd…

    • kricky

      You are right about being worried because of giving up the lead to a team like 'sota (playing without their best player). But 82 points is good D, on the road against a team that averages about 100 a game. And also considering all the second chance opportunities they are giving up with those offensive boards.

      Be that as it may I'll need something strong to kill the blues if they keep playing the way they are right now.

    • http://twitter.com/donjumpsuit @donjumpsuit

      **puff** **puff** **PASS**

      Here's the deal.

      Playoff Series Differences

      Day's off in between games
      Advantage of playing in the same arena, with similar sight lines more often.
      Doc can form a game plan, and ingrain it in everyone's heads.
      Playoff pressure brings out the best in the big 3 & hopefully Rondo.
      A bunch of cortisone in Shaq's heel, and J.O.'s knee helps out like it did for Mike Lowell with his Hip.

      Remember in 2008 when bad teams like the Hawks brought us to within 2 minutes of loosing a game 7? Then we ended up blowing out the Lakers in Game 6 by 40 points.

  • skeeds

    of all that has to do with the offensive "slump" we're finding ourselves into, only one thing is bothering me. Although the C's are one of the best jump-shooting teams in the NBA, even Krstic is well above average for a center, we have to stop relying on them and attack more. In these funks, only Ray should be shooting that much from long. Everyone else has to push the ball inside.
    Pierce and KG won the game last night by scoring in the paint. Big Baby shouldn't get 15 shots no matter the game, especially when they're mostly long two's. We have very good penetrators, Rondo, Green and Delonte as good as they come. Baby has his go-to moves with his back to the basket, why settle for jumpshots? go to the post!

    • Dropstep

      This is the same thing I have been saying. Somehow I don't remember the Celtics relying on jumpshots to this extent all year, but maybe I never really noticed because they were making them instead of missing? I don't know but I've done so much screaming at them to just take it to the rim – seems Pierce only remembers he can do that in the last two minutes of the game. I hope they fix this because it's painful to watch.

  • steveb

    More Jeff Green shooting, less Baby jumpers, equals more wins.

    • Chris O

      Best comment I have seen in a long time lol

  • Morpheus


  • celticfan

    well tonight's game is laready against us. thr refs are mott and workman. the two worst refs in the nba who hate the celtics. so the pacers will have this game handed to them tonight. you wait and see. it's a shame the nba allows this kind of refs in the nba. it is known that Doc and Mott don't like each other. andhe is a pacer fan so there you go.

    • kricky

      how can Workman, who spent his career at Indy be working this game?

      Can we get Tommie Heinsohn to ref the next game we play? LOL

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