Post-game Reactions

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in Boston so I figured I would keep things bright and sunny with a few things to keep in mind as we take in the rest of the regular season:

The Celtics real problems are mental, not physical. Gary Washburn posted this quote from Doc Rivers in this morning’s Boston Globe“We’ve just got to play better and act better and we’ll get there,’’ said Rivers. “I have no doubt about that, but we’re not there right now. It’s all mental.’’ There are certain things, good and bad, that go along with having this type of problem.  When a player is injured, you have an amorphous time line as to when that player is coming back (see Shaq).  When a team’s problems are mental, there’s no telling when they will get back on track.  While this may sound like a bad thing, it’s all about perspective.  We don’t know when the Celtics will put it together and the pessimist will say “never” or “not in time” but it’s just as likely that the Celtics will turn the tide tonight against the Timberwolves than any other game.

The Celtics can still win over 55 games this season. For all of their recent struggles and offensive futility, the Celtics still have a great chance of winning over 55 games.  They only have to win a slight majority of their remaining schedule to accomplish this feat.  It’s a weird day when everyone in Celtics land is consistently frustrated with a team that’s on pace to win over 55 games.

The Kendrick Perkins trade cannot be properly evaluated until after the season is over. Yesterday, I was listening to Dan Shaughnessy’s last show ever on 98.5 the Sports Hub and he brashly condemned the deal of the upteenth time.  While just generally talking about Boston sports, Shaughnessy said something like, “and that trade has completely killed their chemistry.”  From the outside, that absolutely appears to be the case but it’s entirely speculative.  We have no idea what’s going on in the hearts and heads of the Celtics’ players.  When Nenad Krstic arrived and was putting up double-doubles the locker room seemed pretty happy.

Leon Powe probably wouldn’t have come to the Celtics had they not gotten Troy Murphy. The other night when the Celtics lost to the Memphis Grizzlies, Powe was a big reason why.  While a Powe reunion would make every Boston fan smile, it was very unlikely no matter what happened with Troy Murphy.  Powe wanted court time and the Celtics were not prepared to make him part of the playoff rotation.  He may have taken some of Glen Davis‘ minutes had he come here and impressed but those are some big “ifs”.

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  • Batman

    It really is all mental we need to all calm down and look at this team and support it

  • diehardceltic

    Yeaahhh to the sunny smiley face!!! Celtics is about to win all the remaining games 🙂

  • steveb

    Whatever has caused the recent problems I will continue to cheer for this team. Win or lose. It was a long time from the Bird years to now and I’m thankful for a winning team no matter what. I do like winning though.

  • Zee

    Don't know if I agree with the Power evaluation. I believe he would've definitely garnered some playoff minutes.

    • Zee

      We obviously have a "thumb down" troll on the board. Oh well…

    • kricky

      If he played anything like he did against us he definitely would. It would give the team a great emotional lift too.

  • talesofJP

    They do have a while still to get mentally right before the playoffs and maybe even the first round they can win just on talent alone. We were a missed Ray Allen corner 3 pointer from not really having a discussion like this, if Ray hits the winner over the Bobcats everything is a bit more sunny. I think that shows they are close to breaking out of the funk. Shaq's return will help too.

    • kricky

      I envy you your optimism. I still can''t shake the doom and gloom after the way they've played so far.

      And the prospects of having to win game 7s in Chicago, LA and (maybe even) Miami just seems daunting.

    • Zee

      Knicks lost to them last night too. Guess we’re all having mental issues. LOL