Post-game Reactions

Boston at New York
7:30 PM
Madison Square Garden

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 106.7 points/100 possessions (17th)
New York: 110.6 points/100 possessions (7th)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 100.0 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)
New York: 109.8 points allowed/100 possessions (23rd)

Probable New York starters: Chauncy Billups (PG), Landry Fields (SG), Carmelo Anthony (SF), Amar’e Stoudemire (PF), Insert Big Man Here (C)

View From The Opposing Bench:  Knickerblogger

Thumbnail: The Celtics get the gift of a lifetime tonight.  All of the media attention is focused on the idea that because the Knicks aren’t dominating fools like Ethan “Bubblegum” Tate, they made a mistake in trading away their entire team for Carmelo Anthony.  While we can debate the merits of trading away guys like Wilson Chandler and Danilo Galinari for Anthony all day, the important thing to remember from a Celtics’ point of view is that playing the Knicks right now is shot in the arm to any team having trouble getting their offense going.  Last night, the Knicks lost decisively to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Yes, those same Buckerinos that got trounced by the Cs just a few games back.

The Celtics, meanwhile, are looking to stay on track after an emotional win in New Orleans.  All signs point to the Cs keeping the good vibes going at least for another night.


Score the Basketball. The Knicks are 3rd in the league in total points and 2nd in the league in points per game.  A lot of this has to do with how many threes they shoot and how many of those threes go in.  The Knicks are sixth in the league in three point field goal percentage despite taking the second most out of any team.  When you take a lot of threes and make a lot of threes you tend to score a lot of points.

Limited Turnovers. The Knicks have the fourteenth fewest turnovers in the league, which despite looking average, is way above league average.  The Knicks have committed a total of 974 turnovers while league average is about 20 more.  Lack of ball movement is probably the real reason for this.  It’s harder for NBA players to turn the ball over while trying to score than while trying to run a complicated offensive set that consists of a lot of moving parts.


Defend. What any good Mike D’Antoni team doesn’t do.  Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire have always been described as having a giant hole in their game and now they are on a team where that hole exists everywhere but in the Knickerbocker vacuum.  In other words, yeah the Knicks can’t defend but no one in New York seems to care.

Stagnation. I guess this should be going in the section describing what the Knicks do well because technically this would be one of them.  The ball doesn’t really move around much (especially in Anthony’s hands) and they are not very active on defense.  Stagnant.


Amar’e Stoudemire. I don’t want him to worry me, but after watching Nenad Krstic get completely punked by guys like DeAndre Jordan and David West, I am fearful what a stronger/more talented hybrid version of those guys will do to him– especially if Kevin Garnett is caught on the perimeter clapping in Landry Fields’ face or something.

Tony Douglas. Douglas could be nicknamed “TD” for all the points he’s capable of putting up. The Florida State product can hit from outside and has a lightning quick first step.


Shelden Williams. Poor Shelden.  Our old friend seemed to have found a home and temporary starting position in Denver before being used as a contractual throw-in.  Last night against the Bucks, Williams got the start in an experiment that was hardly given enough time to develop as he was yanked after six minutes.

Carmelo Anthony….is a great offensive player.  But, he is also a known commodity.  For a team like the Celtics, he’s also the perfect guard.  The Celtics team defense will most-likely key into Anthony and let Stoudemire get his points.  If one isn’t a concern than neither is when it’s all said and done.


A win and limited minutes for the starters. That is probably too much to ask, however if there was ever a team that a coach could shuttle rotations back and forth against, the New York Knicks is it.  It’s not likely to happen as I believe the Celtics think they can get another win tonight using the same playoff-y rotation Doc Rivers used against the Hornets.  I would say there’s probably a chance of a Carlos Arroyo sighting and maybe Troy Murphy if there’s foul trouble but that’s probably it.


Let’s be confident.  Celtics 100, Knicks* 95

*This did say “Bucks” because I’m an idiot.  Plus I fear the deer.  All deer all the time.

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  • Batman

    I'm at the game! And Bucks 95?

  • steveb

    I like the pick but we aren’t playing the Bucks. Sorry.

  • Dropstep

    sneaky…calling them the Bucks, if it was indeed sneakily done (Gollum style). Now, a relatively easy win tonight would be nice.

  • Mike

    Dear Rajon Rondo,
    Please learn how to shoot (or at least pass the ball to a better shooter).

    Thank you

  • Batman


  • steveb

    Let’s play at least good defense or offense and go from there.

  • kricky

    I'm sorry but Jeff Green's D is subpar at best.

    One of the reasons I STILL don't like the trade.

  • leyana pitts

    Can you please step it up a LITTLE on a LOT

  • Mike

    37 points against teh dreadful knicks ''defense''…thats just great

    • kricky

      AND the Knicks are coming of a back-2-back too. Dreadful.

      At least RR looks better. Nice to see him finish at the rim.

      • Mike

        Man what worries me the most is knowing that this is probably not a trend and an effect of the trade and since we will be playing the knicks in the playoffs I'm suddenly very sceptical of how well they'll do. They have THE best team in the league on paper and thats what pisses me off, that they just can't seem to justify that.

  • Zee

    My thoughts…

    We may have obtained more talent from the trade, but many may be learning from our trade. We traded away something greater than offense in my opinion. We traded away heart. A band of brothers can do more when they are equally passionate and working toward a common goal. When had Perk, there was still a sense of "payback." Everyone who was involved in last years loss DESERVED another run at it. And when Perk was traded away, it showed that maybe everyone (management) didn't feel the same way. Though there may no longer be any tears, there has been a step back since the trade happened. The same sense of urgency, vengeance and brotherhood is not there.

    Family is willing to fight for one another to the death. You don't trade family. I don't believe trading Perk was the only way to make a gain. It couldn't have been. Even Doc says he fought against it the first time it reared its head. The second time, he just trusted Ainge.

    Something is going to have to happen that draws the team closer and have a desire for the championship again. Before? It was "payback" for every one involved last year. This year? We need to look within and determine what our motivation is. We have to "want this" again. It has to fit into the bigger picture.


    The Perkins trade was supposed to improve the offense according to Danny Ainge, but the offense has been awful ever since. What's going on?

  • Jeremy

    At times like these..even though I know we're gonna step it up in the playoffs..I really really wish we had a Lebron..because as big of a jerk as he is..at least hes consistent. Ugh..wake me when the playoffs come around.

    • dslack

      And because, umm, he's the best player in the NBA….

    • kricky

      AND the II wish we had De3rek Rose. Sorry RR .

  • Mike

    Meanwhile chicago is clobbering sacramento…

    • someguyinsac

      Not much of a surprise there.

  • kricky

    Green can't move his feet fast enough to guard good wings one on one. And he is streaky with his shots. Even his little 3-5 foot hook shot.

  • Mike

    KG Poster!!!!

  • Mike

    Hope Ray is ok and this nba refs are a JOKE

    • dslack

      Yup, hope that's not a concussion.

  • Mike


  • someguyinsac

    Owww! for ray.

  • kricky

    The Cap has to sit with 4 fouls. C'mon Jeff, prove me wrong!

  • lakershater13

    How does a guy with position for a rebound not get a call when the other guy comes over the back and elbows him in the head and makes him bleed?

  • ElRoz

    If you are having troube scoring against NY Knicks, you got some SERIOUS problems on offense…as all of Doc's teams have had.

    He is just a bad offensive coach. Period. Boston might not get to 100 against NY!

  • someguyinsac

    We're not getting mugged by the Knicks nearly as much as we are by the refs.

  • guest

    "Flo is happy…..Spike is not."

  • Mike

    Rondo just lost the game right there…….. STOP SHOOTIN

  • phreesh

    Alright, kids are finally in bed. Time to watch the Knicks lose to the…

    What the?

    Gee, Celtics fans, this must be really annoying.

  • I_Bleed_Green

    Can I start a trade Rondo campaign? Who’s with me? If the entire opposing team is leaving you alone and you still can’t make a shot you have to be pretty bad.

    • I_Bleed_Green

      Just when I was posting this he went into Billups shooting a 3…nice.

      • I_Bleed_Green


    • Mike

      I'm starting to agree…

  • phreesh

    Billups three and one!!! Sweet.

  • dslack

    Nice to see Paul do knock down that three.

  • Ryan DeGama

    Really appreciate the "Boston Sucks" chants. Love an engaged, hostile crowd.

    That PP three was huge…

  • phreesh

    Starting to see a battle hardened team assert itself…

  • talesofJP

    KG diving for the ball!! Love it

  • Mike

    This is why we have to get the first seed

  • someguyinsac

    Spike not too happy anymore, eh?

    • someguyinsac

      But hey, anything to get a hug from Flo.

  • phreesh

    Well, I enjoyed seven minutes of that fourth quarter.

    Nice job, Celtics. Champions execute.

    Knicks will take notes and dominate in the playoffs.

  • Dan

    Anyone else want Melo to stay in the game? It seemed like every possession for the Knicks was a poor shot by Melo. He's definitely a guy you want to play against, not with. I don't think the future will look kindly on the Knicks-Nuggets trade.

  • Mike

    Its just crazy how much better they play when they decide to focus and win. Now lets do that for at least 3 quarters. Amazing win and I'm glad they proved me wrong today

  • John

    Looks like the Knicks fucked up once again…… Red Holzman is turning in his grave 🙁