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Another marvelous game against the Knicks tonight, with a whole bunch of interesting things to talk about, the least of which is probably the blood on the hardwood, spilled by, in order, Troy Murphy, Ray Allen and Carmelo Anthony.

On one hand, you’d hate to see the Knicks in the first round if you’re Boston. They consistently push the C’s to the limit, and seem to do so no matter what the makeup of either team. But if we get games like tonight and the December thriller out of a Boston-New York series, well, sign me up.

After trailing this one for 3.5 quarters, the Celtics closed in style behind a 13-point fourth quarter from a resurgent Paul Pierce and some inspired play by the defense, which picked up its intensity as the game went along, denying the Knicks offensive position, good shots, rebounds, and room to breathe.

Lots more later, but keep this in mind as you comment on the game:

The Celtics are now 3-1 in their last four games.

How’d that happen?

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  • someguyinsac

    Well we did escape from New York, but what an ulcer inducer it was on the way.

  • GowGow

    Do they do it on purpuse? Trailing the whole game and coming for the W at the end. They can't make a habit out of this.

  • Willmo

    Can one of the stat geeks dig up the C's record when KG goes to the ground for a ball? Fun game.

  • I feel like it's that point in the season where the games kinda matter, but you can actually SEE the playoffs right around the corner so this almost feels like pre-season right now. However after a series of elbows and some blood, combined with the lights of the 4th quarter…. it all of a sudden felt like a playoff team and we saw which team is ready for that atmosphere. Melo and Mare look great in the first couple quarters hitting some jump shots, but get them in something that matters and they fold. They remind me of LeBron, they love to look good and splash shots while winking at the crowd but up the ante with the pressure and they just don't have the next level.

    • Rav

      Why does everybody think Lebron is a choker? Don't you guys remember Lebron's Game 5 against Detroit in the '07 Conference Finals. He scored CLE's final 25 points including the game-winning layup. Probably one of the greatest clutch playoff performances of all time.

      I'm as much of an LBJ hater as the next guy, but credit where credit is due (and don't discredit when it is not warranted)

      • Chris O

        Probably because one clutch game is not a image make. He has been big in big spots. He has that duel game with Pierce in the 2nd Rnd game 7 in '08. He has that one game winner against the Magic in the ECF in '09 and he has that miracle game against Det in '07. But MOST of the time when the chips are down he folds. Take the Spurs in '07, the 4-1 series loss against ORL in '09 (minus that one miracle shot wn), and the defeat to the C's last year where HE collapsed. As great as he is many times in series HE is NOT the best player on the court, when by virtue of TALENT he always should be.

  • I_Love_Green

    Watching this game I couldn't help but smile. Even as we were down 15, playing bad defense, and not shooting well, I was still happy. Rondo got out of his slump and played fantastic, KG was an absolute beast for us, especially playing defense on Amare, and Pierce who seemed to be on the bench the enitire game came out and played inspired basketball in the 4th to close the game.

    Best of all, RONDO IS BACK BABY!!

    • talesofJP

      Rondo looked great in this game, good to see

  • UhOh!!

    to me the comeback was started by that KG dunk on turiaf in the 3rd then the dive on the floor and winning the jump ball.. after seeing a 16year vet risk injury diving for a loose ball i knew the game was ours.. that should send a clear message to everyone that's been panicking the team has been clearly pacing itself and the lack of practice by the starters(Doc wants to get the new guys acclimated) and the new guys still getting acclimated has been the reason for the Un-celtic like play as of late…. i LOVE THESE BOYS!!!! CANT WAIT TILL THE PLAYOFFS

    • MikeD

      That KG play was amazing. Reminds me of Rondo in the playoffs last year against the Magic. If the C's go on to win the championship, we make look at that play as the turning point for this new look version of the C's.

      • UhOh!!

        yessir like tommy said in regards to the big ticket's play “That wins the Tommy Award for the century.”

  • kricky

    KG and the Cap outplayed the desert boys (Caramelo and Amare(tto) down the stretch.

    Man O' man-a-shevitz do I love watching #34 close games at the Garden!

    • NHBluesMan

      do you mean 'dessert'? Or am i just missing the reference somehow…

      • JCP

        I think you're right… I didn't catch it at first. Just remember, kricky, dessert has two "S's" because you want MORE dessert.

        • kricky

          I hate spelling. Thanks fellas. Ruined my own dessert – desert wine references 🙁

  • Jeremy

    Can we play in the 1st and 2nd quarters how we play in the 3rd and 4th? Just so ya know, the starters can get a breather early in the game and take it easy? Oh wait thats right…the bench will just lose the lead for us..Oh well until then we'll just have to make it tough on ourselves by playing with handcuffs in the opening quarters.

    • NHBluesMan

      the bench actually GAVE US a lead against NO. You must be thinking of our old bench


    Ray hugged his Mom before he stepped on the court,
    Melo's stay in the game, with two fouls, cut short.
    Delonte and Rondo together with Pierce, 
    Tonight hope Green and Baby are fierce.

    Q1 ends with the Knicks up by three
    Looks like a competitive game we'll see.
    At the beginning of Q2, from the end of Q1,
    The Knicks went on a 10-0 run.

    Davis got an elbow right in the face,
    No call, of course, not in this place.
    Kevin Bacon, DTrump and, as always, Spike Lee,
    A Wahlberg or a Damon I'd like to see.

    As great as the bench was the other day, 
    Tonight not a shot will go their way.
    Knicks quicker to the ball, easy to score,
    Cs are turning the ball over at their end of the floor.

    Even with Billups and Stoudemire, Melo wants the ball,
    He'll continue to shoot no matter what the play call.
    So 17 points in the first half for him,
    Turiaf's chances of getting the ball are really slim.

    At the end of the half, Knicks a 14 point lead,
    Some stops and some baskets are what the Cs need. 
    One thing in the audience I really like
    Flo, Ray's Mom, sitting next to Spike.

    Q3 when the Cs were in a miserable funk,
    KG ran the floor, made a monster dunk!
    Cs' attack mentality and some defense, too,
    More of this the Cs must do.

    Pierce and Melo, four fouls, in Q3 did sit
    But the Cs' offense would not quit.
    Ray's bleeding on the floor, he and Rondo did fall,
    Needless to say–there was no call.

    Cs' bigs want to come back, we see their resolve harden,
    Shaq's there tonight at Madison Square Garden.
    One thing that makes Doc and Cs' fans shout, 
    The refs keep bailing Melo out.

    Q4 is intense, it's chippy out there,
    Heinsohn's Tommy Points are everywhere!
    Pierce is angry, KG just possessed,
    In crunch time, these Cs are just the best!

    Melo on the ground, now bleeding is he,
    Then we look at Ray and more blood we see.
    KG had a game, he had quite a line,
    24 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals–so fine!

    Flo's hugging Spike, kind of sweet at the end,
    The Cs won the game, she could be his friend.
    On a 24-4 run, the Cs won tonight,
    Pierce, KG led the way, showed incredible fight!

    With no threes tonight, it should still be said, 
    Of Reggie Ray still is 37 ahead.

    March 21, 2011   10:42pm

  • I really feel like an idiot now. Doesn't help that I've been under the weather most of the week as well.

    I recorded this game (the MSG feed because of the NBA's blackout rules), watched the first half, realized the game wasn't making me feel any better, and stopped it and deleted it. Then my DVR went right to SportsCenter, and I saw "Celtics Top Knicks" in the sidebar. Yeah… I really need to remember to not delete games when I've decided I'm just going to look up the outcome.

  • UhOh!!

    who else feels like the best part of that win was shutting that bandwagon crowd up??

    • diehardceltic

      Especially when Truth was making the free throws……then all of a sudden they were filing out!!! It was such a beauty!!!! I LOVE my boys!! Loved Rondo's aggressiveness too!!! He is back!

  • playingitout

    The game would not have been so close had the Cs not missed a LOT of shot they normally make, in the first half. Ray and Baby missed a whole lot of (wide open) shots tonight (8-24, combined), and they still pulled it out. A beautiful bloodfest.

  • JCP

    I was only able to catch the highlights… but, YES! That's the creative Rondo I've been missing. After out-jumping/colliding with Melo he made THREE Knicks look stupid before dishing to BBD.

    When I saw the half time score while at work I thought the worst… it was quite surprising to see that final score.

    • JCP
      The second half is worth watching. At points I couldn't believe what I was seeing. At the end of the third, it was an 11 point Knick lead, and Davis got a rebound off a missed free throw then it was a 8 point lead. The fourth quarter saw the Celtics by two on the back of PP, timeout Knicks, Knicks blasted out 7 straight, up by 9, timeout Celtics, then KG checked in with 8 minutes to go, and those minutes were spent hustling, grinding, outrebounding, blocking shots, quick feet, hand in face defense. Offense was just dagger efficient. All the wind was blown out of their sails after Carmelo got poked in the eye during a Rondo hustle play, and had to sit out the final 2 minutes.
      Some say it was the game of the year, I wouldn't go that far. I like the early year games with Shaq with quality shooting and big leads, but this type of win was more indicative of a playoff win from last year where they always exertied thier defensive will on opponents in the final minutes, with a dagger or two on offense combined with a super-Rondo play.


    Playoffs are a comin!!!!!! BANG!!!!!

  • nbsmatambo


    not sure if im allowed to self promote =/



    BANNER 18 HEADING TO BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!