Post-game Reactions

This morning, I was perusing some recent Celtics’ stats in order to see if there was any indication that the Cs were nearing the end of their funk.  Was Saturday night’s win against New Orleans an aberration or was it indicative of good things to come for the men in green?

Well, unfortunately I’m no closer to my answer but I did notice one pleasant surprise:  Glen Davis.  Since returning from the mystery knee injury that left him writhing on the floor after a game and his teammates dumbfounded, Davis has put up a cool and consistent 14 points and 9 rebounds.

Davis is also shooting better from the long two area (50% from 16-22 feet) and finishing strong at the rim (49%).

I have no idea how severe Davis’ knee injury was, but I do know that he has been playing much better in his last five games than in the five games that preceded his injury.

So here’s a Baby-Sized shout out to Glen Davis for a job well down.  He’ll have to keep it up if the Celtics hope to make any noise in the playoffs.

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  • kricky

    What I really dig is that he's been a beast on the boards..

  • Chris O

    Agreed Kricky, he's been working them boards way better and more than normal it seems

  • Devil's Advocate

    Not to be a wet blanket, but 49% at the rim is actually pretty…meh.

    • BrendanJackson

      True, but it's a small sample size (which I understand works both ways). Tonight, if he goes 2-for-2 at the rim, he's up to 57% for the past 6 games. The Pacers game brought him down. Take away that game and he's 55% at the rim. Still pretty meh but for an undersized guy who used to get his shot blocked all the time and is now a converted jump shooter, I'll take it.

      • zebulon

        I agree with Devil's Advocate – but find issue more with the wording of "finishing strong at the rim", when the numbers say he is finishing terribly at the rim over the past few games (though he is playing very well, particularly rebounding the basketball).

        • kricky

          With his lack of length and hops he'll never be a great finisher underneath.

          As long as he boxes out and plays some tough D I'll be happy.

          • zebulon

            He was finishing over 60% of his shots at the rim through the first half of this season…

  • Batman

    We need to plump Big Baby up

    • kricky

      It would be really interesting to see what he could do if he ever got into really great shape. The guys is obviously a tremendous talent. Losing 30 lbs would help his lift and make him a better finisher shot blocker. (Look at how much Roy Hiberthas improved after losing some weight.)

      But with his pancakes and spaghetti regimen I fear that this is just wishful thinking….

  • Morpheus

    In other words…contract year/performance.


    Wait, Brendan, you’re confused about a celtic suffering from a mysterious phantom knee injury?

  • Jeremy

    Yet everytime he tries to take it to the hoop and gets blocked…and then gets his rebound..and then gets blocked again..and then it becomes a rinse and repeat cycle..I don’t get him. If you got blocked the first time around, kick it out to someone else because chances are that they’ve collapsed to the paint since you’re there which means someone else is open. Big Baby’s basketball IQ is really…primitive to say the least. I think he just doesn’t get that he doesn’t have the lift to really slam it home the way Shaq could but still tries to play like a paint dominating big man when hes under the rim.

    • Jmt

      Kicking it out is an option, but it's not necessarily the best option. If his shot isn't blocked, it's likely to be a higher % shot than whoever he's kicking it out to (unless it's Ray open for 3).

    • jacksobd

      He actually hasn't been getting blocked as much at the rim this year. Certainly last year getting blocked was a problem but this year he's been finishing at the rim at a high rate.