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A few bits from the around the interwebs to keep you plugged into the Celtics on this rare March off-day.

First up, Peter May catches up with Kendrick Perkins, who has come to grips with his move to Oklahoma City:

After the shootaround, his agent, Bob Myers, called and told him of the possibility of a deal. Perkins had no clue.

“I was pretty surprised,” Perkins told ESPNBoston via telephone. “I had no idea. I talked to Doc [Rivers] and he said he wasn’t pushing it, that he was trying to stop it.”

Rivers said he did stop it. That was Perkins Deal No. 1, according to the coach.

“At the time I talked to him, it was a different deal and I did put a stop to that one. But I also told him that something might still happen,” Rivers said.

Soon, Perkins Deal No. 2 came along and Rivers then had to say goodbye to a player he had, he said, come to regard as a son.

“It was the most difficult thing I have had to since I’ve been in the league,” Rivers said. “It was like sending one of your kids along the way. It can be very hard to separate the basketball from the personal and this one was definitely that for me. Perk had great spirit. He had the intangibles you look for. We all decided to make the trade, but, for me, it hurt. It hurt a lot.”

Perk has adoped a mature approach to the trade:

“Obviously, I am going to miss Boston a lot,” he said. “I talked to Danny [Ainge] on the phone the day the deal was done. It was hard for both of us. We go back a long way. But I understand that this is the business part of it. “I look back and I have to be pleased with everything they did for me, from bringing me there from high school. I am grateful for all the experiences, to be able to be a part of a championship team. It was all great. No complaints. I was blessed to be there for eight years.”

Perk and the Thunder took down the Heat last night, but not before Dwayne Wade threw down this jam:



Is Rajon Rondo hurt or not? We’ve been speculating on that topic around here for a few days now.

Chris Forsberg tries to read the tea leaves:

Here’s the CliffsNotes version: Kevin Garnett said Rondo is playing hurt; Coach Doc Rivers said it’s a slump and that KG is misinformed; Captain Paul Pierce said to go ask Rondo; Rondo didn’t address the media Wednesday. You dig?

“Rondo’s playing hurt,” said Garnett. “He’s giving us everything he has and he’s grinding. I think the nights where he’s playing countless minutes for us, and he’s not playing washed up guys. He’s playing [Indiana’s Darren Collison] and [New Jersey’s Deron Williams] and all these guys and they’re coming at him. He knows that, so he’s just a little focused in. But everybody’s banged up at this point and [Rondo] is no different from that.”

While the Celtics get their stories straight on Rondo’s injury or lack thereof, Paul Pierce gets to the heart of the matter on Rondo’s up and down play over the last couple of weeks:

“I thought he played a good floor game today,” said Pierce after last night’s win. “But I think he could be a little more aggressive offensively with shots and going to the hole.”

That’s exactly it. When Rondo doesn’t break down the defense off-the-dribble, his game becomes a pass or shoot proposition from the perimeter. He can be effective from that position, finding players cutting along the baseline but it removes what makes him a unique player on offense: his ability to shift the defense and take advantage of emerging angles to create good shots for his teammates.

Feel free to sit and wonder if it’s an injury that’s reduced Rondo’s aggressiveness towards the basket or a fear of being sent to the line for free throws. Either could be the culprit.



The Celtics celebrated the 30-year partnership of Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn last night at the Garden. Julian Benbow reports from the Boston Globe:

One of their keys is knowing not to take themselves or their jobs too seriously. It still strikes Gorman that for most Celtics fans, he’s been the only voice they’ve known, because to him that voice is Johnny Most.

But he and Heinson developed a chemistry from Day 1, when, as Gorman tells it, Gorman came with a library’s worth of notes and Heinsohn told him he wouldn’t be needing them.

Gorman had worked on a network level with two-hour production meetings, laundry lists of anecdotes and tidbits.

Planning, planning, planning.

“So often you’ll see, especially on a big network game,” Gorman said. “It’ll take them half the game to catch up with what’s really happening because they have these preloaded lists.”

That’s how Gorman learned it covering Big East basketball.

“He’s so smooth,” Heinsohn said. “And he’s GQ.”

Describing Heinsohn’s approach, he flips the night’s game notes across the table, “Tommy is like, Just sit down and go wherever the game takes you.”



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  • Mike

    I honestly think its just bad play from Rondo right now, I don't think he's injured otherwise after the Nets game he would've played a lot less minutes especially with Delonte and Arroyo available. Hopefully
    he snaps out of it before the playoffs.

    What about an article that's up on nba.com talking about the candidates for 6th man and they go on and on and not even a single mention of Big Baby. Who the hell writes that stuff…

  • Scott

    How is it that the CELTICS aren’t playing on st. Party’s day?

  • CsFanInArkansas

    Okay – this isn't a jab at Wade for dunking on my favorite big man (Beast) last night…I would say this if he just put P Gasol or J Noah (two bigs I don't particularly love) on a poster:

    His celebration was laughable. When you're regarded as one of the top athletes in the NBA/world, is it really okay to do some bulls#!+ white guy dance move after a dunk? I mean, you're Dwayne Wade. You're SUPPOSED to be killing dudes on the court. Rather than flash an intimidating glare at the opponents bench, smirk at the cameraman, shake your head in disbelief that the other team actually let you pull THAT one off…you steal a page out of Jerry Seinfeld's awkward white guy dance move playbook…REALLY?!
    To make it worse? Your team is getting beat at home to one of those "upper level" opponents…again…
    But, no worry, I'm going to be on Sportscenter for this one…

    What's wrong with these guys?!

    • Devin_in_Maine


    • the other Alex

      that's exactly what I thought

      No way in hell would any of the Celtics done this shit, they would've either stared down the guy they just dunked on or cursed the hell out of him. Win first, then you can dance.

    • Chris O

      I loved everything except your comments about the white guy dance moves. Ima white dude that can dance damn good

  • Zee

    That D.Wade dunk had doo doo all on it! JUST NASTY!!! Blake Griffin meet Dwayne Wade! Yowzers! Too bad it had to be Perk too! LOL! Oh well…


  • Chris O

    I have been saying Rondo is hurt for the last 2 months or so. He is clearly laboring. Whether it be his plantar fasciitis or sprained ankles or leg muscles or what. It is clearly minor, but clearly he is not 100%. I told you all of this after the Clippers game (which I was at in person), there is no way Mo Williams torches ROndo and blows by him that easy if he was 100%….NO WAY.

    • CsFanInArkansas


      haha – just jacking with you Chris.

      I'm with you – Rondo may be somewhere around 85% physically and 75% mentally. I don't think his on the court woes are purely because he's got some minor ailments. Rajon can lay down 8pt-8asst-4reb-2stl-3to stat lines in his sleep. He's just not himself right now. I think we see him go into kill mode when we get to the playoffs…if not, sooner.

      • Chris O

        I clearly hope so lol


    There's nothing wrong with Rondo, he's just not that good.

    • Batman


  • Gili Rondo

    FTR, Trevor Watson was indicted and acquitted by a jury of stabbing Paul Pierce. He was not convicted. During trial, a witness changed her story, and Watson did no time. It remains unclear (as far as the state is concerned) who stabbed Pierce, although it was probably Watson. However, evidence of potential witness tampering in the Pierce case was used to help prosecute Watson this time around, and thankfully that menace to society will be behind bars for a very long time.

    • Gili Rondo

      Correction, he was convicted and did time for A & B for his involvement with the altercation, but was not convicted of the stabbing. See you when you're 74 Trevor.

  • james patrick

    I'll tell you, Perks a class act. We were lucky to have him. I hope some day he returns because in my heart he'll always be a Celtic. I wish him much success in O.C.

  • Morpheus

    RR is AFRAID of the FT line.

    That is all.