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Game 66/82: Pacers (29-38) @ Celtics (47-18) Open Thread

Indiana at Boston

7:30 P.M. ET

TD Garden


Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 104.7 points/100 possessions (13th)

Indiana: 101.6 points/100 possessions (23rd)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 97.5 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)

Indiana: 103.2 points allowed/100 possessions (11th)

Probable Indiana starters: Danny Granger (SF), Tyler Hansbrough (PF), Roy Hibbert (C), Darren Collison (PG), Paul George (SG)

View From The Opposing Bench: 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Thumbnail: Give the Celtics this: they’re making the interminable stretch of the long season interesting. What should be a mid-week tuneup on the way to the playoffs is suddenly a key game for a Boston team that’s reeling after dropping three of four and slipping from the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Indiana’s won two straight games over the Knicks this week but prior to that Frank Vogel’s team had dropped eight of nine. Are they the cure for what ails the Green or another trap game? Only the leprechauns know.

There are intriguing stories with the two Boston point guards tonight:

Delonte’s Back! – For the third time this season, Delonte West returns to the Celtics lineup. West has given the Celtics only 8 games all season, and is less than 100%, by his own admission. But he’s back to stay (or so he claims) and with only 17 games left in the season, will quickly need to prove his value and find his place in the rotation, as a backup to Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. What can he give the C’s with the lingering soreness in his (non-shooting) wrist? Does he immediately displace Carlos Arroyo in the rotation? Will another Jermaine O’Neal-style setback send the wrath of Celtics Nation his way? We should start to get some answers to those questions tonight.

Rondo’s Back? – Fear and loathing has emerged in the wake of Rondo’s recent subpar performances. He’s either hurt or tired or both or just slumping, depending on who you believe. To me, he looks worn down, although his low assist totals lately are as much as function of his teammates missing open shots as they are his reluctance to attack the basket. If West can go 30 minutes a few times over the next couple weeks and Arroyo can continue to hold his own, it might be time to get Rondo some judicious rest. Particularly in the first games of back-to-backs, which would bring him back fresh to trigger the offense on the flipsides.


Like most fringe playoff teams that fired their coaches and tried to unload half their rosters at the trading deadline, they don’t do a lot well. In their 99-88 loss to the Celtics back in December, the Pacers scrapped their way to a virtual draw on the boards, and turned the Celtics over 18 times, which kept the game close until the fourth quarter. Both teams have undergone major changes since then, but that recipe still holds true for the Pacers They’re going to have to out-effort the Celtics tonight in order to win, with a special focus on making it tough for Boston to score.

That’s a distinct possibility given the Celtics struggles as of late. Here are Boston’s unimpressive offensive efficiency ratings over the last five games:

90.8, 97.8, 93.5, 109.6, 98.9


Score the ball and shoot the ball. So the message for the Celtics should be clear: establish the defense early, rebound Indiana misses and push the tempo to get the easy scores that have been so elusive lately.


Hansbrough. The Pacers’ second-year forward is thriving under Vogel and is coming off a run of strong games:

He’s going to test Kevin Garnett, who looks vulnerable lately.


Granger. Who can get trigger happy, often after nights when he does this:

I’d like to see Doc Rivers stretch out Jeff Green on the defensive end and see how he does against Granger. It’d give Pierce another game with short minutes, and we could get a better look at the mysterious Mr. Green, who continues to both confound and tantalize.

But mostly confound.


It’s a long list:

  • Defensive intensity from the opening tip.
  • A strong performance from KG, who looks tired/hurt lately or is in a late-season slump.
  • A glimpse of what the three-guard rotation of Allen, West and Rondo could do in the playoffs.
  • A Nenad Krstic double-double.
  • Green to look engaged and assert himself for the entire game.
  • Sweet, decadent victory.


I predict a riot.

Boston 110 Indiana 94

  • diehardceltic

    All I am asking for is an axiety free game!!! Celtics, I beg, please let me look forward to waking up tomorrow!!!!

  • Stephen

    @diehardceltic — That would be nice however I wouldn't be surprised if I start hitting the Jim Beam by halftime !!!! This team rarely does things the easy way, hopefully I am proven wrong. Getting Delonte back is helpful. What's the most recent info on Shaq?

  • ElRoz

    Well, why is there a qustion if Delonte will replace Arroyo? The two of them can become a good back-up backcourt. Both can shoot, both can handle the ball. I'd have both of them play- Arroyo to back-up Rondo; West to back-up Ray. To me this seems a no brainer: cut Rondo's and Rays minutes down the last 17 games (let's say to 30-32 a game) and use West and Arroyo more.
    West can play the shooting guard as well, if not better, than a point guard.

    Also, I THINK I see Murphy playing better – at least he is getting more rebounds now and has began to score here and there.

    Thereis a question still: how or when or if they can incorporate Jeff Green – I'm not expecting him to get 15-21 points every game….but at least to crack double figures in points if he is only getting about 2 rebounds a game; if he's going to play back-up to Pierce, they got to figure out how he can score better, in what situations. They ought to get 10 points a game from him for every 20-25 minutes of play.

    • Ryan DeGama

      Agreed re: Rondo/Ray's minutes. Although Doc always gives Ray a long leash on court time.

      Come the playoffs, my guess would be that Arroyo gets only spot minutes, Rondo plays 40 or so at the PG, and West fills in the rest at the 1 and 2 off the bench. I don't think we'll see much of the Arroyo/West combo in the playoffs, although the regular season, as you say, is another matter.

  • celticfan

    i don't think west has ever been 100% but we got Arroyo so play him and leave west on bench.i just hope they can come out tonight and win. they have really sucked lately and now they have let the bulls pull ahead of them. shame shame shame.it goes to show you who wants this most . it looks like the bulls want it more.

  • john schaffer

    they will get clicking before playoffs it happens every year , but jermaine is still a ver big wastes of time and money

  • Batman


    -I better be saying this at the end of the game

    • someguyinsac

      It'll be that or Randoooooooooooooo!

  • someguyinsac

    Hey, that was a great 3quence.

    • Batman

      Darn u posted seconds before i did

  • Batman

    Holy Rondo 3 3's in a row

  • altheamarie

    Hansbrough's 20+ppg average the past games is gone.

  • I_Love_Green

    I'm looking at the box score, (cables out at home) and Rondo hasn't scored yet. 8 assists, but no points. Does he look better on defense atleast?

  • leeboo1211

    DELONTE WEST BLOCK!!! With the (previously) broken hand too.

  • guest

    Delonte's Dwight Howard like block was the best thing I've seen from this team in awhile.

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