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Nate Robinson Annoys, Big Baby Sings, & Perk Smiles: Deleted Scenes From The Association

While following the Boston Celtics for a full season around the league, you can imagine how much trouble the editors and ESPN producers have of trying to fit stuff into five short episodes of television. Thankfully, the fine folks at the NBA has started releasing part of this treasure chest of footage in deleted scenes from the next and highly anticipated episode of The Association which airs tomorrow night at 7 pm as a nice warmup to the Pacers game.

We’ll start with footage of postgame in Golden State, the last time this year’s original squad was there together. After winning in Oracle Arena for the first time in eight years, Doc Rivers presents a pop quiz to his squad about what was the C’s starting lineup last time they escaped Oakland with a victory. Major CelticsHub bonus points for anyone who can name the starters of said team in the comments. I found this to be easily the most entertaining scene of the bunch.

Mike James? Vin Baker? Remember these names next time we lose it when this team loses a back-to-back.

  • I_Love_Green

    I can tell this next episode is going to be depressing. Sad to see Semih like that too.

    • If people aren't going to miss Semih, I don't know what they're thinking. Would have been nice to have him around, because he always kept trying to do what he could. Full of effort.

  • Samg

    great shot nate! stay aggressive nate! GLAD YOU'RE GONE NATE!

  • celticfan

    Ainge made a dumb move by breaking the band

  • Batman

    Why did we give up Semih-Automatic? My heart was crushed when i heard.

  • skeeds

    yep. Semih hurt the most. Especially to get Troy Murphy. Although showing Perk the door and just praying for an O'neal sighting, was pretty close too. It's just that I'm actually happy for Perk. OKC is playing some serious ball (and will keep getting better for years), and for him it was the perfect move.

  • James Patrick

    I miss Nate. it's so obviously our team chemistry is off now. Not saying we can't get it back, but wow, it's tough.

  • I_Love_Green

    Is Semih going to be a free agent this offseason?

  • hdavenport

    Did anyone else see that last shot of Perkins with a huge grin and not know who it was?

  • Diego

    All and all……the trade brought us guys that are not Celtics, not yet. They don't look happy to be here. They don't play as hard (Kristic excluded) as the guys that left did. Nate, Perk, Semih even Goody, they all seemed to love it here. I'm I the only one that thinks that Green looks misserable on the court? Nate was playing awfull, Perk wasn't 100%, Semih beeing a rookie and coming from Europe but all and they gave 110% percent, they loved been in a Celtics uniform (can you tell by watching the Semih's video?) and these new guys, I'm not feeling it a all…..chemistry is as important as talent. We got a month…..

  • austinkg5king

    The Cs go up n down but every time a new episode comes out we start winning again. Rondo has to get back to distributing he's been trying to prove too much lately. This episode will be the one where the team starts to wake up

  • PortugueseCeltic

    I love Saint Paddy's and all but the Bull's shouldn't be wearing Celtics jerseys. Anyone else irked by this? =)

    • Far East Man

      Not really. It's nice to see Rose in Green. Who knows? Maybe in the future we can trade Rondo for Derrick! Lol. Kinda wishful thinking, but maybe Thibodeau will give Celts a break. :o)

  • Braz

    Man…I miss Semih. He was true to this team. I cheered him on after every rebound, dunk or block, so he would get better and better. I was hoping he would eventually become a great reserve center, once the O'neals were gone. You can tell he didn't want to leave this team.

  • Far East Man

    You can see Semih's more frustrated and disappointed than shocked. He wanted to be a Celtic. He played his guts out, injury or no injury. He'll be missed. Wish he'd be wearing green again someday. ;o)

  • Rachel

    On the bright side, that did make me even more pleased to say BUH-BYE to Nate. When Ray Allen is telling you to shut up, just shut the hell up.

    • christian

      clearly you didnt get that ray and nate were joking around