Post-game Reactions

PACE: 87 possessions (slow slow)

OFFENSIVE EFFICIENCY: 90.8 points/100 possessions (Milwaukee (season) level)

DEFENSIVE EFFICIENCY: 101.1 points allowed/100 possessions (Par for the course)

The HoopData numbers are out!  Hooray!  Not only did last night’s performance from the Cs pass the “Ring” eye test, but now we have empirical proof that it was terrible.

I am not going to get incredibly detailed with this addendum to the recap because despite the doomsday-sayers about Rajon Rondo being a fraud, last night’s game was 1 of 82.  The Celtics are 3 for 10 when it comes to sweeping a back to back.  Given Sunday night’s blowout of the Bucks and the consequential rest of the Celtics’ starters, you may have thought the Celtics had a chance to get their 4th sweep of a back-to-back.  I think it’s pretty evident that the Celtics are not going to be sweeping any back-to-backs this late in the season regardless of situation (and especially SEGABABAs).

Here are a hodgepodge of thoughts from last night’s game:

  • Kendrick Perkins made his OK City debut and actually looks pretty okay in Blue (6 points, 9 rebounds).  I flipped to the OK City game during the commercials and saw the Thunder striking down the Wizards.  Perkins looked to have an okay game and the announcers gushed that he was already bringing that Celtic leadership to the mini-bolts.  I think in the long run, the Celtics did Perkins a favor.  No one knows what the Celtics are going to look like after the 2012 season when Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen’s contracts are up and the Thunder are going to be good for a while.
  • Jeff Green is a one dimensional player.  Sometimes that one dimension is really pretty.  Like this turnaround jumper to end the first quarter:

    And sometimes it’s not so pretty.  Like the three times Travis Outlaw broke his ankles on the same pull back dribble.

    Green was in sharp contrast tonight with Glen Davis.  He just did not seem to play with the same vigor as his bench counterpart and was often the beneficiary of Davis’ hustle.  I am not sure what accounts for this, or if this is even true or merely just appeared to be the case last night.  However, if this happens to be true it could have something to do with Green being a starter since he entered the league and now being relegated to the bench.

  • Speaking of Davis.  Sweet line.  16 points, 14 rebounds.  He shot 50% from the long two area which is definitely noteworthy considering we lambaste him when he shoots poorly.  So kudos to Davis.  Still, he was an overall minus 6 on the night.  This is far from a perfect stat for measuring individual performance, but a couple of things contributed to Davis’ impressive stat line that were actually independent of anything Davis did.  The most obvious thing is that the NETS weren’t exactly world beaters last night.  They narrowly edged out a win despite the Celtics severely struggling on offense.  The NETS (save for Kris Humphries) are also awful on the glass and their big men pretty much lack all toughness and aggression.  They are more interested in taking long jumpers than mixing it up in the paint.  Or attempting comically bad no-, look passes.  I hate to poke fun at a player trying to expand his repertoire, or maybe even doing something in a game that he has had some success doing in practice/pick-up.  Yet, I have to post this no-look pass attempt from Johan Petro for every one’s amusement:
  • You can see Petro sees Anthony Morrow in the corner and tries to rifle a pass in his direction despite looking at the low post.  No one bites for this from what I can only assume is due to the fact that instead of using his peripheral vision, he’s keeping his head forward and shifting his eyes toward Morrow.

    * * *

    That’s really it for now.  More on Rondo later.

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    • CsFanInArkansas

      It's weird seeing the Beast in something other than the big green 43…

      I think it's worth pointing out that – while the Bulls are on a tear right now – we are still tops in the East (albeit, we're tied) after having a pretty lame stretch of losing 3 of our last 4 to lesser opponents. The Bulls probably will not maintain their blistering pace – they'll have a few hiccups of their own as the regular season winds down. The Miami Divas will also lose some winnable games down the stretch.

      We've been playing shorthanded and with a brand new supporting cast. We're starting to get guys back (BBD and DWest) and I'm confident we get into rhythm. Rondo will be okay. We'll get the #1 seed. We're going to the Finals. We're beating whoever the hell meets us there. We're hoisting #18 at the end of the year. Gino time.

      • INenadKristic4MVP

        HCA is pretty much a done dream. The only road trip to the west left for Chicago is against Minnesota. The rest are in the east with sub 500 teams except one with Orlando and Antlanta. And a bunch of home games.

        I think for us now, our priority becomes getting healthy and hopefully not allow Miami to take the number 2 spot which is only 2 lossed away.

    • stephen

      Don't count on getting the #1 seed–not gonna happen. Chicago's remaining schedule is quite easy. The C's need to concentrate on finishing ahead of Miami, Dallas and the Lakers. The Lakers are hitting the gas pedal now and if they reach the finals we need homecourt advantage.

      • CsFanInArkansas

        Chicago could just as easily lose 4 of their last 6 (vs us 4/7; SEGABABA @ Cle 4/8; @ Orl 4/10; @ NYK 4/12). Plus, they've got 3 more SEGABABAs this month and 5 total away games remaining in March.
        So, just because they're hot right now, they could definitely fumble away some games down the stretch (just like we have) to folks they could/should beat.

        Regardless of seeding, I think that out of the top 3 or 4 in the East, we're the most dangerous come playoff time – we've got champions that have weathered a ton of playoff battles. Orlando has a new team surrounding DH12 and Jameer…Miami has yet to prove anything as a team this year…this Chicago team doesn't have the experience we have.

        When it's all on the line – I like our chances against anybody. We're left standing at the end, this June.

    • Paul

      The C's just need to focus on themselves and the next team in front of them…the seeding will take care of itself. People seem to be stressing trying to analyze which games the C's are gonna win 3 weeks from now and looking in the rearview mirror at miami, dallas, the lakers, etc….and when did we start worrying about the Bulls SO much? Theyre a good team and may be "the biggest threat" in the East but that doesnt mean they're a BIG threat especially if Celtics are healthy.

    • Tom W

      Not to sound like a broken record, cause we've been saying this all year, but it's been true all year…the Celtics are awful the second night of a back to back. And this was the second night of a back to back. And there are no back to backs in the playoffs. Certainly worth noting.

      On the other hand, we are undefeated at home against Eastern Conference teams this season, so that homecourt advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs sure does sound nice.

    • mmushaty

      Rondo is hurt and here's the proof….
      Fast Break Points last 4 games – 9ppg
      Fast Break Points 5 games before that – 17 ppg

    • ElRoz

      The Bulls just won at home without Boozer and Noah…no excuses, just the first seed in the East ….while Boston is going down to the 3rd seed fast.
      Boston? They're waiting for Shaq and Delonte…that's going to save them from the Clippers and Nets.

      • torpid bunny

        You're right. Let's just skip the playoffs and give the Bulls rings. They just won a regular season game after all, without starters, something the Celtics have never ever done.