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Deron Williams: I didn't do it Me: Yes you did Deron. You did hit that dagger three. And for that I will continue to mis-pronounce your name.

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The Nets Deron Williams hits a huge three to put the Celtics away as the Nets go up by seven in the waning minutes.  This play is of particular interest to Celtics’ fans for how unCeltic-like it was.  After playing some pretty solid defense for the first 16 seconds of the shot clock, the NETS call a timeout.  With eight seconds to go, coming off a timeout, instead of forcing the customary turnover or tough shot the Celtics back off Williams just enough for him to drain a three.  Just prior the Celtics showcased another very unCeltic-like moment when, again out of a timeout, they fail to execute a set play on the offensive end.  Instead of getting a good look from on of their stars and cutting a four point Nets lead to two (or even one) Rajon Rondo forces a long two off the dribble that clangs iron.

Speaking of Rondo, he may have had his worst game of the season but the blame can’t all rest on his shoulders– particularly on the aforementioned play where he forced up a long two.  Credit New Jersey for playing inspired wing defense not only in the half-court but, more impressively, in transition.  Couple the NETS defensive effort on the wing with some tired Celtic legs and you get the Celtics line from the perimeter (2-for-10).  To be fair, two of those attempts came at the end of the game when Boston was playing the “chuck up a three and foul game.”  Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Celtics long-range ineptitude tonight, especially in its stark contrast with New Jersey’s impressive showing (11-25).

Unfortunately for the Cs, perimeter defense and shooting is about all New Jersey did well tonight…and it was good enough to get the win.  Just feast your eyes on these numbers:


  • 50 rebounds (13 offensive)
  • 22 assists
  • 41 FG%
  • 10 TOs
  • 87 FT%


  • 45 rebounds
  • 19 assists
  • 40 FG%
  • 10 TOs
  • 63 FT%

The numbers on the whole are pretty painful to look at when you consider the Celtics lost this game.  The Celtics shot the ball with greater efficiency, out-rebounded, and out-assisted the NETS and still lost.  When you take a closer look, it’s evident that the NETS volume shooting was the difference-maker.  25 three point attempts from New Jersey?  Are you kidding me?  Not to mention the NETS had 24 free throw attempts to Boston’s eight.  I did not have a huge problem with the officiating tonight, except on this sequence of plays:

I don’t really mind either call by itself but the kicker is that these calls happened in near-succession.

That’s it for now, much more later including a deeper analysis of Rondo’s truly awful night, why Glen Davis‘ night might not be as impressive as it looks on paper, and Jeff Green:  the one-dimension.  Oh and Sasha Vujacic‘s stat line because tonight can’t be all bad.

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  • dtla la

    The C's would be wise to trade for Vujacic after this season.

    • Zee

      ???? You do realize we still aren't at full strength right? No trades are needed. LOL! Our team is strong. We just have injuries.

    • Mike

      The day Vujabricks is on my basketball team is the day I stop watching basketball.

    • Tom W

      I hate Vujacic too much. I'd actually be cheering for him to get injured so I would only have to think about him being a Celtic when the camera flashed to the bench and showed him sitting there with his ugly bowl cut and a suit.

  • Iamsuck

    What is the acceptable time frame to start burning Danny Ainge in effigy for screwing up the team chemistry?

  • Phil

    I'm really starting to think that Rondo is trying to play through some kind of injury. He's strung together some very bad games the last two weeks. The whole fractured emotional state angle just doesn't work for me. He's being subbed out at weird times, he completely refused to drive into the lane and create shots most of the night, choosing to instead brick step back after step back. If it is an injury, maybe he'll sit down for a few games now that West is supposedly coming back. I think the #1 seed is going to be very important, but if we're losing games anyway, there's no reason to have Rondo play through an ailment.

    Though hopefully this is all just overreacting doom and gloom and Rondo comes out and silences everything with a 15/15 game. Nothing is more fun than watching Rondo dominate a game, and its been a while.

    • mikecorea

      I found this video which offers "proof" of a Rondo injury. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI3QCrs8nPM&fe

      I am not sure how conclusive it really is. It seems that there is surely something going on.
      Tired? Sulking about Perk? Just a bad stretch?

      I am really hopeful that West's return will be helpful for the team.

  • I_Love_Green

    We gotta wake Rondo up. NO our recent losses weren't Rondo's fault, but he is part of the problem. He is the straw that stirs our drink! Right now our drink ain't stirrin' and it ain't gonna stir itself!!

  • stephen

    Sorry, but I think Rondo is playing selfish. He is indeed still sulking over the Perkins trade. ??

  • Jason

    Why can't he Rondo be blamed for that terrible jumpshot out of the timeout when they were down two? There were eight seconds left on the shot clock. There was plenty of time left that he, one of the worst jumpshooters in the league, didn't have to hoist a 18 footer. That's a hero shot. He loves being the "man" on this team. He takes the end of quarter shots, even though he's not that good of a scorer. He's taken a lot of crunch time jumpshots before this game.

    If Rondo is such a great point guard, why have the Celtics been a middle of the pack offensive team the past two seasons, with him controlling the ball almost all the time? Are the rest of the Celtics so bad that without him, they would be a bottom third offense?

    • Idaho

      I have been as realistic about Rondo as anyone (in other words, viewed as a rondo hater by many on here), but I don't mind him taking those 18 footers. That might not have been the best time, I agree, but he is killing us in the half court set when it is 5 guys guarding 4 bc of his ineptitude at 18 feet – he has to shoot those shots and get better. As someone mentioned earlier about him = he needs to quit worrying about getting assists (does anybody else throw up in their mouth when Rondo stat-grabs like he did at 5:45 in 4th with the pass to Ray?).

      This is turning into a hate Rondo post, which I do plenty of, but I agree he is the engine that makes us go and if injured he needs to rest when D West is back.

  • stephen

    Rondo should be blamed. Like I said Rondo is playing selfish. I think the fact that Rondo has been included in what now is known as the big 4 has gone to his head a bit too much. Rondo makes incredibly stupid decisions towards the end of quarters. A lot !!!!!!!

    • Phil

      Rondo taking most of the shots at the end of quarters is a result of the time not letting the Celtics run their plays on offense. Defenses sag off Rondo at the end of quarters because they don't have to worry about defending a pick and roll while Ray runs off a screen to the corner as Rondo drives for a lay up or pass. With time running down, all Rondo can do is run down and pass to a defended guy or take an open jumper. In those situations, the open jumper is the percentage play, even if its not a great shot.

      And let's not get carried away with the Rondo hate. He's been called a member of the big 4 since last year, and he's played great all year. Clearly something is affecting him now, whether its emotional or physical, I don't know, but I'm hoping its temporary, because without Rondo, we're not going anywhere good.

      • Jason

        You're correct, Rondo taking shots at the end of quarters is a function of the defense sagging and messing up the Celtics offense WHILE the Celtics simultaneously try to time the game clock. That's why the ball is usually in the hands of a guy who can create his own shot AND pass. I don't understand why it's in his hands in the first place. It's baffled me for two years when they first started it. There is no reason whatsoever that a team with Pierce, Ray Allen, Nate when he was here, even Marquis, that the ball should have been in Rondo's hands. I don't care that the other guys aren't perfect in that situation. It's bad logic and not playing the percentages. Rondo in those situations have taken a jumpshot about more than half the time. I don't understand why a coach hasn't looked at that and said, "We're doing it wrong."

  • yuckabuck

    Re: 2 foul calls-
    You should have heard Mike Fratello on the Nets' broadcast. On Pierce's shot, he said that Pierce was bumped but the referees were letting that stuff go in the 1st quarter. Then Williams goes down and gets the call on Rondo and Fratello didn't know what to say. On the replay he mentioned it was the same play as with Pierce. You could almost tell that he was thinking, "Thank you, Bennett Salvatore, for making me look like an idiot."

  • yordgreat

    PUTRID…..RONDO……let d. west finish the game when he comes back

  • Batman


  • stephen

    Bench Rondo's ass!!! If he is not interested in leading this team—let Arroyo do it.

  • kricky

    RR has just not been himself. Honestly, I don't know what the hell is wrong with him. I'm not sure its an injury as he seems to be moving OK.

    The other night even Tommy Heinsohn got on him for holding the ball too long and thus screwing up the offense. He did this a number of times tonight too, leading to horrible shots.

    • Jason

      Rondo's held onto the ball too long all season. I feel like a massive Rondo hater and I guess I am. I just hate how this team is run. If Rondo is this team's engine, then he must have think that long two-pointers is the best shot in basketball.

      What I hate is that the offense is run through one guy. No team in thirty years has won a championship with only one player with an assist percentages above 20 percent. Back in 2008, PIerce was that second guy with an assist percentage of 21.8. That was his sixth straight season with a plus 20 assist percentages. The last three years, he's been between 15-16. He didn't suddenly lose the ability to pass. The offense was shifted to Rondo having the ball all the time. The ball has to be in more hands than Rondo. He's not Chris Paul.

  • stephen

    Perhaps if we give Rondo a pacifier and a rattle to play with he will be OK !!!!!!!

  • CarlosR

    The C's should have won this game. No excuses that this was the second night of a back to back because none of the starters played more than 30 minutes yesterday. If they lose the court advantage against the Lakers and tthe Bulls… That 18th banner wont be lift anytime soon.


    The Nets started out with a bit of a lead, 
    But they couldn't land all the shots they need.
    With offense that fills a team with sorrow, 
    In and out shots, Petro, Outlaw and Morrow.

    Krstic has great hands, plus he runs the floor,
    Of a big–new or not–we couldn't ask more.
    Then Green and the new guys seemed to have fun,
    As they ended Q1 with a 14-0 run.

    Q2 the Nets played with much more fire,
    The Cs had trouble getting their lead up higher.
    In fact the Nets took back the lead,
    Calls went their way, plus they showed some speed.

    Baby's very efficient, and he knows his role,
    From his rebounds and jumpers to the ball he stole.
    Ray the Cs high scorer in the first half mix, 
    Q2 ends, Cs up 38-36.

    Q3 KG, then Pierce hard to the hoop,
    What a thrill–Pierce to KG for an alley-oop.
    Cs fans all breathed a sigh of relief when
    Rondo's ankle just needed to be taped again.

    On a 7-0 run the Nets end Q3,
    Not the Cs' defense we like to see.
    To add to some defense, some offense we need,
    The Nets end Q3 with a six point lead.

    Q4 the Nets quickly run the lead to ten
    Mostly because they're at the foul line again and again.
    And because they have made almost half their threes
    An insurmountable lead they started to seize.

    Then Pierce came back in, tried to get his guys goin'
    The reasons he's Captain are always showin'.
    Baby's hustle play, then a hoop from Green,
    KG's steal–he's just a defensive machine.

    Again, it's Baby, offensive rebound we needed,
    This Celtics team doesn't want to be defeated.
    Nets hang tough, won't let the Cs back in it, 
    The Cs are down four, just under a minute.

    Williams made a three, of confidence no lack 
    Cs still have trouble on second of back to back.
    No over analysis, no wild intrigue,
    Looks like the Cs suffer from mental fatigue.

    You know, as always, it must be said
    Of Reggie Ray is now 33 ahead.

    March 14, 2011   9:26 pm

    • MEH

      so sick of your sh*tty poems

  • john schaffer

    you cannot beat a team that has 8 players on floor to our 5 , salvatore has been against us sincs Stern gave the results he wants . the lakers againt the heat , hes is a sorry ass ref that called all the fouls , my god we shot 8 fouls shots , we were called for 22 fouls they had 13 we shot 8 fouls they shot 24 ,3 times as many ,,,,,, tell me about the sorry ass refs

    • Morpheus

      Excuses….excuses. Come on we're better than that.

  • celticfan

    why is everyone on rondo, there are four other players besides rondo on the floor. yes i agree he is messing up a lot lately. the guys need to make there shots. the number one reason we lost tonight was the refs. it is well know these refs do not like the celtics. just look at tonight. we had 22 personal fouls . and they had 13 we shot 8 fouls they shot 24. so who was the refs going for.you can not win a game when a team has 8 damn players 5 on the floor and 3 refs. and that's the way it's been for the celtics. almost every game we have to fight against 8 people which is not fair. these damn refs are going to do everything in their power for the celtics to loose most games. that is what stern wants and he gets what he wants. our guys fought hard tonight. but the refs fought back harder. and gave the nets this game.

  • DRJ1

    It's not "Rondo hate" to recognize that he's badly off his game lately. Imo, he needs a REST. Now that he tweaked his foot, the team has the perfect opportunity to sit him down for a few games (2-4), so he can get the hunger back, and also heal whatever might be bothering him. (Even Perk's playing again… and doing well in OKC…. if that's his problem.) And having Delonte back helps make that happen.

    Bottom line: the team's gotta do SOMETHING about Rondo, because with him playing like this, there is no chance of playoff success. And it's no longer clear that this slump he's in is temporary.

    (Btw… the refs were terrible tonight. Missed goaltends (2 of em) and a whole slew of missed HARD fouls for the Cs, all while calling multiple touch fouls for the Nets. Atrocious.)

  • I_Bleed_Green

    I’ve never considered Rondo one of the top point guards and he proved me right again. He’s decent when he penetrates but he hasn’t been doing that lately so why is he even on the floor? All the homers saying rondo is the best pg should shut up now. And please please please stop comparing him to derrick rose who is clearly wayyyyyyyy better.
    On a separate issue Why did Doc pulled Krstic in the 3rd quartet after he picked up his 4th foul if he’s not going to play in the 4th? Play Krstic damn it!!!!!!!

    • Morpheus

      Agreed, i've NEVER EVER comsidered Rondo a top 5 pg, because of the obvious, glaring flaws he has in his game, that ultimately could cost his team games…..even championships.

      55% from the ft line…..excuse me, but as a professional NBA player, that, my friend, is a complete JOKE.

    • jack

      I wondered the same things. In fact , he did that in a different game. Kristic picked up a 4th foul in the 3rd, and never came back in. I believe it was against milwaukee on march 6th.

  • stephen

    Exactly—-Don't even compare Rondo to Rose. Rose is a leader!!!! In general the C's are looking flat and disinterested. We may as well forget the #1 seed—Ain't gonna happen. Oh, and don't look now the Mavs., Lakers and Heat are all creeping up.

  • Morpheus

    Rondo, seriously i remember me and some othe posters were talking about how he will never improve his shooting. I even went as far as saying that we should trade him. His shooting has NOT gotten any better and it's costing us games. I just fear that his inability to shoot will cost us banner 18.
    It's not like his praiseworthy assets like defense and hustle are winning us any games……is it.

  • stephen

    Rondo needs to distribute the ball while driving down the lane and breaking down the defense. He is a horrible outside shooter and free throw shooter,. Name one other point guard that is as bad as Rondo from the free throw line. Plus his defense has stunk lately and his rebounding has fallen off as well. Right now, he is killing this team. KG or Ray or Pierce need to pull Rondo aside and set him straight before he winds up screwing up the season.

  • Paul

    Well maybe Rondo's not a top 5 point guard like people were saying in the beginning of the year, though he's not as bad as people are making him out on this post right now…reality is he's a good, capable, young pg who's got the ability to lead this team to #18. It's quite possible that since he's been battling through plantar fasciitis, hamstring, and ankle injuries all year and hates coming out, it's affecting his game. (I remember he rolled his ankle what seemed pretty gruesomely earlier this year but didnt miss a game)…and I wouldn't be surprised if Doc told him to look for his shot more cuz there is gonna be a game in the playoffs where he's gonna have to knock that jumper down…
    Go C's!

  • Paul

    I foresee a lot of "YAY RONDO!" and "RONDOS BACK!!!" posts for Celtic's Hub in the future…

  • Scott

    Paul.. I hope you are right. Celtics Nation hopes you are right. What the hell is wrong with this guy. I am going to go on record and hope it is something physically wrong with him, because he looks terrible. I was reading something the other day about how rondo loves to play top tier pg's and will never back down from a real challenge, but he has not done well against pg's that know what they are doing. I am worried for the Rose matchup, and honestly believed Arroyo did a better job tonight then Rondo.

    BBD had a great game, and DEF. looks 'fat' – no joke. The man looks a lot heavier.

    Go C's

  • Mike

    I mean I this team is better than this and that's what hurts by watching their latest games because looking at it perimeter defense is not there at all and the offense I really don't know what to say its like theres only Ray and Krstic. Shaq obviously will help but I really do worry because of the fact that he fouls too much and in the playoffs that can't happen. Having said that, now looking at the other teams this would make us play iether the knicks or the 76ers in the first round and I honestly don't like that matchup; in the second round the heat who have just blown out a team that's a lot like the ours comparing players (like blair and baby) and I know they haven't beaten us and we're better than them but I just don't want to play them in the second round either. So unless they pick up the game in the next few weeks along with a lot of returning (hopefully) healthy players or realistically speaking, putting aside the homer in all of us, this latest display just won't cut it in the post season.

  • Renato Afonso

    I think people are thinking that Rondo is to blame now because at the beginning of the season they thought too high about him. Rondo was/is not the best PG in the league. Maybe he's not even top 5. But the fact that many Celtics fans were saying so and believing so makes the fall so much harder than it really is.

    Unfortunately for the Celtics, as it was stated before, those wild assist numbers Rondo was getting were due to the fact that he would have the ball in his hands for about 20 seconds before passing it to someone. That's not real PG play, in my opinion. Is he playing worse nowadays? Yes he is. Is he the person to blame? No. The Celtics have three veteran guys who know how to deal with this and incredible depth in their roster. And depth is there exactly for this, to allow the team to stay competitive when things aren't going so well for the starters (or one starter in this particular case).

    Also, one thing that gets really boring (not coming from a Celtics fan) is always blaming the refs. Most people here at CelticsHub are not like that (being a Lakers fan, I try no to comment much not to stir things up, but I keep reading…) but there are a few who always blame the refs when the Celtics lose. Do they seriously belive the Celtics would go 82-0 if it wasn't for the refs?

    About HCA against the Lakers, I wouldn't worry much about it. Both teams proved over and over again that they're capable of winning on any court. Now, the 1st seed in the East is the thing you really need. A matchup with the Nazgul without HCA in the second round followed by a series against the Bulls also without HCA might keep you from the Finals…

    • Mike

      Don't confuse blaming the refs to blaming the calls these so called refs make in these games. The free throw disparity in last nights game is absurd (the same way it was absurd in game 7 …). If you watched the games you would notice that Paul, Rondo, etc get bumped all the time and no call and in the opposite end of the court the same play either results in a foul ou free throws…
      This is just stating a fact, I'm not making excuses, they lost the game not the refs but those free throws sure help.

  • Renato Afonso

    And yes, I do want to see the Celtics in June 😉

  • dave

    From what I've seen Rondo is most effective in the open court in transition from defense to offense when the C's have numbers. That's true of every point guard in the league.

    As the C's have gotten older those opportunities are fewer in number. Most of the time Rondo has to contribute in the half court offense. He doesn't have the consistent mid range jumper so teams justifiably back off him and make him prove he can hit that shot.

    Magic had the same crisis in mid career. He had to find a consistent mid range shot to become a factor in the half court game or risk slipping in stature for being too one dimensional.

    Yes he can be effective to a certain extent by slashing and kicking to the open man but that's hard to do when defenders are hanging back anticipating that he wants to penetrate first because he doesn't have the confidence to stick the jumper.

    So what I think is happening is that the league is figuring out how to defend him. Sort of like a great fastball hitter in baseball who struggles to hit the curve. Rondo is seeing a steady diet of defenses daring him to shoot the mid-range jumper and it's frustrating him.

  • james patrick

    To answer an earlier question… no i don't feel better now.

  • jeffery6803

    rondo has never had a good mid range jump shot but he`s always been able to penetrate even with guys playing off him if he has lost that edge then the celtics will not get banner 18 and will not even be in the ecf

  • Mike

    I agree that they don't attack the rim, if they did they wouldn't go through those long minutes without scoring but who knows if thats a function of some no calls like the clip above, but yeah they should attack I totally agree. Rondo, from what I read, is reluctant to shoot free throws because well he's pretty bad at it so sometimes he's not so aggressive O_o

    (p.s. its good to know that there are Laker guys that know how to discuss basketball in a civilized, keep it up)