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Does Everyone Feel Better Now? Celtics 87 Bucks 56


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Sometimes blowout wins are closer than they look.

This was not one of those games.

The Celtics eviscerated a lifeless Bucks team to snap what had become a surprisingly distressing two-game losing streak. The starters (mostly) played well and for short minutes. The bench got plenty of run.

But I’m not going to talk about the Celtics’ scoring stats or Nenad Krstic’s mighty rebounding prowess until the full recap later tonight.

Instead, let’s focus on the other end of the floor. Where most of the nastiness occurred. And where the Celtics set a franchise record for fewest points allowed in the shot clock-era.

The Bucks shot only 22-70 (31.4%). They were outrebounded 50-32 including surrendering 10 offensive rebounds. They turned the ball over 17 times. One time Celtics-killer John Salmons played 21 minutes and managed 0 (zero) points. Fringe NBA forward Earl Barron led them in scoring — with 10 points (how is this even possible?).

In fact, just about the only thing that didn’t go right for Celtics fans tonight is that they weren’t able to listen into the halftime and postgame locker room sessions between Scott Skiles and his hapless charges.

So, y’all will just have to be satisfied with the victory and the return to sole possession of first place in the Eastern Conference.

More fun later tonight…

  • Phil

    Pretty much a best case scenario, easy win over a team that had no interest in playing a game tonight, with no starter playing over 30 minutes. Baby looked good in his return, and the bench looked good for the second night in a row.

    Weird night for Rondo, 23 minutes I believe, and unremarkable minutes at that. Hopefully the rest is exactly what he needs to get back to his all star level.

  • John V

    I didn't get to see the game, but I looked at the ESPN play-by-play. Barron scored 8 points in 1:30 of the fourth quarter. He took five shots in a row for the Bucks. Who was guarding him? Was it Murphy?

  • http://lovemyceltics.blogspot.com muddles


    The Bucks came to town tho' they didn't really show, 
    They had tired legs, nothing would go.
    They shot 31.4% from the floor, 
    They probably couldn't wait to find the door.

    A few things stood out for the Cs tonight:
    Krstic's a great addition, doing everything right,
    In the last two games, he had rebounds twenty-nine, 
    His interior play is fitting in fine.

    Then there was Murphy who just needed a hoop, 
    To begin to feel like he's part of this group.
    Baby came back, no hoops til Q4,
    Several rebounds, and 9 his final score.

    Arroyo knows our plays, he has learned them already, 
    He'll get better and better when his play is more steady.
    An aside: number 11 worn by a Buck and a C,
    Baby is 6'9, Boykins just over 5'3.

    Right from Q1 possessed were the Cs,
    They were light on their feet, each shot a breeze.
    Fewest points allowed in the half and the game, 
    Because tonight, to play basketball, all the Cs came.

    Coming off two tough losses, no defense per se,
    They had to change that starting today.
    In all of Q4 the starters got a rest, 
    Watching them cheer the new guys is the best.

    We have Baby, then Delonte, maybe Wafer soon,
    With a full roster the coaches will be over the moon.
    You know, as always, it must be said
    Of Reggie Ray is now 31 ahead.

    March 13, 2011. 9:30 pm

  • I_Love_Green

    We win BIG, and the starters get low minutes.

    Win-Win right there

  • hillcrestwildcat

    If I'm not mistaken 9 3 pointers and Ray will be at a nice round 2600 3's made for his career.

  • Alex

    loved Tommy's comment on Baby bowling over Brockman in the 4th:

    "That's the Baby we know. OFF-TACKLE. FIRST DOWN!"

    Otherwise good win especially with the starters getting a lot of rest. Rondo kinda looks like he needs some time off, hasn't been as fresh as usual in the last games

  • Zee

    Any reason comments disabled in the latest article? I was unable to post there.

  • cez

    ^Me too so i'll ask my question here.

    …Did Scott Skiles really quit after the game? i've seen no mention of it anywhere else, and it's kinda hard to tell if Ryan's just joking…

  • john schaffer

    i am so glad we made the trade , it hurt at first but we have a center now that can at least make a shot and really tries , all the new guys will blend after they find out what is expected on defense

    • Brad Spead

      also glad we finally have a TRUE backup point guard. Delonte is good at running the point, but i feel like he'd be better as a shooting guard in the 2nd unit

      • john schaffer

        yes relly like yo yo hes a true point and wil help , rondo needs to shoot more and quit worrying about damn assists he could be a good shooter , i am into the team we have just get rid of a certain 7 footer who rather collect his salary like rasheed than play

        • Zee

          Shaq and JO wouldn't rather collect salary. They want to play. They're being told no.

          • Chris O

            Exactly, they CAN'T PLAY. Trust me they want to. If JO is a big part of a Championship team/run that could get him into the Hall (seriously or at least quadruple his chances). Shaq gets another ring and he ties KOBE. Also possibly puts him back near the top 10 all-time talk. He wants to be.

  • ElRoz

    They now lost two games to Clippers and Nets…and is this writer – DeGama – still confident that Boston will have the #1 over the Bulls?

    Boston might not even have the #2 in the East…..look at their schedule DeGama – they are heading down fast – they got road games in tough places and they cannot even win in NJ?
    #3 seed is just around the corner…then game 5 or even 7 in Miami…then in Chicago – we might not see them in the finals at all.

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